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Expansion and Compression

Monday, November 19th, 2007


In Macroeconomics (Analysis of the overall economy) many economists focus on the business cycle.  Every country moves in some type of "cycle".  A cycle is comprised of two aspects: a period of expansion and a period of contraction.  This cycle is found throughout nature.  It is similar to a wave or frequency pattern.  Each element, cell, virus, bacteria, metal, etc. has a unique wave signature differentiating it from every other substance in the universe.

Why do we have business cycles?  During times of expansion, businesses (and countries) add employees, build new buildings and other infrastructure.  Expansion evokes a learning curve required to handle the new paradigm.  Excesses and waste are generated during expansion.  Efficiencies are lost during expansion.  People are overworked and pay less attention to detail and/or slough off issues.  Why not?  We are making our profit targets.  Substantial profits during expansion tend to mask the underlying inefficiencies that are developing.

Just as we need a sleep cycle to regroup on a daily basis, the economy needs a cycle of compression.  When we "tighten our belts", we rethink our expenditures, our direction, and our decisions.  We begin to cut out wastes that surfaced during the expansionary period.  In the past, this exercise has been known as zero based budgeting.  You start with a clean slate and justify every expenditure.  Times of compression cause surpluses to be exposed.  Those surpluses must be dealt with.  Surpluses can ultimately lead to decay.  Decay leads to loss of value.  An old product on the shelf is a loss on the books since the demand has moved to other products that replaced the demand for it.

I believe that the various governments have made a critical error in judgment concerning their views on economic expansion.  Their quest to eliminate recession cycles in the markets and economy will ultimately fail.  Their attempts to sustain an economic growth cycle beyond its natural timeline will only cause an extended compression cycle in length or intensity, or both.  Each generation thinks that it is more intelligent than the previous generation only to make the same mistakes again.  In man’s quest to control, fear and greed take over the economic controls.

In the BIGGEST of pictures,  I believe that we are at a point in time where there will be a major shift of consciousness.  I suspect that it will be preceded by a notable economic event and appear catastrophic to the average person.  In the Scripture there were several famines.  Let’s focus on the the famine during Joseph’s time.  OUR HEAVENLY FATHER knew the famine was coming.  HE began preparing Joseph about twenty years before the famine.  Joseph was about 17 years old when he was began his training program.  At the age of 30 he was placed into his manifested calling, second only to Pharaoh.  He spent 7 years preparing for the famine in order that mankind would survive the famine and come out on the other side with a new consciousness.  These famines were the ultimate examples of compression.  Compression always leads to expansion.  The previous thinking and assumptions are discarded during a great compression.  "Things" lose their importance.  Relationships are reestablished as the important aspects of life.  The watchword will be "Simplify".

"Blessed are those who live in moderation, for they shall inherit the earth."

The Quest for your gifts without your calling.

Monday, November 12th, 2007


Each of us received a calling from Our Heavenly Father.  In order to fulfill that calling we were given gifts to operate effectively in our calling.  Our gifts vary from calling to calling.  For discussion purposes, callings can be separated into two categories: tangible vs. intangible. 

Tangible callings typically result in some direct physical manifestation.  For instance, there were artisans in the Old Testament called to build The Temple.  In order to build the Temple, a mason needed to understand how to properly run a course of stones.  He was required to understand angles and plumb lines.

Intangible callings focus on spiritual matters.  A prophet is called by The Lord.  He must be able to see and hear in the spirit realm.  He may operate in the "gift of discerning of spirits", the gift of a word of knowledge, or other gifts that are central to his calling.

Which calling is the most critical to the Body of Christ?  They all are!

Ephesians 4:16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

The world wants to exploit your gifts but they don’t want your calling.  How can they get to your gifts without honoring your calling?  They stroke your ego by exalting you and lifting you up.  When you respond to this flattery and manipulation, you commit to operating in your gifts outside your calling.  The world wants to control your gifts for their gain.  Most of the time it is subtle.

How do we prevent this?  It’s simple. when someone approaches you concerning your gifts, check to see if it lines up with your calling.  If it doesn’t, beware!  After His baptism, Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tested.  What was being tested?  It was an attempt to see Him operate in His gifts outside His calling.  Could Jesus command the stones into bread?  Yes.  Could Jesus cast himself down?  Yes.  Did the adversary have authority over the kingdoms?  Jesus did not challenge the accuracy of that temptation.  His calling was to take back that authority in accordance to His calling according to The Word of The Father.

The Body of Christ is destined to operate as described in Ephesians 4:16.  There is no calling greater than another.  There are no gifts to be exalted above others.  We are to serve the Body of Christ, not lord over the brethren.  Once this revelation comes forth in a corporate fashion, the Body of Christ will increase in strength and stature, and show the world what love is all about.

What is real money?

Monday, November 12th, 2007


Real money is a medium of exchange that has no inherent liability tied to it.  A liability infers a future performance requirement.  A liability is a debt.  A debt must be paid.  Money is global in nature since exchange occurs beyond the borders of a country.  As a basis to exchange goods and services, there is an inherent need to stabilize the value of money. 

