Catastrophic Timing

7 miles east of the rig blowout is a massive plume of oil escaping and creating a layer of oil nearly 400 ft thick and the footprint is now bigger than Maryland and Delaware.  They believe this plume is spilling 120,000 barrels per day.  See:    This is in addition to the 1,000 barrel per… Continue reading Catastrophic Timing

The Realities of this Summer

The BP oil spill continues to decimate the economy of the Gulf States.  Add a potentially active hurricane season and you have a recipe for disaster.  NOAA projects an 85% probability of an above normal hurricane season.  See:  If we have one major hurricane entering the Gulf of Mexico while the oil spill is… Continue reading The Realities of this Summer

Economic Minefield: The Final Stages toward default

The Euro is in deep “doo doo”.  The U.S. unfunded liabilities and deficits cannot be paid, the math just doesn’t add up.  Peak oil is here but traders look at immediate demand to determine price.  You cannot get the truth from Economic Officials because they want to manage “perception” for the greater good, thus they… Continue reading Economic Minefield: The Final Stages toward default

At the Fringe

I consider this blog category of Biblical Economics as the fringe versus the “Establishment”.  The Establishment wants to be in control and maintain that status of control over its citizenry.  At the center of this control is self-interest.  On the other hand, “fringe” thinking results from Love being at the center of thought.  It is… Continue reading At the Fringe

Knowing Our Heavenly Father

Christians claim they want the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and to be ruled by this Kingdom yet there is little emphasis on knowing HIS ways, just HIS acts.  Some pastors try to force “Jesus” on the unsaved when they should be sharing more about HIS gift and its benefits.  The kingdom of man is… Continue reading Knowing Our Heavenly Father

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Planning for the near future.

What is a hyperinflationary depression?  A depression is a severe contraction in the Gross Domestic Product over multiple quarters.  To date, there is no consensus on the meaning of “severe”.  The Great Depression in the 1930’s is our only true benchmark for this country.  The term “hyperinflationary” is a severe increase in money supply which… Continue reading Planning for the near future.