Contraction Needed

Continuous expansion is not healthy for any economic system.  Over-expansion will cause the needed contraction to be more severe than otherwise needed.  The current policy of “bubble” economics has been delaying the inevitable.  Further delay could facilitate a collapse just as it did in Rome’s final days.  Contraction allows the system to detoxify from the… Continue reading Contraction Needed

Christ and the Geological Periods

Christ and the Geological Periods There are uncertainties associated in any discussion of geological periods. The most obvious uncertainty is that there were no observers during these geological periods to report their findings. Thus, the existence of geological periods cannot be validated by direct observation. One way to determine if geological periods existed at all… Continue reading Christ and the Geological Periods

Economic Suicide

The new healthcare bill will be the defining moment of the United States.  If this bill is passed it will be the straw to break the camel’s economic back.  The cost of healthcare will further deepen our trillion dollar deficits.  China is the largest creditor and will not tolerate our expanded deficits.  The future of… Continue reading Economic Suicide