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Geopolitics versus Economics

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

My business background is based on economics, finance, and information technology.  I did not plan this, FATHER simply navigated my path to end up with this experience.  In the last couple of years, the geopolitics has trumped historical economic assumptions, especially the most fundamental law of supply and demand.  The western central planners have used the markets for their motives of maintaining control over weaker players.  Both China and Russia are experiencing the results of markets being manipulated without regard to the applicable laws.  Agent banks are given “get out of jail free” cards and thus they lawlessly carry out the mandate in a secretive fashion.  The impact to the small independent investor is dramatic.

The large pension funds run with the herd thus they receive directives “twice removed” and tow the company line.  That is good for those who are subject to those funds in that they stay under the protective covering of the central planners without knowing it. The goal of the central planners is to maintain control over all economies around the globe and they will punish anyone who gets out of line with their objectives.  They are in strategic positions and are able to retain them because the population is lethargic when it comes to searching out the truth.  The population prefers to be entertained rather than be truth seekers.  It plays into the hands of those in power.

Saudi Arabia has gone after the American fracking industry because it frankly wants to control the oil price as long as possible.  ISIS threatens the House of Saud so they are willing to align themselves with a super power that will come to their aid.  The American planners want to show improvement in the economy so they are agreeable to cheaper oil even though it is well documented that peak oil occurred around 2005.  Fracking is just a bigger straw to extract what is there but faster.

Gold is the true barometer of the health of a nation’s currency.  It is also well documented that the manipulative intervention in that market is atrocious.  However, regulators are not interested in the ending the lawlessness.  Their motives are not clear but many would suppose they are biased on behalf of large financial institutions.  Where do you think they would like to work after leaving public service?

I expect the geopolitical intervention in the markets to increase and get worse.  Volatility will increase as well.  There are virtually no safe investments anymore.  Even your bank deposits are now on the target list.  What is the solution?  It can only be found in the third Heaven.  Our Heavenly Father is the only ONE who can fully understand the current highly complex financial mess we’re in.  My focus is ascending to the highest level of Spiritual maturity before it all breaks apart in the markets.  I have no idea when but every objective analyst I follow expects the wheels to fall off at some point.  When it does, the Spiritually mature will be called forth for the answers.  Until then, stay nimble, simplify, and if you must borrow, only borrow for revenue generating reasons.

Financial Comments

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

A friend wrote the following in an email:

And right to the point… do you have any new thoughts on investments or silver? Looks like we took a pretty good beating in 2014, huh?

My reply:

I view the current environment is providing me with an excellent opportunity to acquire additional metal and quality stocks.  I have been a buyer over the last couple of weeks.  The best time to buy is when everyone hates the targeted investment.  I am not selling any metal.  I only have to look at the growing debt, the growing fiat currency base and I know that when the day of reckoning occurs those with physical, un-leveraged assets will be in superior economic shape.  I bought additional TRX shares this past week as it hit multi-year lows.  I believe in the company and its management.  If I am wrong, such is life.  If I am right, then 70 cents could easily turn into $7 or more.  My exposure is capped at 70 cents per share. (PS I placed an order at 64 cents hoping the “boys” would push it down, but it didn’t happen.)  You never invest money you need to pay bills with.  You always must consider stocks as having inherent risks associated with them.  A silver coin has no external risk associated with it and there are no “claims” against it. (PSS: I bought more Silvercorp at a buck just before they announced their latest quarterly earnings reports)

How much longer can the boys around the gateway keep the ruse going?  I hope to acquire more before Humpty Dumpty goes splat!  It is clear they are in the market suppressing gold, silver, and the related stocks hoping to shake out the investors.  Not me.  I am not moved by their tactics.  History supports my position.

Emotions are the enemy of cheap quality stocks as my buddy Mike in Hawaii and I have discussed.

On 12/21 the metals exchange will implement "circuit breakers" on gold moving $400 during a trading session.  Which way would the price be moving in such a manner?  Since they have been intervening to move it downward, I can only conclude that it is the upward movement they are concerned about and that makes me happy!



So that I make sure we are all adults accepting responsibility for our own investment decisions:


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How to wipe out the competition in banking

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

If you were one of five "to big to fail" banks, how could you gain more market share?  Simply figure out a way to get rid of the local and community banks.  How would you accomplish that?  By using the current laws in place and create a catastrophe to force a managed response that would bankrupt those smaller banks.

"Never let a crisis go to waste" is the current view and attitude of the central planners. 

Each of us must seek Our Heavenly Father’s direction for our lives including the resources we have been given to steward.

The following discussion presents a compelling case for the growing concerns I have for the coming year and the next few years.  The 2008 near meltdown was not resolved and the same banks involved are now only bigger and with greater risks.

This interview spells it all out:

Official U.S. Debt surpasses $18 Trillion

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Total U.S. Liabilities: $115.8 Trillion

Do you think U.S. Dollars will pay off these amounts at current levels of value?

Default or hyper-inflate, those are the two choices and based on the consistent attacks against gold and silver… hyper-inflate is the intended method.  Gold price exposes hyper-inflation to the masses.

The Saudi’s want lower oil prices to bankrupt the oil shale industry thus hurting oil-producing states.

The western central planners want lower oil prices to bankrupt Russia.

China does not want to lose any more value of their Dollar assets so they are buying gold, as is Russia.

The Security and Exchange Commission’s definition of manipulation:

Manipulation is intentional conduct designed to deceive investors by controlling or artificially affecting the market for a security…[this includes] rigging quotes, prices or trades to create a false or deceptive picture of the demand for a security. Those who engage in manipulation are subject to various civil and criminal sanctions.

Investing in this environment of sustained zero percent savings rates is more challenging than in the last 40 years.  The small investor would love for the SEC to enforce their definition.  It could wipe out the majority of Wall Street players.

