The Function of Gold

Sometimes, it is best to get back to some foundational understanding about the current monetary system and where it went astray.  Man’s carnal desire to manipulate and control moved us off the gold standard.  The term “good as gold” was used for U.S. currency since you could exchange paper money for the equivalent value of… Continue reading The Function of Gold

Thank You!

On November 12th, 2009, we revealed the plan to fund a new electro-dermal screening system designed to remove “toxins” from the human body.  As of today we now have enough funds to build the “alpha” test machine.  This phase I device will provide us with the understanding and experience to move toward a compact, inexpensive… Continue reading Thank You!

Defending a Revelation

One day you are minding your own business and Our Heavenly Father drops a revelation into your consciousness.  What do you do?  This revelation is going to change your life, your friends, your financial decisions, and your basic interaction with mankind.  This revelation may usher you out of your local church congregation.  It may impact… Continue reading Defending a Revelation

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Mortgage Crisis continues

The following graph provides a stark reminder that the worst is ahead and not behind us:   The sub-prime loans will wash out by December 21st, 2012.  Just in time for the Mayan celebration.  Continue the defensive posture necessary to weather the volatility ahead.  Washington has no incentive to provide the raw facts now facing… Continue reading Mortgage Crisis continues

Darkness of Understanding

Ignorance is the state in which one lacks knowledge, is unaware of something or chooses to subjectively ignore information.  This is in contrast to light and revelation.  Darkness first appears in the 2nd verse of the Bible: Genesis 1:2   And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the… Continue reading Darkness of Understanding

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Arrogance and Ignorance

There are $600 trillion worth of derivative contracts worldwide according to the Bank of International Settlements. In simple terms, derivatives are debt bets between two parties that are very hard to collect on.  According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the nation’s five largest commercial banks held 95 percent of the $291… Continue reading Arrogance and Ignorance

U.S. Ranked 16th on List

Credit Suisse issued a report identifying those countries it determined to have the highest risks of default on their sovereign debts. Number 16 on the list was the United States, based primarily on its 2009 budget deficits and government debt.  In Scripture, 16 represents “Love”.  Does this mean that the rest of the world now… Continue reading U.S. Ranked 16th on List

Two Global Currencies

The world is moving to two global currencies:  Gold and SDR’s.  The value of SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights) is determined by a weighted basket of currencies and is accounted for by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The U.S. Dollar is expected to become more of a regional currency like the Euro and Yen.  Gold has… Continue reading Two Global Currencies

The (E)scape goat

The remission of sin was externalized in the Old Testament.  The High Priest conducted ceremonies to cleanse the people of their sin.  However, this only lasted up to one year and the process was repeated.  This process was a well documented type and shadow of what Jesus would have to do as the perfect sacrifice.… Continue reading The (E)scape goat

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Testimony: To bear witness

Prophets throughout history had the responsibility to bear witness to mankind of what Our Heavenly Father planned to do on earth.  In the Heavenly Courts, each of us has the responsibility to bear witness “under oath” and provide the truth and the facts as evidence of our right to defend ourselves against spiritual attacks.  Spiritual… Continue reading Testimony: To bear witness

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