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Love has rights

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Man’s definition of love suggested passive responses to conflict.  A person’s rights were secondary if he was to walk in love.  He was to turn the other cheek in a confrontation.  He was to look the other way if lawlessness challenged him.  However, love has many characteristics including mercy and justice.  The first mention of mercy is contained in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19.  The Lord was merciful toward Lot and his family.  His kindness and goodness prevailed in saving Lot from destruction.  Lot had moved to the area and was drawn by his lust.  From a standpoint of justice, Lot should have perished with the rest of the population.  However, The Lord’s mercy superceded justice since Abraham had interceded on Lot’s behalf.  Once Lot had been removed from the city, justice intervened and all perished.  The lawlessness and lasciviousness were wiped out.  God is Love in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament.  Love demands justice.  Love prefers that mercy prevail if possible.  Many who have read the Old Testament could not reconcile how Our Heavenly Father could have killed so many people.  When you view their physical death as a chapter in their individual eternity, you can understand the necessity of removing them from further judgment.  If we all are ultimately reconciled unto The Father, we must be cleansed and purged of sin so that we may go before The Throne of God.  All of us will be cleansed of sin whether it is accomplished before our physical death or afterwards.  It was by mercy that Our Father removed the people of Sodom and Gomorrah from their path of destruction.

You have the right to choose your own path.  Even though you are called to "turn the other cheek", you are not required to remain in the presence of those who would abuse you and practice lawlessness in your presence.  At the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told the workers of iniquity (lawlessness) to depart from His presence.  He warns us not to judge a person’s heart, but to judge the fruit (or lack of).  He further tells us in Matthew 7 to not only hear His words but to "do" them.  It is your right and responsibility to judge the fruit.  It is your right to cease promoting unfruitfulness in yourself and others.

In 2 Kings Chapter 7, there were four leprous men at the gates of the city during a famine.  These men had no future.  They were destined for death but then made a choice:

3 Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, "Why are we sitting here until we die?  4 If we say, ‘We will enter the city,’ the famine is in the city, and we shall die there. And if we sit here, we die also.

Although contained within another story, these men made a choice to take action and step out of their assumed path of hunger and death.  Once they took action to leave their path of destruction, they found sustenance and life.  John the Baptist (the greatest prophet) told us to Repent!  Repent means to change your mind or current path which is one of destruction.  Was the command to be only considered once in a person’s life and only relevant to salvation?  Paul tells us in Galatians chapter 3 that the Law was our schoolmaster until faith has come.  We are to walk in faith and towards life.  We are to turn away from death and destruction.  That is our right.  Those who are given to destruction must not lead us to the same end.

Through the choices you make, you support either life or death.  If you smoke or take drugs, you are choosing death.  It may not be immediate but its conclusion will not be without pain.  As a child of God you are not a child of circumstance.  Our Father has given us the choice which frees us from being confined to circumstance.  If we were imprisoned by circumstance, we would not need the Holy Scriptures to reveal to us how we ought to live.  We would simply walk out our existence knowing there was nothing we could do about our circumstances.

By giving us a will, The Heavenly Father did not sanction destructive works.  He put laws into place to assure order and overall equilibrium.  You may use your will to attempt to defy the law of gravity and jump off a building.  The law will prevail unless The Father has specifically shown you how to supercede this structural law.  He will not provide the revelation unless it is to promote the Kingdom of God.  Your will is to promote your life and living, not to sanction death and destruction.  We are told to chose life (Deut 30:19 See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;).  The Lord God Almighty "commands" us not "controls" us.  He has given us gifts and callings that will sustain our life and allow us to bring forth good fruit.  Our rights are connected with our calling and our gifts.  As our will aligns with The Father’s will, our fruitfulness will increase.  As we develop in our gifts and calling, doors will be opened that are otherwise shut.  Listen, obey, and walk accordingly!  As you walk in love, you will be able to exercise your rights granted by The Father to complete your calling.

Influenza-An Overview

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008


Strains of viruses causing influenza:

Type A

Isolated from animals (fowl, swine, horses, etc.)

