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The Complex Human Biological System

Monday, February 25th, 2008

This study focuses on the electromagnetic characteristics of a biological system. As a part of a very complex and dynamic biological system, electromagnetism interacts with every part of the system.

Chart 1 is my perspective of some components of the human biological system. It is based on the author’s 40 years experience as a general internist, a flight surgeon, a foreign Christian medical missionary, a medical oncologist and researcher, a founder of a hospice for the terminally ill, a licensed homeopathic physician and an electrodermal researcher.

In this overview I hope to create awareness that there are a number of influences modifying biological conductance that we, in the scientific community, are reluctant to consider because they are not able to be measured and therefore not able to be subjected to statistical validation. This reluctance applies especially to things of the ‘spirit’; less so to matters of the ‘soul’ but it does not mean that ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ are not relevant to the healing process. Nor is ‘God’ irrelevant for that matter. It is just that in the current scientific paradigm, faith and revelation are too subjective to be considered for analysis. If these areas of concern need to be considered for total healing, than there has to be a paradigm shift in our approach of how to bring about healing.

An Overview of the Complex Human Biological System


A line divides the chart into two parts. The upper part refers to the realm of God; the lower part refers to the created realm of space-time.

Since this is a study of electromagnetic changes over time, the chart is structured to reflect the dimensions of the system that can be measured electronically.

The linear dimension of time is shown on the abscissa.

The nonlinear dimensions of body, soul and spirit are shown on the ordinate.

Outside of space-time there is a state that cannot be measured because it is infinite. It is limitless and so it has no outside boundary to measure and, therefore, has no dimension. It is the realm in which God exists. Our cortex functions best in three dimensional space and time, so we know some of the attributes of God by things that are created such a beauty, power, strength and majesty but there are attributes of God that cannot be reasoned to or experienced. These can only be known through revelation.

There are two sources of knowledge: experience and revelation. Experience is knowledge obtained by observing events in space-time. Revelation is knowledge that comes from outside of oneself and is of human or divine origin.

Human revelation is knowledge communicated through our senses from the outside but confined to space-time such as a lecture, a conversation, seeing a beautiful sunrise or feeling a warm breeze. Divine revelation is knowledge communicated to creation from God by inspiration or direct revelation. With divine revelation certain characteristics of God can be known. For this we must rely on the inspired writings given to scriptural writers such as Moses in Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Since He created space-time dimensions He must have existed before them in a non-dimensional state and must not have been dependent on creation for His existence (sovereignty). Words themselves limit the true nature of God by assigning to Him attributes from the things created in space-time and ascribed to Him as characteristics that we understand from the things he formed, even ascribing to Him a sexual nature. Before His revelation to Moses on Mount Sinai he was known to the Patriarchs as El Shadai, the Nurturing Mother. After giving the Law on Mount Sinai he became known as Yahweh, the Law Giving Father. Both a male and a female nature of God had been revealed to Moses and the Patriarchs.

Below the realm of the Sovereign is the created realm of space-time separated by a broken line in which the word “Christ” is inserted, representing His duel nature as God and Man, as mediator between the Sovereign and the created realms.

On the abscissa there are three columns going from A to B to C. Each column has arrows pointing in both directions is in equilibrium with the other. Time is the only dimension in the three columns; therefore, the abscissa describes a linear dimension. Arrows point in two directions horizontally and vertical. Consequently, all other dimensions are influenced by time. This serves as a basis for using a process of iteration to observe a clinical outcome. Changes in biological events take time. I’ve used the Michaelis-Menton equation of enzyme catalyzed reaction to point out that biochemical reactions occur over time- from substrate to intermediate to product.

The ordinate demonstrates the qualities that are distinct from each other: body, soul and spirit. These qualities are nonlinear.

In the body realm there are methods of measuring and describing microbes, biochemical reactions, electromagnetic wave and other biophysical effects such as temperature and pressure. All of the above states can be quantified.

The soul realm consists of the intellect (mind), will and emotions. There are scientific documents that allow for measurements of each of these entities. The IQ test is one example.

The spirit realm is difficult to characterize or measure. Broadly speaking, the spirit that exists within man can be separated from those spirits that exist outside of man. Some have described man as having a spiritual and a carnal nature, the spiritual nature being eternal, the carnal nature ending in death.

At an even higher level there are spiritual forces outside oneself. These are of two classes: Angels, messengers of God dispensing blessings, and Demons, agents in opposition to the purposes and plans of God.

Arrows denoting equilibrium have been placed between all the linear and nonlinear dimensions of the chart in order to show that a disturbance at any point in the chart affects biological conductance in every other part.

This chart is meant to convey the concept that the human, living, dynamic, multidimensional biological system is very complex and that in establishing normal conductance, all dimensions of man must be considered, even at level of spirit or soul.

This complexity demonstrates the difficulty of developing a method of statistical analysis. The possibility of stratifying the same dimensions in two identical populations over time is extremely difficult if not impossible.

One is forced to observe outcomes. Evaluation in this study is based on modifying the electrodermal profile by using electromagnetic codes that restore conductance and by the parallel observation of clinical outcomes when conductance is restored.

The Boolean (binary) system of opposites, the purest form of communication, is present throughout creation: yes/no, on/off, and/or, neither/nor, up/down, right/left, in/out, one/zero, good/ bad, light/dark, life/death. The Boolean system is demonstrated in this chart by arrows going in opposite directions.

The arrows demonstrate the interconnection of all dimensions of creation.

Even the I/O of the computer can interface with this system and is the technical basis for this study.

This chart demonstrates that nothing in space-time is independent of a Sovereign God through Christ.

Love is Trustworthy

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Are you worthy of trust?  Trust is defined as "to have confidence or faith in".  It is a firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.  Trust is a multi-faceted attribute of love.  Intent is connected to trust.  You can gain the trust of another person as that person comes to know your character.  Your actions under duress reflect your character.  Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  Ultimately your words will reflect your character.  If you are around someone long enough, you will see (and hear) their character.  Most people convey an illusion of who they think people want to see and hear.  Our clothing choices are designed to project an image, i.e. dress for success.  This is not to say that we should not dress for the occasion.  Our dress should not be offensive to our brother.  However, our dress should not belittle our brother.

