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The Coming Times

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

We are in perilous times and now is the time for us to come into full unity and set aside the notion that what was normal two years ago is no longer.  The true church is to gather and rally, operating in full unity.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 2 Timothy chapter 3:

1 But you need to be aware that in the final days the culture of society will become extremely fierce. 2 People will be self-centered lovers of themselves and obsessed with money. They will boast of great things as they strut around in their arrogant pride and mock all that is right. They will ignore their own families. They will be ungrateful and ungodly.

3 They will become addicted to hateful and malicious slander. Slaves to their desires, they will be ferocious, belligerent haters of what is good and right. 4 With brutal treachery, they will act without restraint, bigoted and wrapped in clouds of their conceit. They will find their delight in the pleasures of this world more than the pleasures of the loving God.

5 They may pretend to have a respect for God, but in reality they want nothing to do with God’s power. Stay away from people like these! (having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!) 6 For they are the ones who worm their way into the hearts of vulnerable women (the unwise virgins), spending the night with those who are captured by their lusts and steeped in sin. 7 They are always learning but never discover the revelation-knowledge of Truth.

8 History has given us an example of this with the Egyptian sorcerers Jannes and Jambres, who stood against Moses in their arrogance. So it will be in the last days with those who reject the faith with their corrupt minds and arrogant hearts, standing against the Truth of God.

Jannes and Jambres, were two Egyptian magicians who in the presence of Pharaoh imitated the miracles of Aaron in order to destroy his influence with the king.  Magicians used deception of the five physical senses and the knowledge given to them by demons to gain power and authority with the king.  However, FATHER caused them to suffer from their own incantations.  (Exodus 8:18)

Expect brutal treachery ahead but do not let fear grip you.  FATHER always has the last move(s) to address the great deception which lies ahead.  HE knows the intent of those who are now classified as the enemies of Christ.  Also expect to see FATHER’S Love in the form of righteous judgment coming forth.  There will be no question of the origin of HIS judgment and men’s hearts will fail them.  I strongly urge you to read and dwell on Psalm 91 everyday from this day forward.  It will strengthen your heart in dealing with the days ahead.

The imitation churches will begin closing their doors and the genuine church filled with the five wise virgins will come forth in full and complete unity.  The Holy Spirit will direct those in unity.  Our power and authority will be on display and there will be on denial of Who we serve!  FATHER will begin replacing the world’s various systems with HIS righteous Kingdom.  Expect the displacement to occur in a rapid but orderly fashion as seen by HIS Sons and Daughters.  The world will view it as chaos but distance yourself from their thinking.  Their intended “Great Reset” will actually turn into their “Great Judgment”. 

The adversary will be fully exposed as the great deceiver and people will be amazed that they allowed themselves to be deceived by such a mediocre created being.  It is time to reestablish and occupy The Promised Land.  People will no longer be able to withstand the Truth of GOD.

The Son Of Perdition

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

The goal of the current system is to undermine the authority of the family, the church, law enforcement, resulting in rebellion which originates from the antichrist.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2:

1 Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, regarding the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him,

2 that you not be quickly shaken from your composure or be disturbed either by a spirit, or a message, or a letter as if from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. 3 No one is to deceive you in any way! For it will not come unless the apostasy (rebellion) comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction

Everywhere you turn, there is rebellion against lawfulness and the standard of Truth.  Kids are rebelling against parents.  In some cities, activists are rebelling against law enforcement and committing blatant crimes while the police are forced to simply observe.  The innocent are the ones who suffer from such lawlessness.

Lawlessness has to happen in order for the son of perdition to operate and he will undermine authority.  His intent is take away your confidence in authority and ultimately at the highest level, your confidence in FATHER’S authority.  This is where the battle lines are drawn. 

The adversary will first take away confidence in the five-fold ministry.  He will then go after the local government and attempt to make a mockery of police.  He is setting us up so that he can come in and assume a place of authority.  Hitler is a fine historical example.

The whole spirit of the antichrist is lawlessness, the undermining of authority.  His method is to create a problem then fix it so that he gains the will of the people.  Does that sound familiar?