When debt is attached to money, the money is only as good as the balance sheet (assets) of the borrower.  For instance, if the money is a "note", the ability of the borrower to satisfy the debt determines the value of the note.  As a borrower’s assets decline or his ability to repay the note declines, the note itself is devalued.

If you have assets of $1,000,000 and you have issued notes valued at that amount, you have established value.  However if you issue more notes thus doubling the notes without increasing your assets by a similar value, you have "devalued" your notes.  They are worth half of their original value.  That is inflation.

Increases in the prices of goods and services are not inflation, they are a symptom of inflation.  A headache is not the illness, the headache is a symptom of an illness.  Often we focus on the symptoms and not the cure.  If you have persistent headaches, it is not due to a lack of Tylenol.  Something is causing those headaches.  Once you deal with the source of the problem, the symptoms go away.

Inflation robs from the middle and lower classes of a country.  As inflation devalues money, the savings and income loses value.  People must work harder and longer to stay afloat.  Wealthy people generally have access to investments that outperform inflation.  Poor people don’t.  Inflation tends to remove the middle class of a country.  The result is a two class system: the elite and the poor.  Throughout history this fact has been proven over and over.  Each generation of money changers assumes they are smarter than the previous generation.  That is not the case.  A "note" based currency ultimately fails.  It exploits the common man.  This type of currency can be manipulated by those in control.  This defies the Biblical principle of "equal weights and measures".

The Bible speaks of gold and silver as having inherent value and is used as "money".  These metals have no inherent liability attached to them.  Man cannot manipulate their value.  They satisfy the characteristics of real money.  Both parties of a transaction can be satisfied that they are working with fair and equitable value.

Any economic system that separates itself from real money as the medium of exchange will ultimately fail.  The money changers can control and manipulate the values for a period of time until a tipping point occurs.  That tipping point may come suddenly.  We will wake up one day and say "enough is enough".  At that time, the mystery of Babylon will be revealed.

10/19/07 What is your calling?

Monday, November 5th, 2007


Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations."

We are told by THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY that HE knew us before we were formed in the womb.  It is clear that we did not arrive into this world by chance.  It should be apparent that each of us has specific talents provided to us before we were born.  Some children are naturally artistic.  Others grasp mathematical concepts at an early age.  Those who follow their passion end up in their calling as they become adults.

How often have we seen a great salesman get promoted to sales manager only to fail.  As a salesman, he was in his "element".  Management often fails to realize that you should match the people and their calling to the job.  Businesses should reward people who are in their calling by allowing their compensation grow with their productivity.  All to often salary caps are placed on jobs which ends up being a deterrent to those who are called to that particular vocation.

Businessmen often make the mistake in trying to operate in someone else’s calling.  Often this is due to a super-charged ego.  "I can do it myself" is the statement made frequently.  Businesses fail to grow because employees take on a calling that is not theirs.  If you are an engineer, don’t try to be an accountant.

What is your calling?  If you are having problems to discerning the answer to the question, write down your gifts.  What vocation are you drawn to?  What are you passionate about?  For those who have a personal relationship with THE HEAVENLY FATHER, go into your prayer closet and wait for an answer.  If you are not passionate about your current path, maybe it is time to take an assessment.  There is nothing like "loving what you are doing".

If you persist in your pursuit in walking in another person’s calling, misery will ultimately come knocking on your door.  When you attempt another calling, judgment provides a venue at the "school of hard knocks".  Anything that can go wrong, will!  If you start a business, it will become a financial black hole.  If this happens, repent.  Then pursue your calling.

Here is what can happen when you don’t:

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The Background of Experience provides a unique perspective

Monday, November 5th, 2007


Dr. Speckhart’s Journal is the basis for our understanding of Electrodermal Screening (EDS).  In order to provide the reader with an understanding of Dr. Speckhart’s perspective, the following is a brief biographical outline of his training and experience.

Vincent J. Speckhart M.S., M.D., M.D. (H), B.S.


Seton Hall University 1952, Bachelor of Science-Chemistry and Biology

University of Maryland 1955, Masters Degree-Biochemistry

New York Medical College 1958, Doctor of Medicine

Mountainside Hospital 1964, Residency in Internal Medicine, Board eligible

Medical College of Virginia 1970, Post Doctoral Fellowship, Medical Oncology


Medical License: Commonwealth of Virginia 1971 to 2002. Currently: Inactive

Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine M.D. (H) 1991, Arizona


Flight Surgeon, United States Air Force 1959-1961

Medicine and Surgery, Likuni Hospital, Malawi, Central Africa 1966- 1969

Director of Medical Education/Medical Director De Paul Hospital, Norfolk, Va., 1971-


Private Practice, Medical Oncology, Norfolk, Virginia, 1971-1986

Clinical Investigation of Electrodermal Detection, Norfolk, Virginia 1986-2002

Professional Organizations:

Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, Investigator

Virginia Oncology Group, Founding President

Mid-Atlantic Oncology Program, Investigator

Hospice Volunteers of Virginia Beach, Founding President


Electrodermal Detection: 1993-Present, Nationally and Internationally

Biological Conductance Incorporated, President 2004 to present. Licensed author and lecturer