The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 11

August 3rd, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:

The Novel Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak is not an isolated event. It’s a device that has been mobilized by spiritual powers to achieve a spiritual strategic objective.

Spiritual Players: Kingdom of darkness (ruled by Satan) vs. Kingdom of God (ruled by Jesus).

Pawns: Nations, institutions, global population.

Defined Strategy: Pandemic.

Strategic Architect: Kingdom of darkness.

Strategic Mission: Slow down progress of The Transfer.

Reestablish economic containment strategy – Scarcity.

Regain control of global population.

Strategic Objective: To convert human reaction into spiritual momentum by creating disproportionate fear and panic in the world’s population, especially in the US.

Strategic Target: US Economy.

Device: Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19.

Misdirection: Human health crisis.

Actual Outcome: The Transfer advances, doesn’t slow.  Slingshot effect on US economy.  Brings necessary Period of Respite.  First phase of global repositioning.


Linking global activities and events to spiritual sources isn’t a connection that people generally make or even attempt to make, especially among human governments or institutions. It’s just not the way we think. We’re rational, so to explain the unexplainable we look to things we can see, understand and know. . .or at least think we know.

And so, when examining the dynamics associated with an event like the coronavirus, few of us would think to start by posing the possibility that it may have a spiritual origin. And, because we don’t, we never consider the option that the Virus may be a device that’s been mobilized to achieve a spiritual aim. And yet, that’s what it is.

We don’t think in these terms because we’ve been trained to separate the physical earth that operates in time and space from the spiritual realm that operates. . .well. . .somewhere. And so, what happens there (in the spiritual realm) has no connection in our minds to what’s happening here (in the physical earth).

We do this to our peril because to solve a problem its source must first be identified. But, the source cannot be identified unless and until it is first seen. So, seeing is the first task. 

If an earthly problem, then, has a spiritual source, it doesn’t make sense to first search for – see – an earthly solution.  That’s like trying to fix a tree that bears lousy fruit by continuing to examine its fruit. So, when an earthly problem has a spiritual source, a spiritual remedy must be achieved before an earthly solution can be realized. This is the way it has always been, and this is the way it will be with the coronavirus.

This is how the creation works. YHVH gave His physical earth that operates in time and space to His physical and spiritual Man (both male and female) to rule WITH Him. This physical earth was inseparably connected to the spiritual realm where YHVH resides.

So, to YHVH the spiritual and the material are simply two sides of the same coin for Him and His Man. This is what makes Man unique among all the beings of creation. We alone occupy heaven and earth, the spiritual and the material, at the same time. It’s what links us to God and His creation in ways no other beings are linked.

This is why Jesus answered His disciples the way He did in Matthew 24:

“And answering the question, Jesus said to them, laying the argument to rest, ‘Watch and be observant of what is seen in the physical realm to see what is happening in the spiritual realm so you can take the needed action, lest a certain one – anyone – cause you to wander into error, getting off course and deviating from the correct path.’ “ (Matthew 24:4)

Jesus wouldn’t have told us to look at both dimensions – the physical and the spiritual – when assessing or examining a situation if we didn’t have the inherent ability to do it. But, as members of the Order of Man, it’s part of our natural design. It’s there to provide dimensional depth perception like our eyes provide physical depth perception. And like physical depth perception, we can’t properly function in the two dimensions of heaven and earth, the spiritual and the natural, as members of the Elohim Ruling Class without it.

So, to rule WITH Jesus we must be able to decide and to decide we must be able see both sides of an issue – the physical and the spiritual.

And so, to make the link between the coronavirus and the spiritual powers of darkness that are using it, we must see the link. This is an inseparable part of determining not only what’s going on but more importantly why. Only then will we be able to take the needed action WITH Jesus.

“As in heaven so also in the earth.” (Matthew 6:10)

The Pandemic Strategy

Pandemics have been an important population containment strategy for the kingdom of darkness, along with wars and famines, throughout human history. Not so today. With the advances made in medical science and communications, pandemics are less effective than they once were even with the mass mobility of humans traveling from nation to nation.

By way of example, the last 3 global pandemics (prior to COVID-19) have combined to claim less than 40 million lives worldwide – 1M during the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968; 2M during the Asian Flu pandemic of 1956-1958; and 36M over the 44 years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that began in 1976.

While this loss of life is tragic, as it will be with COVID-19, when compared to the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 that claimed 50M lives or the Bubonic Plague that claimed between 100M – 200M lives in the 7 years between 1346 – 1353, or the 300M – 500M lives that smallpox has claimed throughout history, the modern pandemics continue to demonstrate that they are an ineffective tool as a population containment strategy. It, along with war and famine, has been replaced by the much more efficient and effective containment strategy of abortion that has claimed more than 1.5B lives worldwide just since 1980.

As a result, the kingdom of darkness has repurposed pandemics from a population containment strategy (that manages human numbers) to a population control strategy (that manages human behavior). This, then, is the strategic purpose to the coronavirus – to control the behavior of the world’s human population, especially among those who claim to be followers of Jesus.

Both of these strategies – population containment (numbers) and population control (behavior) – are essential to the effective administration of Satan’s kingdom in the earth. Without them, his realm has neither the capability nor the capacity to manage or control God’s Man and the near inexhaustible abundance that he and the earth are capable of producing.

The reason is because Satan’s kingdom is an Angelic Class realm. Its ruling class is comprised entirely of created beings, which by their very design have limited capabilities with limited capacities. In addition, because they are of the Angelic Class, they are incapable of procreating. And so, their numbers are their numbers; they’re fixed.

Not so with God’s Man, his numbers are ever increasing. This puts an untenable burden on Satan’s kingdom, which his realm is both aware of and concerned about.

Consider, for instance, what has happened in just the last 60 years:

• The population of the earth in 1960 was 3.03B. After more than 1.5B abortions worldwide since 1980, the global population today is over 7.65B, an increase of more than 250%.

• The population of the US in 1960 was 180.7M. After more than 60M surgical abortions plus an estimated 250M more chemical abortions since 1973, the US population today is over 329.4M, an increase of 183%.

What this means in practical terms is that every limited capacity/limited capability Angelic being in Satan’s domain has had its workload increased by more than 1.8 times in the US and by more than 2 ½ times worldwide just since 1960.

The toll this stress is taking on the kingdom of darkness is becoming increasingly visible by simply observing the frantic, irrational, accusatory and intolerant behavior that is coming out of Washington DC, the media and through social media.

“Watch and be observant of what is seen in the physical realm to see what is happening in the spiritual realm.” (Matt 24:4)

Exposing Spiritual Darkness

August 2nd, 2020

I am posting the following because of its spiritual implications. As my friend Steve says, “First the spiritual then the physical.”

2 Chronicles chapter 7:

 14 if MY people who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY FACE, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now MY EYES will be open and MY EARS attentive to prayer made in this place. 16 For now I have chosen and sanctified this house, that MY NAME may be there forever; and MY EYES and MY HEART will be there perpetually. 

It is time to repent!

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 10

August 2nd, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:


The Spiritual Landscape therefore changes as choices are made and as strategies are played out during the various segments of the war. We can see this same fluid interplay in the conflict by simply observing history:

When Heaven’s highest-ranking Angelic Class being (the Covering Cherub – Satan) decided to declare war on YHVH, it changed the setting of the heavens from peace to war. When the Serpent approached Eve, the heavenly war bled over into the earth changing its setting from peace to war.  Heaven and earth were now engaged in the spiritual conflict that had been instigated by the inferior king (Satan).

