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The Purpose of Economic Updates

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

The Divine Intent of Our Heavenly Father navigated me to a Degree in Economics and then a substantial experience in Finance and Banking.  After that was accomplished, HE moved me out of banking into Finance and Information Technology (IT).  HE has orchestrated the formation of Servias, the writing of blogs, and the broadcasts we present on Sundays, as well as the upcoming broadcast of the Passover Conference.  None of these were my ideas, I simply responded to HIS Word.

We are quickly approaching the maturing of two groups of people:  the vessels of honor, and the vessels of dishonor.  In the Exodus, the Egyptians funded the children of Israel.  In the wilderness, Our Heavenly Father provided the daily bread.  The Promised Land was maintained by the heathen until it was time to enter into the land and possess it and all of its assets.  In all cases, Our Heavenly Father established “value” for exchange.  Within the commandments and statutes is the law of equal weights and measures.  This law applies to commerce at the physical level but applies to equilibrium instituted by Our Heavenly Father in the spiritual and soul realms.  The current system and its methods and means of exchange will ultimately end.  The purpose of our updates is focused primarily for the time of transition, for those who are maturing to the fullness of Christ.  Jesus commanded the GOD particles based on the need at the time.  He multiplied bread and fish as needed.  He located funds to pay taxes as well.  He did not rely on Obamacare to heal the sick.  As we transition from our current maturity level to that of the Pattern Son, we will no longer need economic updates.  Until then, we are called to be good stewards over what HE has given us to manage.  We are in a multi-faceted training stage.  Until you can turn water into wine, I suggest managing your money appropriate in order to buy wine, bread, and fish.  While we are in this transition, you should not compromise your growth toward the fullness of a mature son who will walk in the bond of perfection- Love.  HE will let you know when there is no longer any need for managing your finances.  After all, one of the blessings is to be a lender unto many nations.  When you have finances, you have the opportunity to be a blessing to those in need.

The Numbers are getting worse

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

From John Williams’

- Economic Reality versus Illusion: No Recovery, Just Plunge, Stagnation and Renewed Plunge
- Re-Intensifying Downturn Already Underway
- Confluence of Negative Surprises, Including New Business and Systemic Woes, Should Hit U.S. Dollar and Spike Inflation
- Hyperinflation to Intensify Unfolding Depression
- Gold as a Store-of-Wealth and Safe-Haven Remains Primary Hedge for Maintaining Purchasing Power of Wealth and Assets

"No. 617: SPECIAL REPORT: 2014 ShadowStats Hyperinflation Report — Second Installment"

As empty nest baby boomers, we tend to eat out more often.  Being a financial-kinda guy, I pay close attention to prices and value.  New menus reflect higher prices.  What was 9.99 is now 10.99.  Once coffee, tea, and soft drinks break the $2 barrier here in the southwest, it really gets my attention.  After all, we are not in New York City.  Food prices are up and for the average middle-class family it is noticeable to the budget.  The top 1% don’t care since it is such a small part of their cash outflow.  Since we know all of the financial markets are being manipulated, we must persevere in the short term until the truth is fully exposed for all to see.  Those who are manipulating the markets are doing everything in their power to manipulate us into compliance to their agenda.  As we move toward the end of the manipulation, I expect them to become desperate and attempt a takedown of physical asset prices, specifically gold and silver.  The offset to this will be the kings of the East who hope physical assets get cheaper so they can load up by spending their dollars.  That threat is what is currently providing a price base for assets such as gold and silver. 

Those of us who are serious about doing Our Heavenly Father’s will should pursue unity among the brethren.  If we stay isolated from each other we cannot be a body, fitly joined together.  We must come into agreement.  Set aside your focus on the imperfections of others and instead look at them as Our Heavenly Father sees them.  None of us are infallible.  Focus on embracing their purpose rather than criticizing their errors.  Deal with your own error and the Body of Christ will be strengthened.  Focus on Love.  As we all do, we will bring the Kingdom here on earth.

Pursuing Life and the Living

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Life and the living are all in Our Heavenly  Father’s plan, will, and purpose.  The dead and dying are removed because their purpose has been fulfilled, even if they were unfruitful.  Unfruitfulness is necessary as a comparison to good fruit.  If you are participating in a dead or dying pursuit, take a different path.  Our Heavenly Father is in the midst of the growing, living, fruitful aspects of life.  This is what pruning is all about.  The dying branches are sucking the life out of the plant and thus they need to be removed so the energy can be focused on the living aspects of the plant.  If your pursuit is sucking the life out of you and you are constantly tired and unfulfilled, maybe you should pursue another way.  This is true in all aspects of life.