The love of money causes agencies in power to promote the antichrist agenda.  A president in the early 1960’s was removed by a certain agency who hired the m*fia to take the dignitary out.  I knew the man who was asked to do the dastardly deed, a man with 23 past victims under his belt.  He declined so they had another do the job.  Why did this event occur?  Simply read Exec. Order 11110 and it will provide the basis of his departure.  It challenged the current fiat money system in place and they would not allow the challenge to gain traction.  Fiat money is controllable by those in charge thus enslaving the masses.  It is the perfect example of lawlessness.

Inflation did not occur when gold and silver were the medium of exchange.  Once removed in 1971, it allowed those in power to manipulate the money supply to exploit the public for personal gain, a form of lawlessness.  Ultimately this lawlessness will end in collapse.  When?  Only FATHER knows and HE isn’t telling yet.  The elect will protect themselves by holding some cash and U.S. precious metal coins.  Silver Eagles are the choice of many who are concerned about the future of fiat currency.  You need to be led by The Holy Spirit in this area.  I make no recommendations myself.

Why am I sharing this?  The current environment aligns with what Jesus and Paul noted about the end times.  Each generation has seen a similar environment but the remnant kept it from taking place.  Is this time different?  It could be with the notable improvements in global communications where virtually all of mankind can be exposed to the Gospel within a day.

Lawlessness has infiltrated the church to the point that perverseness has become acceptable and those in charge turn a blind eye to sin.  Many services dish out soul food rather than spiritual food to their congregation.  It is all about feeling good when you depart.  Pass the popcorn and get me another Starbuck’s coffee while I listen to the message.  If the music is too loud, go to the back and get your earplugs… really!  The pastors must keep the revenue flowing since the overhead is so high now.  It is all about the money.

The lawlessness is meant to undermine America which has been spreading the Gospel around the world for decades.  If the son of perdition can collapse America then the Gospel will not spread as quickly or completely.  His intent is to keep the Kingdom of GOD from coming forth to the earth in its totality.

The believers are the ones who are holding back the antichrist.  This is why we are the targets by those who are supported by the current system.  The media does not want the Name of Jesus spoken anywhere.  They don’t want Him to be promoted or considered in any manner.  One recent dignitary who never could produce a birth certificate, another form of lawlessness, replaced the Bible with the Quran in every venue possible (ie embassies).

Our Heavenly Father is going to hold people accountable.  Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 3:

10 And the Scriptures agree, for it is written:

There is no one who always does what is right,

    no, not even one!

11 There is no one with true spiritual insight,

    and there is no one who seeks after God alone.

12 All have deliberately wandered from God’s ways.

    All have become depraved and unfit.

    Kindness has disappeared from them all,

    not even one is good.

13 Their words release a stench,

    like the smell of death—foul and filthy!

    Deceitful lies roll off their tongues.

    The venom of a viper drips from their lips.

14 Bitter profanity flows from their mouths,

    only meant to cut and harm.

15 They are infatuated with violence and murder.

16 They release ruin and misery wherever they go.

17 They never experience the path of peace.

18 They shut their eyes to the awe-inspiring God!

19 Now, we realize that everything the law says is addressed to those who are under its authority. This is for two reasons: So that every excuse will be silenced, with no boasting of innocence. And so that the entire world will be held accountable to God’s standards. 20 For by the merit of observing the law no one earns the status of being declared righteous before God, for it is the law that fully exposes and unmasks the reality of sin.

You can be assured that all will be held accountable and judged accordingly.

Friday’s Massive Shift

Monday, September 27th, 2021

The spiritual tectonic shift was massive and vertical… between Heaven and earth. What were hidden lies will no longer be hidden but will be exposed for all to see. The misalignment of spiritual tectonic plates which occurred in the Garden, are now fully aligned between Heaven and earth. The spirit of deception has been exposed… and she is ugly!

Joy will return to the Sons and Daughters, spreading outward toward believers.

Major Shift

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Friday, September 24, 2021 (CDT):
At approximately 8:15 am this morning, a massive vertical shift occurred between heaven and earth. It was like the violent shifting of two major tectonic plates in the earth’s crust only in the spirit.
I then heard Jesus say:
“Will you not see it?”
“Will you not be glad when you see it?”
“PRAY! Not out of fear but out of joy in support and celebration for what is about to come!”