When Jesus came to earth and then entered into the domain of darkness through the Cross, He stripped Satan of the spiritual authority he had held unlawfully (death) since the days of Adam’s transaction. This created a tipping point in favor of the Kingdom of God that forever changed the setting of the war in the spiritual realm.

When, in the 4th century, the kingdom of darkness devised the religious apparatus called the Church to replace and control the living organism of Jesus’ highly dynamic and fluid followers, what He called His ekklésia (“those called out and to” – Him), it changed the spiritual setting of the war in the earth for God’s Man.

Through its sophisticated strategies and tactics, this apparatus positioned itself between Jesus and His Man, giving the inferior king the ability to leverage God’s Man against Jesus while making Man think he was serving and worshipping God.

So, in the name of Jesus, God’s Man was opposing Jesus without knowing it.

This strategy proved effective for 1,600 years until The Seventh Angel exposed the delusion as part of its Sounding.  When God released the Seventh Angel to Sound in June of 1982, it created a tipping point in favor of the Kingdom of God that forever changed the setting of the war in the earth just as the Cross had forever changed the setting of the war in the spiritual realm.

All barriers have now been torn down and removed so that any who wish to see as Jesus sees may freely join Him. God’s Man is now fully integrated WITH Jesus in both dimensions of the conflict, in the heavens and in the earth, just as the Father had envisioned before time began, which YHVH then decreed.

All that remains is for God’s Man to choose to learn how to rule WITH Jesus as an Elohim in the fullness of His Nature and Character, and then Jesus will take it from there.

This brief look-back on the history of the conflict illustrates the fluid conditions of the war and its setting in both the spiritual and earthly realms. This is what Jesus allows us to see and this is what He engages us in WITH Him. And, as He does, we quickly come to realize that Jesus is not behind nor is He reacting to anything. He’s so far ahead of the curve that the inferior king is scrambling to simply hold ground.

“For we do indeed walk around in a complete circuit within the realm and sphere of the physical flesh as proof of our ability to make war and to engage as a soldier in spiritual warfare, not coming down from the higher plane to the lower plane of the physical flesh.

 “For the tools, implements and offensive weapons of our military service, campaigns, expeditions and warfare are not fleshly nor do they pertain to typical human behavior or base physical desires, but instead are strong, mighty and

powerful as the God, the Creator and Owner of all things, moves toward the goal and destination of demolishing and destroying the fortified military strongholds and fortresses, “of reasonings, thoughts and personal opinions that carry weight and affect personal behavior.

And leaving nothing standing or in good working order, we yank down every high and elevated barrier and bulwark that lifts up and exalts the self against the knowledge of the God that is gained by personal experience; and we take captive subjugating the totality of each and every thought and purpose of the mind and what it produces to the obedience of what is heard from the Christ speaking. “And, because the necessary preparations have been completed, at the time when the condition is met to fill to individual capacity your submission and obedience in response to what has been heard, we possess readiness to vindicate and dispense the appropriate justice to each and every part of the totality of contrary hearing that refuses to take heed or to listen properly.” (2 Corinthians 10: 3 – 6)

As it has been the responsibility of past generations to deal with the Spiritual Landscape of their time WITH Jesus, so it is our turn to now deal with the Spiritual Landscape that has been assigned to our time WITH Jesus.  At present, we’re dealing with the Coronavirus Pandemic. But, our setting is much more expansive than just the Virus as the following table illustrates through some of the key events that have occurred over the period from 1960 – 2020:

This is how the Spiritual Landscape between the two kingdoms is taking shape in our time.  As the table shows, Astarte launched a flurry of activity in the 1960s that appeared to give the kingdom of darkness the advantage. It dominated the Landscape for 22 years but stalled out the moment the Seventh Angel was released to Sound his Trumpet.

Jesus then took over and began to dominate the Landscape. The kingdom of darkness that seemed to be dictating terms was then driven to panic as it desperately attempted to regain some measure of control through its frantic coronavirus reaction. This took Satan out of time, which shifted the advantage to the Kingdom of God.

What’s fascinating about this entire dynamic is that this listing is but a sampling of events that Jesus has allowed just one person to see. Image what the Landscape would look like if what He has allowed others to see were added.

The fear and panic created by the coronavirus scare would evaporate in an instance. Jesus would be seen for who He is as would Satan along with his feeble Pandemic Strategy.

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 9

August 1st, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:

The Two Kingdoms – The Kingdom of Darkness

The kingdom of darkness works differently. Although its members have been created with many of the exterior capabilities of the Father’s Image, they possess none of His Likeness (Nature and Character). This leaves the kingdom of darkness without Elohim Class Authority since everything it does is done independently from and thus in opposition to the Father. However, because its leader is an aspiring sovereign, he still has his own set of decrees that he works tirelessly to enforce and fulfill so he, too, can be like God. (Isaiah 14)

As we’ve discussed, Satan is a created being who can only use what already exists to do his work. So, everything in his kingdom mimics the Kingdom of God. The highest prize in his realm, then, is to rule by his side. This is reserved for the one who delivers to him total control of the world and with it total control of mankind. This, by the way, is what the devil offered to Jesus in the wilderness temptation if He would only agree to bow down and worship him. (Matthew 4:9)

Satan’s kingdom is primarily an Angelic Class realm. The Arché Order of the Angelic Class is the highest order in his realm next to him. There are 12 of them and they make up his ruling class. To each of these Archés Satan has allotted a period of time to rule his kingdom to achieve the mission of delivering to him total control of the world. Eleven have failed.

In 1960, a transfer of power occurred in Satan’s kingdom.  The Spirit of War had failed to achieve the mission within the allotted time and so its rule was terminated. Astarte, the spirit known during the time of Baal as the Queen of Heaven and today by its human namesake, Jezebel, assumed the throne. This spirit is the last of Satan’s 12 Archés.

The risk Satan saw from a distance at the beginning of his march against God’s Throne, but calculated he could hedge through what he thought was his infallible Leverage Strategy is now upon him. He and his realm have now arrived at its last stand with Astarte being their last hope. If this spirit fails, Satan fails and his kingdom falls.

The Superior King (Jesus) has backed the inferior king (Satan) into a corner. And, the desperation of his all-or-nothing position is heaping untold pressure on him, Astarte and his entire kingdom; the effects of which are becoming increasingly visible in his realm. This desperation is intensified by 3 inescapable realities that confront Satan at every turn:

First, Astarte is the most hated and feared Arché in his kingdom. This is why this spirit was chosen last to rule his realm. It has already alienated one of the most powerful spirits in his kingdom – the Spirit of War – and even Satan, himself, fears and distrusts her.

In Astarte’s original state, its role was to promote chastity and devotion to God and His Kingdom, but now she is known as the Harlot. This makes Astarte incapable of being faithful to anyone except to her own faithless self, which in turn makes her incapable of either trusting or being trusted by any, including Satan.

Second, Michael the Archangel cast Satan and his cohorts out of the heavens and to the earth that operates in time and space. This has confined Satan to little time, which means he knows he is running out of time.

Third, Jesus is using God’s Man to put Satan in check as He plays His masterful game of multidimensional chess against Satan and his kingdom. On the one hand, Satan needs full access to Man’s Elohim Class Authority to compete with Jesus’ All Authority.

On the other hand, to release Man’s Elohim Class Authority in the measure now

required to compete with Jesus and The Transfer means Satan must allow Man’s authority to be disclosed to him, which Satan has kept hidden since the day of Adam’s transaction.

