Thank You for Your 2008 Support

We thank everyone who supported Servias Ministries this year.  The ministry continues to grow and our readership has expanded to Europe and Canada.  We appreciate reader comments and will continue to provide relevant economic and health oriented writings.      

Memory Loss

Some say "Experience is the best teacher" but I believe "Experience of someone else fully revealed to me is the best teacher".  The Holy Scripture provides us an excellent economic guide to live by.  Those that study history see that society continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.  As it has been… Continue reading Memory Loss

"Fear not"

2009 may be the year where the markets are more volatile than any other time in history.  With the dramatic increase in information and opinion exposure from the hundreds of channels on television as well as the Internet, men and women will be exposed to many potentially fearful events.  Radio talk shows thrive on confrontation,… Continue reading "Fear not"

Merry Christmas!

We want to thank the readers and contributors to Servias Ministries for a blessed year!  People around the world celebrate the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ throughout the month of December.  We are truly thankful for the Love of Our Heavenly Father for sending His Son for our redemption.

The Great Perplexity

Perplexity is "trouble or confusion resulting from complexity ".  If you have been reading this site in the past, you have been exposed to my crusade for moderation and simplicity: SIMPLIFY!  As my wife and I were inquiring of THE LORD recently, we were given the following passage spoken by Jesus: Luke 21:21-26 21 "Then… Continue reading The Great Perplexity

Indigenous vs. Surrogate Power

Throughout Economic History, there has been a battle between indigenous and surrogate power.  Each of us has indigenous power- native, innate, and before intrusion.  On the other hand, surrogate power appoints another as a replacement for one’s own power and authority.  Each of us has rights given by our Creator.  When governments (surrogate power) are… Continue reading Indigenous vs. Surrogate Power

Economic Barometer Update

Update on Gold: SPOT MARKET Dec 11, 2008 17:13 NY Time Bid/Ask 819.70 – 820.50 Low/High 804.00 – 835.90 1 year change +8.10  +1.00% Increase Gold is up 1% versus this day last year.   Update on Stock Market: Dow Jones Industrial Average 12/11/07: 13,432.77                                                 12/11/08:  8,565.09     1 year change: -36% Decline   Update… Continue reading Economic Barometer Update