Have you pursued a failed opportunity?  If so, there was something missing or unworkable.  In business, it is often due to a lack of financial capital.  People become over-extended and are unable to recover from the extreme leverage.  The financial pressure becomes too great for them to handle.  It is true for those who buy a house anticipating that they can somehow afford the payments, hoping for a financial miracle that does not arrive.  Their ego betrayed them once again.  Lack of understanding is another aspect often missing in a failed opportunity.  Thorough research helps, but also getting counsel from a seasoned professional will keep you from taking a wrong turn in pursuing an opportunity.  Sometimes, you simply lack the ability to complete the task.  Your impatience or lack of experience will create a vacuum that cannot be filled in time to seize the opportunity.  If that is the case, let it go.  Forgive yourself and others who may have been involved.  Then, start pursuing life again.

Are you hoarding “stuff”?  Get rid of it.  It represents the dead and dying aspects of the past.  Are you holding on to old revelations that are no longer fresh?  Pursue fresh revelation, Our Heavenly Father isn’t living in your past, HE is in the present.  There were necessary spiritual movements in the past.  The “faith” movement was one.  It was important for the time but it did not completely mature those who were involved in the movement.  It was simply another necessary revelation in the pursuit of full maturity.  Progress is the key to the living.  Those who stop along the way begin the decaying process.  Death is the result.  It is time to quit resting on your laurels and actively pursue life.  But first, forgive all those unworkable aspects of your past that did not pan out.  Don’t be one of those who are “pruned” away from the living.

Today’s Online Bible Study Broadcast: Raising the Remnant

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

We will have our Sunday afternoon Bible Study at 3PM CDT in Bethany.  Bob will be directing the discussion today.  We will continue Chapter 7 and proceed to Chapter 8.

To participate live or watch this Bible study as a recording afterwards, go to  The chat room will be open again today for your comments.  We look forward to your participation during our live broadcast.

Hyperinflationary Great Depression Ahead

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

John Williams lives and breathes government statistics.  He is an expert in the macroeconomic arena and is independent of government influence.  His latest warning is ominous to say the least.  His latest headlines read:

> – Extremely Difficult Circumstances in the Year Ahead: Confluence of Economic and Systemic Crises Should Intensify
> – With Global Confidence in Dollar Rattled by Uncontrollable Fiscal and Monetary Excesses, U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve Have Limited Options to Address Panics
> – Heavy Selling of U.S. Dollar Remains Likely Proximal Trigger for Inflation Pick-Up
> – Developing Hyperinflation Would Push Ongoing Recession into Deep Depression
> – Physical Gold Remains Primary Hedge for Preserving Wealth and Asset

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These are his opinions based on the raw statistics the government provides.  Government agencies massage the raw statistics to fit a political agenda whereas John calculates “apples to applies” with historic formulas once used by the government.  He believe those historic formulas provide an honest representation of the economic conditions.  I agree.

Stay nimble.  Get your Spiritual house in order.

Peak Oil Update

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

The following graph suggests that Peak Oil did occur around 2005.  Even though there is not much said about it, the issue still remains.  Fracking is only pulling what oil exists out of the ground faster and at a much higher cost.

Hindrances to the Fullness

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Habitual, un-repented sin is a major block to your full maturity as a Son or Daughter to Our Heavenly Father.  It is also a block to your healing.  When you seek wisdom from Above, you have taken the first step to correct this roadblock to your training and preparation.  My responsibility to you is to tell you like it is according to the revelation given to me, knowing that I don’t have all the revelation.  But Our Heavenly Father knows my heart and knows that I will ultimately take the necessary action, speak the words needed for the time, and/or write the required blog to address issues among the brethren.  Your responsibility is to Love me whether you have a witness to what I am writing or not.  If you get offended then you need another dose of HIS Love.  Are you “all in” or not?

If there is one topic that people really don’t want to be convicted of, it is their money.  Over the years, I have seen families come apart over “potential” inheritance.  When an elderly parent dies, the children typically want to know what their inheritance is… now.  I have seen adult children comb through the parent’s house looking for cash stashed in books and other subtle places.  Times like this quickly reveal the character of a person.  Everyone wants a windfall of cash.