(From Steve)

The Plumb Line

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

Isaiah wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter Isaiah 28:

16 Here’s what the Lord God says:

    “Behold, I set in place in Zion a Foundation Stone,

    fully tested and proven to be faithful and secure.

    And written upon this precious cornerstone is this:

    ‘Those who trust in him will not act in haste.’

17 I will set justice as the true measurement

    and integrity its plumb line.

    MY hailstorm will sweep away your refuge of lies,

    and MY floodwaters will overwhelm your hiding place.”

For those who have eyes to see, the plumb line has been set in 2020, preparing for 2021.  Justice and integrity will expose those who have operated in the shadows as vipers in a woodpile.  Expect the light to shine throughout the earth as the Absolute Truth comes forth from the Throne Room of Heaven.  Our Lord Jesus Christ Who is the precious Cornerstone will be revealed as the Sons are securely placed with Him.

Impoverished Kids Update

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

We are in the midst of spiritual warfare at this time in history, possibly one of the greatest times in history.  I am firmly convinced that the revealing of FATHER through HIS Sons and Daughters is at hand and we need to be fully prepared to step into that fullness now.

On October 30 FATHER instructed me to open the “treasury” so I did.  HE indicated that the proceeds from the 2nd census (conducted in 2013) were to be distributed to the families of the impoverished kids.  The coins were converted to US dollars and the proceeds were delivered to our distribution channel.  The monthly contributions were also added to the distribution.

The children will be blessed and will not be despondent as they were in the past during this Holiday season.  Thank your for your continued faithful giving to a projects dear to FATHER’S Heart.

I believe this act of discipline and obedience will produce blessed fruit to all those involved.

Exposing Spiritual Darkness

Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

I am posting the following because of its spiritual implications. As my friend Steve says, “First the spiritual then the physical.”

2 Chronicles chapter 7:

 14 if MY people who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, and pray and seek MY FACE, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now MY EYES will be open and MY EARS attentive to prayer made in this place. 16 For now I have chosen and sanctified this house, that MY NAME may be there forever; and MY EYES and MY HEART will be there perpetually. 

It is time to repent!

The Great Awakening Commentary

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

One of our brothers posted this assessment of what is coming soon. There are many Scriptural references to consider:

Fear Not! The Lord is speaking to His people in the midst of the storm. This is what I am hearing. The fruit of this will expose the root. An Elijah spirit is coming to the body. A remnant with arise and the spell on the confused will be broken. Billy Graham’s Mantle is coming with a twist. Where he avoided tripwire questions the new Billy’s will bring wire cutters.Judge for yourself and let me know.

Posted by Lance Wallnau on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

911 Words (How Appropriate)

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

A defiler is one who defiles; one who corrupts or violates; that which pollutes. 

Jude wrote by The Holy Spirit:

1   From Judah, a Loving servant of Jesus, the Anointed One, and brother of James. I’m writing to the chosen ones who are wrapped in the Love of Father God—kept and guarded for Jesus, the Messiah. 2 May God’s mercy, peace, and Love cascade over you!

3 Dearly loved friend, I was fully intending to write to you about our amazing salvation we all participate in, but felt the need instead to challenge you to vigorously defend and contend for the beliefs that we cherish. For God, through the apostles, has once for all entrusted these Truths to his Holy believers.

We are now in times requiring us to vigorously defend and contend for the beliefs we truly cherish.  In FATHER’S Eyes, all lives matter no matter what your skin color.  Moreover, unborn babies’ lives matter but the world wants to overlook this Truth as they attempt to divide and destroy Truth on earth.  This is not my opinion but the Word of Our Heavenly Father.  An opinion is subject to error but the Absolute Truth has no such error.

4 There have been some who have sneaked in among you unnoticed. They are depraved people whose judgment was prophesied in Scripture a long time ago. They have perverted the message of GOD’S grace into a license to commit immorality and turn against our only Absolute Master, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

How can I be silent when those who call themselves Christians have invited defilement into their sanctuaries and expect The Holy Spirit to show up and endorse their defilement?  How much of the Scripture must I tear out of my Bible so that I don’t offend such defilement?  Jude was compelled by The Holy Spirit to bring up these areas of defilement so that we would remain vigilant and not allow the world to sway us into acceptance of lawlessness and unrighteousness.

