The Baptism of Love

I have been sharing the “Baptism of Love” revelation for years now knowing that it exists but not yet having a full understanding of how it is experienced.  Just as Charles Parham and his bible college students in Topeka, Kansas, were seeking the baptism of the Spirit in 1900.  They knew this baptism existed but… Continue reading The Baptism of Love

Money from thin air

The following graph provides us with a view of what the Federal Reserve has done over the last three years precipitated by the banking crisis (or disclosure).  The crisis did not begin on a particular day but was the inflection point of years of poor monetary management and regulation:   Hard assets such as gold,… Continue reading Money from thin air


As a technology-oriented professional for the last 38 years, I am fully convinced we’re heading for a “technology collapse”.  How will this materialize?  I do not know yet but once it occurs, we will look back and say “That collapse occurred due to our reliance on technology”. Technology does not create energy it only enhances… Continue reading Simplify…

Being a Blessing

The average person wants a free ride, especially the “Church”.  Their prayer usually starts out with a petition to remove the pressure, stress, etc.  “I need more money, more this, more that… I need a jubilee!”  There is much time and energy devoted to finding the easy way out of past actions and decisions as… Continue reading Being a Blessing

Thinking the Unthinkable

Those who have been reading this blog know about a “black swan” event, an unexpected and unanticipated event that has a negative impact on lives and/or financial markets.  It appears that we are finding a flock of black swans around the globe.  There are so many unusual events happening around the globe that reporters must… Continue reading Thinking the Unthinkable

Collapse of Government Debt and the 9th Sign of Elisha

With 80% of the U.S. Government’s expenditures as being non-negotiable spending, the collapse would appear to be certain.  Why?  The politicians and the people do not have the will to cut back before it is too late.  Sustained low interest rates served only to mask the problem of huge debt and deficits.  Once the market… Continue reading Collapse of Government Debt and the 9th Sign of Elisha

Dwelling with Our Heavenly Father

Fellowship with Our Heavenly Father is the highest level of relationship a person can have. What more could one ask for than to have an intimate relationship with the Creator of Heaven and earth. We all desire fellowship with others and have a deep-seated need to be loved. Those who have been hurt by loved… Continue reading Dwelling with Our Heavenly Father

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Oil, Gold, & Silver poised for an upward rise

The events in the Middle East are not due to a sudden desire for democracy. It would seem to have a concerted effort behind it.  The uprisings in the Middle East appear to have planning and organization behind them.  Since Iran is the obvious benefactor behind destabilization, one would have to consider a connection.  The… Continue reading Oil, Gold, & Silver poised for an upward rise