When we project an illusion, trust becomes obscure.  An illusion is a sensory perception that causes a false or distorted impression, or a misrepresentation of a "real" sensory stimulus.  Are we projecting something that the other person cannot have confidence in?  In Scripture, the word "trust" is defined as: to seek refuge, flee for protection.  Our loved ones do not want to flee to an illusion.  They want to be protected by the real you!

When you walk in love, you promote trust, you promote a refuge for others to seek a reliable and safe place.  Are you reliable?  Do you project reliability?  Are you a long term player in relationships or do you have fleeting, temporary relationships?  Look back at your personal history?  Have you sustained multi-year relationships?  If not, why?  Love sustained the Father’s relationship with mankind for eons.  Love builds relationships with trust.  Your closest friend should be able to take refuge in your relationship.  Trust eliminates guarded words in a relationship.  The other party knows that you will not use their words against them.

Trust promotes the truth.  When we live under an illusion, truth is hidden away from those who encounter us.  Our relationships must be based on truth, not illusions.  Illusions are like sand castles, they look great until the tide washes them away.  They have no foundation or substance.  Once a challenge or test is presented to the life of illusion, it is washed away and nothing is left.

Wealthy people are plagued by mistrust.  Each person they encounter is scrutinized for motive.  What does this person want from me?  Do they want a relationship with me or my money?  Is this mistrust developed because the wealthy person had similar motives while acquiring his wealth?  To the pure all things are pure.  To the impure, all things are impure.  Once a wealthy person begins to truly walk in love, his wealth will no longer be his god.  When he sees a need or is given a revelation of what his money should be directed towards, he will act.  At that point, he will follow Jesus, not as the rich, young ruler who lived his life with regret.  We are told many times to not trust in riches.  Wealth has wings.  We are told to "trust in the Lord" with all of our heart and lean not unto our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).  It is The Father who gives understanding.  Worldly understanding is incomplete and subject to pitfalls.

Trust promotes the protection of love.  Love will lay down its life for a brother.  The trust with love creates a shelter for your family.  During times of trouble, this refuge will be in use.  The following Psalm reveals the revelation of the Father’s refuge:

Psalm 61: 1Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer. 2 From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. 3 For You have been a shelter for me, A strong tower from the enemy. 4 I will abide in Your tabernacle forever; I will trust in the shelter of Your wings. Selah

In the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah, trust is mentioned often.  The people were placing their trust in graven images and lies.  A graven image is a created thing.  Why would we trust in the created rather than the creator?  In the Book of Jeremiah, the prophet Hananiah was lying to the people.  The name Hananiah means "God has favoured" but Hananiah spoke what the people want to hear instead of speaking the word of The Lord.  He took Jeremiah’s wooden yoke off him and broke it.  Jeremiah replied:

15 Then the prophet Jeremiah said to Hananiah the prophet, "Hear now, Hananiah, the Lord has not sent you, but you make this people trust in a lie. 16 Therefore thus says the Lord: ‘Behold, I will cast you from the face of the earth. This year you shall die, because you have taught rebellion against the Lord.’"

17 So Hananiah the prophet died the same year in the seventh month.

During this time, the people were ready to believe in a lie.  They were living under the rule of Babylon and wanted change.  They were ready to listen to anyone who would relieve them of this wooden yoke.  Hananiah obliged.  The people wanted to trust a lie rather than hear the Word of the Lord.  It was a situation where "if we think it, it will happen", the power of positive thinking.  Thinking will not evoke trust.  Hearing The Lord promotes trust.  There is much written today on the the power of positive thought.  The people are being deceived into believing that miracles will occur by thinking your way out of your problem or situation.  People are placing their trust in an illusion.  Hananiah did not hear the word of The Lord, Jeremiah did.  He told Hananiah that he would die that year.  The Lord spoke it, it happened.

Hananiah died in the seventh month.  This particular month always points to the fall feast of Tabernacles.  He prophesied falsely to the people.  He prophesied out of his own understanding, not the word of The Lord.  In the big picture, the false prophets will be removed once the fulfillment of Tabernacles takes place.  Once again the people will trust in God and those who are Godly and walk in love.

Bio-conductance Terminology

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, usually with transferrance of energy. Waves travel and transfer energy from one point to another, often with little or no permanent displacement of the particles of the medium (that is, with little or no associated mass transport); instead there are oscillations around almost fixed positions. Wave energy may be a vibration as in sound waves. Electromagnetic waves start from a source point and oscillate at specific measurable frequencies. These frequencies are similar to a “fingerprint” in that they uniquely identify the source. Each chemical, element, virus, bacteria have a unique and distinguishable frequency (or wave). These frequencies can be measured. Waves can interfere with other waves. A wave can be measured and represented as follows:


Abnormal Biological Conductance Wave: a non-coherent wave, arising from any subset of structural organization (sub-atomic, atomic, molecular etc.) that produces destructive interference. The non-coherent wave will result in a decrease in amplitude (voltage), a decrease in force of the conductance wave and an increase of skin resistance. A single non-coherent wave arising from any subset may result in conductance that cannot be maintained when a positive probe of 1.25 volts and 10-12 micro-amps is applied at the skin detection site. Conductance is restored when a signal of the non-coherent wave is introduced into the circuitry either as a substance (analog wave) or as a digitized code of the substance.

Biological Conductance: a general term describing electromagnetic resonance and energy associated with information transfer in biological subjects.

Code: a modulated wave of constant height and variable width, capable of being stored in a computer program.

Coherent wave: a superpositioned wave that does not interfere with other waves in the conductance pathway.