5 I need to remind you, even though you are familiar with it all, that the Lord Jesus saved his people out of Egypt but subsequently destroyed those who were guilty of unbelief.

6 In the same way, there were heavenly messengers in rebellion who went outside their rightful domain of authority and abandoned their appointed realms. GOD bound them in everlasting chains and is keeping them in the dark abyss of the netherworld until the judgment of the great day.

7 In a similar way, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and nearby towns gave themselves to sexual immorality and the unnatural desire of different flesh. Now they all serve as examples of those who experience the punishment of eternal fire.

Do you think that FATHER concerns HIMSELF with “man-given” rights to sin and lead others astray?  In Heaven, there is no gray, only white and black.  Pastors are diluting The Word in order to keep their numbers AND their revenue up.  They are more concerned about being liked than preaching the Truth.

8 In the same way, these sensual “dreamers” corrupt and pollute the natural realm, while on the other hand they reject the spiritual realms of governmental power and repeatedly scoff at Heavenly Glories. 9 Even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil over the body of Moses, dared not insult or slander him, but simply said, “The Lord Yahweh rebuke you!”

If there is ever a time this passage applies, it is now!  Defunding “law and order” thinking that thieves, murderers, and rapists will simply stop their lawless acts is utterly ridiculous.  Until someone violates a supporter of such persuasion, only then will he or she address this fallacy and wonder “what was I thinking?”.

10 These people insult anything they don’t understand. They behave like irrational beasts by doing whatever they feel like doing.  Because they live by their animal instincts, they corrupt themselves and bring about their own destruction. 11 How terrible it is for them! For they have followed in the steps of Cain. They have abandoned themselves to Balaam’s error because of their greedy pursuit of financial gain. And since they have rebelled like Korah rebelled, they will experience the same fate of Korah and likewise perish.

There is an implication that these people are like animals in heat, following their natural instincts.  They are so self-absorbed they are willing to discard their future for temporary satisfaction.

Korah led 250 men in rebellions against the leadership of Moses. The earth opened up and swallowed Korah alive. In a similar way, the “things of this earth” enticed these false teachers and they would be “swallowed up” by their greed for what this world can offer. Jude gives us three illustrations of wicked men who did as they pleased and suffered greatly: Cain, Balaam, and Korah.

Expect judgment to come soon.  Jude gives us three examples from ancient history in verses 5 to7, pointing to those who experienced wonderful privileges from GOD but terribly abused GOD’S grace and so were punished. Sodom and Gomorrah was described as fertile, fruitful, “like the garden of the Lord” (Gen. 13:10). Each example cited (Israel’s exodus, angels that sinned, and the cities of sexual perversion) serves as an example and a warning that FATHER judges sin. There is a severe punishment awaiting all who refuse to hide themselves in the Love and grace of GOD, which is expressed through Christ toward us.

Deception Unmasked

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

I rarely pay attention to what has been known as “watch dates” but when a Spiritual event occurs, I must not disregard it.

On the night of July 25th, my wife was transported in a vision back to when she was six years old and in her bedroom.  This is when she encountered the spirit named “deception”.  At the time, she had no recollection of the event but in the vision, the demon was named.  This answered many questions we had asked concerning cert5ain family members.  It now makes total sense.

The next morning, I picked up my watch and noticed it was not working and stopped at 7:05:40.  I assumed the battery was no longer working.  Later in the day, I picked up watch and saw the watch stem had been manually pulled out.  This cannot happen by accident.  It is clear to me that an angel pulled the stem out at the precise time to the second.

After much contemplation, I concluded that 7:05 represented July 5th.  The number 40 represented the number of days in the future.  It turns out that the Spiritual intervention spans July 4th and 5th.

What is expected to happen?  Who will experience the event(s)?  Will FATHER’S Absolute Truth be revealed in some type of manifestation?

All I know at this point is to keep my eyes opened going forward and continue pressing in.  I am expecting deception to be exposed.