The Complex Human Biological System

This study focuses on the electromagnetic characteristics of a biological system. As a part of a very complex and dynamic biological system, electromagnetism interacts with every part of the system. Chart 1 is my perspective of some components of the human biological system. It is based on the author’s 40 years experience as a general… Continue reading The Complex Human Biological System

Love is Trustworthy

Are you worthy of trust?  Trust is defined as "to have confidence or faith in".  It is a firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.  Trust is a multi-faceted attribute of love.  Intent is connected to trust.  You can gain the trust of another person as that person comes… Continue reading Love is Trustworthy

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Bio-conductance Terminology

A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, usually with transferrance of energy. Waves travel and transfer energy from one point to another, often with little or no permanent displacement of the particles of the medium (that is, with little or no associated mass transport); instead there are oscillations around almost fixed… Continue reading Bio-conductance Terminology

Love- simply

Consider a young child.  The child has the ability to express love without complication.  With a simple act such as jumping in your lap the child conveys love to you.  There is no pretense, no ulterior motive, just love.  But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for… Continue reading Love- simply

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The Coming Energy Crisis from a Mathematical Perspective

The International Energy Agency is projecting global oil demand at 116 million barrels per day by 2030.  Currently the global demand is approximately 88 million barrels per day.  China and India will continue to increase their demand for oil.  India is now manufacturing at $2,500 car.  As its exports grow, oil consumption will grow.  China… Continue reading The Coming Energy Crisis from a Mathematical Perspective

Process of Iteration

The following discussion continues to build a foundation by which the reader can increase his understanding of the eletro-dermal screening process. Exposure to outside influences (interferences) impacts the body systems. In order to address these interferences, they must be detected, identified, and measured. This paper provides an overview of the evolutionary, methodical approach to develop… Continue reading Process of Iteration

The Unity of Love

When love is the basis of a relationship, two become one.  This creates unity.  This bond will endure all challenges to its existence.  This bond forms the basis of all true relationships and effectively defines the true relationship.  The following Scripture in Mark has been cited in countless wedding ceremonies: Mar 10:7 For this cause… Continue reading The Unity of Love

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The Clouds of Depression: Cluster of Errors

The basic economic cycle is divided into four parts: boom, recession, depression, and recovery.  There is no absolute, firm definition in today’s environment of exactly what quantifies each aspect of the business cycle.  Economists continually increase the complexity of their trade by adding new formulas and statistics in an attempt to describe which part of… Continue reading The Clouds of Depression: Cluster of Errors


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