Taking a break

This blog writer will take a 21 day break.  Life is all about Love and relationships.  Purpose to do at least one unconditional act of kindness each day.   Brighten someone’s day and you will see some excellent fruit as a result.  Too busy?  It may be time for a personal assessment.

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Ex Nihilo vs Ex Amo

Ex Nihilo means “out of nothing”.  Frederick Hart carved a sculpture named Ex Nihilo, the Creation of Mankind out of Nothing, as Narrated in the Book of Genesis.  He believed that order was established out of chaos and depicted The Beginnings in his sculpture.  This sculpture was the inspiration for naming the Ex Nihilo Winery… Continue reading Ex Nihilo vs Ex Amo

The Covenant of Love

The original ark of the Covenant was Noah’s ark.  Eight souls were shut In the ark (1Peter 3:20) and the lawlessness on earth was erased.  At that point, Our Heavenly Father created an unconditional covenant with Noah and as evidence of this covenant, the rainbow was established.  Noah’s mandate was to be fruitful and multiply. … Continue reading The Covenant of Love

Sovereign Debt Exposure

Banks hold government securities as part of their portfolio.  Historically, these investments were viewed as zero risk instruments, similar to cash.  That has changed.  Sovereign debt now has a risk factor associated with it.  Greece is now the poster child for risk.  European leaders have figured out that a bank’s capital could get wiped out… Continue reading Sovereign Debt Exposure

Herman Cain

It is interesting to note that Herman Cain was a member of the Federal Reserve in Kansas City: http://www.kansascityfed.org/publicat/newsroom/2011pdf/press.release.05.26.11.pdf

Meltdown Ahead?

At this website, we have been sharing with our readers the problem of the unregulated credit default swaps (CDS), aka financial instruments of mass destruction.  As of December, 2010, the total of CDS stood at $29.9 Trillion according to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).  See: http://www.bis.org/publ/otc_hy1105.pdf   These unregulated instruments are embedded in bank balance… Continue reading Meltdown Ahead?

The Inspection of Fruit

Prior to entering the “Promised Land”, a fruit inspection must take place.  Otherwise, why should we make the trip? At 2 PM Central Standard Time on Friday October 7th, 2011, twelve spies were gathered to inspect the fruit of the Promised Land.  The fruit was consumed and found “good”.  Further it was decreed that we… Continue reading The Inspection of Fruit