The Living Word

Mark wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter 5: 21 After Jesus returned from across the lake, a huge crowd of people quickly gathered around Him on the shoreline. 22 Just then, a man saw that it was Jesus, so he pushed through the crowd and threw himself down at His feet. His name was… Continue reading The Living Word

Excerpts From Dr. Sherry Rogers*

Total Wellness Newsletter, October 2016. Dear Friends, As promised last month, I’ll show you another very inexpensive phytonutrient that also helps stave off Alzheimer’s. And it couldn’t be more simple and more economical. But first you need to take another quantum leap into the world of God’s miraculous design of the human body. Caution:… Continue reading Excerpts From Dr. Sherry Rogers*


Servias Ministries is a subscriber to Dr. Sherry Rogers’ monthly newsletter.  She was a friend of Dr. Vince Speckhart and is determined to help those who will listen.  She backs up her claims by research published by professionals in the industry.  Her latest newsletter included this quote: “Dear Friends, I’m going to start this month’s… Continue reading Statins

Health Notes

From Sherry Rogers’ latest newsletter: First many of you are mistakenly looking for a single “magical” cure for your years of suffering. You have forgotten that cure involves looking at the total package. The foods you eat, your environmental pollutants in your home and office, your stress/un-forgiveness/anger levels, the undiagnosed dysbioses in your gut, plus… Continue reading Health Notes

Vitamin D3

The following is a quote from Dr. Sherry Rogers in the October 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter we subscribe to: “You will see many studies proving that regardless of how near death people were, how antibiotic resistant they were, how riddled with infection, and how hopeless their situations looked, if they were given nutrients, well over… Continue reading Vitamin D3

To Summarize

You have now had seven steps to healing given to you over the last seven days: STEP ONE. Know physical healing is part of Christ’s ministry today. The age of miracles has NOT passed. STEP TWO. Know FATHER’S Promises to heal in the Scriptures, and be convinced they are for YOU personally. STEP THREE. Understand… Continue reading To Summarize


THANK FATHER AND ACT ON HIS PROMISE If you really believe God has answered you, and that you have received the healing you requested, you will naturally do two things: 1) You’ll thank Him for it. 2) You’ll put your new health into action. As Paul wrote in Romans chapter 4 about Abraham who gave… Continue reading STEP SEVEN


BELIEVE YOU HAVE RECEIVED WHAT YOU ASKED FOR THIS IS FAITH Simply believe, WHEN YOU PRAY, that you have received what you prayed for. Some people pray for years, asking repeatedly for something God has promised. But they refuse to believe they have the answer until they see or feel it. That is NOT faith.… Continue reading STEP SIX