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613 Commandments and Statutes

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I have received inquiries concerning the Bible Law project mentioned in a previous blog.  We are working with the original administrator of the site to get the site back up and operational.  When that happens, I will post the website name.  I hope to see it operational soon.

Now is the Time- Part 10

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The moment a structure is built by man, it begins to decay.  Only with substantial energy and pressure does man’s systems continue.  The energy consumed is often greater than the results it produces.  Early in the life of the structure all appears to be in equilibrium and progressing without much intervention, similar to a spinning top.  Once deceleration of the spinning top occurs it begins to wobble, much like the current economic system.  The “wobble” of the current system is beginning to produce violent swings in investment assets such as gold, silver, and other commodities.  At the same time, those who are called to service during the next major move of Our Heavenly Father are being challenged to think and respond in a new way.  The ways of the past no longer apply whether politically, socially, or financially.  The paradigm shift is occurring and the question is are you going to shift with it?

I believe we are being called to unity as members of the Body of Christ.  In the past, many of us were called outside the “camp” so we could commune individually with Our Heavenly Father to hear His Voice.  The church of Pentecost was teaching man’s views and traditions of the Holy Scriptures mixed with “leaven”.  Churchgoers were complacent and satisfied  with their reserved position in the pew and to hear the pastor’s revelation and nothing else.  As Love told us as HE walked the earth, “My sheep hear My voice”.  Now is the time for the sheep to move forth in unity.

When Our Heavenly  Father wanted a Temple built, HE moved upon His people to give finances for the building of the temple and they responded.   Prior to the building of the temple, the finances were placed in the treasury.  Prior to the repair of the temple, the finances were there.  This pattern was established each time throughout Scripture.  Until men overcome their ego and the subtleness of greed that causes them to cling to their funds, the New Temple will not be built.  Just as in the time of Joseph, it took a sore famine to cause men to finally separate them from their perceived wealth.  It took the death of the first born for the Egyptians to give their wealth for the building of Our Heavenly Father’s dwelling place.  There will be those who step out in faith and those who give in final desperation as their ego tries to cling to man’s perception of wealth.  Both blessing and judgment are coming.  The only question will be which side of Our Heavenly Father will you be on.

Greed is most subtle.  Greed will tell you to postpone giving until some future event occurs.  It makes conditional promises that are always deferred into the future.  Meanwhile you are virtually useless to the Kingdom for your focus always remains in the future versus the here and now.  I knew a man who was working on International financing deals and expected his “ship to come in” at any time.  Once that happened, he was going to buy a diamond ring from Cartier and marry his girlfriend.  That was ten years ago.  I suspect she is still waiting.

The story of the widow’s mite is all about percentages.  Those with much gave little whereas those with little gave much.  If you are deferring your giving until your windfall comes in, don’t expect anything to change if and when that happens.  Your ego will convince you to go build a bigger barn and defer your giving into the future.  That “future” will never come and you will be judged accordingly.  This blog might offend some but now is the time to judge yourself while there is still time.  None of us are called to judge your heart, that’s yours to deal with.  However, we are all called to be fruit inspectors.  Those may be tough words but now is the time!

There is no way out

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

The age of leverage is coming to an end.  A fiat currency has an inherent liability tied to it and is called a “note” backed by the full faith and credit of the issuing country.  Civil unrest is coming.  The masses will revolt against the politicians and the wealthy.  If you are surprised by the impending second dip of the double-dip recession, you have not been reading this blog site. See blog on November 22, 2009 (

You can use words of persuasion to a point.  But when people’s fear of financial loss comes to the forefront in the minds, they will head for the hills.  Over the last 50 years, people have been convinced to borrow to get ahead.  Growth was funded by leverage, much of it had greed at its source.  The government facilitated loans to those who could not possibly pay off their notes.  Financial institutions were quick to accommodate the process since the executives would receive substantial bonuses.  Greed ruled the day but now that has been replaced by fear.  Real unemployment in the U.S. is much higher than what the networks report.  Inflation is also grossly underreported.  Our seniors are being thrown under the bus by using fictitious CPI numbers to eliminate any increases in social security.  The motivation behind all of this is to reliquify  the banking system by reducing their cost of funds to zero while the loan money at 6% and higher.