Conductance Pathway: a discrete electromagnetic, non-anatomic path of conducted, resonating frequencies that arise at the site of origin within the body and terminate at the skin detection site. Conductance pathways are associated with other conductance pathways at secondary and tertiary branch points and are capable of interacting with these conductance pathways. As a result signals may be detectable in more than one detection array.

Conductance: the reciprocal of resistance, measured in mhos or siemens90.

Current: The flow of electrons in an electrical circuit measured in amperes90.

Electrodermal Profile: An outline of non-coherent electromagnetic codes and the electromagnetic sites at which they are found as a basis for restoring biological conductance.

Electrodermal Detection: a method of determining biological conductance by measurement of skin resistance.

Glossary: A list in plain language explaining the source of electromagnetic codes used in electrodermal detection.

Interference: the superposition of similar waves moving through a medium. The resulting wave is found by adding the individual waves together point by point.

When waves meet crest-to-crest and trough-to-trough, they undergo constructive interference: the frequency is the same but the amplitude has increased.

When crests meets trough, the wave undergoes destructive interference. The frequency is the same but the amplitude has decreased76.

Main Detection Site: A special detection site in the detection array that can represent detection sites located in the entire array. They are generally located in a peripheral site on the fingers and toes. In electropuncture terminology they called Control Measurement Points (CMP) or Kontrollmeßpunkt (KMP) in German.

Matrix: The complex organic and inorganic sol-gel electrolyte solution through which biological electromagnetic signals are transmitted.

Medical Profile: an outline of findings from studying a case: history, physical examination, laboratory and other inquiries by those trained in that paradigm in order to make a diagnosis and treat.

Non-coherent wave: an oscillating frequency that produces a phase shift in a superpositioned wave resulting in destructive interference. The following provides us a picture of this phenomenon:


The following represents two sine waves with different frequencies: Beats-


Normal biological conductance wave: a complex waveform arising from a site of origin in the body having variable frequencies and variable amplitudes but having its own identifying characteristic. If all of the components of the biological wave are harmonious they produce a conductance bio-resonance that is able to maintain constant amplitude and current.

Normal conductance: the radiant effect of complex waves with multiple frequencies generated from a variety of sources ranging from subatomic particles, to atoms, to molecules, to complex molecules, to tissues and organs.

Phase shift: Change in the superposition of a normal wave by a non- coherent wave causing destructive interference and a disharmonic bio-resonance at the site of origin

Ohm’s Law: a basic law of electronics that expresses a relationship between current, voltage and resistance. Current (I) =Volts (E)/Resistance


Process of Iteration: A process of eliminating non-coherent waves in an electrodermal profile by a repetition of the same process until the non-coherent wave is no longer detectable.

Pulse-width Equivalent Wave (PWE): The square wave equivalent code of the biological wave resulting from analog to digital conversion.

Resistance: opposition to current flow, measured in ohms.

Sarcodes: Homeopathic preparations made from animal organs by various manufactures; WALA, Dolisos, Heel and Staufen. They were used extensively in correlating electromagnetic sites of detection with electromagnetic sites of origin . Example: An indicator drop at TW20 indicates non-conductance due to a non-coherent wave at that skin detection site. If, after screening through a group of organ preparations, it was found that conductance could be restored by placing a pituitary organ preparation in the circuitry, than the skin site was designated as the electromagnetic site of the electromagnetic code for the pituitary gland. Detection of non-coherent waves at that site are considered to be associated with the pituitary electromagnetic site of origin.

Secondary Array: an array of detection sites branching from the primary detection array at the secondary detection branch point.

Secondary Detection Site: A detection site on the primary array from which a secondary array may be detected. It is referred to as a branch point in electro-acupuncture terminology.

Signal: An electromagnetic resonance having a characteristic amplitude and frequency.

Sites of Origin: the electromagnetic sites where resonating frequencies originate. These sites correspond to the anatomical site associated with a sarcode made from an organ preparation from that anatomical site.

Skin Detection Array: skin detection sites are arranged in a linear fashion on the surface of the skin. In general they correspond to acupuncture points and meridians in their location and distribution. As in the conductance pathway there is also conductance along the detection array. Detection sites along the detection array may be amplified by pressure or electrical stimuli and then transferred to the main detection site for evaluation.

Skin Detection Site: termination on the skin of a resonating electromagnetic frequency generated at a site of origin.

Superposition: one or more waves traveling through the same medium at the same time

Tertiary Array: an array of detection sites branching from the secondary detection array.

Tertiary Detection Site: A detection site branching from a secondary detection array.

Voltage: the electromotive force (EMF) or pressure that causes electrons to move in an electrical circuit, measured in volts.


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Love- simply

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Consider a young child.  The child has the ability to express love without complication.  With a simple act such as jumping in your lap the child conveys love to you.  There is no pretense, no ulterior motive, just love. 

But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

In this verse Jesus gave us a key to our pursuit of walking in the kingdom of heaven- to walk as a child.  Not as an immature Christian, but in a simple and uncomplicated life.  The little child has not yet moved into the increasingly complicated lifestyle.  He has not yet begun to judge each person he encounters.  He looks for common ground with the next child.  He just wants to interact, communicate, and enjoy life.  There are no worldly trappings to shed.

In Proverbs the word "simple" has been given a negative connotation.  Its usage would lead us to believe that a simple person is unacceptable to the Lord.  The following is a great example:

Proverbs 27:12  A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; The simple pass on and are punished. NKJV

The NASB Version: A prudent man sees evil {and} hides himself, The naive proceed {and} pay the penalty.

The word "naive" provides us a much better picture of what the book of Proverbs is revealing to us.  As we complicate things and relationships we lose the original love that we enjoyed with that person.  Complications bring conditions.  Conditions bring judgment.  Judgment brings forth separation.  Separation causes love to grow cold.  With this understanding let’s take another look at the first church in the Book of Revelations:

Rev 2:1 "To the angel of the church of Ephesus write,

‘These things says He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands:

2 "I know your works, your labor, your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars;

3 and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My name’s sake and have not become weary.

4 Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.

5 Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place–unless you repent.