Be cautious.  The only true solution is from Above!

Global Focus on Physical Gold

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

At the end of this month, the Swiss will be voting on a referendum to move back toward a gold standard.  There have been many roadblocks by the elite to keep the facts from being presented to the public because they don’t want to lose control of the financial system.  You cannot manipulate the physical gold asset.  However, once you move to a fiat currency, lies and deceit are assured and it is only a matter of time before the masses lose value of their hard earned life savings.

The Germans want to repatriate their gold back from the U.S. and have encountered much resistance.  Now the Dutch want their gold back and it is reported that 122 tons of gold are in process of transfer.  The Russians and the Chinese have been in a major acquisition mode month after month.  Physical gold is the one asset a country must have when its currency must be revamped.  This has been true throughout history and is expected to be realized again, and soon.  Over the last 100 years, the U.S. Dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power when compared to gold and the other countries see the writing on the wall.

I view the focus on gold and silver to be a “bridge” until a major Spiritual event occurs.  The problems throughout the world go beyond currency problems.  The thoughts and intents of men continue to cause the wars, famines, lawlessness, etc.  I must conclude that a major change is on the horizon and it will be Spiritual in nature.  Until then, we are to occupy and do business.  If we can’t feed our families, then it is tough to focus on deeper matters.  My family continues to invest in gold & silver assets (as funds allow), mostly undervalued stocks at this point.  Two weeks ago, the stocks were so depressed, I was able to modestly add to positions with some of the companies I believe in.  Stocks are riskier than possessing the the metal.  Each of us must decide what is best for sustaining us through the coming months and years if necessary.

As I have said in the past: simplify, reduce and eliminate unproductive debt, and most of all focus on hearing FATHER.  HE will guide you through the challenging financial times ahead.  HE will also lead you in what assets to invest in.  When you submit to HIM, you don’t sweat the ups and downs of prices, knowing that HE has perfect knowledge of your future needs.

A Humorous Look at Investing… and so true

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


The War against corruption

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

China and other members of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) have agreed to deny safe haven to anyone engaged in corruption.  See:

US Secretary of State John Kerry hailed the move as a "major step forward".

"Corruption not only creates an unfair playing field, it not only distorts economic relationships, but corruption also steals from the people of every country the belief that the system can work for everybody," he told journalists.

What would happen if the U.S. did the same?  Wall Street could be shut down due to a large number of missing employees.  What other institutions would experience the same dilemma?

Two definitions of the word corruption:

-  dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

-  the process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased.

It could get ugly real quick if a law was passed AND enforced in the U.S.  The price of gold and silver would skyrocket on the day the law went into effect.

Playing with People’s Futures

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

People on Social Security just can’t get a break.  They work under a mandated set of assumptions and guidelines for multiple decades and when it comes time to receive the benefits, they get shortchanged.  Some people don’t realize that the employers were required to match the employee contributions.  At the current rate, a total of 15.3% goes to the U.S. Treasury for each dollar the average person earns.

From the headlines of John Williams’ :

2015 Social Security COLA (cost-of-living-adjustment) at 1.7%
Would Have Been 9.4% without Existing Gimmicks for Understating Inflation

The big boys playing with the numbers have no idea what it takes for the average retiree to make ends meet.  They are rather insulated from the harshness of inflationary food prices at the local grocery store.  $7 for a block of cheese?  I requested an armed guard to accompany me and my cheese to my car.

The average price for a pound of ground beef climbed to another record high–$4.096 per pound–in the United States in September, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In August, according to BLS, the average price for a pound of all types of ground beef topped $4 for the first time–hitting $4.013. In September, the average price jumped .083 cents, an increase of 2.1 percent in one month.

A year ago, in September 2013, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $3.502 per pound. Since then, it has climbed 59.4 cents–or about 17 percent in one year.

A picture was worth 1.7% but it should have been worth 9.4%:

Food Inflation 2014

We are assured that it is all under control

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Frontier Airlines Statement

“At approximately 1:00 a.m. MT on October 15, Frontier was notified by the CDC that a customer traveling on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on Oct. 13 has since tested positive for the Ebola virus. The flight landed in Dallas/Fort Worth at 8:16 p.m. local and remained overnight at the airport having completed its flying for the day at which point the aircraft received a thorough cleaning per our normal procedures which is consistent with CDC guidelines prior to returning to service the next day. It was also cleaned again in Cleveland last night. Previously the customer had traveled from Dallas Fort Worth to Cleveland on Frontier flight 1142 on October 10.

Customer exhibited no symptoms or sign of illness while on flight 1143, according to the crew. Frontier responded immediately upon notification from the CDC by removing the aircraft from service and is working closely with CDC to identify and contact customers who may traveled on flight 1143.

The airline, hotel, amusement, cruise, and car rental companies are now high risk as individuals exposed to the Ebola virus are highly mobile.  This could spread to retail which is already on the skids.

People may begin eating at home again as the risk of exposure is highlighted on the nightly news.  There were 132 passengers on board flight 1143.  I wonder how many each of them came in contact with?  The markets will anticipate the outcome and will possibly tank if there are too many cases to absorb in the current healthcare infrastructure.

Economic Warfare

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

The latest drop in oil does not reflect the long-term supply constraint.  I suspect the boys in the Beltway are trying to punish Russia for its activities in the Ukraine.  The Saudis are in agreement with the drop.  Could they need protection from possible invaders?  They are willing to pay the “policeman” to protect their interests.

The graph below looks similar to gold when the agent banks intervene on behalf of western planners to suppress the price:


Look out below… BOOM!

PS:  Oil contracts (paper) are about 20 times the physical supply.  This is also known as leverage and it can cut both ways.