Wagering against States & Municipalities

It was only a matter of time before the banks would create wagers against states such as California, New York, and Michigan.  The latest derivatives are called municipal credit default swaps.  JP Morgan Chase and Citibank are both offering these bets against the states and other municipalities.  The problem with these derivatives and any other… Continue reading Wagering against States & Municipalities

The Plans of Men

Lightning streaks across the sky as lava flows from a volcano in Eyjafjallajokul April 17, 2010. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson) This volcano in Iceland affected the plans of air travelers in Europe for several days.  This unexpected event could not be planned for by man.  Historically, its neighboring volcano has been known to erupt shortly afterwards with… Continue reading The Plans of Men

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The Betrayal of Love

Psalm 41:9   Even my own familiar friend in whom I trusted, Who ate my bread, Has lifted up his heel against me (betrayed me). Jesus, the manifestation of Love, knew that He would be betrayed by Judas Iscariot.  This betrayal had been prophesied by Scripture and pointed to that fateful day of crucifixion.  Often, betrayal… Continue reading The Betrayal of Love

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Unmitigated Disaster

Add 32 million people to the healthcare system without the necessary additional infrastructure to handle them and what do you get?  A disaster.  It takes a minimum of eleven years of schooling to become a primary care physician.  Many of the uninsured have pre-existing conditions already and physicians are going to order enough tests to… Continue reading Unmitigated Disaster

Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

What’s wrong with this picture: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  Money represents physical resources, our labor, inheritance, and other forms of tangible wealth.  For most of us, our savings represents our past labor converted and stored as a means to pay for future goods and services- retirement.  Money in itself… Continue reading Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

The Circumcised Heart of Love

Now available from: Servias Ministries, Inc. PO Box 1471 Bethany, OK  73008 Price $16 USD A contribution Letter will be sent for the amount above the cost of the book.  The proceeds will assist in funding other projects of Servias Ministries that encourage and promote spiritual and physical health.