This puts Satan in check because it exposes him to an intolerable risk. He knows better than we do that his is an inferior class kingdom; that his is only an Angelic Class realm; that it only holds Ministering Class Authority; and that it must support the rule and execute the wishes of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm, which puts all of his schemes in jeopardy, including his Scarcity and Pandemic strategies.

So, to allow God’s Man to see his Elohim Class Authority risks everything. It risks Man discovering whom he actually is and what he has been created to do from the beginning. It risks Man choosing to rule WITH Jesus in every aspect of life and business instead of remaining as a slave in Satan’s realm. It risks collapsing everything that Satan has built through a single decision by God’s Man to accept Jesus’ invitation to learn to see as He sees.

The walls are closing in. Fissures are forming and growing in the foundations of his ruling systems; infighting is erupting within his ruling class with greater frequency and antagonism sending shockwaves and producing instability throughout his realm; he hates and fears Astarte; his rank and file are in a panic; and The Transfer is advancing with unimpeded force.

This is the position Satan now finds himself in. The inferior king (Satan) is in check and he is panicked. And the frantic, delusional chaos that is everywhere around us is screaming his desperation and terror to those who can hear it, as Jesus uses Satan’s own words and Leverage Strategy against him.

“From out of your own mouth and to the outcome of its opposition to Me, will I separate and decide your judgment you evil, hurtful and morally culpable slave. . .” (Luke 19:22)

The Setting

The Spiritual Landscape of a long fought war changes over the course of the conflict as the war progresses, conditions change, and strategies are mobilized and accomplished.

Jesus describes the fluid nature of war in an exchange He had with the religious leaders of that day. Their religious orthodoxy had so encased them in darkness that they had no idea what the Kingdom of God was about let alone what was actually going on. So, to correct their misconceptions, Jesus told them a war parable to help them see as He saw:

“While listening to these things, Jesus added a parable for the purpose of laying the argument to rest. . . because they held the opinion that the kingdom of God was ready and sure to appear immediately.

“So He said, ‘A man of noble race was going to depart to a far distant country to aggressively lay hold of and seize a kingdom for himself and return. “ ‘And he summoned ten of his bond-slaves who had no ownership rights of their own and gave to them ten minas, saying to them to lay the argument to rest, “Do business, make gain and manage profitably in the realm in which I come and go.”

“ ‘But his citizens hated him, and renouncing their choice they afterwards sent a delegation with a defined mission, saying and laying the argument to rest, “We desire what is best for us that this man not reign over us.”

“ ‘And having aggressively laid hold of the kingdom, conditions emerged for his return and so he said, laying the argument to rest, “Call out to these servants of mine who have no ownership rights of their own to whom I gave the silver, in order that I might know by personal experience what had been gained through their trading.” ’ “ (Luke 19:11 – 15)

Through these 5 paragraphs, Jesus laid out for the religious leaders (and for us) the setting of the war that’s being waged between the two kingdoms, including the players who are involved, the choices they are making, the consequences those choices are producing, and the war’s inalterable outcome – that the nobleman is going “to aggressively lay hold of and seize a kingdom for himself and return.”

What’s fascinating about this parable is that it gives the flip side to His Luke 14 war parable. In that parable Jesus gives the inferior king’s perspective of the conflict while in this parable He gives the Superior King’s perspective:

A man of noble birth (Jesus, the Superior King) was making final preparations before departing (via the cross) to a far distant country (the spiritual domain of darkness).

The (Superior King’s) mission was to aggressively seize (by spiritual conquest) a kingdom (of darkness) for himself (the Kingdom of God) and then return.  Before leaving, the nobleman (Superior King) calls his servants together to give them what they do not have on their own – financial resources (minas/silver/money) that operate in physical time and space. He then charges them to take those resources to, “Do business, make gain and manage profitably in the realm in which I come and go.”

So, wherever they saw him “coming and going” they were to do business and manage profitably WITH Him. This divided the responsibilities for engaging the war between himself and his servants. He would focus his efforts on the far distant country (the spiritual realm) while they would focus their efforts back home (in the earthly realm) using the material resources he had given them. This would fully provision both dimensions, as heaven and earth would engage the conflict together under the Superior King’s Reign.

Not all of His citizens would buy into His plan. Although they would take His money (resources), some would decide that it was better for them to serve their own interests than to live under the Superior King’s Reign. This choice would align them with the inferior king who would then leverage them as a weapon to oppose the Superior King.

There would be other citizens who would choose to accept the inferior king’s propaganda about the Superior King – that he was a severe and evil man. Once accepted, the inferior king would leverage them, as well, by getting them to “hold in reserve” the Superior King’s money in a “head cloth for the dead” that would neutralize the King’s resources thus removing them as a threat. (Vv. 20, 21)

Although each player was free to exercise his or her choice, none of his or her choices altered the outcome. Upon completing His mission, the Superior King then called His servants to give Him an account of their participation. Some chose to act faithfully – full of faith (WITH Him) and produced abundantly. They were rewarded. Some did not and, as a consequence of their choice, suffered loss. (Vv. 24 – 26)

In every instance, the account of the party’s participation and the consequences that would follow was a direct result of their sovereign choice. And that choice determined not the outcome of the Nobleman’s mission but only the conditions under which they would experience the war and its results.

 “Moreover, those enemies of Mine who are openly and irreconcilably hostile, and whose hatred is bent on inflicting personal harm, who did not want what was best for Me to reign over them as King, lead them here to this spot before Me and slay them.” (Luke 19:27)

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 8

July 31st, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:


So, the global population finds itself in the middle of the Theater of Darkness. The fear and panic created by the Coronavirus Pandemic is turning our isolated behavior into global momentum that’s carrying us headlong to the inferior king’s strategic destination. 

All of this is happening while the religious leaders (who profess to be followers of the Superior King) provide spiritual cover to the inferior king through their prayers and biblical assertions that have nothing to do with what Jesus is doing.  This is what spiritual warfare looks like, how it is engaged and how it is fought.

The Apostle Paul described it like this:

“Are you not aware or do you not perceive or do you not see with your physical eyes into the spiritual realm that the voice you submit to in obedience is the one to whom you present yourself as a slave? You are slaves to the voice you listen to and obey when acting under the authority of the one speaking, whether of self- originating sin with the failure and loss it causes leading to physical or spiritual death, or to the voice you submit to in obedience that is deemed right, just and judicially approved by God.” (Romans 6:16)

This is why Satan thinks he can leverage Man’s Ruling Class Elohim Authority against Jesus, the Superior King.  But, for those who are willing to see as Jesus sees by shifting their focus from the Virus to Him, He’s turning on the lights for them and stripping away Satan’s leverage against God and His Man.


The Two Kingdoms – The Kingdom of God

The test of the Divine is its ability to enforce and fulfill its decrees without deviation. This capability distinguishes the Divine from all others, thus establishing it as the Sovereign.

So, when YHVH created, He did so by decree to display and establish His Sovereignty over His creation as the Divine.

“Let there be. . .and there was. . .” (Genesis 1 & 2)

When it came to God’s Man, YHVH decreed for the same reason – to establish His Sovereignty over His creation as the Divine WITH His Man:

“And the Elohim said, ‘Make and accomplish man and mankind in Our image and in Our likeness and similitude.  And, let them reign and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the flying creatures of the heavens and sky, and over the beasts, animals and cattle, and over the whole and all of the earth and land; and over the whole and all of every creeping and moving thing that creeps and moves lightly about, upon, over and above the earth and land.’

