Did Peak Oil occur in May, 2005?

The following article provides additional support to this view: http://www.reuters.com/article/bondsNews/idUSN3046323420080730 Mexico’s largest field, Cantarell, is in serious decline.  Mexico is a major supplier of light, sweet crude (the type our refineries need).  Enjoy the low price of gasoline while you can.  There may be notable reserves in the ground, but they cannot be developed quickly. … Continue reading Did Peak Oil occur in May, 2005?

G’Day Mate!

It is unfortunate that we must read articles written outside the U.S. to get a more realistic view of what is happening in our own financial markets.  National Australia Bank is writing off 90% of it American "conduit" loans.  It clearly understands the need to cleanse its liabilities.  In the corporate environment it is always… Continue reading G’Day Mate!

"Cooking the Books"

The president and the chief financial officer (CFO) have a breakfast meeting.  The president asks the question, "What will our earning be for the current quarter?"  The CFO responds, "What do you want it to be?"  That is the current reality in large financial institutions.  This is not a new phenomenon.  Top financial officers have… Continue reading "Cooking the Books"

The Next President will be the real loser

This Presidential Election will not have a winner.  Whoever is chosen will have a challenge never before seen by this country.  There is a high probability that the standard of living of all Americans will decline substantially during this presidency.  The country has been living on borrowed time, literally.  Over consumption by all income levels… Continue reading The Next President will be the real loser


The economic crisis continues. Leaders continue to spin the statistics in order to manipulate the perception of consumers to believe “all is well” once again. The Fed has monetized bad debt from investment banks. What does that mean? They bought debt from investment banks that was deemed “illiquid”. Now this debt is sitting on the… Continue reading Insolvency!

Personal Economic Defense Plan Review

On February 3rd of this year I posted: Personal Economic Defense Plan. Let’s review my recommendation: 5. Weight your stock portfolio to energy (oil & gas), gold, silver, & coppper stocks, and consistent dividend paying stocks.  Chevron, Petrohawk, Goldcorp, Yamana Gold, Silvercorp, GE, Southern Copper, Penn West Energy are all stocks for your review (see… Continue reading Personal Economic Defense Plan Review