6 But this you have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

7 "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God."’

In the first three verses things were looking good for this church.  This church had works, labor, patience, intolerance for evil, discernment, and perseverance.  If you were to find these qualities in most churches you would be pretty excited.  HOWEVER, there is one thing that this church was missing- its first love.  This love must have been simple and refreshing.  There was no pretense.  This love preceded the works, labor, etc.  The church "forgot" the motivation behind its labor, patience, and intolerance for evil.  It was so wrapped up in its works, its first love was gone.  There is good news!  We can "repent" or return back to our first love.  We can change directions.  Our life can return to its inherent simplicity.  The church was given a warning- the removal of their lampstand.  The lampstand represented light or revelation.  The revelation that they had been given will be taken away.  They will become blinded, unfruitful.  To him who overcomes this direction away from his first love but returns to his first love, Jesus will give to eat from the tree of life.  Fruitfulness or blindness, which one do you pick?

The Coming Energy Crisis from a Mathematical Perspective

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The International Energy Agency is projecting global oil demand at 116 million barrels per day by 2030.  Currently the global demand is approximately 88 million barrels per day.  China and India will continue to increase their demand for oil.  India is now manufacturing at $2,500 car.  As its exports grow, oil consumption will grow.  China is expected to overtake the U.S. in light duty vehicle sales by 2016-2017.  This alone will add about 10 million barrels of new oil demand by 2030.


With over 2.3 billion people and growing, China and India’s income growth will fuel auto sales, infrastructure spending, and commodity prices.  Sand, cement, copper, and other commodities are at record prices due to the infrastructure needs of these countries.  China is building new roads, gasoline stations, pipelines, and other infrastructure to support this increase in transportation requirements.

Peak Oil:

The U.S. 48 states experienced "peak oil" in 1970.  Overall production has been in decline ever since.  The North Slope of Alaska experienced peak oil in 1989.  Mexico’s Cantarell field (the 2nd largest field in the world) experienced peak oil in 2005 and has declined by 41% since.  OPEC countries have reported the same reserves for decades which is clearly not true.  Therefore we must assume that their fields are in decline as well.  The largest oil discovery in the world has been in production for over 60 years (Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia was discovered in 1948).  Considering the current decline curve of existing production, we will need to find over 60 million barrels of new oil by 2030. I do not expect this to happen. 17% of global crude supply comes from 10 super-giant oil fields.  The following table provides this breakdown:


Giant Oil Field

Ghawar (Saudi Arabia)

Cantarell (Mexico)

Burgan (Kuwait)

Daqing (China)

Kirkuk (Iraq)

Rumalia (Iraq)

Shaybah (Saudi Arabia)

Safaniyah (Saudi Arabia)

Zuluf (Saudi Arabia)

U.L. Zakum (U.A.E.)


Source: World’s Giant Oilfields by Matthew R. Simmons,

2001 White Paper ≠ Current Estimates “Best Guesses”

Discovery Date












000 Barrels/Day



1,300 (?)


900 (?)

900 (?)

700 (?)

700 (?)

700 (?)

600 (?)


In reviewing this chart, you can see that we would have to discover an equivalent of 14 new giant oil fields the size of Ghawar to meet the expected future demand.  There is no silver bullet of technology that will make up this difference in expected demand vs. supply.

Ownership of Reserves:

Who owns the oil in the ground?  The following chart shows that National Oil Companies (NOC) own most of the production:


U.S. Oil companies account for less than 20% of world production.  These companies do not have the ability to set prices.  OPEC is the major supplier of world oil and has pricing power.  Taxing U.S. oil companies for high prices produces no impact on pricing.  Oil companies are currently buying reserves by buying back their own stock in a repurchase program.  If there was a major probability in discovering huge reserves, they would be directing cash to those projects instead.


The Impact of Two Decades of Low Prices:

The last 20 years’ prices drastically reduced infrastructure investment and replacement.  The pipeline infrastructure is made of steel and is rusting.  This will force notable investment in infrastructure thus supporting high commodity prices.  In the U.S. alone, oil and gas employment was reduced by 50%.  The drilling rig count plummeted and rigs sat rusting away in fields.  A small drilling rig costs in excess of $500 thousand to build.  Oil field experience is at a multi-decade low.  50% of Exxon’s employees will be at retirement age in 5 years.  Low prices caused a "brain drain".  The IEA projects energy infrastructure cost to exceed $5 trillion for growth alone.

Alternative Energy- Ethanol

Ethanol is a poor substitute for oil.  It is corrosive to the existing pipeline infrastructure.  Its energy output versus energy required to refine it is low compared to oil.  Ethanol requires a feedstock and fresh water.  Both ingredients are in limited supply and are expected to be in shortage as well.  The current primary feedstock is corn.  Its price is at an all time high.  Although we all support the farmers in their effort to generate a profit, ethanol will lose its support as the impact of production is understood by the politicians.  Ethanol contains 84,100 BTUs per gallon and the replacement energy value for the other co-products is 27,579 BTUs. Thus, the total energy output is 111,679 BTUs and the net energy gain is 30,589 BTUs for an energy output-input ratio of 1.38:1. Oil ratio is much higher (8:1 to 23:1 depending on the logistics).

Alternative Energy- Wind

Wind is totally dependent upon geography and weather.  Although it will supplement the power grid in some states, the economics do not support a major infrastructure investment to solve the energy demands of the upcoming crisis.  Individuals living in windy areas might consider the use of wind to generate electricity.  Major population areas will not benefit from this technology anytime soon.

Alternative Energy- Solar

Existing technologies will not support the growth of the electrical requirements of the U.S.  Although a reasonable personal alternative for supplemental power, the solar solution will not be effective as a national solution.

Alternative Energy- Nuclear

Although 3 Mile Island reactor incident never caused a death, Americans have been afraid of nuclear power since.  France generates over 70% of its power from nuclear power plants.  Red tape and civil litigation contribute to 10 year construction cycles of new power plants.  If the U.S. power companies were to start plans immediately for new nuclear plants, it would take 10 years to become operational.