Are you robbing Our Heavenly Father in tithes and offerings?  Is HIS storehouse full or empty?  Do you care if it is empty?  Does it upset you for me to even ask the question?  Of course, I am not thrilled about writing a blog on what is probably the most sensitive topic among the brethren.  The good news is that my family doesn’t rely on your tithes or offerings, HE has sufficiently provided for us.  Those who do rely on contributions will typically stay away from this topic for fear of losing donors.  At any rate, our hearts must be exposed to the subtleness of this sin.  Until the topic of money is dealt with, we can’t expect to reach the fullness of maturity as a Son or Daughter.  Paul was willing to deal with this topic in 2 Corinthians 9:

6 But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

What is your fruit saying to you?  Sparing or bountiful?

7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

If you respond grudgingly to this writing then “forget it”, don’t write the check.  Do us all a favor and keep your money.  Our Heavenly Father doesn’t actually need the money anyway.  The fact is, you need to get the revelation of giving.  One who gives grudgingly doesn’t have the revelation of blessing from Above.  That person doesn’t think that Our Heavenly Father will act on his or her behalf.  That lack of revelation is a hindrance to the fullness.  In this Scripture, Paul is revealing a revelation to those who have ears to hear.  A cheerful giver is blessed by Our Heavenly Father:

8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work. 9 As it is written:

​​​“He has dispersed abroad,

​​He has given to the poor;

​​His righteousness endures forever.”

10 Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness, 11 while you are enriched in everything for all liberality, which causes thanksgiving through us to God.12 For the administration of this service not only supplies the needs of the saints, but also is abounding through many thanksgivings to God

Servias Ministries now has an eight year track record as a storehouse for Our Heavenly Father.  HE had me set this organization up for you, not me.  We will continue receive HIS tithes and offerings and distribute as directed by HIM.  HE is the One who supplies seed and bread, not us.  We are simply one of HIS means for you to give and overcome the “love of money”.

Cheerful givers may contribute to this storehouse at:

Servias Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1471

Bethany, OK 73008

or give by credit card at:

Obviously, we are not the only storehouse HE is using.  Do you still Love me?

Truth in the Economies

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

In Tokyo, there are people waiting in three hour lines to buy gold.  They see a train wreck coming to their economy.  Michael Pento was erased this week from a CNBC financial market clip because of his assessment that the Fed is insolvent.  John Williams of reported:

“There has been no economic recovery since the crisis broke almost eight years ago, there is no recovery pending, and official economic reporting likely is turning down anew.  Accordingly, economic reporting in the month ahead should be increasingly negative and distressing to the domestic and global financial markets.’’

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Japan’s debt load is ever-increasing.  The same is true for the United States.  The 100 year experiment using a central bank went awry when the powers that be left the gold standard.  That is the day they disconnected from “truth”.  Why?  Currencies could now be manipulated by men in a “self-interest” fashion.  Thus the ego of man controlled the financial affairs of the entire population.  Once again, men thought they knew better than Our Heavenly Father.  Sounds a little bit like the same motivation in the Garden of Eden.  Same song, different verse.

I report these events not to tickle your ears or provide small talk for parties.  I hope these realities will move you toward a closer relationship with Our Heavenly Father.  There are many credible men who have the same concern as mine in regards to the state of the current economic system.  The one thing nobody knows is exactly when and how the current system will disintegrate.  They all know in part.  Not one of them can comprehend the whole complexity of the current system.  Neither can those who are currently in power.  There is only One who can fully grasp how the entire system is currently operating… Our Heavenly Father.  HE is the only One WHO can navigate you and me into safety as the current system falls into complete disarray.  None of us should be led by fear of the coming events however they unfold.  Our trust should be based on our relationship with Our Heavenly Father.  Suicides of bankers around the world are now in epic proportions.  Their trust in money to keep them above the law has failed them.  Their world is coming to an end.  They opted for the coward’s way out.  The empty promises of greed were realized.

The geopolitical picture is getting ugly as well.  The U.S. is once again threatening to use economic weapons of mass destruction.  I am not optimistic about the path they are on.  It definitely looks like they are playing into the historic demise of Mystery Babylon, without any conscious intentions of course.  Men’s greed and egos have once again moved towards destruction of an economic system.  This time however, the system is truly global.  Never before has there been such a far-reaching scenario with the advent of technology.  There are no truly isolated economies now.  There is nowhere to run and hide.  In HIS Wisdom, Our Heavenly Father placed you right where you are at.  You should rely on HIM to guide you through the economic minefield ahead.

Insolvent Central Bank

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

According to financial expert Jim Rickards, the Federal Reserve Bank’s leverage is currently 80 to 1, a truly insolvent condition.  For each dollar they have, there are 80 dollars of liability.  He expects the dollar to drop 80 to 90 percent in value.  On a relative basis, gold will appear to go up in value.  Silver is expected to do the same.

