Love and Infinity

In junior high school I was introduced to “infinity” in my mathematics class. That was a great place to begin my understanding. It was easy to see that there were an infinite supply of numbers. We concocted formulas using googol (1 with 100 zeros behind it) and googolplex(1010100), a much larger number. Yes, the Google… Continue reading Love and Infinity

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Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Fraud, Part II)

The television show mentioned above takes place in New York City.  NYC is a vibrant, never sleeping city known as the financial center of the universe.  The waters around the city are shark-infested.  No, not those from the Animal Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species, Animalia Chordata Chondrichthyes, this group is from the legalis… Continue reading Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Fraud, Part II)

The Accelerator Factor

When I was a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) our growth was dictated by a formula known as the "sustainable growth rate" formula.  Basically our growth was restricted by the amount of profit that was added to the retained earnings at the end of the year.  Retained earnings is a category of Owner’s Equity in the… Continue reading The Accelerator Factor

Brace yourself…

The underlying economic issues I’ve been writing about are gaining publicity.  The following article from The Economist explains the latest problems: All fall down? Jan 18th 2008 | NEW YORK From Huge new problems in the capital markets? Shutterstock AMERICA’S big bond insurers, which have underwritten some $2.4 trillion of private and public-sector bonds,… Continue reading Brace yourself…

No Greater Love

In John 15:13 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends", we are given a perspective of the magnitude of love.  One of the primary qualities of love is the preference of others’ best interest over your own self interests.  The world would convince us that… Continue reading No Greater Love

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Electrodermal technology

  Acupuncture evolved from ancient Chinese observations of a correspondence between energy in meridians and the condition of organs and systems in the human body. The science of acupuncture views meridian dysfunction as an indicator of organ or system dysfunction. Acupuncturists observed that stimulation of points along the meridian was selective for correcting this dysfunction.… Continue reading Electrodermal technology

Love your enemies

  The Sermon on the Mount was taught to the disciples, not to the multitudes.  Jesus shared much revelation concerning the Kingdom of God in this sermon.  This sermon revealed a revelation of The Law that had previously been hidden.  The Jews had identified 613 commandments and statutes to live by.  Further, they added their… Continue reading Love your enemies

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The Process of Healing

When we think of healing we usually think of wound healing. In this type of healing, there is a complex sequence of events that occur immediately after the injury, all carefully orchestrated by a cascade of biochemical reactions that end in repair of the injured site. These phases are: Inflammatory phase: Formation of a cascade… Continue reading The Process of Healing