The European crisis will exacerbate the U.S. recession and both will impact the rest of the globe.  The volatility of gold was also expected.  As investors suffer losses, they must liquidate positions in anything of value including gold investments.  It is my belief that gold and silver will be the last investments standing along with critical commodities such as oil, gas, and food.  I expect continued volatility in the markets and would not be surprised to see gold and silver decline further.  Those who have no solid conviction about these metals will jump out forcing lower prices on a temporary basis.

What’s next?  At a personal level, it is critical to draw closer to Our Heavenly Father and only act as HE directs.  We must be led by HIS Spirit and not by fear or greed.  There will be times when HE will tell you to direct money to specific areas that do not seem to make sense.  HE expects you to have faith and walk in it during these times.  Why do we need faith if there is no pressure to test us?  As we are faithful to these small requests, we set the stage to be stewards over much greater responsibilities.  Look in your checkbook and inspect your fruit.  That might give you a barometer of where you are at in your “Love, faith, and hope” walk.  Love gives, greed takes, fear hoards.

Now is the Time- Part 9

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

In the late 1990’s, I was asked to participate in a Bible Law project.  The purpose was to create an awareness of the applicability of the Law in today’s society.  The prevailing view in the church realm was that the Law had been done away with once the Old Testament had been replaced with the New Testament and Jesus being the perfect sacrifice.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Twelve men were selected and were to meet at a corporate lodge in Michigan:  two from Australia and ten from North America.  I was one of the twelve.  It was determined that we would team up in twos and we drew lots to determine our partner.  I was matched up with one of the Aussies.  We all determined to divide the 613 Commandments and Statutes into categories and assign each team with certain categories.  We were excited about the project.

One by one, men dropped out of the project until we were down to two, myself and the Aussie.  Since I had given my word to take on the project, I was led to cross the finish line no matter how long it took.  Though he may disagree, I had to drag the Aussie over the line with me.  We ultimately posted the results of the project on the Internet for the world to view.  Each of the 613 Commandments and Statutes had a commentary attached so that the reader could understand the applicability of the Scripture in today’s society.  Some commentaries were better than others.

Out of Our Heavenly Father’s Heart came the Law and HE has not changed one iota since.  The problem is that our hearts have tried to rationalize why The Law is no longer valid.  If we could only view The Law through HIS Eyes then we could appreciated its importance.  For example, we are not to “tattoo” ourselves.  You would say that this statute is antiquated and does not apply to us today.  However based on my discussions with a physician with over forty years of experience in studying the human body and its electrical system, the metal mixed with the ink in tattoos interferes with the body’s electron flow.  This consistent interference will ultimately have a negative effect on some system within the body whether it be cancer or some other potential life threatening condition.  Piercings do the same thing. (Lev 19:28)  The Scripture was given for our benefit but our ego would have us believe that Our Heavenly Father simply wanted to control us.  The only thing that has changed is our understanding.

When Joshua was being prepared to enter the Promised Land, he was told:  This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.  When you understand that this command was given out of Love, you realize the importance of embracing The Law.  Further when Jesus said that The Law can be fulfilled by walking in Love, we can simplify our approach to life.  Simply Love Our Heavenly Father and our fellow man whether friend or foe.  As we Love, we walk in unity with Our Heavenly Father.  The things that were once important seem to fade away.  Relationships take precedence over “things”.  Rather than focusing what the other person has to offer us, we ponder what we have to offer to them.

It was necessary for me to focus on the 613 Commandments and Statutes over a decade ago.  Studying the detail gave me an appreciation for Our Father’s Love.  If you immerse yourself in His Love and purpose to walk in it, HE will entrust you with greater responsibility in The Kingdom because HE knows you will represent HIM well.  The one absolute requirement of a Treasurer is the revelation of Love.

Now is the Time- Part 8

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

“Sequence Failed Continuity”

When I was faced with making a trip to British Columbia, I had major repairs occurring at the house.  The office was in disarray and my “to do” list was long and screaming at me.  I had business projects demanding my attention and the remaining summer schedule allowed for no unexpected trips.  That was to change once the Word of THE LORD came.  When we spend decades in training, developing our gifts, gaining needed revelation, understanding, knowledge and skill, we must be ready when the call comes.  I believe that once the call is imminent, there will be a spiritual battle arise that will attempt to divert your time and resources as a final test to see if you will walk in the calling.  It may not be the case for everyone, but it has been the case for me.  Ten years ago I would not have handled the issues of this summer with the same maturity level.  I have even marveled at my lack of emotion as each mini-crisis has occurred this summer.  Only now can I appreciate why I was not activated in 1987 when first given the vision.

We can look back at all the opportunities to be diverted to another path or even death.  Each change in employment had an alternate job opportunity with a seemingly better future.  Each time THE LORD told me which job to accept, defying man’s logic.  At various points in time, there was a fork in the road and Our Heavenly Father told me to take the road less traveled defying human understanding.  The road turned into a path, the path became narrower and narrower until there was no trodden path to follow.  At each time of uncertainty, HE would send a confirming Word through a prophet who had no personal exposure to my calling and reassure me that I was on the right path.

Each of us has a calling and Our Heavenly Father sees to it that we will navigate through the tests, trials, and circumstances to fulfill that calling.  Whether it be a miraculous healing from a life threatening illness or being diverted from a trip that would insure death, HIS Plan will come to pass.  Some are called to give their lives on behalf of others and they return unto Our Heavenly Father before us.  It is not our responsibility to determine who “falls on the sword” on our behalf but simply be grateful that they took that assignment before being birthed on earth.

The following video provides some perspective:

Now is the Time- Part 7

Friday, September 9th, 2011

While assets are under management of the Treasurer, his job is to protect value and grow the principal in reasonable investments.  Ongoing bank or management fees chip away at principal in a very subtle fashion.  In Europe, banks tend to charge fees for simply holding deposits.  The Swiss know that when foreigners open accounts in their jurisdiction, it is generally to take advantage of the safety of the Swiss banking system but that privilege has a cost associated with it.  Bankers tend to develop an attitude of entitlement rather then that of serving the customer.  In my experience, loan officers let the power of the lender get inside their heads.  It was as though it was their money being lent to the borrower rather than from the pool of various deposits, the true source.

Gold and silver have no liability attached to them whereas currencies issued by countries have liabilities that can affect the value of the money printed.  This is the case with virtually every country around the globe.  Recently, the Swiss took action to reduce the demand for Swiss francs because large investors were moving their deposits to Switzerland as a protection against currency devaluation in other jurisdictions.  This demand raised the exchange rate of the Swiss franc and lowered its export demand which is bad for its economy.

A global network of established values of goods and services based on the weight of gold and silver would reduce the complexity currency management and speculators would be unable to manipulate values at the expense of mankind.  The Kingdom of GOD operates on equal weights and measures.  If it is going to envelope the entire earth, then one monetary system will be installed.  The technology infrastructure is in place to handle such as system.  There is no need to send physical metal across the ocean to settle payments on a commercial basis.

Making productive use of Treasury assets includes investing in Kingdom companies.  Rather than charge interest (usury) for financial capital, investment in the productivity of a company provides long term cash flow for the Treasury.  It also removes the burden of interest payments of the company while developing its product or service.  In essence, the Treasury becomes a partner of the company.

The Treasury should develop support services for Kingdom companies.  Each Kingdom company will have temporary need for expert services but cannot afford the ongoing cost of having such an expert on payroll.  The Treasury’s mandate is to support and serve rather than hinder and exploit.

Generated cash flow should be distributed to the needs of mankind.  Widows, orphans, and the poor often have no means of support.  The infrastructure of the Kingdom must insure food, shelter, and clothing needs be met.  In the Book of Ruth, Boaz made sure the Ruth and her mother-in-law received sufficient food from the gleanings of the field.  Our Heavenly Father designed the earth to supply all our need and it is the mandate of the Treasurer to support the development of industry to serve mankind in these areas.

There will be a transitory time where the current financial infrastructure will be required to support the Treasury.  We must trust Our Heavenly Father to guide us through this transfer by revealing the necessary steps at the appropriate time to insure the Treasury is protected by those who would attempt to steal from the storehouse of the Kingdom.  It is our responsibility to serve at HIS pleasure and respond to HIS Voice.

Now is the Time- Part 6

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

To counterfeit means to illegally imitate something.  Over the last forty years I have come across many who claim to have a financial calling in the Kingdom of GOD.  Many were called to a “Joseph” ministry but I have not met a soul who claimed to have a “Judas” ministry.  Judas was the treasurer on Jesus’ staff.  Nobody wants to be associated with the man who betrayed Jesus.

Greed among Christians exists as a subtle, hidden aspect of the ego.  The ego will always tell us that we are to be something great in the coming Kingdom and be honored by all mankind.  Judas was expecting Jesus to be the conquering Messiah and overcome the current political system with one wave of the hand thus elevating him to treasurer over the whole earth. 

Christians attempt to take on a calling without the gifts and preparation that is required to operate in that office.  They often point to signs that support their perceived calling in an attempt to convince themselves and others that they are “the one”.  They spend so much time on the illusion, they are unfruitful in every area of their lives.  The glamour of the counterfeit calling takes their focus away from their true calling.  Those who would benefit from their true calling suffer.  When you expect “signs” to be your primary confirmation be assured that the ego will ensnare you.

Jesus inspected the fig tree in Matthew 21.  He found nothing thereon but leaves and cursed it.  It is well established that Nation o f Israel represents the fig tree.  Jesus Himself proclaimed that the Nation would never be fruitful again but to this very day they claim to be the chosen of GOD.  The church has been duped into supporting Israel both politically as well as financially in spite of the words of Jesus.  In effect, they are counterfeiting the calling of the Sons of GOD.  Do you think that they  will avoid judgment for their lawless actions?

Being called as Treasurer is not a glamorous job.  The bigger the job, the greater requirement to serve in the Kingdom.  The ego would have you believe that handling the funds would trump any other calling.  In 1972 while working part-time in the largest bank in Oklahoma and finishing my education, I helped out in the commercial receiving and vault area.  One of my tasks was to “balance” the vault with another person.  That required me to count in excess of $5 million in currency held in the vault.  There were stacks of cash everywhere.  Initially, I was like a kid in the candy store.  After the third or forth time of counting the bank’s vault cash, the glamour evaporated.  It was just another task that required someone to do it.  The responsibility of overseeing funds for the Kingdom of GOD is a reverent responsibility.  By knowing the consequences of sin entering in and seeing the repercussions of failure by those in the past who took on the office, the glamour has long since passed.

Do you think that those who believe they are in power are going to be oblivious to the transfer of wealth?  Do you think that there will be no risk associated with handling Kingdom funds unless you have the anointing to navigate through perilous times and at personal risk?  Without the anointing and the Word of THE LORD, I would have preferred another, safer calling.  Let someone else catch the arrows!  Paul wrote of the perils he experienced while fulfilling his calling.  How many of us are willing to walk through the perils for the temporary glory of the office of Treasurer?

I serve at the pleasure of Our Heavenly Father.  If HE wants to redirect me to another calling I am good with that.  My heart’s desire is to faithfully serve HIM in Love, no matter what the task.  HE prepares each of us throughout our lives to fulfill our calling.  We are drawn to those tasks, jobs, books, people, tools, and education that develop our gifts in order to fulfill our calling.  There are plenty of people who want to experience the glamour of wealth and would attempt to take on the treasurer’s office without the calling.  They would be a counterfeit treasurer and would also be subject to judgment by Our Heavenly Father.  We are called to be fruit inspectors.  We cannot judge the heart but we can and should judge the fruit.  If someone claims a calling but has not fruit in that area, the chances are that they are not really called to that area.  I am not called to be an accountant, a lawyer, or an evangelist.  If I were called to any of these, the last forty years would be filled with fruit in those areas.  The counterfeit will be exposed by the light of the Word.

Now is the Time- Part 5

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Why now?  An economic famine is coming.  I have been warning about this reality for some time.  If you have been reading this blog you would have known that investments in oil, gas, gold, and silver would yield relatively higher returns.  That fact is that the world currencies are declining in value thus the commodities’ prices are rising to offset the depreciation of currencies.

Do you think the investment banks, community banks, insurance companies, or other financial institutions really care about your future?  It has been reported that Goldman Sachs sold financial instruments to its clients and then bet against those same instruments and made billions of dollars.  Yes, greed is legal in today’s system.

Men and women who love Our Heavenly Father have been prepared in their respective fields for this point in time.  When you look at the journey of each one you find a common thread.  They were moved by Our Heavenly Father to take specific paths often sprinkled with opposition to their calling.  At times they considered giving up but were once again encouraged by the “Word of THE LORD” to continue and persevere through opposition raised up against them.  Many of them relate with Joseph who seemingly against all odds was raised up to acquire and distribute assets for the benefit of mankind.  Their lack of total success during this time of training was by design.  Had they achieved complete success, they would have refocused their attention on the current system and protected it at all costs.  As they matured as Sons, they realize the current system has no future.  Their trust in Our Heavenly Father has grown to the point where they will respond to HIS voice on a moment’s notice.  Jesus endured a time of preparation as did Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and others.  At the time of the activation of their calling, they were no longer moved by what the world had to offer.

Now is the time to come together as a unified Body of Christ.  Our egos must be set aside.  Fear of exploitation must be dealt with and the ego must be placed on the cross once and for all.  The current system is going to be replaced by a counterfeit system or the Kingdom of GOD.  I have been called to the Kingdom.  Come, let us be joined together.

Now is the Time- Part 4

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

The primary motivation for the Treasury of the Kingdom of GOD is Love.  When Joseph was raised up to be second in command over all the treasury of Egypt, the endgame was to sustain all of mankind through the famine.  His training was comprehensive and exhausting.  He was sold by his brothers into slavery but by Love he fed and sustained them through the famine, an example of “Love your enemies”.

The earth is preparing to endure another time of transition.  The globalists have manipulated the masses into unsustainable debt at the same time creating enemies in order to promote war.  On the other hand, the Kingdom of GOD promotes the elimination of enemies by Loving them.  Rather than extract wealth from others, Love promotes productive use of wealth for the benefit of mankind.  Rather than division, Love promotes unity.

Leverage and debt assume control and foreknowledge of the future.  Don’t get me wrong, I have borrowed money in the past.  However in 1981, Our Heavenly Father told me that HE was going to eliminate our debt.  Seventeen months later we were debt free.  For ten years, we had no debt.  In 1992, HE told us to buy another house with a mortgage so we could move my wife’s parents in and reduce the burden of caregiving for my father-in-law.  Since Our Heavenly Father does have foreknowledge, we entered into debt again.  Once again, that debt is gone.

No debt means that you are no longer in servitude to Babylon.  The Kingdom of GOD does not charge interest to its citizens.  Love promotes success and development of gifts and callings.  Interest expense creates a drag on productivity.  I was told once by Our Heavenly Father that money is a commodity to HIM and I should view it in the same manner.  I began to do so.

There will be a transition from Babylonian economics to Kingdom economics.  As the Kingdom Treasury is filled, I expect a process of debt elimination to occur and it will be done in righteousness.  Lawful elimination of debt is a basic Biblical principle.  A jubilee can come in many forms: debt cancellation, forgiveness, and early payoff.  In my case, Our Heavenly Father sent business deals supernaturally that took little or no time and generated substantial cash.  When you are not in debt, you are able to bless others without a creditor looking over your shoulder.

The current economic system encourages debt and promotes leverage with the intent to ensnare the borrower.  The endgame is to extract wealth from the masses and concentrate that wealth among a few.  Kingdom economics supports and blesses all of mankind so that each person can live a life of gratitude and have a focused relationship with Our Heavenly Father without the distraction of hunger pangs or lack of shelter.

By Love, faith, and hope we are called to give.  The transition is at hand.  The Sons of GOD will respond because it is in their hearts to establish the Kingdom.  The “Fruitfulness in Unity” mandate will draw men to be involved in Our Heavenly Father’s business.  The day of the Lone Ranger is over.

Now is the Time- Part 3

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Unity is a prerequisite to establishing the Kingdom.  We all must be in one accord.  Throughout Scripture, we are shown what happens when mankind becomes unified in purpose.  At the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:6, Our Heavenly Father disclosed a truth: “ And the LORD said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”  Because mankind was focused on “self”, the LORD confounded them with diverse languages so they could no longer be unified in their plan.  When unity is brought forth in righteousness, fruitfulness abounds.

The current economic system is in shambles and its days are numbered.  The current system was built on lies and deception where the elite would temporarily flourish and develop assets and systems to be used to bring forth the Kingdom of GOD.  The earth and its fullness are Our Heavenly Father’s.  Until such time as the Sons of GOD are ready to rule and reign, the assets had to be managed and maintained by somebody.  We must trust that Our Heavenly Father has the full plan for the transfer of assets required to establish HIS Kingdom on earth.  We all have a part in this transfer.

Ten years ago, the Internet was not a reliable means of conducting business worldwide.  Today it is.  In 1987 when Our Heavenly Father first gave me the global vision, I had no idea how to develop any kind of global infrastructure to support the establishment of the Kingdom.  Man has been developing an infrastructure for a one world government and a one world currency.  This is the counterfeit treasury.  People would accept this system out of fear with no other alternative in place.  Those who believe they are in power are promoting this end game.  They want the masses to focus their attention elsewhere.  Amusement is design to preoccupy the masses and it comes in all forms.  In the U.S. with cable TV, you could spend all waking hours being entertained by the hundreds of cable channels.  Information without revelation is preoccupation.  By diverting attention of the masses away from the issues, a counterfeit one-world system could be installed.  As a result of 9/11, frightened Americans were willing to give up rights for safety.  Those in power gained more control.  The ego will create an problem only to  present you with a solution that will further its control.

Are you going to sit around, read your Bible, attend some meetings, and call it good?  Nehemiah was doing his job as a cupbearer and heard the news that the Temple was in disrepair.  He recalled the Word of the LORD to Moses:

Nehemiah 1:9  But [if] ye turn unto me, and keep my commandments, and do them; though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the heaven, [yet] will I gather them from thence, and will bring them unto the place that I have chosen to set my name there.

Nehemiah was activated by Our Heavenly Father to repair the Temple.  He set up the Treasury and called forth the children of Israel to rebuild the Temple.  Our Heavenly Father honored this purpose.

Now is the time to be gathered together in unity.  The globe is heading towards an economic collision point which would result in World War III.  I do not believe that Our Heavenly Father will allow that to happen.  HE has been preparing HIS sons for decades for a time such as this.  HE knows where as the resources are and has withheld those resources until HIS sons have ben sufficiently prepared to bring forth the Kingdom.  We were all dispersed during this training period but now it the time for the Kingdom to come forth in righteousness.