“So chose the Elohim to create and shape the image of His man, in the image of the Elohim He chose to create and shape His male and His female; so chose Him to create and shape them.

“And blessing them, the Elohim said to them, ‘Elohim, bear fruit and be fruitful; and multiply, increase and be great; and fill to the full the earth and land; and subdue, bring into bondage and reign; and have dominion, treading down and

causing to crumble the fish of the sea, and the flying creatures of the heavens and sky; and over the whole and all of the age of the living that creeps, moves lightly about or glides swiftly upon, above and over the earth and land.” (Genesis 1:26 – 28)

In these 3 verses, YHVH lists for Moses (and thus for us) one decree after another, without equivocation, about whom His Man is, what he is to do and how he is to do it. His Man is to be made in the very Image and Likeness of the Elohim; he is to rule everything that walks, crawls or creeps on the land, swims in the sea or flies in the heavens (spiritual beings) or in the sky (birds); and, he is to rule as an Elohim.

This is what the Father’s Vision was for His Man and so this is what YHVH decreed.

What’s interesting about this creation account is that YHVH decreed that Man was to be made in the two dimensions of the Image and the Likeness of the Elohim. Yet, YHVH only described making Man in His Image. He didn’t say anything about making Man in His Likeness. So, while immediately making Man in His Image, YHVH waited for another time and place to make His Man into His Likeness. (Genesis 1:27)


Because YHVH’s Image and Likeness are made differently.  Both Image and Likeness are mirror-image words that describe the process of making a duplicate out of an original. The primary difference between the two words is that Image relates to exterior capabilities while Likeness relates to interior make up (Nature and Character).

And so, YHVH chose to make His Man in His exterior Image immediately upon creating him by giving him His capabilities (speaking, hearing, thinking, reasoning, creating, deciding, feeling, choosing, mobility, and so on). But, He chose to make His Man IN His Likeness (Nature and Character) over time through the experiences His Man would have WITH Him throughout his life, especially when engaging conflict.

The same thing happens today. When we are born, we’re born in the Image of God. Though most of His capabilities are undeveloped, we still inherently possess them all. But, it’s a different matter when it comes to His Likeness. His Nature and Character is made IN us as we engage the various challenges we face in life.

We call it building character.

This is how it has been from the beginning. Challenges, conflicts, war and warfare were all to play a vital role in making YHVH’s Likeness IN His Man so we could learn to rule as an Elohim – in His Nature and Character.  This is demonstrated in YHVH’s decree for His Man to rule, subdue, exercise dominion and subjugate within the earthly domain. These are important words because they are verbs that describe acts that are to be performed against foes and enemies not against friends and allies.

And so, dealing with conflicts, challenges, threats and even war and warfare are all part of God’s Plan for His Man.  These are the devices He uses to develop the Likeness of the Elohim IN His Man so he will be equipped to rule WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

We see this on full display even after Adam and Eve did their deed with the Serpent and became “lower than the angels.”  From YHVH’s standpoint, His Man’s station in life – whether as a free man or a slave – had no bearing on His mandate for His Man to rule WITH Him:

“So YHVH said to Cain, ‘Why are you burning with anger, and why has your face fallen?’

‘If you are successful in doing what is right, sound and beautiful, will you not be an exalted one in character and rank? And if you are not successful in doing what is right, sound and beautiful, sin is at the opening stretched out on all four legs like a recumbent animal and its longing is for you, but you must rule and have dominion over it.’ “ (Genesis 4:6, 7)

Notice that YHVH’s counsel and instruction to Cain didn’t change from His original mandate to Adam and Eve (to rule) just because he was now in a supposedly fallen state.

So, whether in a state of bliss as in the Garden or in a state of burning anger as with Cain, or under some other attack or circumstance where we feel overwhelmed and over-matched  (like with the coronavirus), whatever condition we may find ourselves in, the mandate is the same – to rule WITH Jesus in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

While reigning is more of a macro word that relates to governing willing citizens within a realm, rulership is more specific. It emphasizes the astute use of authority, power and resources to neutralize and disarm enemies – those things or influences that oppose, threaten or are hostile to the venture or goal to be achieved.

In Adam and Eve’s case, it was ruling over and subjugating WITH YHVH the Serving Class serpent that had aligned itself with a foreign spiritual entity – Satan. The mission then was to neutralize the threat launched against YHVH and His

Man by cutting off Satan’s access into the earthly realm.

In Cain’s case, it was ruling over and subjugating WITH YHVH the sin – impulse to act independently from YHVH – that was patiently waiting for the opening created by his anger so it could use him as its weapon to kill his righteous brother, Abel. The mission then was to neutralize and disarm sin’s power within him by demonstrating his superior character and rank WITH YHVH. This would cut off sin’s access into the earthly domain along with its destructive intentions and effects.

In Jesus’ time on the earth, it was to strip Satan of the spiritual authority that he unlawfully seized in the Garden.

The mission then was to enter into the spiritual domain of darkness by way of the Cross to conquer, render inoperable and subjugate the “last enemy” death by bringing it back under the control, authority and use of the Kingdom of God.

In every instance, the objective was the same – for God’s Man to work WITH Him to rule over their mutual enemies in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

And for us, it’s now our turn to step up by learning how to rule WITH Jesus over our mutual enemy – the kingdom of darkness and its use and intentions with the coronavirus.

This is why Jesus invites us to see as He sees. And when we accept His invitation, He not only shows us who God’s Man was decreed to be and do, but also how to rule WITH Him in the authority of the Elohim.

Jesus repeatedly demonstrated while on the earth what it looks like to rule as an Elohim: He did nothing apart from the Father.

He then told us how to rule WITH Him:

“Stay, abide and remain in and with Me and I in and with you. . .because separate and apart from Me you do not have the ability or power to make or do one thing.” (John 15:5)

So, God’s Elohim Class Man exercises his Ruling Class Authority just as Jesus and the Spirit of Truth likewise exercise theirs – WITH the Father. (John 16:13)

This is how the Kingdom of God works – just as YHVH decreed.

“As in heaven so also in the earth.” (Matthew 6:10)

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 7

July 30th, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:

The Quality and Classes of the Two Kings

To understand what Satan was thinking about when he devised his Leverage Strategy, we should take some time to first understand how YHVH structured the classes of living beings in His creation. Once we see the structure, we’ll then see why Satan (foolishly) thought this was a winning strategy.

Everything about the structure and operation of the creation is designed to accomplish our Father’s Vision – that His Man would rule His creation WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character. So, in Satan’s mind, if he could collapse this structure then he could defeat God’s Vision.

When YHVH created His beings, He structured them in 3 separate and distinct classes:

• The Elohim Class

• The Angelic Class

• The Animal Class

The Elohim Class is the highest class in God’s Kingdom. It’s the Ruling Class. The living beings in this Class possess the capabilities (Image) and attributes (Likeness) of the Father. The Angelic Class is the Ministering Class. It is subordinate to and serves the interests of the Elohim Class. The living beings in this class support the rule and execute the wishes of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm.

The Animal Class is the Serving Class. It is subordinate to and serves the Elohim and Angelic Classes. The living beings in this class serve the earth and the interests of the Elohim in the physical realm that operates in time and space.

Each class is to fulfill its responsibility in a coordinated, harmonious way with the other classes to achieve the Father’s Vision under the Reign of YHVH.

To complete the structure, YHVH added Categories – Order, Rank, Position, Role, Authority, Domain (Jurisdiction) – to organize His beings, and to provide placement and purpose for each one within its Class.

