The Demise of the Business Model

What is a Business Model? A business model is a framework of creating value by a company. What is a framework? A framework is a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues. Source: Now that I have defined the business model, let’s look at the relevance of this topic to Biblical… Continue reading The Demise of the Business Model

Hubbert’s Peak

Recent record oil prices would suggest that we revisit the primary driver of high prices.  Throughout our lives there has always been an abundance of oil.  When Jed Clampett shot his rifle and discovered oil on the show "Beverly Hillbillies", the view of oil was one of abundance.  Oil discoveries enhanced economic development of the… Continue reading Hubbert’s Peak

Unequal Weights and Measures: Airlines

This week the airlines were in the news with their massive personnel cuts and downsizing plans.  See:  Something just didn’t seem right.  The reason given for cutting jobs, schedules, and increasing fares by up to four times the previous prices just didn’t add up.  Being the financially oriented guy I am I decided to… Continue reading Unequal Weights and Measures: Airlines

Inside the eye of the hurricane

We can see the sun and the wind has subsided, the ocean is still, all is calm, or is it?  The following graph illustrates the seriousness of the problem:   That hyperbolic blue line is the total borrowings from the Fed, now at about $140 Billion.  The gray sections are the recessions with… Continue reading Inside the eye of the hurricane