The cause of all pandemics

Type B

Isolated from humans

Low mortality rate

The cause of illness in the very young

Type C

Isolated from humans

A strain not implicated in epidemic disease

Characteristics of the Influenza virus:

Surface antigens

Hemagglutinin (H)

Subtypes (H1 to H 12)

Binds to red cell and to virus on the host cells

Neuraminidase (N)

Subtypes (N1 to N 9)

Releases newly grown viruses

Allows viruses to spread

A core

Containing the genetic material, ribonucleic acid, RNA

As eight separate genetic fragments

The eight genes allow the virus to mutate easily, thereby changing the appearance of the surface antigens.

A Minor mutation causes a surface “antigenic drift” in H1, H2 or H3 and/or in N1 and N2.

This type of mutated virus is transmitted person to person

A portion of immunity is retained from one drift to another

Partial immunity may be transferred year to year.

The result is an “ordinary flu epidemic”

A Major mutation causes a great change in surface antigens, an “antigen shift”.

It is caused by an individual who contracts flu from a source in which there was a viral exchange between two different species such as between a swine and fowl.

The result is the creation of an entirely new hybrid antigen, an antigen shift. It is a new strain that has no worldwide immunity.

All pandemics are caused by antigen shifts.

Homeopathic Protocol-Influenza

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008


Homeopathic Repertorization

Black Type

How to use this chart:

Scan the chart below for the best fit of signs and symptoms in a suspected case of flu.

This will help you find the best homeopathic remedy to use in most of the cases.























Intermittent during daytime

Remittent in the  afternoon

Septic; Worse after eating

 With chilliness; Remittent  in evening and night






No thirst

Craves ice






Desires cover during sweat

After fever

Cold, Clammy

Aversion to being uncovered


11 AM

Tips of toes and lips


Begins in hands/feet; During urination

Craves ice;

Uncovering aggravates

Brought on by motion


Anxiety; must sit up;  Arrhythmia

Suffocation; Fetid breath odor

Painful with motion of breathing

Cannot lie on left side

Weak, slow respirations

Burning pain and heat in the chest

Pricking pains in the chest


Frothy sputum


Thick, tough rusty; Must ‘Hawk”


Bloody, watery

Rusty or purulent;  Frothy

Plugs of mucous; rust colored




Holds breath due to pain

Relieved by hands and knees position

Dry with sore chest

Dry, hard, racking

Sub-sternal tickling; Worse uncovering hands


Dry, thirsty

Dysphagia; neck glands enlarged

Dry mouth; Desires water

Sore trachea; Worse in AM

Pain from ear to ear; Lump in throat

Rawness; Esophageal burning/spasm

Throat feel stiff;  Parotid enlargement



Painful speaking


Hoarseness AM; Bone pain

Paralysis of glottis

Raw, furry, croupy

Hoarseness from over straining


Furrowed, dry brown

Foul breath; Red edges

White, coated

Yellow-white furry;Cracks in  corner of mouth

Thick, coated yellow

Dry Smooth; Red or  white; Salty  or sweet saliva

Cracked; Red triangle at tip; Bitter taste


Yellow; Acrid;

Sneezing AM

Thick mucous; Pain root of nose


Coryza; Bone pain in nose and face

Excoriating; Nostrils red; Pain goes to neck and clavicles

Coryza alternate sides; Epistaxis; Green or yellow mucus

Thick,yellow-green  offensive mucous



Painful; Dull

Gooey discharge

Eyeballs ache Photobia

Drooping of eyelids; Diplopia

Conjunctivitis with tears; Lids quiver

Great photophobia; Eyes agglutinated in AM


Restless legs; exhausted


Worse least motion; Weak

Intense bone pain

Muscle pain

Limbs tremble

Bone-Joint pain; Restlessness


With fever

Starts with fever

*For Flu With fever

Occipital pain with fever

* For Flu  With prostration

With coryza;

Worse becoming cold

With fever; Worse  cold/exertion










On  closing the eyes

With weak legs; Confused

With motion

Worse lying on right side; AM; Better vomiting

Staggering; Better closed eyes. Better urination

 In AM after rising

In AM after rising


When closing eyes


With motion



Becomes unconscious after fainting



Pale; Agonal


Dull: “besotted look”

Red, puffy

Yellowish cast

Flushed; Weak facial muscles

Blue lips and blue rings under the eyes  Red cheeks

Swollen; Neuralgia


Burning acrid diarrhea

Offensive excoriating diarrhea

Gushing diarrhea on rising

Altered taste, Thirst, Whitish green diarrhea

Copious involuntary yellow stools

Exhausting diarrhea

Bloody, slimy involuntary diarrhea



Delirious stupor

Irritable Exhausted

Restless with aching bone pain

Great apathy Cannot think

Wants sympathy Craves attention

Extreme restlessness; despondent


Perka, Sandra J.The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza (San Antonio, Benchmark Homeopathic Publications 1999)


Homeopathic abbreviations and remedies











Worse motion



Hoarseness, bone pain






Cold, clammy, vertigo

  1. Rhus-t-Rhus toxicodendron


Restlessness, joint pain



Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


It has been observed that signals in the computer that restore conductance during the detection process can be transferred to water, or more typically, a 20 percent water/ alcohol solution, by means of an electromagnetic induction coil. Once made, the electromagnetically induced solution may be substituted for the computer-generated signal during testing. An ohm-meter drop, indicating a drop of galvanic skin conductance, is stabilized either by the computer-generated signal or by the induced solution. The induced solution may be held in the hand of the subject tested or it may be placed on a test plate that is connected in a series loop comprised of the probe, the conductance measurement unit, and the computer system.


The electromagnetic transduction apparatus consists of an electrical coil that is driven by signals generated within the computer circuitry. The computer signals are transduced by the coil into a magnetic induction wave pattern that interacts with the water or water/alcohol solution. (The details of this transduced interaction are beyond the scope of this paper, and are a topic of continuing study.) The induction process imposes an electromagnetic change in the water, whereby the signal from the computer is “imprinted” onto the solution.

The coil surrounds a well into which is placed a dropper bottle containing the water/alcohol solution. A current is passed through the coil for one minute. (The optimal time needed for the induction process has not established. In my practice, a time of one minute has worked effectively.) The electromagnetic change in the exposed solution is such that it may be substituted for the signal generated by the computer itself. Information is thus transferred from the induction coil to the solution.


There is yet another transfer of information that is needed. Information must be transferred from the electromagnetically induced solution to the subject being tested. Fortunately, biological systems are water-based, thus providing for easy contact with the electromagnetically-imprinted water/alcohol solution. In practice, it is convenient to topically apply the solution to the mucous membrane surface of the mouth, such as the tongue or buccal mucosa. The solution may even be applied topically to the skin, but in this case, there is a greater variability of response because of different areas of dryness or thickness of the skin.

In any event, the electromagnetic effect is immediate. Radiating signals follow conductance pathways depending on constructive or destructive interference. Remember, these are electromagnetic effects, not drug or chemical effects. There are no drugs to process, no toxic drug effects, and no biological energy needed to convert drugs to active forms. The Michaelis-Menton equation for enzymes-catalyzed reactions does not apply. There is no substrate for enzymes to form intermediates or products. Transduced and imprinted digitized codes cannot be viewed as pharmacological substances. Quantitative analysis cannot detect any substance in the electromagnetic solutions except the alcohol used as a preservative.

The induced signals have a radiant effect that is akin to the effect of the sun in producing an increase of Vitamin D3 by ultraviolet B radiation, or the effect of ultraviolet frequencies responsible for melanin production in tanning. These latter radiations are often divided into the UVA (315 to 400nm wavelength) and UVB (280 to 315nm wavelength). Host reactions are responses to radiation sources and are good example of the interaction between electromagnetic radiations and biochemicals.

A major difficulty in understanding the difference between electromagnetic signals and chemicals is in the name given to signals in plain language. These names were applied to codes digitally converted from substances in their analog form by an electromagnetic process of analog-to-digital conversion. Names are given for the purpose of identity. Although the name implies a physical substance, it is in actuality an electromagnetic wave.

Electrical outputs from electrodermal devices are generally considered to have an insignificant health risk by device regulators

Electromagnetically induced solutions balance the ohm-meter at the detection sites. They correct the imbalance that is manifested by the indicator drop in the first place. For example, if there is an indicator drop at Circulation 7b, the Lymphatic System detection site, and if it is balanced by Methyl mercury 3X, then Methyl mercury would be considered a frequency of identity, and 3X would be considered a potency or energy state of Methyl mercury.

It has been observed, that mucous membrane contact of the ohm-meter balancing solutions will result in either an immediate elimination of the ohm-meter drop or elimination after a sequential rise in the number of potencies. Clinical effects can be observed paralleling the electromagnetic effects.


Tuesday, March 18th, 2008


The word Constitutional has a homeopathic derivation. It refers to homeopathic remedies that are prescribed based on the personality of the individual rather than just the totality of symptoms as described by Hahnemann. The whole personality is taken into account – moods, fears, temperament, likes, dislikes, lifestyle and reactions to stress.

Constitutionals states represent a global picture of the individual-spirit, soul and body.

Electrodermally, constitutional codes are derived from homeopathic Constitutional remedies. The most common site to detect Constitutional codes is at the Hypothalamic site TW 20.

Functions of the hypothalamus are many, ranging from heat loss to heat conservation, thirst, satiety, water balance, hunger, milk ejection and uterine contraction, circadian rhythms, endocrine activity, emotions, sleep cycles, recent memory, emotions including rage, and autonomic nerve function with both sympathomimetic and parasympathomimetic activity. Like the Constitutional remedies, the Hypothalamus has a wide range of expression.

Homeopathic constitutional remedies correct abnormal constitutional traits that are detected by the process of repertorization.

The following is a list of Constitutional signals detected by me during the preparation of my manuscript for An Electrodermal Analysis of Biological Conductance, (there are others). A brief description of traits associated with each constitutional state is given as described in various homeopathic repertories.

The description of the traits is based on the toxic effects these substances had on the persons involved in the toxicity experiments, also known as provings. .According to homeopathic theory, a toxic sign or symptom developing during a proving was an indication for a homeopathic remedy for one presenting with a similar sign or symptom, or smiilimum.

As an example, for someone with red, burning eyes with profuse lachrymation, Allium Cepa (Red Onion) is the indicated homeopathic remedy. I’ve proven Allium Cepa many times when I cut onions.

Constitutional codes detected at the Hypothalamic Site, TW 20, corrects abnormal conductance at this site thereby reflecting hypothalamic dysfunction as well.

In electrodermal profile development Constitutional codes should be determined first or at least early in the iterative process. In my experience the case will move to completion much more rapidly if you correct abnormalities at this site early in your analysis.


Alumina: defines a slowing of neural function in the peripheral and central nervous system with: constipation, confusion, vagueness, mental impairment and dementia.

Argentum Nitricum: involves the loss of control of neural, mental and emotional function leading to mental aberrations and a strange personality.

Arsenicum Album: defines mental and emotional conditions based on insecurity: anxiety about health, fear of death, dependency upon others for support, fear of poverty, compulsiveness to control personal environment in order to be secure, despair in being unable to control fear.

Bryonia: a state of disturbed motor function. There is aggravation by motion. Even mentally they do not want to be disturbed.

Calcarea Carbonica: a ubiquitous polycrest, common to most of the population in a variety of conditions, mainly those relating to fears and phobias; with concerns about work and responsibility.

Calcarea Phosphorica: a mental state of deep-seated discontent.

Causticum: a polycrest with two main areas of involvement-the nervous system with mental dullness and forgetfulness and connective tissue with progressive debility and stiffness.

Graphities: seen in those who are heavy-set, thick-skinned, slow thinking, simple, and earthy with mental fogginess and dullness.

Hepar Sulfuris Calcareum: a state of being oversensitive to external stimuli, such as, the weather, noise, light, chemicals and drafts.

Lachesis: a state of intense inner response to stimulation leading to sexual excitation, jealously, loquacity, and rapid mental processing.

Lycopodium: a state characterized by fears and phobias do to marked feelings of inferiority.

Magnesia Carbonica: A state characterized by fatigue, weakness and failure to thrive.

Natrum Muriaticum: a complex psychological state associated with deep grief and sorrow.

Nux Vomica: associated with the “conqueror”-an ambitious, competitive, aggressive, arrogant and angry personality.

Phosphorus: A personality with a non-critical sense of self-conduct; no boundaries; not centered; “flighty”.

Platina: an egocentric, self-absorbed personality, prone to promiscuous sexual excesses.

Pulsatilla: “the female principle”, soft, shy in need of self-assurance, weeps easily.

Sepia: a state characterized by stasis, a lack of a dynamic internal interaction especially in sexual and hormonal functions.

Silica: defective metabolism with physical and mental weakness and low stamina.

Stramonium: a state of convulsive violence in thought and act, pointing to an imbalance and fragility of the nervous system.

Sulfur: a state of “the inspired ego” -ambitious, intellectual and detached (sloppy).

From the above description it is clear that there are physical, mental, emotional and volitional issues that involve conductance at the TW20 site.

TW 20 is but one site that relates to electromagnetic abnormalities in the physical mental and emotional sphere. Currently the relationship between TW 20 and the constitutional state is inferred, but probably accurate. For further proof of a valid relationship sensitivity and specificity studies will be needed.

Bailey, Phillip M., Homeopathic Psychology (Berekeley, Homeopathic Educationl Services, 1995)

Boericke, William, Homeopathic Materia Medica, 9th Edition, (Santa Rosa, Boericke and Taffel Publishers, 1927)

Morrison, Roger, Desktop Guide (Albany, Hahneman Clinic Publishing, 1993).


Domino Theory goes mainstream…. Code Red (or) The Secret is out

Monday, March 17th, 2008

In our previously posted "Brace Yourself"  posted on January 21, 2008, we specifically warned of the Domino Theory scenario.


Now the theory is now circulating among the mainstream media:


March 15, 2008

News Analysis

A Wall Street Domino Theory


The Federal Reserve’s unusual decision to provide emergency assistance to Bear Stearns underscores a long-building concern that one failure could spread across the financial system.

Wall Street firms like Bear Stearns conduct business with many individuals, corporations, financial companies, pension funds and hedge funds. They also do billions of dollars of business with each other every day, borrowing and lending securities at a dizzying pace and fueling the wheels of capitalism.

The sudden collapse of a major player could not only shake client confidence in the entire system, but also make it difficult for sound institutions to conduct business as usual. Hedge funds that rely on Bear to finance their trading and hold their securities would be stranded; investors who wrote financial contracts with Bear would be at risk; markets that depended on Bear to buy and sell securities would screech to a halt, if they were not already halted.


Once the risk is published by the mainstream media in the U.S., it moves from "possible" to "probable" reality.  The mainstream media intimately understands that perception moves society.

In Code Red: International Banking Liquidity has serious problems  exactly three months ago (12/17/2007), we alerted you that perilous times in the financial system were ahead.  Do not delay in getting your house in order!  Investors in Bear Stearns had stock worth $30 on Friday only to wake up today with a $2 stock value.  The Federal Reserve will not protect the average person and will sacrifice anybody and anything to keep the current banking system alive.  That is their mandate.  The credibility of the U.S. Dollar abroad is tanking.  2008 will be a turning point in world history.  It appears that the party is over for the greedy who have been extracting wealth from the masses.  Their "secret" is out. 

Credit crisis reveals America’s secret financial market

Module body

Sun Mar 16, 12:18 AM

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The financial hurricane tearing through Wall Street has sparked vast losses at major banks, but it has also exposed a formerly secretive corner of America’s financial markets.

Millions of Americans track the Dow Jones Industrial Average and their stock portfolios on a daily basis, but the trillion-dollar trade in mortgage-backed securities, corporate and municipal bonds and other complex securities is mostly hidden and closed to amateur investors.


The first "run" on a major bank… quietly (March 14th, 2008)

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

In a conference call on Friday Alan Schwartz, CEO of Bear Stearns, spoke about the substantial withdrawal requests by investors.  Customers wanted their cash.  Banks typically do not keep much cash on hand.  When they speak of cash on hand, they use the term liquidity.  If you are extremely liquid, you have most of your assets in cash or equivalents.  If you are illiquid, you may have sizable assets but little cash.  The assets cannot easily be converted to cash.  If you own a $100,000 house with no debt, you have an asset, but until you sell that house you are illiquid.  Cash is needed for immediate financial demands.  Schwartz admitted that Bear Stearns was in a liquidity crisis.

Bear Stearns is an investment bank and a PRIMARY DEALER IN U.S. GOVERNMENT BONDS. There are only a handful of Banks allowed to participate as a dealer. Although Bear Stearns is sizable, the bank is the smallest of the top U.S. government bond dealers.  Like all major bond dealers, they traded in mortgage bonds and derivatives.  This is where the problems arose.  You may have heard that Bear Stearns was in trouble last summer.  Their troubles have not ended.  See:

The Federal Reserve cannot afford to let Bear fail.  If Bear Stearns were to fail, the whole global credit system would be at risk of a meltdown.  They will be merged with another investment bank.  What is an investment bank?  Investment banks help companies and governments raise money by issuing and selling securities in the capital markets (both equity and debt), as well as providing advice on transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. Until the late 1980’s, the United States and Canada maintained a separation between investment banking and commercial banks. (Wikipedia)

The fact that you and I know about this "run" is an indication that there will be more banks to experience this same reaction to the fragility of the system.  Implement your personal defense plan.  Live in moderation.  Prepare to help your loved ones who have failed to prepare… Love gives!

"The risks of further escalation of this crisis are rising"

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Within the last 48 hours, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a second warning to not only the United States but other countries as well.

IMF tells states to plan for the worst

By Krishna Guha in Washington

Published: March 12 2008 23:55 | Last updated: March 12 2008 23:55

Governments might have to intervene with taxpayers’ money to shore up the financial system and prevent a “downward credit spiral” from taking hold, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday.

John Lipsky, the IMF’s first deputy managing director, said: “We must keep all options on the table, including the potential use of public funds to safeguard the financial system.”  See

Why didn’t this make the news in the U.S.?  The American Press is controlled by private, wealthy investors who have their own agenda.  The rich and powerful have an agenda that differs from the average person on the street.  The overall economic system has consistently deteriorated to the point of collapse.  If the average citizen understood the brevity of the current economic crisis, all of the current congressmen would be removed from office along with most of the staff of the other two branches of government.  Congressman Ron Paul is the only member of Congress that I am aware of that has been challenging the status quo.  Now that he has been eliminated from the Republican ticket, I can freely speak about his record.  Paul understands the problem.  He has been an irritant to the powers that be.  His questions to Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve (FED) have forced Bernanke to admit that monetary policy without a gold-backed currency would promote inflation and instability.

Why do you think gold traded at a price of $1,000 for the first time in U.S. history?  The U.S. dollar is declining in value worldwide.  The following chart shows the U.S. Dollar Index relative to other currencies:


As you can see, the Dollar is in a downtrend.  My expectation is that the Dollar will continue to downward trend to the .51 level. another 30% decline.  If all else is equal, gold would then trade at $1,425 to $1,650.  You can’t stop there.  Gold is the barometer that measures economic stability.  As the current system moves toward greater instability there will be a larger premium within the price of gold.  Gold retains value while paper currency loses value from inflation.  Silver has a similar nature.  Those in power have tried to convince the public that gold and silver were no longer money.  The prices of gold and silver have been rising against all currencies.  $3,000 per ounce is no longer unrealistic.

When a central bank has no restrictions tied to increasing the money supply such as a gold standard, they can issue as much money as they deem necessary.  By adding large amounts of cash to the system, they reduce the overall value of the currency relative to other countries.  This causes the decline in the value of the currency.  The Fed is injecting more and more cash into the system in an effort to save the banking system and will sacrifice the buying power of the U.S. Dollar to do it.  Holders of the dollar are losing value daily.  The only alternative to these holders is to trade their dollars for another asset.  This helps push the dollar to a lower value as well.  The U.S. authorities know that the dollar must decline but want an orderly decline, not a volatile free fall.  At some point, I expect a possible tipping point where large holders will run toward the exits.  If this happens gold will shoot up in a parabolic rise and at the same time the value of the U.S. Dollar will tank.  As I said earlier, the barometer is the price of gold.

Gold has consistently been a store of value throughout history.  I am not suggesting to hoard gold or silver.  All indications point to a gold-backed currency in the near future.  It will once again represent the primary medium of exchange.  Gold is a tool not to be worshipped.  It will be a medium of exchange allowing for the free flow of goods and services that we may flourish in an environment of "equal weights and measures".  Governments will not be able to manipulate "value" for their own agendas.  As former President Ronald Reagan once said, "Government takes from the needy and gives to the greedy."  Power without love as the motivating force is corrupting.  It will ultimately implode.

Electrodermal Screening for Psychological Types-Nux Vomica

Thursday, March 13th, 2008


Recently, news reports focused on a state governor who was forced to resign because of his alleged involvement with prostitution. Press reports characterized him as being aggressive, arrogant, vindictive, single minded, not listening to his advisers, threatening and sexually self indulgent over a span of several years.

In 1995 Phillip M. Bailey M,D., a homeopathic physician, wrote an excellent book called Homeopathic Psychology in which he characterized various psychological types of individuals. One of the purposes of his publication was to provide homeopaths with a profile of symptoms and characteristics for use in prescribing homeopathic remedies. For those unfamiliar with homeopathy, prescribing is based on the totality of symptoms. One of the chapters dealt with the Constitutional Remedy-Vux Vomica. I have outlined the chapter for your easy review. If a homeopath would recognize any of the characteristics listed below he would consider prescribing homeopathic Nux Vomica with the anticipated outcome of decreasing destructive behavior and for  gaining more self control.

A Constitutional Remedy refers to a homeopathic remedy that describes the whole personality of the individual – moods, fears, temperament, likes and dislikes, life style and reactions to stress.

Constitutionals represent a global picture of the individual much like the hypothalamus directs many functions of the body such as  heat loss, heat conservation, thirst, satiety, water balance, hunger, milk ejection and uterine contraction, circadian rhythms, endocrine activity, emotions, sleep cycles, recent memory, emotions including rage, and autonomic nerve function with both sympathomimetic and parasympathomimetic activity.

Electrodermally, Constitutional codes are derived from homeopathic Constitutional remedies. In my experience most constitutional codes can be detected at the Hypothalamic site-TW 20.

From a practical standpoint, in a case like this, if you  stimulate the Hypothalamic site, TW 20 and detect from the Triple Warmer Main Detection TW 1b, you would probably get abnormal skin resistance that would be corrected with Nux Vomica.

This method of characterizing  psychological types is rapid and precise.


The Nux personality is a composite of all, but one predominates

Warrior Conquest, power ruthlessness

Knight Honor, protection

Emperor Leadership, control

King Rules with power efficiently

Expert Love of excellence, sharp intellect

PlayBoy Self-indulgent, sensualist


Love of power

Ability to acquire power

Exercise power with confidence

Cannot be happy without power


Skilled in art of warfare, careful

Fearless, agile in mind and body

Restless in peacetime


      Being told what to do by inferiors

      Being questioned about merits of his action

      Being interrupted, contemptuous


Leads from the front

Ignores rules and regulations: a maverick

“I’m the greatest”

One pointed in defeating an opponent

Respects an equal opponent; befriends him after victory

Anger with indignation

Life: Conquest and enjoyment

Indiscreet, he likes to burst another’s bubble.

Leads a hectic life, exhausts those around him


Most noble Nux

Defends the weak; enjoys standing up to oppressors.

Nux is a knight to his children

Defends his family

Caveman, hunter

Courteous toward women, chauvinistic in love

Charismatic, chiseled good looks

Like a diamond, polished and tough.

Reformer on a case by case basis, no large vision or mission

May be spiritual

One pointed

Will not remain a follower; as a disciple, he will become a master


Was born to be a leader… in control

Dictatorial must have his own way

Has something on all he tries to influence

Blackmail at home and business

Always an ulterior motive

Smooth, charming, exterior

Delegates small portion of responsibility usually relatives

Mafia Doms


Multinational executives

Media tycoons; mutually dependent with politicians


A more benign Nux

Efficient use of power, fair and kind

Emotionally healthier Nux

Politicians, remembers friends, does not forgive enemies

Promotes others for merit; hates welfare

Speaks bluntly, call a spade a spade

Recognizes talent

Self congratulation

Nervous tension


Humming to self, mischievous to staff

Magnanimous when not threatened

Undermines newcomers, slander (Kent)

Jealousy (Kent)