Jim is adamant that the collapse of the dollar is coming.  This is not the end of the world, just the U.S. Dollar.

The Fed is not transparent so there is no way to predict how severe their situation really is.  The top five banks who were at risk in 2008 are now bigger and riskier than they were then.  There are less community banks now than there were in 2008 thus the system’s risk is more concentrated.  In addition, other major countries such as Russia, are threatening to dump the dollar as their standard payment medium.  You can see why Obama is so vocal about Putin.  I believe it is really about protecting the dollar’s reserve status.  Obama is charged with keeping the party going as long as possible.

All the major central banks have the same problem.  Their rationalization is that they can simply print more money.  The problem is that as they print more money, inflation heats up to a potentially “hyper” state.  Gold keeps everyone honest because you can’t just go create more to accommodate your policy.  $8,000 to $10,000 gold is not an unreasonable expectation.  It isn’t that gold’s value is up, the value of the dollar will go down further.  It is all about protecting purchasing power.

How long do we have before the dollar collapses in value?  What will precipitate the destruction the dollar?  The reality is that we have an unstable complex system.  Only Our Heavenly Father knows the one event that will trigger the domino effect of financial destruction.  Sixty year financial veteran Richard Russell says:

“In the investment world, of course, peace of mind is a particularly rare commodity.  The rise in the stock market since its 2009 low has now exceeded five years.  Common sense tells us that the longer an advance continues, the nearer it is to its conclusion.  In the low area of 2009, fear was the dominant emotion.  As the advance pushes into its sixth year, fear has given way to boldness and greed.  On this thesis alone, I have elected to move out of common stocks.  After long consideration, I have concluded that the area I prefer to be in is pure wealth.

By pure wealth, I mean physical silver and gold.  That’s my best advice for subscribers today. “  To subscribe to his newsletter:

The system is now so unstable that the collapse can occur at any time.  There is no need to be afraid of this event.  Simply prepare as best you can.  Maintain extra food supply and rotate it.  Buy gold and/or silver as you can afford it.  Keep enough cash available in case there is a bank holiday.  Stay liquid.  Revenue producing agri-land is always a good investment if you have sufficient liquidity otherwise.  Minimal monthly obligations will also provide for weathering the coming financial event.  Most of all, be Spiritually prepared.  Those who hear Our Heavenly  Father will be guided through these times in peace.  Others will be looking to you since their world has collapsed.  They will need assurance that they will survive and you will be able to direct their attention to Our Heavenly Father, their Creator.

The Insolvency of Japan

Monday, March 24th, 2014

The globe is financially interconnected, so what happens in other major countries affects you and me.  Many of our cars in the garage are produced in Japan and some of the parts to keep them operational come from their homeland.  Japan has the worst demographics of aging population of all the major countries.  There are not enough young people coming into the workforce to support the elderly.  People are living longer and their are more adult diapers sold in Japan than infant diapers.  Japan’s bond market is getting worse by the day.  Europe and the U.S. are not far behind.

Interest expenses of Japan’s debt (Japanese Government Bonds- JGBs)  as a percentage of total government revenue will reach 56% this year.  What if you personally had to pay over half of your paycheck to the bank for interest?  That is where Japan is at now.  How are they managing that feat?  By printing more money, backed by nothing but perception.  We are moving in the same direction.  Japan is leading the way to show the other nations what will happen shortly.  Japan’s Central Bank is focused on creating mild inflation in a contracting economy.  This will ultimately result in default of sovereign debt.  The bondholders are often large pension funds holding individuals’ future cash payments in their care.  In the end, the average person will be affected.  This should provide you a better understanding why Russia and China are acquiring gold reserves to back their currency as they prepare to depart from the U.S. Dollar reserve currency standard.  At some point, a monetary crisis will occur.  Only Our Heavenly Father knows the day and the hour:

Revelations 18:1 After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory.

2 And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!

3 For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”

These verses describe the coming global events as well as any time in history.  Our Heavenly Father is keeping the masses in a blinded state so the current system will continue while HIS Remnant is being prepared.  Until the firstfruits are ready for inspection and ready to illuminate the earth with HIS glory, the current system will be allowed to operate.  The fruit are ripening now.  We discussed this in our Bible study yesterday.  Due to Internet transmission problems, the Bible study had “live” issues but the “two-part” recordings appeared to be captured without issue and can be watched at: