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Hyperinflation on the horizon

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Hyperinflation is monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate and the result is much higher prices for food, shelter, energy, and clothing.  When a country has a very large debt load as is the case of the U.S., there are three ways to deal with this burden:

1.  Grow your way out which would reduce the debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Thus additional tax revenue from the growth would help pay off debt.  The U.S. is not in a position to grow its way out of a paper sack.

2.  Default on the outstanding debt thus causing a crisis in the bond market which would spread globally and cause the global economy to crash.

3.  You can print your way out of this debt with the monetary printing presses.  Historically, this has been the preferred option for many countries.

Politicians know these three options and have chosen #3.  Unless they pull a rabbit out of the hat, hyperinflation is on its way.  Believe me, they are looking for that rabbit.

The voters do not want their benefits touched but the politicians have schemed throughout the decades to bankrupt programs like social security by replacing the cash with IOU’s.  In the private sector these actions would come under the heading of fraud and theft, both felonies.  The current system shields politicians from accountability for their actions.  Only blatant, reported crimes put the politicians’ future at risk.

What is needed is a group of statesmen who are willing to be “one term” politicians and would be willing to do what’s right for the people.  The media wouldl attack those politicians who are willing to sacrifice themselves and do the right thing thus self interest prevails.

The 600 lb. gorilla in the room is our foreign creditors, they own half of our total debt.  Do you think that they will allow their holdings to be eaten up by the Fed  hyper-inflating those dollars they are holding?  The continued issuance of U.S. Debt requires someone to buy it.  In walks the Fed.  They are buying U.S. Treasury debt with newly created dollars that have absolutely no backing of any kind other than the future promise to pay.  The Fed is the lender of last resort.  The foreign creditors hold our future in their hands.  That’s not good.

Where are the baby boomers putting their money now?  In the bond market.  This is the current bubble that is expanding and will burst soon only to leave many baby boomers with even less wealth to sustain them through the retirement years.  Their house value is down, the lost money in the tech bubble, and soon they will suffer more losses in the bond market.  It is ugly out there.

The current “official” inflation rate is around 3.2%.  If the investor is buying a 10 year Treasury at 3.05% and pays a 30% tax rate on the interest and nets a little over 2%, how much money would the investor need to live on to receive an annual cashflow of $75,000?  He would need to have $3,750,000.  Most of us will suffer in the foreseeable future.

How can we respond?  Reduce complexity.  The less we have to manage, the less money we have to spend to support the complexity.  Improve energy efficiency on a personal basis.  Most of all, seek the Face of Our Heavenly Father!

Management by Deferral

Monday, May 30th, 2011

The most important unemployment rate is that of the politicians.  With the election cycle upon us, you can be sure all financial issues will be pushed into 2013 if possible for their purpose in life is to be re-elected.  The question remains: How far can they kick the economic crisis can down the road?  There are more issues around the globe than any one person can deal with.  The banks have been quietly writing off toxic debt as a percentage of their earnings but still have too much on the books.  The true unemployment rate continues to hold in the double digits.  “Financial Repression” is the means by which the Fed keeps low interest rates in place thus helping the Federal Government’s borrowing at the expense of its population.  Once again I have the question, “Who determines the greater good?”  We know it is good for politicians but not for most of us who earn a living in the private sector.

How can we protect ourselves from the excessive spending and deficits that are not at epic proportions?  By revelation from Our Heavenly Father.  If information was all we needed, we could all surf the Internet and be in great shape.  Technology enables but does not create a thing.  Technology will not increase the amount of oil left in the ground.  It may facilitate its extraction but will not expand it.

Our Heavenly Father is the only source of information about the future of us individually or mankind as a whole.  HIS revelations often appears to challenge our human logic.  Human logic has the greed/fear attribute embedded in it as a survival instinct.  The ego would not go to the cross to save mankind.  It would devise another strategy and throw the success point out in the future and force us to constantly perform in pursuit of the end result, almost like leading a horse around with a carrot.  The mind is all about control.  Politicians want to control the masses in order to carry out their agendas.  Our Heavenly Father operates by Love and does not need to control us, simply guide us into all truth.

Truth in the political arena has been obscured by the cunning manipulation of the primary support systems of the political machinery.  The support systems are funded by wealthy interests who are intent on perpetuating their agendas in order to expand their power base and increase their wealth.  The ego would tell you that you never have enough money and you must pursue more at all cost.  On the other hand, money is simply a commodity to Our Heavenly Father.  Jesus acquired money as needed but never focused on its acquisition for the sake of accumulating more.  When you can multiply bread and fishes, why do you need a lot of money?

As we continue to seek Our Heavenly Father’s Face, our resources will expand in order that we may become part of the blessing to others.  Most people focus on “me and my four and no more” rather than the needs of those they encounter.  There is plenty of productive capacity on earth even though it appears that we are running out of resources.  The current paradigm of energy, food production, and growth are based on a hydrocarbon supported infrastructure.  Yes, there is a limit of hydrocarbons on earth but there is a lot of untapped energy from other sources.  The current Babylonian system will not be blessed with the revelation of tapping into the other energy resources.  In the meantime, hearing the voice of Our Heavenly Father is your defense against management by deferral.

The love of money

Friday, May 27th, 2011

1 Timothy 6:10   For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (NKJV)

In a recent blog, I wrote on tithing.  For those of us who survived the Pentecostal “name and claim it” era, that can be a sensitive topic.  Many pastors, prophets, evangelist, teachers, and apostles turned the sanctuary into a house of merchandise.  Tables of books and tapes lined the back of the auditorium or just outside and the people were compelled to give in order to be blessed.  This created a god of conditions: if you give, then I will bless you.  I know of one family who gave into bankruptcy.  Where was the church when they were losing their house?  Nowhere to be found.  The faith movement forgot to operate in Love thus the money flowed in the wrong direction.  Jesus was a giver, not a taker.  The church would also use the tithe as a means of obtaining money from the congregation although they did not want to adhere to any other laws or statutes of the Old Testament, a cafeteria-style gospel.

One function of tithing is to test your heart.  Obviously Our Heavenly Father does not need the money.  The question is this, can you be a cheerful giver?  If not, don’t give until you can.  If you can’t give cheerfully then you probably have a problem with “scarcity mentality” and don’t really believe that Our Heavenly Father will meet your needs so you must take on that responsibility yourself.

In March of 1995, my financial wilderness adventure began.  Our Heavenly Father dried up the cash flow while I was studying the revelation of the feast of Tabernacles and all its facets.  Three months into study is when I realized that I had entered the wilderness.  In the past, being self-employed meant our revenue would cycle up and down.  This time it just cycled down.  THE LORD had always provided for us but this time the well was running dry.  I asked Our Heavenly Father what was going on???  HE said, “You are in the wilderness.”  I said, “Get me out!”  HE said, “There is an appointed time to be in the wilderness.”  At that point I knew that I would spend eighteen months in this down cycle.  I had to console my wife many times and remind her that Our Heavenly Father would sustain us.  Our finances were in a nosedive and bankruptcy was now in view.  Each morning from 6 to 7 AM I would spend time in prayer.  Often it was spent simply getting the fear out that was gripping my heart.  I had a new appreciation for the Book of Psalms for I was living it.  Finally the wilderness adventure was over and the revenue flowed once again.  This time of testing was to give me an opportunity to learn about myself and whether I really believed that Our Heavenly Father would sustain my family.  This wilderness adventure was certainly a test of the heart.

Any windfall whether it be the lottery, inheritance, or other source will test our hearts.  Even the expectation of an imminent windfall can cause the greed to surface and make the individual totally unproductive.  The promise of the substantial sum of money often causes the individual to become focused on the money and not on his or her calling.  It is almost a paralyzing effect.  Energy is expended planning for the arrival of the funds rather than walking out your gifts and calling.  I will do this, I will buy that, I must start looking for land to buy, let’s see, I need a new car…  All of a sudden you are no longer satisfied with your current state.  You have now consumed days, weeks, or months preoccupied with unfulfilled plans.  You look back and see that you wasted all that time when you could have been productive.  This is when you become “pierced with many sorrows”.  The greed found in your heart was so subtle that you were unable to recognize its existence until it destroyed time, energy, and possibly relationships.

Money isn’t the issue, greed in the heart is.

Fiscal Crisis continues

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

If you live in Illinois, you may want to move (and not to California).  As stated by the State Treasurer, you are on the line for $42,000 of state debt.  Add $129,171 of U.S. debt per taxpayer not including unfunded liabilities and you are up to $171,171.  Uh-oh!


Missing the Point

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

America’s economic health is in dire straits and they are missing the point.  In an article “"Gang of Six" budget talks founder in Senate”:

“Republican Tom Coburn, one of the Senate’s leading fiscal conservatives, told reporters he was dropping out of the bipartisan "Gang of Six" after months of meetings.  "We can’t bridge the gap between what actually needs to happen and what people will allow to happen," Coburn said. A source familiar with the talks said Coburn had pushed for deep and immediate cuts to Medicare, the healthcare program for the elderly, which were rejected by other members of the group. Coburn’s proposal was described as more dramatic than a plan that passed the Republican-controlled House of Representatives last month.”  See:

Medicare costs for the elderly is a symptom.

Healthcare costs for the elderly is a symptom.

The current state of chronic disease among the elderly is a symptom.

The question that Washington should be asking is “What is the root cause of the chronic diseases that are plaguing the elderly as well as the rest of the population?”

Why are more girls at a younger age starting their menstrual cycle?  Why are miscarriages on the rise?  What is causing obesity to maintain its grip even though people are spending more time and money trying to shed those pounds?

I would suggest that I know the answer to many of the chronic problems that plague the population.  Exposure and absorption of a vast number of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, toxins, pollens, frequencies, heavy metals, and the list goes on.  Who are the culprits?  Generally speaking, the industrial complex that help create prosperity over the last 70 years.

With over 70,000 chemicals being manufactured and distributed around the globe, do you think that exposure and absorption would not occur on a wide scale?  What impact does a specific chemical have on the human body?  Nobody knows for sure.  Studies using 100,000 people cannot account for the unique exposure history of each test subject thus statistics are used to determine safety.  I hope that I am not the exception!

Fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides are mass marketed to the population who then assume that they can safely disburse the products at home.  Then come the grandkids who are playing in the yard and fall down in the grass only to pick up some of the residual chemical disbursed weeks earlier.  A little here, a little there, and before long the immune system is on overload.

Toxic exposure occurs everyday in America.  Whether you take over-the-counter drugs for headaches which are probably caused by exposure to a myriad of unwanted toxic agents, or you simply go down to the local do-it-yourself superstore and inhale the chemicals that are out-gassed from their containers, you will get exposed to something today.  Those metal fillings your dentist removes are treated as “biohazard” wastes.  Gloves, mask, protective glasses?  Dang, my mouth scares me too!

What is my solution?  A “detoxification” device.  It must be a device than can identify these exposures that have been somehow introduced into the body.  It must then have some type of mechanism that can support removal of the unwanted chemical, substance, bacteria, virus, etc. from the body.  Can it heal the body? NO!  The body is built to heal itself but we must remove the hindrances that tax the body’s immune system.  If you use tweezers to remove a splinter, the tweezers provided no healing power.  They simply removed the interference that kept the body from utilizing its GOD given ability to heal itself.

This detoxification device must accommodate the unique exposure history of every person that is tested.  Pharmaceuticals have a long list of contraindications, warnings, and precautions.  Why?  Because they don’t know an individual’s history and want to minimize their liability when you ingest the drug and it reacts with previously consumed chemicals.

The body does not eliminate all toxins, chemicals, and vapors that it absorbs.  Some of it stays in your system for the rest of your life.  Some of it is isolated in the fat to protect the vital organs from continued exposure.  Could this be why I have such problems in fat reduction even though I ride my bike 14 miles at a time and exercise in a consistent manner?  Help me somebody!

We continue our development of such a device/system that is based on earlier technology and was found to be successful in detoxifying cancer patients with most recovering and living productive lives.  Was it 100% successful?  No, but the percentages of recovery were much greater than the “cut, burn, poison” methods endorsed by orthodox medicine today… and much cheaper.  The medical community may not want to hear that based on the financial commitment to the current protocol.  More to come.

Parable of the Rich Fool

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Let’s talk about money today:

Luke 12:16 Then He (Jesus) spoke a parable to them, saying: “The ground of a certain rich man yielded plentifully. 17 And he thought within himself, saying, ‘What shall I do, since I have no room to store my crops?’ 18 So he said, ‘I will do this: I will pull down my barns and build greater, and there I will store all my crops and my goods. 19 And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry.” ’ 20 But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will those things be which you have provided?’

21 “So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.”

How would you like to be called a “fool” by Our Heavenly Father?  Ugggh!  Try to read this post without being offended for your soul would have you believe otherwise for the ego wants to maintain control and one of the most precious topics to it is “money”.  It is more subtly known as greed or coveting.  The love of money or “greed” is the root of all evil.  Why?  It assumes that Our Heavenly Father does not love you and will not provide for you.  It also assumes that the physical universe is the sum total of resources to sustain us, that is to say, the physical is superior to the spiritual.

I find that many wealthy people develop an attitude of entitlement as though they were created as special people with a special “anointing” to be rich.  They are the upper echelon of humans living on earth thus they should have special privileges.  Whether it be front row seats or the finest dining, the “entitled” continue their pursuit of “greater barns”.  Wall Street is the culmination of that attitude.  Lawlessness becomes a necessity for the rules must be bent in order to obtain the next million dollars.  Before long, lawlessness is at the center of the person’s life.  Our Heavenly Father has tagged them as “fools”.

On the other hand, Our Heavenly Father established a “barometer” among His people.  Giving!  By offering up your firstfruits, you establish that Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate source of our sustenance, not the world system.

Gen 14:18  And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he [was] the priest of the most high God.  19  And he blessed him, and said, Blessed [be] Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth:  20  And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.

Abraham was no fool.  He knew his future was not based on building bigger barns for he knew where his success came from.  Tithing is a touchy subject with people.  Each and every time the subject is brought up, people grab their wallets.  This is partly due to what is in their heart.  Deep down, they assume that the person bringing up the subject is trying in manipulate them and finagle money from their bank account.  “To the pure, all things are pure.”  One could say, “To the impure, all things are impure” as well.  By the way, “tithing” began before the Mosaic Law was given.  Yes, churches have used and abused tithing to extract money from the people.  The tithe is Our Heavenly Father’s thus we should ask Our Heavenly Father where HE wants HIS money to go.  That was easy!

Why tithe?  You establish who god in your life: Our Heavenly Father or greed.  It is a time to reflect of what is in your heart.  If you are not a cheerful giver then you are not really giving out of Love but out of duty.  Jesus was able to multiply resources as needed.  Do you think Our Heavenly Father can’t do the same on our behalf?  Do you seem to always be upside down on your monthly bills?  It’s not about the money, it’s about the heart.  Go ahead and rationalize away that you should not be a giver.  That is your ego keeping you separated from the Kingdom of Our Heavenly Father.  Fear, uncertainty, and doubt are the three sisters of the ego.  Aspiring overcomers are known as “givers”, not “takers”.  If you are waiting for your ship to come in before you start giving, you might as well go home for the ship will not arrive.  Our Heavenly Father blesses stewards with more resources whereas the evil steward has his substance taken away.

By the way, don’t shoot the messenger.

Impoverishing a Generation

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The Federal Reserve is removing the wealth from an entire generation of savers at an alarming rate.  How are they doing this?  By forcing short term interest rates well below 1% at the same time inflating the currency by printing money thus pressuring prices for food, energy. and healthcare up by double digits (6-15%).  This results in confiscation of savings over the long haul.  The problem: “What alternatives can they invest in and protect their principal?’”

The U.S. will continue to issue a substantial amount of debt.  An American family’s largest debt is normally their mortgage debt which is supported by the asset value of their home.  The problem is that the housing market continues to weaken thereby driving housing values down and an increasing number of borrowers are upside down on their mortgage.  Couple this with the fact that the baby boomers are now wanting to downsize and get out of their mcmansions and you have a long-term trend of lower housing prices.  In order to stay competitive, homebuilders are seeking lower bids from subcontractors.  Some of those subcontractors are hiring illegal aliens from across the border to lower their costs.  In many cases the quality goes down faster than the price.  Also, the career construction subcontractors who obey the law are penalized and lose work.  Nobody can calculate the underlying cost of the dynamics of the current situation.

Social security payments are not an entitlement but are “insurance” payments obligated by the Federal Government in most cases.  Yes, there are those who paid in very little and have reaped much from the system.  However, most of us have paid in for 40+ years and some of us paid double as business owners.  We simply want the payments we deserve.  There are entitlement programs such as food stamps but social security is not one of them.

In order to prop up an unsustainable paradigm, the Fed will continue to print money and politicians will continue to promise entitlements at the expense of multiple generations.  Pain is coming.  The only question is how much pain will each of us suffer?  This pain will transition us into a new era.

Will this new era be the time that the overcomers take command?  I hope so.  There is a lot of cleanup work to do in the global arena.  Death and destruction are the methods used commonly around the world.  There is talk of removing excess population because of overcrowding and scarcity of resources to accommodate the current population.  We need wisdom from above to solve the problems we are currently experiencing.  Each of us needs to draw closer to Our Heavenly Father and seek HIS face.  The closer you are, the easier it is to hear and respond.  The answers are a whisper away.

Silver Manipulation & Management

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The fundamentals of silver continue to be strong but were due for a correction.  $36 silver is the next support level.  A major reason for the rapid and steep decline was a change in margin requirements for the paper market.  This tends to remove under-funded speculators and the weak at heart. 

Margin is collateral(stocks and/or cash) that the holder(speculator) of a financial instrument(silver contract) has to deposit to cover some or all of the credit risk of his counterparty (most often his broker or an exchange).

For instance, if the margin requirement is 25% then the speculator can buy $10,000 in futures contracts with a minimum of $2,500 in cash or stock in the trading account to cover the margin.  However, if the trading exchange increases margin to 50%, then the speculator must come up with another $2,500 to bring his balance to $5,000.  Often the trader will begin closing out his outstanding contracts to cover his new margin requirement.  With more sellers doing this, the market drops as it did last week.

A trading exchange will protect itself by increasing margin requirement to the borrowers of assets.  Margin can go to 100% if the volatility is too risky for the exchange (management) or if they want to temporarily move the market down(manipulation).  The good news for those of us who believe that the long term fundamentals support higher prices is that soon we will have another buying opportunity for metals and their underlying stocks.  When will be the optimum time to add to positions?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows for sure.

The news: CME Group, operator of the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, announced a pair of margin increases late Wednesday, the first of which goes into effect after Thursday’s close and another on Monday. Additionally, the Shanghai Gold Exchange raised the margin requirement for silver contracts. “This has prompted many investors to withdraw from the silver market, reflected in outflows from silver ETFs,” Commerzbank says. “Yesterday, the world’s largest silver ETF, iShares Silver Trust, reported the second-largest daily outflow since the fund was launched, at 522 tons. The price correction is likely to continue.”

Approaching Critical Mass of Destiny

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

The inhabitants of the earth are quickly moving toward the point of unsustainability under the current paradigm.  Assumptions that prosperity is achieved by economic growth and expansion have just about run their course.  During the period of cheap energy this held true.  But with the current population growth and the end of cheap energy, the increasing scarcity of potable water, and the pollutants given off by current production, man’s destiny is at a crossroads.  Governments have produced cynical masses of people who cannot seem to find out the truth of the matter only to be given the excuse of “greater good” as the response for their actions.  Now, who is it that determines “greater good”?

The global economy is teetering on economic meltdown with all of the financial derivatives that have been created in an unregulated environment.  Unbridled money creation is sure to decimate generational savers who operated in a prudent manner and punish them for taking the right economic path.  Resource grabs by countries with strong militaries are upon us.  The illusion of the American Dream where everyone lives happily ever after has been perpetuated by television, movies, and the media and exported around the world with new technologies.  Simplification has been replaced by unsustainable complexity of technology.

Where’s the Love in all this?  Facebook doesn’t communicate the tender touch of two people in love, the hug from a grandparent to the grandchild, nor the loving, reassuring smile from a husband to a wife.  Wall Street has the ability with its access to virtually unlimited funds to manipulate the cost of food thus creating civil unrest in countries where food costs are a critical part of a family’s monthly expense.  Add a few little twitter comments that make the rounds among the young and impressionable and you have a toppled government.

What is the solution?  An outbreak of Love.  The revelation of Love is at a level above all the problems listed.  The solution to a problem is always at least one level of awareness above the level of the problem.  The problem would not have developed if there had been awareness at that level.  The only way for mankind to move away from this point of unsustainability is to gain an awareness that has proven to be elusive.  It has been elusive because man has preferred to live in an illusion rather than seek the reality found in the simplicity of Love.  The Scripture covers the many facets of the war of the carnal man against the spiritual man.  As long as the ego is in control, we are headed for a cliff.  But once Love assumes command, illusions will be shattered, mankind will move to a higher level of awareness, and solutions to all the problems that plague us today will become self-evident truths.

Non-cash Contribution Letter Information

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

We have had recent inquiries concerning giving non-cash contributions.  The following should provide a guideline for giving.  As always, we suggest you discuss your contributions with your tax advisors.


Charitable Reporting Requirements/Discussion

A donor cannot claim a tax deduction for any contribution of cash, a check or other monetary gift unless the donor maintains a record of the contribution in the form of either a bank record (such as a cancelled check) or a written communication from the charity (such as a receipt or letter) showing the name of the charity, the date of the contribution, and the amount of the contribution.

Written Acknowledgment Requirement

A donor cannot claim a tax deduction for any single contribution of $250 or more unless the donor obtains a contemporaneous, written acknowledgment of the contribution from the recipient organization. An organization that does not acknowledge a contribution incurs no penalty; but,

without a written acknowledgment, the donor cannot claim the tax deduction. Although it is a donor’s responsibility to obtain a written acknowledgment, an organization can assist a donor by providing a timely, written statement containing the following information:

1. name of organization

2. amount of cash contribution

3. description (but not the value) of non-cash contribution

4. statement that no goods or services were provided by the organization in return for the contribution, if that was the case

5. description and good faith estimate of the value of goods or services, if any, that an organization provided in return for the contribution

6. statement that goods or services, if any, that an organization provided in return for the contribution consisted entirely of intangible religious benefits (described later in this publication), if that was the case

It is not necessary to include either the donor’s social security number or tax identiication number on the acknowledgment.

A separate acknowledgment may be provided for each single contribution of $250 or more, or one acknowledgment, such as an annual summary, may be used to substantiate several single contributions of $250 or more. There are no IRS forms for the acknowledgment. Letters, postcards, or

computer-generated forms with the above information are acceptable. An organization can provide either a paper copy of the acknowledgment to the donor, or an organization can

provide the acknowledgment electronically, such as via an e-mail addressed to the donor. A donor should not attach the acknowledgment to his or her individual income tax return, but must retain it to substantiate the contribution. Separate contributions of less than $250 will not be aggregated. An example of this could be weekly offerings to a donor’s church of less than $250 even though the donor’s

annual total contributions are $250 or more.



The following non-cash contribution points out the importance of proper paperwork when conveying an asset of notable value:

“The Tax Court has held that a donor is not entitled to an income tax charitable deduction because she failed to establish that she conveyed legal title of donated house to the charitable donee. Consequently the value of the house and costs incurred and related to relocating it may not be deducted.”

Citation: Bridgett Jeanette Bell v. Commissioner; T.C. Summ. Op. 2011-54; No. 8048-08S


Sample Letter:

To: Servias Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1471

Bethany, OK 73008


From: John and Jane Doe

555 Anywhere Street

Somewhere, OK 73555


Subject: Charitable Gift

Date: xx/xx/xxxx

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please accept the following asset described as our charitable gift/donation to Servias Ministries, Inc.:


We purchased the above but want to give it to your Charitable Organization to use at your sole discretion. We understand that if you provide us goods or services that the fair market value of those goods and/or services will be deducted from our contribution amount. We also understand that non-monetary gifts are based on fair market value as of the date of the gift. Please treat this notarized letter as a transfer of title or ownership of the above listed asset.

Best regards,


John and Jane Doe