Jubilee of Debt… finally

Jubilee is the “writing off of debt” and liberates the debtor.  We were encouraged by the banks to gamble on the rising prices of housing, a wrong assumption.  Without the jubilee, the current system’s best case scenario is two decades of a Japan-like economy.  Worst case is the “Greatest Depression”. Steve Keen, an Australian economist,… Continue reading Jubilee of Debt… finally

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is the key to the heart.  I would suggest that we expand Thanksgiving to 365 days per year and begin when we wake up in the morning. The Psalmist agrees: Psalm 18:49   Therefore I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among the Gentiles, And sing praises to Your name. Psalm 30:4   Sing praise… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

China’s Imminent Bust

Gordon Chang has recently written a book named “The Reasons for China’s Imminent Bust”.  His comments: We are seeing signs of deterioration in China’s economy.  Month on month, the economy is no longer growing and energy consumption is at zero growth as car sales are down 5%.  He believes that there is real possibility of… Continue reading China’s Imminent Bust

The Rule of Law is disintegrating

Let’s get complicated for a moment: MF Global bet on European Bonds, lost, and filed bankruptcy on October 31st and the brokerage accountholders got tricked!  Happy Halloween!  $869 million were frozen since October 31 across commodity customer accounts that contained only cash, bankruptcy trustee James Giddens has said.  Gerald Celente, a customer of a subsidiary… Continue reading The Rule of Law is disintegrating

Shock & Appall

The CBS series “Sixty Minutes” aired an investigative report on members of Congress using their offices to gain information for personal financial gain, aka insider trading.  Once again, it appears that there are two sets of rules: one set for those in power (the 1%) and for the rest of us (99%).  Public servants are… Continue reading Shock & Appall

EDS Update

I have been notified that our beta machine is nearing completion.  The manufacturing company had to build a third version of the circuit board due to “noise” issues in the first two.  I am cautiously optimistic that we will be testing the prototype hardware soon.  Below is the faceplate of the prototype:  

Interesting Times: Quakenado

As of the writing, in the last 168 hours Oklahoma has had 26 earthquakes out of 89 earthquakes listed for the U.S. and territories.  In one day, we had 4 tornadoes and a 4.7 earthquake.