The composition of a being’s Class and Categories, in combination with their internal make up, makes up their person. Each person in the Kingdom of God is distinct from all others. Thus, they are a one-of-a-kind creation that is uniquely equipped to execute the role they have been assigned to perform in the Kingdom. The totality of their person is then captured in their Name.

By way of example, YHVH’s Name is unique among all the names in the scriptures because He is a Being who is, after all, unique from all others. His Name is an acronym where each letter represents an aspect of His Heavenly Name that is unpronounceable by the human tongue. This Name is the repository of the totality of His Person, which the scriptures attempt to describe through the phrase, YHVH Adonai Elohim Elyon (YHVH Lord Most High of the Elohim).

But, even this description isn’t capable of capturing the totality of YHVH’s Person as He demonstrated through His encounter with Pharaoh. As you may recall, Moses wanted to know what name he was to give of the God who sent him to Pharaoh if Pharaoh happened to ask. In response, YHVH didn’t have Moses tell the Egyptian king His Name. Instead, He had Moses inform Pharaoh of the totality of His Attributes and Person through two words: I AM.

Those words made clear to Pharaoh that he wasn’t dealing with any of the deities that Egypt had constructed. Rather, he was dealing with the Divine – the One Who exists, the One Who is, the One Who becomes and the One Who comes to pass. And then YHVH showed Pharaoh what it is to be I AM. (Exodus 3:14)

Jesus did the same thing to the mob of more than 300 who came with knives and clubs to take Him away to be crucified.  When He asked them whom they had come for, they replied, “Jesus.” And, when He responded with, “I AM” it knocked them all to the ground on their backsides. (John 18:3 – 11)

And so, just as the Father delegated all authority to YHVH Adonai Elohim Elyon – YHVH Lord Most High of the Elohim – so Jesus delegates a measure of that same authority to each member of the Elohim Class so they can rule the Father’s creation WITH Him according to their Order, Rank, Position, Role, Authority and Domain (Jurisdiction).

Man is a member of the Elohim Class. He is NOT a member of the Animal Class as the educational system of the world has taught. And, the Order of Man (both male and female) is the highest Order in this Ruling Class.

It is this Ruling Class authority that Satan wants to seize control of and leverage against Jesus, the Superior King. But, the Father is the One who assigned to the Superior King His Name, the repository of the totality of His Person – Jesus (“YHVH saves”). (Matthew 1:21)

This Jesus then described Himself as “the Son of Man” making “YHVH who saves” inseparably one with God’s Man.

The Apostle John described this convergence through the metaphor of the Word (Logos). This Word was WITH the Father in the beginning. As the Father spoke, so He spoke. Being the embodiment of the Father’s Word, He was God (Lord Most High of the Elohim). As the Most High Elohim, He was assigned to create all things and apart from Him nothing was created. This same Word (YHVH) then “became flesh” in the Person of Jesus as “the only begotten of the Father.”

So, “in the fullness of time,” the Son of God (YVHV) became the Son of Man (Jesus) to complete YHVH’s decree – that God’s Man would be made in the Image and Likeness of the Elohim. (John 1:1 – 18; Genesis 1:26 – 28; Philippians 2:5 – 11; Galatians 4:1 – 7)

The Father’s Vision was now accomplished in His Son who was now positioned to rule not only the Heavens but now also the Earth. This Son would then accomplish the same WITH the “many sons” who would follow after Him. The Son of God who became the Son of Man and who conquered the last enemy (death) was now given the Name that is above every Name – Jesus YHVH Lord Most High of the Elohim. 

This is the quality and class of the Superior King.

“Moreover, Jesus approached and came near to visit and spoke to them saying, laying the argument to rest, ‘Each and every part of the totality of authority and delegated power has been given to Me in the realm and sphere of heaven, and for what aptly fits and applies for the envisioned contact on the earth.’

” ‘Therefore, transport from one destination to another each and every part of the totality of every race and nation, developing, training and immersing them in the Name, Authority and Cause of the Father, the Son and the Spirit that is different from the world.’ “ (Matthew 28:18, 19)

As for the inferior king (Satan), he is a created being of the Angelic Class. And, it is precisely because of the placement and duties that YHVH assigned to his class that Satan has become so irreconcilably hostile toward YHVH and thus toward His Man.

Here’s why:

There are two primary factors that contribute to Satan’s temperament, which then governs what he does and why. First, Satan is an Angelic Class being, which makes him subordinate to God’s Man. So, Satan is not only lower than Man in Class, Order, Rank and Authority, he has been created to support the rule and execute the wishes of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm, including Man’s.

So, it doesn’t matter how much Satan opposes or tortures or kills or deceives or steals or attempts to destroy God’s Man; Satan is still a Ministering Class being. By his very design, he cannot help but advance Man toward the Father’s Vision for His Man – that we would rule WITH Him.

This was and continues to be a deal-killer for Satan. In his mind the mere fact that he was the Covering Cherub who had been vested with the authority to cover and protect YHVH’s creation, especially in the Garden, made him superior to Man, not inferior. (Ezekiel 28:11 – 19)

But, instead of being superior, he was actually charged to minister to the needs of Man as a subordinate. This is what sparked his “enmity, hostility and hatred” toward Man that YHVH spoke of in the Garden. This, He said, would persist between “the seed of the woman and the seed of the Serpent” throughout the age. (Genesis 3:14, 15) 

So, Satan can’t help but hate and be hostile toward God’s Man, which inflames his obsession to rule Man.

Second, Satan has NO AUTHORITY TO RULE.  He is of the Ministering Class.

This presents the inferior king with an extraordinary dilemma.

On the one hand, he’s obsessed with ruling Man but on the other, he possesses no authority to rule. So, to rule, he must first secure the authority to rule from the Class that possesses the authority to rule – the Elohim Class.

Enter Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden who were members of the Elohim Class.  But, since Satan had no authority to rule, neither did he have the power to simply show up in the Garden and announce that he was taking over. Nor did he have the means to compel Adam and Eve to submit to his rule through some instrument of force.  And so, the inferior king had to devise an elaborate scheme using the mechanism of transaction to get God’s Man to voluntarily hand over what they had in exchange for what the inferior king was offering.

The First Adam bit, the Last Adam didn’t.

Such was Satan’s way then and such is his way now. So, for Satan to rule us and for his kingdom to direct and control the affairs of men, like what is happening now with COVID-19, two things must happen:

1. Man must willingly give Satan permission to use Man’s Elohim Class authority so the inferior king can rule Man and all that he has, and

2. Man cannot know he’s giving this permission. Transaction is the mechanism Satan and his kingdom uses to get Man to give them permission to use his Ruling Class authority. They offer and we accept.

Darkness is the way Satan keeps Man from knowing it.  The purpose and mission, then, of spiritual darkness is to keep hidden what would otherwise be easily seen if the lights were turned on.  It is in this domain of darkness where the spiritual powers of darkness devise their strategies, create their devices, and mobilize their resources to achieve their schemes. But, for this to work every scheme of darkness must achieve a singular mandate: To convince Man to allow the spiritual authorities of darkness to use his authority against him and thus against his God.

This is how leverage works and it is how the inferior king uses Man as a weapon against the Superior King.  Accomplishing this mandate, then, is nonnegotiable for the powers of darkness. Without it, they have neither the means to carry out their schemes nor the ability to rule.  As weird as this may seem, this is how it works.

