The Texas Ratio

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The Texas ratio is a measure of a bank’s credit troubles. Developed by Gerard Cassidy and others at RBC Capital Markets, it is calculated by dividing the value of the lender’s non-performing loans by the sum of its tangible equity capital and loan loss reserves.  In analyzing Texas banks during… Continue reading The Texas Ratio

Georgia on my mind

On 08/08/08, Georgia was invaded by Russian troops.  Why? Once again, it’s all about oil just like Iraq was all about oil. The following map provides us a view of Georgia’s proximity to the oil pipelines: Source: Kleveman, Lutz, The New Great Game, Atlantic Monthly Press, September 2003   Notice Georgia is between the Black… Continue reading Georgia on my mind


The following are screening sites that should be considered in detecting the extent of prostate cancer and for electromagnetic codes that influence those sites. Detection Sites for Electrodermal Screening of Prostate Cancer Urogenital System BL 66b     Main Detection Site     Primary tumor      BL 65            Prostate BL 50       Lateral Lobe           BL 50-1    Middle Lobe… Continue reading CANCER OF THE PROSTATE-AN ELECTRODERMAL SCREENING


PROSTATE CANCER Incidence: 200,000 American men per year Death rate: 30,000 per year Diagnosis: Most men are diagnosed by an elevated prostate specific antigen blood test (PSA). Less commonly, by an abnormal digital rectal examination (DRE)   PROSTATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN (PSA) A protein produced by the prostate Measures the amount of PSA in a sample… Continue reading PROSTATE CANCER DIAGNOSIS AND STAGING-AN OVERVIEW