Alternative Energy- Electric

There are approximately 170,000 service stations in the U.S.  Building electric cars will necessitate a substantial infrastructure cost to ramp up service stations to handle increased recharging needs.  This will take time.  Early buyers of electric cars will be restricted in their driving range.  Another issue is that our electrical grid is growing and outpacing power plant construction.  Any additional burden on the grid will move it to a crisis sooner than later.  The U.S. commercial infrastructure is heavily dependent on oil for energy and thus the impact of electric cars would be minor for 15-20 years.  The U.S. has a 17 year inventory turnover rate of vehicles.  It would take at least 8 1/2 years to replace half of the country’s fleet if electric cars were available and could meet the transportation requirements of the population.

Alternative Energy- Coal

Coal is an abundant resource in the U.S.  However, the "green" direction of the U.S. will prevent new coal plants from being built.  New coal plant construction has been denied in several states.  Instead, natural gas plants are being considered as an alternative.  These plants will generate electricity at a higher cost versus coal.  Green is in, coal is out!

A comparison to oil:

To obtain in one year the amount of energy contained in one cubic mile of oil, each year for 50 years we would need to have produced the numbers of dams, nuclear power plants, coal plants, windmills, or solar panels shown below:




The energy crisis is here.  There is no alternative that could be developed in time to avert this crisis.  Wars have been fought over resources throughout history.  Unless we have a Divinely appointed intervention, energy prices will skyrocket and will support a global depression.  The response to the Great Depression of the 1930’s was a World War.  The NOC’S have no incentive to sell their inventory at lower prices.  In fact, their incentive is to slow production and receive a higher price for their product.  U.S. oil companies will enjoy the profits but have no ability to determine price.  Investing in well run energy companies will be the best defense against rising prices at the gas pump.  "You might as well buy the product from yourself."

Process of Iteration

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

The following discussion continues to build a foundation by which the reader can increase his understanding of the eletro-dermal screening process. Exposure to outside influences (interferences) impacts the body systems. In order to address these interferences, they must be detected, identified, and measured. This paper provides an overview of the evolutionary, methodical approach to develop a standard process of screening.

Process of Iteration

When I first began to research electrodermal detection, I developed a guide to locate electromagnetic skin sites according to organs and systems. I grouped the detection sites by organs and systems because most health professionals are taught to make a diagnosis using this approach.

The following list is an overview of organ and system detection sites. Each heading has many subdivisions that will be commented upon later as this journal progresses.

Organ and System Detection Sites





Connective Tissue





Fat Tissue

Gallbladder and Bile Ducts

Gastrointestinal Tract



Immune System



Lymphatic System

Mucous Membranes

Musculoskeletal System


Nervous System

Odontons (Teeth)


Respiratory System



Urogenital System


Palmar Arrays

Subsets of the detection sites

Each detection site has:

A name in plain language;

An electromagnetic site designation

A page for site location (bold/italic) found in the Atlas of my book, An Electrodermal Analysis of Biological Conductance

Large Intestine

Main Detection Site: LI 1b 5, 6

Greater Omentum: LI 3a 5, 6

Omental Bursa: LV 10 30

Cecum – LI 4 (R) 5

Lymph Vessels: LI 1-1 (R) 5

Superior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (R) 21

Smooth Muscles: LI 7 7

Appendix-Ileocecal Lymph Nodes: LI 4a (R) 5

Ascending Colon: LI 3 (R); LU5 5; 4

Lymphphatics , Cecum and Right Colon: LI 1-1 5

Superior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (R) 21

Peritoneum: LI 1c (R) 5

Peritoneal Lymph Vessels: LI 1b-1 (R) 5

Hepatic Flexure: LI 2 (R) 5

Superior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (R) 21

Sympathetic Nerve Hepatic Flexure of the Right Colon: LU 4 (R) 4

Transverse Colon, Right Side: LI 1 (R) 5

Superior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (R) 5

Transverse Colon, Left Side: LI 4 (L) 6

Inferior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (L) 21

Splenic Flexure: LI 3 (L); LU 5 (L) 6; 22

Inferior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (L) 21

Descending Colon: LI 2 (L) 6

Inferior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (L) 21

Descending Colon, Sympathetic Nerve: LU 4 (L) 4

Inferior Mesenteric Lymph Nodes: LI 4 -1 (L) 6

Sigmoid Colon: LI 1 (L) 6

Lymph Vessels: LI 1-1 (L) 6

Inferior Mesenteric (Autonomic) Plexus: SI 1a (L) 21

Inferior Mesenteric Lymph Nodes: LI 4 -1 (L) 6

Mesocolic Lymph Nodes: LI 4a (L) 6

Recto-Sigmoid Mucosa (L-3): GV 3a 61


Anal Canal: KI 5 50

Anal Sphincter: KI 4a; BL 30 50; 54

Rectum—KI 6 50

Medial and inferior (Autonomic) Plexus: KI 4 50

Venous (Hemorrhoidal) Plexus: KI 5a 50

Mucosa: SV 22 63

Recto-vesical/Recto-uterine (Douglas) Pouch: KI 6c 50

In my text An Electrodermal Analysis of Biological Conductance made an atlas demonstrating the topographical locations of these electromagnetic sites.

The graphic below is an example of one of the atlas pages.


It’s all information-codes, waves or signals

In 1996 I developed a protocol for recognizing clinical relevant non – coherent waves. The database that resulted identified the most frequent detection sites as well as the most frequent non-coherent encoded signals at those sites.

I then arranged the non-coherent codes by using plain language. I gave a short scientific description for each entry and I listed them alphabetically and by category in a glossary to be clinically useful. Were the signals related to a virus, bacteria, a fungus, toxic metal or toxic chemicals, etc.? It was my desire to make electrodermal detection a practical tool for use in the medical system as it is practiced today. Below is a list of these categories from my data.

Plain Language description of signals

Based on an analysis of 1310 files from 600 subjects from 1/8/93 to 3/8/98

Encoded Groups Number of Codes in Each Group

1. Tissue Nosodes 123

2. Bacteria 113

3. Chemicals/Drugs 112

4. Viruses 78

5. Fungi 69

6. Protozoa 53

7. Metals 46

8. Helminths 37

9. Homeopathics 30

10. Constitutionals 21

11. Cytokines 19

12. Dental 18

13. Miasms 15

14. Insects 10

15. Plants 5

16. Imponderables 5

17. Animal 4

18. Foods 3

19. Prions 3

20. Metabolites 2

Total 676

The above listing represents the broad categories of encoded non-coherent waves. There are 676 total codes in this list. Since then many more have been added.

In this section I will show how to select these waves by the process of iteration.

Iteration is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th edition as “a repetition of a sequence of operations that yields results successfully closer to the results desired”.

Recovery from illness is a biological process that takes place in a sequential fashion over time. For example, after a laceration, a clot must be formed first, followed by fibroblastic infiltration and subsequently by scar tissue formation.

In the homeopathic school of thought, Herring’s Law of Cure states that healing takes place from the inside out, from the top-down and from the acute to chronic. The analogy of peeling off the layers of an onion is often used.


(Merriam – Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th edition 1993)

Definition: To accept something as certain; to judge

It has been found by reckoning, that electromagnetic elimination of non-coherent waves are associated with improvement in clinical conditions. The process of reckoning occurs in a sequential fashion over time.

Before we discuss the process of eliminating non coherent waves we should try to resolve the difference between a diagnosis and electrodermal signal detection

A diagnosis carries with it a precise description:


(Merriam – Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th edition 1993)

1a. the art or acts of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms

1b. the decision reached by diagnosis

2. a concise technical description of a taxon (classification).

3a. investigation or analysis of the cause or nature of a condition, situation, or problem

3b. a statement or conclusion from such an analysis


(Blacks Law Dictionary, Abridged 6th edition, West Publishing Company St. Paul MN 1991)

1. A medical term, meaning the discovery of the source of a patient’s illness or a determination of the nature of his disease, from a study of its symptoms.

2. The art or act of recognizing the presence of disease from its symptoms and deciding as to its character. The decision reached for determination of type or condition through case or specimen study or conclusion arrived at through critical perception or scrutiny.

A “clinical diagnosis” is one made from the study of the symptoms only.

A “physical diagnosis” is one made by means of physical examination such as palpation and inspection.

A “ pathological diagnosis” is made by an interpretation of a pathological specimen” by a pathologist.

My definition of diagnosis is:

A consensus medical profile based on an analysis of a case history, a physical examination and an interpretation of laboratory and other technical studies for the purpose of treatment by those trained in this paradigm.

Electrodermal detection or Electrodermal Screening

Is a screening devise, in the nature of a laboratory test for gathering electromagnetic information. By itself it does not provide some of the information needed to establish a diagnosis, such as, the need for signs or symptoms or other usual laboratory data. Electrodermal detection cannot be used to make a diagnosis but the information provided can support a diagnosis. It is different from other laboratory tests in that it is an electromagnetic recognition devise, and does not provide chemical or biological information. In that sense it stands alone as a model for providing information.

The purpose of the process of iteration is, first of all, to establish an electromagnetic profile and then modify this profile in order to re-establish normal conductance.

Method of developing an electromagnetic profile

Every electromagnetic detection site on the surface of the skin represents an electromagnetic site of origin for a conducting or non-conducting electromagnetic signal.

Not all detection sites are in a convenient location for direct testing nor are all sites sufficiently sensitive to give consistent skin resistance readings by testing from that site.

When a current of injury such a pinprick, or focal pressure or electrical charge from the test probe, is applied at an inconvenient or insensitive detection site, there is amplification of the signal at that site. The injury stimulus makes the signal easier to be detected at the Main Detection Site thus making it the preferred site for applying the detecting probe.

Another way to highlight a detection site is for the one being tested to touch the detection site with the index finger of the hand holding the negative electrode; (the probe is the positive electrode.) The contacted site may then be tested at the Main Detection Site. This technique is especially useful for testing sites in “socially sensitive” areas.

Problems with detection sites:

Some detection sites are not conveniently located.

Some are on the back, others in the breast area, on the buttocks or in the groin.

Many of the inconvenient sites are also too weak to give good detection signals.

Main Detection Sites

Are located in the periphery of the fingers and toes near normal bone anatomical sites

They are easy to reach and easy to manipulate.

Are important because they represent electromagnetic events along the entire detection array especially those sites that have been highlighted or stimulated

Signals from any skin detection sites can be transferred to the Main Detection Sites of that array by a simple two-step maneuver:

1. Touch (stimulate) the desired detection site.

2. Test at the Main Detection Site of that Detection Array and observe the ohmmeter response.


If you want to determine a code at GB 5-Veins of the Head:

1. Stimulate GB 5 with the probe tip

2. Apply the probe at GB 43b, the Main Detection Site for the Gallbladder Array and observe for changes in skin resistance.

A changes at GB 43b actually reflects a changes at GB 5

Speckhart’s Protocol for Electromagnetic Profile Development

Purpose of the Protocol: To rapidly survey detection sites and codes.

The following is a list of some the more frequently used detection sites.