Once a scheme secures the use of Man’s authority, it must be defended and sustained. So, every scheme is equipped with defenses to protect it from discovery and disruption.  These defenses are designed to ensure sustainability by repulsing, parrying or misdirecting any attempt to probe or discover the scheme’s source, means or purpose.

However, sustainability, itself, is a function of rulership. So, the powers of darkness must, again, gain our agreement to sustain on their behalf the very schemes and defenses they have devised for our destruction.

Each of these defenses is rooted in the very nature of Satan (in whom there is no truth) while being packaged as truth.  These are facts portrayed as truth but in reality are lies.  But, since Man is so thoroughly bent and trained to act on his own, he routinely binds himself to the rules of darkness.

These rules blind Man to the realities of what’s actually going on while granting the inferior king permission to use Man’s authority however the king wishes.  Man’s propensity that verges on an obsession to act on his own, especially when he justifies his actions on the authority of the scriptures, is why Satan believes his

Leverage Strategy is a winner.

COVID-19 is a perfect example of the inferior king playing out his Leverage Strategy. Man and the institutions of Man are acting on their own and so they are fighting in the dark.  Fear and panic have been set in place as lines of defense to protect against any meaningful probe into the Virus’s origin and strategic purpose while sustaining its advance.

The facts posing as truth – that the Virus poses such a threat to humankind that we must protect ourselves against it at all costs, even if it means bankrupting ourselves and our nation – is coming through the medical advisors who are insulated from scrutiny, which the press promotes. And so, the ones who know nothing about running a nation or economy are now the ones who are in charge of directing national and international policy.

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 6

July 29th, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues:

The Theater

Once the spiritually inspired speech has achieved the first two objectives of capturing the ears and eyes of God’s Man, the third objective to securing Man’s allegiance is ready to be pursued: Determining the Theater in which the conflict will be engaged.

Everything to this point has been about setting the stage for the conflict. The Theater is the location and environment in which the conflict will actually be fought. Each spiritual kingdom has a vested interest in establishing the Theater.

The kingdom of darkness wants the conflict to be fought in the Theater of Darkness. This occurs when Man engages the conflict on his own apart from Jesus. When he does this, Man gives permission for the engagement to be fought under the rules of darkness. Under these rules, Man is overmatched because he agrees to battle in the dark while giving the powers of darkness permission to use his Elohim Ruling Class authority however they wish, which they then use against Jesus and His Man.

The Kingdom of God operates differently. Jesus, Who does nothing apart from the Father, never leaves the domain of Light nor enters the domain of darkness. It’s in this Theater of Light that He engages every conflict with the kingdom of darkness. And, it’s into this Theater that He lures Satan and his cohorts where their every thought, deed and intention is exposed and seen for what it is.

This is Jesus’ Theater of Light.

It is in this Theater where God’s Man fulfills the Father’s Vision. It is in this Theater where spiritual territory is secured by conquest, where it is transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God. This is the Theater that terrifies Satan and his kingdom. And, it is in this Theater where Jesus invites us to engage the coronavirus conflict WITH Him.

This is what spiritual warfare looks like to the two kingdoms.

Spiritual Landscape

“What king moves toward the destination of warfare to encounter another king of a different quality and class, without first in time, order and importance sitting down to deliberate and resolve if he is able or possesses the power with ten thousand to meet in opposition the one coming with and superimposing upon him twenty thousand?”If he doesn’t, will he not otherwise send ambassadors with the defined mission to make an earnest request for peace and wholeness while he remains far off?” (Luke 14:31, 32)


War is the ultimate risk/reward – cost/benefit calculation. It’s where the parties in conflict risk everything to either get what they want or defend what they have.  So, too, in spiritual warfare.  While the Theater of Engagement determines where the conflict is going to be fought (in Light or Darkness), the Spiritual Landscape establishes the setting. This is the context for the conflict. It’s comprised of the various factors that have led each party to conclude that war is either the best or only option to achieve their respective objectives.

In this environment, leverage is king.  Leverage is an exploiter. It uses something, anything – a device, situation, circumstance, attitude, belief, relationship, strength, weakness, possession – as a lever to enhance power, improve position or neutralize superior force. Its purpose is to create advantage where none appears to exist. It can make the weak stronger or the strong weaker.

David was but a young boy. By military standards he was no match against the superior skill, strength and size of the war-hardened Goliath. But, he leveraged the giant’s massive size and fixed position against him. The weak became strong and the strong fell. (1Samuel 17)


In Luke 14:25 – 33, Jesus is describing the role leverage plays in a person’s calculation about becoming His disciple.  His stern advice and warning to His listeners was to get rid of anything in their lives that could be leveraged against them by their adversary. If they were willing to do this, they could be His disciples. If not, they couldn’t.

Jesus wasn’t talking about taking a vow of poverty or having a distain for material things as so often asserted in religious piety. He, after all, had a moneybox and gladly accepted the young boy’s fish and loaves to feed the 5,000. What He was emphasizing was understanding the nature of possession – that whatever you have has you. And so, whatever a person holds onto (possesses) can and will be used against them.

This isn’t a matter of mechanics (getting rid of things); it’s a matter of attitude (getting free of things). And so, for those who wish to be His disciples, they must be willing to give up or set aside everything to see and possess Him alone, nothing more, nothing less. Everything else can and will be used by our adversary as leverage against both Him and us.

”Therefore, in this same way, each and every part of the totality of you that does not lay aside and say adieu to each and every part of the totality of what he already possesses will not be able or have the power to be My learner and disciple.” (Luke 14:33)

In the verses above, Jesus tells us why – we’re at war.  He describes the Spiritual Landscape of this war through the lens of its inferior king. This king is calculating whether he can defeat a superior king of a different quality and class who has a 2 to 1 troop advantage over him. The issue he must resolve is does he have any leverage that will give him the advantage over the superior king despite his inferior


If the answer is yes, the inferior king will proceed with his war plans. If the answer is no, then he will send his ambassadors to the superior king to request terms of peace before the conflict is engaged.

This is the exact calculation that Satan made. But, since he didn’t send a delegation to the Superior King to request on his behalf terms of peace, he must have calculated that he had some leverage over the King (Jesus) that he (Satan) could exploit to neutralize the King’s superior power.

His calculation? That he could leverage God’s Man against the Superior King. So, while being outgunned 2 to 1 in angelic power in the heavens (spiritual realm), by leveraging God’s Man Satan would retain the advantage in the earth where YHVH Himself had decreed that Man was to have dominion. (Genesis 1:26 – 28)

The only challenge that faced the inferior king was whether he could convince Man to play by his rules. If he could, he could then leverage the authority of Man to control the affairs of men in the earth while using Man to thwart any advances attempted by the Superior King. This would give the inferior king control of half of God’s creation thus making him an equal sovereign with God. (Isaiah 14)

Though the inferior king calculated that this was a winning strategy, it had and continues to have two major flaws that can, in return, be leveraged against him:

First, for Man to play by Satan’s rules, Man must first agree to submit to Satan. When Man does this, it makes him subordinate not only to Satan but also to the entire Angelic Class. This makes Man “lower than the angels,” which in turn relegates him to the class that is lower than the Angelic Class – the Animal Class.

The Animal Class is the Serving Class. So, when Man plays by Satan’s rules, to comply with Satan’s societal order where Angelic Class Authority is supreme, Man’s authority must be reduced in rank to protect against the threat Man’s superior rank and authority poses on the realm. This leaves Man with the only authority that’s left – Animal Serving Class Authority.