Walk confidently, lopes, relaxed, hips and shoulders swing effortlessly

Only the best is good enough for him

May be in debt, but confident


Expert in their line of work

Is determined to be the best

May not always be right

Ideas abundant, clearness of mind (Kent), in the evening

Shares knowledge

Pompous as a lecturer

Laid-back as a story-teller

Practical, application oriented

Bare essentials-goes straight to the heart of the matter quickly

Most surgeons are Nux – power, fast results, and precise use of the scalpel

Focuses on health only as it applies to surgery

Arrogance since he relies only on his perspective, not his colleagues or clients

Playboy (Lycopodium; Tububerculinum; Lachachesis)

Self indulgent Playboy/sensualist

Arrogance is his biggest weakness along with sensual indulgence

Innocent about appetite

First love: practical achievement, influence

High metabolism–eats large amounts of food

Addicted to stimulation

Enjoys the buzz- food, victory, danger, liquor, sex, fast cars, fast money, noise

Loves speed: Play toy is racing cars

Enjoys driving

Loves computers–quick, versatile

Desires companions to have fun, especially females

Impulsive to satisfy desires

Alert even in drug orgies

Burn out:

      Sexual exhaustion

      Prostration of mind, averse to reading

      Tolerates only, bland food

      Sensitive to noise

      Over sensitive to stimuli, such as light; needs dark glasses



Mind racing over trivia

Awakes exhausted-turns to coffee, alcohol, tobacco


      Insensitive, selfish

      “Truth session”

      Partner points out selfish behavior, reacts innocently, short response

      More balanced Nux’s have wives as a secretary who are rewarded

      Indulgent with family

      Self-indulgent with partner – looks to her for comfort/support

      May exaggerate discomfort to get mothering

      Behaves as a child

      Show wounds to his women

      Wives, usually can’t keep one, they become chattel

      Don’t treat competition for sexual love lightly

Nux Women (Natrum muriaticum, Ignatia)

Careerist, masculine, looks to strong men

Less reactive, confident, angry with criticism

Calm, determined, Nux girl


Penetrating stare, pointed angular



Homeopathic Psychology

Phillip M. Bailey M.D


North Atlantic Books

Berkeley, California

Homeopathic Educational Services

2124 Kittredge St.

Berkeley, California 94704

ISBN 1-55643-099-x

Volatile Times are ahead in the Market

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

How would you like to be one of those who purchased the following stock in January of 2007 at $25.00 only to see it now worth $1.79?



Thornburg Mortgage is unable to meet margin call requirements by its lenders on $610 million.  Once the smoke clears this mortgage company will probably be out of business.  Another stock, Ambac Financial Group (ABK), is also in serious trouble.  Ambac is down 90% from its recent high.  However, Ambac’s problems have a greater repercussion than Thornburg.  Ambac is a primary insurer of financial instruments.  With this insurance "wrap", many securities were rated as "investment" grade securities.  This means that pension funds and other conservative investors could own these securities.  "Investment grade" is deemed to be highly secure.  However, if the guarantee by the insurer (Ambac) becomes worthless, then the "rating" of the security may fall below investment grade.  If that happens, then investors may have to liquidate their position and thus create a reduced demand for these securities.  The end result is the securities’ price is drastically cut.  Other holders of the security must then show unrealized losses on their balance sheets.  With additional losses, the holder must begin liquidating some of the assets to maintain financial stability.  This is a downward spiral.  Ambac is currenty insuring about $524 Billion of outstanding debt. See:



The financial institutions and the Federal Reserve are intimately aware of this issue.  They will find a solution to further prop up Ambac or the securities Ambac insures.  With a much lower stock price and performance, AMBAC will have difficulty raising enough capital to stay in business.  It did raise $1.5 Billion but I suspect that amount will have a high "burn" rate in the coming months as more debt securities heads south and Ambac is forced to pay out claims.

Banks face "systemic margin call," $325 billion hit: JPM

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street banks are facing a "systemic margin call" that may deplete banks of $325 billion of capital due to deteriorating subprime U.S. mortgages, JPMorgan Chase & Co, said in a report late on Friday.  See:

Remember, when a bank loses money on a loan, the loss goes directly to the bottom line and forces the bank to contract its loans and investments.  If banks are leveraged 10 to 1 against their capital, this puts $3.25 Trillion into play.  Hopefully this isn’t the domino that causes all of the other financial dominos to fall.

Could it be that Our Heavenly Father is beginning the cleansing cycle?