H-H Hand to Hand

Main Detection Sites

LY 1-2 Head and Neck

LU 10c Lungs

LI 1b Large Intestine

NV 1b Peripheral and Central Nervous System

CI 8d Circulation (Arteries, Veins, Lymphatics)

AL 1b Allergies

OR 1b Cellular Metabolism

TW 1b Endocrine System

HT 8c Heart

SI 1b Small Intestine

Sp 1a (R) Pancreas

Sp 1a (L) Spleen

AR 1b Joints

ST 44b Stomach

FI 1b Connective Tissue

SK 1-3 Skin

FA 1b Fatty Tissue

GB 43b Gallbladder and Bile Ducts

KI 1-3 Kidney

BL 66b Urinary Bladder and Urogenital Organs

Other Important Detection Sites

TW 20 Hypothalamus

OR 1-1 Lymphatics of Organ Degeneration

LY 3 Nose and Paranasal Sinuses

LY 2 Jaw and Teeth

SV 48 Striated Muscle

GB 17 Reticular Formation

SV 61 Eosinophils

GB 5 Veins of the Head

SV 46 Periosteum

AR 1c Synovial Membranes

NV 1c Spinal Cord and Meninges

The Unity of Love

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

When love is the basis of a relationship, two become one.  This creates unity.  This bond will endure all challenges to its existence.  This bond forms the basis of all true relationships and effectively defines the true relationship.  The following Scripture in Mark has been cited in countless wedding ceremonies:

Mar 10:7
For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;

Mar 10:8
And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

Mar 10:9
What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Though Jesus was responding to the disciples’ question about divorce, His answers were always designed to teach a greater truth.  Love is the glue that holds the universe together.  The Lord God Almighty’s motivation to create the universe was one based on love.  Life is all about relationships.  Relationships are all based on love.  Love has no opposites, only alternatives just as health has no opposites.  Disease is an absence of health, not its opposite.  Hate is an absence of love, not its opposite.  Love has no opposites.

Our understanding of unity can be expanded by the revelation of the Kingdom of God. In the Gospels Jesus said, "But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house [divided] against a house falleth. (Luke 11:17)"  Do you think that our Heavenly Father would allow His Kingdom to fall?  The Kingdom of God supercedes the kingdom of structure.  The kingdom of man is contained within the Kingdom of God. The finite realm is contained within the infinite realm.

Without love, men like to divide and conquer.  Isn’t that what competition is all about?  Professional sports promote alternatives to love.  Once the entertainment of sports moves to an obsession, the motivation moves towards conquering.  The conquering mentality has scarcity at its core.  There can only be one champion.  There can only be one who can rise to the top of the pyramid.  The doctrine of Jesus is opposite to this conquering orientation.  His motivation was to raise all of us to a new level of excellence in unity, not division.  Competition is divisive by nature.  Love is unifying by nature.

Atoms are held together in unity.  What do you think would happen if all of the electrons spinning around a nucleus were to no longer adhere to the laws of unity?  There is a magnetic pull to keep the electrons in a state of unity.  What is the underlying root cause of this magnetic pull?  It is a facet of love that scientists will someday be able to comprehend.  Love is the power of unity, both tangible and intangible.  We have always viewed love on the intangible side but I believe that we will discover the tangible aspects of love in the near future.

We are called to be "one" with the Father.  In John 10:30, Jesus said that He and His Father are one.  As sons of God, we also have this inheritance of being one with the Father.  That is only manifested by walking in love.  In order to learn a new language, the most effective way is to use the "immersion" method.  You must see, hear, and speak the language.  Researchers have found that our retention dramatically rises utilizing this method of learning.  As we immerse ourselves in love we will become one with the Father AND Son.  We will move toward that unity which will open up the Kingdom of God.  We will move from the kingdom of scarcity to the kingdom of abundance.  We will align ourselves with our gifts and our callings.  All of Heaven will be available to us.  Division in our lives will evaporate.  We will attract people who will want to be in unity with us.  This unity will be as a net of a fisherman bringing forth a "great catch" into the Kingdom of God.  This "baptism of love" will become widespread just as the previous revelations of the Kingdom encompassed the earth.  At that point we will fully appreciate the following Scripture:

Mathew 6:10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.


The Clouds of Depression: Cluster of Errors

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

The basic economic cycle is divided into four parts: boom, recession, depression, and recovery.  There is no absolute, firm definition in today’s environment of exactly what quantifies each aspect of the business cycle.  Economists continually increase the complexity of their trade by adding new formulas and statistics in an attempt to describe which part of the cycle we are in.  Complexity steers us in the direction of chaos.  Simplicity moves us to "order".

Tampering with the business cycle has disastrous consequences.  The natural business cycle allows for orderly expansion and contraction.  Contraction is designed to be a "cleansing cycle."  Entrepreneurs will eliminate waste created from bad business decisions during this period.  This is a time of reflection.  Do we really need this expense?  Did this sales program produce additional profit?  The list goes on.  However if the cycle is tampered with by delaying this cleansing cycle, the result will be a longer, deeper cleansing cycle.  A sustained boom will result in a sustained bust.

Those in control of the creation of money seem to be on a continual quest for the "Holy Grail"- a formula that will eliminate the business cycle and only produce sustained growth.  They study Economics and write theses to introduce their perspective of economic prosperity.  In the last 100 years, the Great Depression became a popular case study.  How can we eliminate another great depression.  Economists agree that a depression contains negative growth of the "Gross Domestic Product", high unemployment (10-20%+), and a lower standard of living for most of the population.  Those in control of the money supply have experimented with our livelihoods.  Interest rates were consistently higher in the 1970’s to fight inflation.  For years passbook savings accounts were paid 5% interest.  That rate rarely changed.  Mortgage rates varied from 7 to 10%.  The standard down payment on a conventional loan was 20%.  FHA loans required less but not the 0% allowed in recent years.  Fixed interest rates were the standard.  The gold standard was dismantled in the 70’s.  When inflation started rising in the early 80’s, Paul Volcker as Fed Chairman raised interest rates to arrest the boom cycle and force a recession and thus cleanse the waste out of the system.  During that time I was a Chief Financial Officer.  Our plans for expansion would take into account the cost of money and the expected return on investment (ROI).  If the ROI was not substantial we would axe the plan.  Only the plans with the greatest potential were implemented.  The high rates slowed our growth.  Those same rates minimized our mistakes by requiring greater scrutiny of each project before implementation.