The effect of this defensive maneuver is that while Man possesses Elohim Ruling Class authority, when he operates under the inferior king’s rules, those rules don’t allow him to use his full Ruling Class Authority. Instead, his authority becomes, like the king who made the rules, inferior.

“You exalted your inner mind, will and heart [Covering Cherub] because of your beauty. Your wisdom is thoroughly decayed ruining your brightness and splendor. You are thrown and cast upon the earth and land to be set before the face of kings to be seen and observed by them. “Through the abundance and greatness of  injustice and unrighteousness in your trade, traffic and merchandise, and the guilt and punishment due for your iniquity, you have pierced and profaned the sacred place. Therefore, in your coming in and going out in the midst of the fire, it will eat and devour you setting ashes upon, over and above the earth and land in the whole and all of every eye that sees and observes.”

“The whole and all of the people who know you will grow numb; they will be thoroughly stunned, astonished, stupefied and appalled with alarm, terror and destruction. It will come to pass that you shall become nothing, a non-entity as far as and even unto futurity, the vanishing point of time.”

(Ezekiel 28:17 – 19) [Brackets added for clarification]

Second, Man’s choice is and always has been his alone.  It is the greatest power that YHVH gave to His Man. So, Man can refuse to play by Satan’s rules at any point in time by simply changing his choice. This instantly terminates Satan’s leverage in the earth through that Man. And, the moment Man chooses to play by the Superior King’s rules (listening to and doing nothing apart from Him), Jesus will immediately begin to teach His Man how to rule WITH Him in the full capacity of his Elohim Ruling Class Authority.

“. . .’For truly I say to you, laying the argument to rest, if you have faith as a mustard seed [which comes from hearing the spoken word of Christ], you will say to this mountain, “Change place; depart from here and move to there” and it will change place and depart. Indeed, not even one thing will be impossible for you.’ “ (Matt. 17:20) [Brackets for clarification – Romans 10:17]

We get a glimpse of the frailty of the inferior king’s Leverage Strategy in Revelation 12:4. This is where the Apostle John was shown the pivotal battle between these two kings.

The Dragon (Satan) uses his tail (authority) to drag a third of the stars of Heaven (angels) and violently casts them to the physical earth that operates in time and space. This forceful concentration of his military assets was the Dragon’s frantic

reaction to a single event that he had to stop at all costs – the Woman giving birth to a son who would willing live in total dependence on His Father. That a Man – any man – would so live is the one threat that Satan cannot defend against because he is, after all, inferior.

It’s fascinating that Jesus uses this same 1/3 – 2/3 split in His parable about these two kings of different quality, class and capabilities meeting for war.  But, just as Jesus was telling His listeners then (and thus to us now) that it’s impossible to calculate the cost of being His disciple apart from Him, so it’s also impossible to calculate the cost of being His enemy.

The coronavirus and the spiritual forces of darkness that are trying to exploit it for their own purposes are about to find out just how true this really is.

Impoverished Kids Update

July 28th, 2020

I am extremely pleased to share with our cheerful givers that today we have delivered both food cards and school supply cards to those special kids whom FATHER dearly Loves.

We continue planting righteous seed among the kids and FATHER will reward our commitment to assisting their growth so they can fulfill FATHER’S plans for their lives.

Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 6:

 So when you give to the poor, don’t announce it and make a show of it just to be seen by people, like the hypocrites in the streets and in the marketplace.[c] They’ve already received their reward! But when you demonstrate generosity, do it with pure motives and without drawing attention to yourself. Give secretly and your Father, who sees all you do, will reward you openly.”

These families are given these cards through “anonymous donors”.

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 5

July 28th, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues and I share it in installments with you:

Capturing the Eye

“The eye is the portable oil-filled lamp of the physical body; if, by extension, then, your eye is simple, singular, undivided and without a secret agenda, then each and every part of the totality of your body will be present working together as a whole and you will be brilliant, revealing and describing the nature and revelation of light.

“But, if your eye is pain-ridden with the inevitable miseries that come with evil, then each and every part of the totality of your body will be present working together as a whole in the dark. If, then, the light that is operating from within you is darkness and obscurity, how much and how great is that darkness and obscurity?

“No one is able or empowered to serve or to be a slave to two lords who exercise absolute ownership rights. For he will hate, detest and renounce one, and love and prefer the other. Or, he will lay hold of and hold firmly to one, and view with hostility and look down upon the other. Having willingly assigned all your ownership rights to the owner, you are not able nor empowered to serve or to be a slave to God and to Mammon – your trust and confidence in Wealth.” (Matt. 6:22 – 24)

Once the first objective of capturing the ear is accomplished, the next objective in spiritual warfare is to capture the eye of God’s Man. The eyes set the context for the rest of the body to act.  Whereas the ear of God’s Man gives access to the mind so perspective can be created or changed, the eye of God’s Man gives access to the physical body so the intensions of the perspective can be carried out through his actions.

We, again, see this being played out in the Garden of Eden between the Serpent and Eve:

“Now the serpent fell out to become more crafty, shrewd and sensible than the whole and all of the living that YHVH of the Elohim had made and accomplished in the age of the field and land. And he said to the woman, the wife and female, ‘Yea, has the Elohim not said, you shall eat of the whole and all of every tree in the enclosure of the garden?’

“And the woman, the wife and female, said to the serpent, ‘The fruit of the trees of the enclosure of the garden we may eat.’

 ‘But the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the enclosure of the garden, the Elohim has said you shall not eat from it nor shall you touch, reach for or strike it lest you die.’

“And the serpent said to the woman, the wife and female, ‘In dying you will not die. ‘For the Elohim knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will fall out to become like the Elohim knowing what is beautiful, pleasant, agreeable and good, and what is bad, evil and adverse.’

“So when the woman, the wife and female saw that the tree was beautiful, pleasant, agreeable and good for food and it was charming and a delight to the eyes, and a tree to take pleasure in intelligence, she took of its fruit and ate. And she gave it also to the man who was equally with her and he ate.” (Genesis 3:1 – 6)

What Jesus was saying to His audience (and thus to us), which was likewise demonstrated through Eve’s story, was that only two types of oil or “spirits” can affect the eyes of God’s Man:

1. The oil (Spirit) that produces the light that is Light, or

2. The oil (spirit) that produces the light that is darkness.

Each of these lights has the power to illumine the eyes, which then mobilizes “each and every part of the totality” of the physical body to perform the work of the oil that has inspired it.

The oil or Spirit of the Kingdom of God mobilizes the entirety of Man’s physical body to “be present working together as a whole” to be “brilliant, revealing and describing the nature and revelation of light.”  But, the oil or spirit of the kingdom of darkness mobilizes the entirety of Man’s physical body to “be present working together as a whole in the dark.”

So, one oil enables the Man to know what he’s doing and why, while the other oil keeps Man in the dark so he won’t.  What’s fascinating about this dynamic is that a particular lord controls each of these oils. The Lord God controls the oil of Light. The Lord Mammon controls the oil of darkness that works through our trust and confidence in wealth (money).

This is an important point to remember as we go deeper into the strategic objective of COVID-19.  But for now, the reality is we must choose – to “willingly assign our ownership rights” to one lord or the other. We can’t serve them both.

Once we make our choice, the respective kingdom’s tactical objective in capturing the eye is to set our line of sight. This is an essential precursor to achieving the third objective regarding the theater.

What’s important to take note of here is each kingdom has a particular tell or indicator that signals which one is at work.  When the kingdom of darkness is at work, the person will feel their line of sight being drawn or even pushed downward

to people, things or events. For the religious, this can include being pushed into a passage of scripture or into a belief system. This pushing fixes the eyes in a horizontal line of sight to focus our attention on earthly matters that blind us to what’s actually going on while making us think we see.

When the Kingdom of God is at work, the person will feel their line of sight being drawn upward towards Jesus. This drawing is accompanied by what can best be described as a sense of inquiry, a seeking or a wondering about what is really happening in the earth. This is a vertical line of sight where Jesus is inviting the person to see as He sees. So, the up or down focus of the eyes tells the story.

The more a person is involved WITH Jesus in spiritual warfare, the more astute they become at recognizing these tells. Those who remain horizontally fixed never get there.

All spiritual conflict, then, begins in the earth with a form of spiritually inspired speech that has been accepted and acted upon by a human being. This acceptance by Man, to whom God gave authority over the earth, sets in place a hierarchy of authority between the spiritual kingdom that inspired the speech and Man who rules and administers the earth.

That spiritual kingdom then uses Man’s Elohim authority to advance the intentions of the communication (spiritually inspired speech) in the material world (earth).

This is how God set it up from the beginning. Jesus employs this process to invite God’s Man to participate WITH Him in executing the strategies that have been assigned to this Phase of God’s Plan for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.

Satan uses this process to gain access to Man’s Ruling Class Elohim authority to empower his strategies against God and His Man in both the earth and in the spiritual world.  And so, spiritually inspired speech is the means by which the ears of God’s Man are first captured in route to capturing his eyes, so that through Man the material world can be shaped.

If God’s Man accepts the spiritually inspired speech, then those spiritual thoughts, words and nature and character that embody them are released into the material world to shape it in its image and likeness. If man doesn’t, then the spiritual thoughts, words and character have no means of gaining entrance into the material world leaving the earth unaffected.

This is how the spiritual world affects the material world. This is how it’s initiated, how it’s implemented, how it takes shape in the earth and how it is released, stopped, or sustained.

The kingdom of darkness is employing this very process now with the coronavirus. The global population and institutions of Man, including the Church, have accepted the spiritually inspired speech about the Virus. And in so doing, the Virus has fixed our eyes on it, its dangers and the threats it is imposing on an unsuspecting world, which is mobilizing our behavior to fear and panic.

“So when the woman, the wife and female saw that the tree was beautiful, pleasant, agreeable and good for food and it was charming and a delight to the eyes, and a tree to take pleasure in intelligence, she took of its fruit and ate. And she gave it also to the man who was equally with her and he ate.” (Genesis 3:6)

Capturing the eyes.

The Big Picture: Light Versus Dark Part 4

July 27th, 2020

My Beloved Brother Steve continues and I share it in installments with you:


Position is a critical tactical component in any conflict, including in spiritual warfare. Here’s how it works:

A human origin strategy is localized; it doesn’t spill over to affect the spiritual realm. But, a spiritual origin strategy is all encompassing. It affects the heavens and the earth, the spiritual and the material.

God’s Man is the only being in creation that occupies both of these dimensions at the same time. No other being in God’s creation can do this. So, each kingdom positions itself with respect to God’s Man according to its interests.

The Kingdom of God wants His Man to rule WITH Him. So, Jesus positions Himself to God’s Man as a Joint Ruler. He invites God’s Man to participate WITH Him in executing the strategies that have been assigned to this Phase of God’s Plan – The Transfer – in the spiritual and material worlds.

The kingdom of darkness wants God’s Man to be its slave. So, Satan positions himself to God’s Man as Supreme Lord. He views God’s Man as being obligated to do his bidding, whether in the earth or in the spiritual realm, as his slave.

Once each kingdom positions itself to God’s Man, the first goal of spiritual warfare is to secure Man’s allegiance.

This is accomplished by achieving 3 objectives:

1. Capturing Man’s ear.

2. Capturing Man’s eye.

3. Determining the theater in which Man will engage the conflict.

Capturing the Ear

All spiritual conflict begins with spiritually inspired speech.  So, everything begins by speaking. God created by speaking:

“And God said, ‘Let there be. . .’ and there was. . .”

(Genesis 1 – 3; Hebrews 11:3)

God granted authority by speaking:

“Let Us give Man dominion over the earth. . .”

God assigned roles by speaking:

“Tend to the garden and name all the animals. . .”

God set parameters by speaking:

“Of all the tree of the garden you may freely eat, but. . .”

God warned of consequences by speaking:

“In the day you eat, you will surely die. . .”

God established the nature and character of the creation by speaking:

“And God said it is good, very good. . .”

God set the whole of His creation in place and then mobilized it through His spiritually inspired speech.

Satan also initiates through what he speaks:

 “Has God said. . .” (Genesis 3)

“If you are the Son of God then. . .” (Matthew 4:3)

In both instances, what resided in the heart of the spiritual speaker began its journey into the material realm to shape it through what was spoken. In God’s case, His words created, articulated His Vision, granted authority, assigned roles, set limits and consequences, and established the nature and character of His created order WITH Him – Good.

In Satan’s case, his words perverted what God had created. Through them he infected the creation with his nature and character – Evil, slandered God’s reputation and redefined what God had said, intended and authorized, all while using God’s Man to do it.  This is the kind of power that’s resident within spiritually inspired speech.

For most of us, though, speaking is much more benign. To us, it’s about transferring our thoughts, ideas and feelings to another so they end up with the same thoughts, ideas and feelings. If we’re good at it, we can get our point across.

If we’re really good at it, we can even convince others that our point of view is right.  But, to those who understand the power of communication, it goes way beyond simple speaking. To them, words and the art of communicating are among the most powerful weapons that can be used in the realm of living beings.

To this group of communicators, the goal of communication is to use the thoughts, ideas and feelings being transferred to create or change perspective.

This perspective is what gives meaning and purpose to the communication. The meaning and purpose then gives birth to belief. And this newly born belief then shapes attitude, which energizes and mobilizes behavior to achieve the

interests and objectives of the communicator.

In addition to mobilizing behavior, the sophisticated speaker also uses its words to infuse its nature and character into its audience, usually without them knowing it. This is important because behavior will only go as far as the belief system that

fuels it, which itself is fueled by the nature and character that embodies it.

The objective, then, of this kind of speaker is not only to achieve the form of its intentions through the behavior of its listeners; it is to infect them with its nature and character so their behavior and belief will infect others.

And so, Herod’s wife wasn’t satisfied with simply keeping John the Baptist in prison. She had to dehumanize him by cutting off his head to demonstrate her superiority over him. The religious leaders weren’t satisfied with simply killing

Jesus. They had to slaughter Him for the same reason to protect their power and control over the audience.

In the Garden of Eden, the Serpent’s goal wasn’t to get Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in disobedience to God’s instructions. She could do that by herself without him.

The Serpent’s goal was to change Eve’s perspective about God. If he could do that, a new belief system would be birthed in her that would forever change how she viewed God, herself and everyone and everything else around her.  This could then be tapped into to mobilize her behavior way beyond just eating from the Tree. It would convert her into an agent and from an agent into a propagator – one who not

only achieves but also advances his intentions in his nature and character.  And that’s exactly what happened.

Once Eve ate, Satan immediately mobilized her to relay to Adam the Serpent’s communication. She did and he did and here we are today.

This is what’s happening now with the coronavirus, as well. The Serpent is speaking and his intentions are to create in us a perspective that incites fear and panic.  But, Jesus is speaking, too, and He’s inviting us to come up where He is so we can see as He sees.

Capturing the ear.