Our current central banks around the globe are postponing the cleansing cycle.  By providing "easy and cheap" money, they have promoted poor economic decisions throughout the entire global population.  The average family has created substantial liabilities including excessive mortgages, credit card debt, and consumer loans.  At the same time creditors have successfully eliminated the bankruptcy alternative that eliminates the consumers’ mistakes (a jubilee).  Once again, we’ve been bamboozled!  At the same time, this easy money policy has fueled inflation.  Those that did not fall into the borrowing trap are having their savings eaten away by excessive inflation.

In college, we did not have an economics lab class.  A school laboratory was a place where you could experiment with the principles you learned during the lecture class.  Physics principles were validated in the lab class.  How do you validate economic principles?  In the biggest lab of all-the globe.  What happens when all of the economists are taught by a prevailing theory?  The result is a "cluster of errors".  Those in charge continue to operate under assumptions that may be invalid.  The gold standard was eliminated since it seemed to restrict growth.  Who decided that growth was being restricted?  Those in power motivated by greed.  Biblically, the gold standard has been used for thousands of years.  There was a reason for this.  It created a reasonable business cycle without the volatile changes.  The Lord God Almighty created the business cycle.  Man has decided to tamper with it.  The current "cluster of errors" will produce a well-defined view of economic depression in our economics lab.  After it is all said and done, we will have a close and personal view of the negative economic impact created by financial derivatives, selective regulation, investment bankers’ greed, and poor lending/borrowing practices.

Personal Economic Defense Plan

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I was recently asked what to do with funds contributed to a retirement plan.  This is difficult to say since I do not have the balance sheet/income statement of the individual.  However I can provide a plan that I believe will help a family weather the uncertain future economic reality.  Nobody but the Lord God Almighty can be certain of what we will face over the next five years.  We can only use the knowledge, wisdom, skill, and understanding (Daniel 1:17) to direct our loved ones and friends to what we believe is best in preparation.  Some of us are called to the financial arena, others are not.  They must rely on and trust the brethren who are called to look out for the best interest of the Body of Christ.  Every joint is to supply the others: Ephesians 4:15 but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head–Christ– 16 from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.

For the body of Christ to grow, people must give.  I am giving the following advice in order to help you defend yourself against expected economic downturns based on the global direction of the current system.  I understand the many people do not have enough assets to take advantage of the following steps.  Do what you can.  Most of us can afford to buy an ounce of silver weekly.  It’s a start.  Go to the local coin shop and start an accumulation plan.  Don’t worry about the daily price.

1. Buy gold and silver (the metals) as insurance.  I would buy one ounce coins.  I have no interest in rare coins because their value is perception based.  Consider having 5-10% of your cash in these two metals.  I expect gold to exceed $1,600 per ounce and silver to exceed $100 per ounce over the next 5 years (in U.S. Dollars).

2. Maintain 6-12 months’ supply of expenses in cash on hand or in the bank.  If you personally lose a job, you want to be able to meet monthly obligations while looking for employment.

3. Check your bank’s exposure to derivatives and profitability at:  Look on Page 5 of the report for the derivatives’ exposure. Page 2 provides a 5 year comparison of net income.  If they are losing money you might want to find a new bank.

4. Spread CD’S over multiple banks if you have more than the insured limit.  CD rates are expected to decline over the next 12-24 months.  The Federal Reserve has historically supported the banking system’s profitability at the expense of savers.  This is done by lowering savings rates while the loan rates are lowered at a slower pace.  You ultimately pay for their investment mistakes.

5. Weight your stock portfolio to energy (oil & gas), gold, silver, & coppper stocks, and consistent dividend paying stocks.  Chevron, Petrohawk, Goldcorp, Yamana Gold, Silvercorp, GE, Southern Copper, Penn West Energy are all stocks for your review (see disclaimer).  There are other stocks but these have had some prior review.  I expect oil to trade over $150 per barrel.  I expect natural gas to exceed $10 per mcf.

6. Bonds may be good but I am concerned about the insurers going bankrupt thus having a negative impact on the bond market.

7. Eliminate any leverage you have been using in investing.  If necessary, sell stock to pay off the leveraged position.

8. Reduce/eliminate debt.  Its time to contract your liabilities.  If you use credit cards, pay off the balance each month.  If you are making credit card payments, quit using the cards.  If you can’t pay cash you probably don’t need it.  Debt consolidation only works if you have the discipline to refrain from creating more credit card debt.  Even though credit card usage is easy, start writing checks for purchases.  This reinforces your awareness of the impact purchases has on your cash position.  Credit card purchases seem to be "out of sight, out of mind" until that bill comes in.

9. Simplify.  Look at what is controlling you and your time.  Less is better.  A friend of mine had a large pickup because he used to pull horse trailers.  He doesn’t do that anymore.  Get rid of your "pickup".  It’s costing you money.  It is easier to obtain than to "maintain".  Calculate the 5 year cost of any asset that has an ongoing maintenance expense.

10. Eliminate on-going expenses if possible.  Review your budget.  If you don’t have a budget, create one.  Look at your last six months’ expenses to see if there is something unnecessary.  Don’t overlook the small expenses either.

These steps are intended to help direct your thinking, not eliminate your accountability in your financial affairs.  Each of us are called to be stewards.  If this website is helpful to you, share it with your friends.



The material on this website has no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, or particular needs of any visitor. This site is published solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments.

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Saturday, February 2nd, 2008


The material on this website has no regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, or particular needs of any visitor. This site is published solely for informational purposes and is not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any securities or related financial instruments.

References made to third parties are based on information obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed as being accurate. Visitors should not regard it as a substitute for the exercise of their own judgment. Any opinions expressed in this site are subject to change without notice.  Servias Ministries, Inc. is not under any obligation to update or keep current the information contained herein.

Servias Ministries, Inc.’s officers, directors and associates may have an interest in the securities or derivatives of any entities referred to in this material and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of all or any part of this material. Our comments are an expression of opinion. While we believe our statements to be true, they always depend on the reliability of our own credible sources. We recommend that you consult with a licensed, qualified professional before making any investment decisions.