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The Land of Make Believe

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I attended a technology conference in Orlando last week.  In my business you must keep up with the latest developments or get left behind.  There will be over 600 million touch devices shipped in 2012.  Layers and layers of complexity are being built around the globe.  I can’t help but believe that a collapse will occur at some point.  Developers are generating lines and lines of source code on a daily basis to embrace the “touch” technology.  Everyone has their heads bowed down but they are texting not praying.  Ten years’ ago the Internet was just moving to a reliable platform for business.  Now we can’t do without it.  I wonder what would happen if an epic solar flare took out all of our technology?  Would we remember how to communicate face to face again?

At the Universal Studios resort we stayed at you would think there were no economic issues.  Downtown Disney served up a view that all is well around the world.  The properties were impeccable and there were no signs of deterioration anywhere.  The crowds were notable.  In the meantime world events continued their march to a day of reckoning.

China has decided to pay for Iranian oil with gold.  The SWIFT system of international wire settlements will be bypassed.  The U.S. attempt to force sovereign countries to submit to an agenda inconsistent with the needs of their countries may have just reinstituted the gold standard system by default.  Central governments have become major buyers of physical gold.  Once the U.S. crossed the line on international settlement, other countries have begun moving into a defensive posture from a monetary point of view by necessity.  They can’t allow a foreign power to control their medium of exchange any longer.  Executive Orders have been passed to control the Internet, banking system, etc. which causes the average person to get concerned about what is coming soon.  Americans have always valued their freedoms and rights to pursue constitutional assured activities.

Our Heavenly Father is the only true reality.  We must repent and turn back toward Our Heavenly Father.  We can only live in the land of make believe for so long.  Any escape from reality last only until the money runs out and Orlando will make sure that happens sooner than later.

Failure To Deliver (FTD)

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Those are the three words that no futures or other market wants to have associated with it.  But that notice is all but a certainty to happen some time in the near future.  The leverage in the gold paper market is estimated between 50 and 100 times the actual metal.  This is virtually no different than what some of the banks have been guilty of on their balance sheets.  When times are good, unbelievable profits can be generated on borrowed money thus creating huge bonuses for traders and their management.  They grow accustomed to the “good life” and just like drug addicts, they need more of their drug to maintain the euphoria.  As with addicts the crash ultimately will come.  Addicts must hit bottom before they can or will truly reform and take another path.  Some addicts must bump along the bottom for awhile until they finally have the resolve to reform.  On a macro scale, the West is in a similar scenario.

At some point, markets are going to wake up and realize the music has stopped.  Insurance companies cannot fund their future obligations with 0% return on investment.  Governments cannot fund their pension obligations with non-performing investments.  Sovereign debt in Spain and Italy is not being fully funded even at higher rates.

FTD can happen in a microsecond and you could observe a “bank holiday” in the futures market.  The price of gold would immediately soar to new highs and silver would follow.  The financial system is heading for a reset of some type.  Will it be a gold-backed system or a Heaven-backed system?  If it is a gold-backed system, you would be ahead to own some of the physical metal.

Deterioration around the globe

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

50% unemployment in the youth sector in some countries has missed the mainstream media’s (MSM) radar.  Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal all have systemic problems that can’t be solved by further quantitative easing.  Gold is moving out of Italian banks into Swiss banks, a sign that wealthy Italians don’t trust their own banks anymore.  Europeans are expecting a major event soon.  Until then, they are hesitant to make any financial moves other than taking their gold to a safe haven.

The IMF is obtaining commitments from countries with cash to help build up its war chest.  If everything was rosy, why would the U.S. Federal Reserve reconfirm 0% interest rates into 2014?  You don’t need to listen to the rhetoric about recoveries, lower unemployment, improved housing starts, etc.  Just look around.

The U.S. economic statistics are pointing to recession once again.  QE3 is not far off now, maybe within the next 120 days.

Oil speculators are not the villains as we are being told.  $80 oil would slow down the Canadian tar sands and expensive well stimulation and development.  This would tighten the supply even further than it already is.  Alternative fuels are over a decade away from becoming a serious large-scale alternative to the oil-based transportation industry.  Think tank planners know this and hence we are keeping troops in the oil-rich Gulf region on an indefinite basis.

All of this bodes well for those who hold precious metals.  Quantitative Easing (QE) will put support underneath precious metals’ prices.  Attempts to manipulate the prices to lower levels last only for a few days or weeks.  Silver has resisted the $30 level in the last few attempts.  Mining companies continue to grow their cash reserves and are looking to buy junior miners.  Those of us who have held steady in our positions are being rewarded with buyout premiums of 30% or better.

Eliminate leverage when possible.  You will sleep better at night and not worry when the dips in your investments come.  I have seen 20% swings in the stocks I hold but I am unconcerned about the short term volatility.  A bull market will always attempt to shake off the investors who are not fully committed.  Solid mining companies with good management and sizable cash positions are excellent candidates for investment of discretionary cash.

On the positive side, the Kingdom of Heaven is at full employment, zero inflation, no crime, and plenty of resources set aside for development.  The universe is still expanding and the Throne is still occupied.


Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

When we are called to be stewards, we are given three things:

1. Responsibility and accountability.  Jesus expanded on this principle in the following passages:

Matthew 25:14   “For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country

Luke 19:12   Therefore He said: “A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return.

13   So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Do business till I come.’

We are given resources to do business.  We are expected to conduct business in a reasonable fashion and produce good fruit.  If Our Heavenly Father tells us that all the gold and silver (true money) is His then we are to be stewards over wealth.  Yes, we are given ownership over assets but we are still accountable to Our Heavenly Father for ultimately we are called to be good stewards.  As we embrace the reality of stewardship, we open up ourselves to the blessing of Heaven.  Each person has a different level of stewardship based on his or her calling.  We should not be envious of someone else’s level of stewardship for with it comes greater responsibility and accountability.  We should focus on what matters.  Are you willing to establish the Kingdom of GOD on earth or are you concerned about “me and my four and no more”?  Do you believe that the Creator of this earth would fail to set aside sufficient resources to establish HIS Kingdom?

2. Time and Resources.

Mathew 25:19   After a long time the lord of those servants came and settled accounts with them.

The servants were given plenty of time to produce fruit.  They were given resources.  It was up to them to make the correct choices with the resources which had been provided to do business.  Each of them knew that there would be a day of reckoning but only after they had been given the opportunity to produce fruit.  Just as in the Law of fruit trees, time must be given to produce.  Those trees that were not producing might be given fertilizer (opportunity) before the day of judgment.  If the fruit tree did not produce it was cut down.

3. An Adversary

What is the test of stewardship?  An adversary will come to test your commitment.  Sometimes that adversary is another person who would rob you by attempting to redirect your focus on other callings.  They would have you focus on areas that just don’t matter and send you on a wild goose chase.  They would want you to waste your resources on a “get rich quick” scheme that had no relevance to your calling.  Typically those schemes only enrich them.  Sometimes the adversary is your flesh or ego.  Will you consume resources to satisfy the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or the pride of life?  The adversary will force you to make choices.  Those choices will reveal what is in your heart.  The day will come when the accounting of your stewardship will be judged.

For those who have ears to hear:

Matthew 25:23 His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’

For those who are blinded by their flesh:

26 “But his lord answered and said to him, ‘You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed. 27 So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. 28 So take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents.

These parables were spoken by Jesus for our benefit and instruction.  Jesus doesn’t particularly need your resources, he wants your heart.  He wants you to be an expression of the Love of Our Heavenly Father on earth.  When people look at you, HE wants them to see Love.  These parable express a reality of stewardship.  They also express the ramifications:

29 ‘For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. 30 And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

Now is the time to see what is in your heart.

New Exchange System replacing the Euro

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

We should pay close attention to what the average town is doing in Greece.  They have been decimated by the previous “borrow and spend” economy.  They have returned to a system that worked in the old days: bartering.  It now uses a computer system to track it.

Hmmm!  Selah!

Announcing 2nd Book on Love

Friday, April 13th, 2012

I am in the midst of completing the 2nd book on Our Heavenly Father’s unconditional Love.  I expect it to be published soon and we will now take orders by mail.  It will be priced at $16 as was the first book.  The following is an excerpt from the Introduction:


“Suppose that I was chosen to receive a revelation from the Throne Room of Heaven. What if from the beginning of time this revelation had been designated for this very hour. Of all the inhabitants of the earth, why would Our Heavenly Father choose me to bring forth a revelation? What if the revelation could change the world but needed someone who would be tenacious in pursuing its fullness. Suppose HE picked the wrong person who would simply sit on the revelation and hide it under a bushel. What if he picked a person who had no access to resources or people who would spread the Word? Why would I write a second book on Love? Wasn’t one enough? This book is an expression of Love for mankind and I am compelled by Our Heavenly Father to focus on the self-evident truth that Love is the answer to mankind’s problems. Many books are written by storytellers who want to entertain their readers. This is not one of those books. The purpose of this book is to encourage the reader to press in to the revelation of unconditional Love. As we immerse ourselves in Love and its unfathomable attributes we will take on those traits. When this happens we will begin affecting those in our circle of influence. Before long, Love will spread across boundaries and mankind will experience a transformation.”

If you would like to order a copy (or copies), please send your request to:

Servias Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1471

Bethany,  OK 73008

Include # of copies

If you are unable to pay for the book or extra copies, please send your request anyway.  We will send copies as gifts to all that request them.  Once the book is published, we will ship all pre-orders first.  Your requests will also help us to determine the size of the publishing run.  We distributed over 2,000 copies of our first book and have received much encouragement by the readers.  Join Servias in spreading the truly Good News of Our Heavenly Father’s Love.

A Call to Unity

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

We believe that now is the time to come together in unity.  We are in the midst of building a website that will allow interested brethren to join us in moving toward unity.  You will be able to identify yourself and provide a list of gifts and your calling as well as other personal information and resources that will allow us to facilitate the manifestation of various aspects of the Kingdom.  We only do this in response to what we have heard Our Heavenly Father direct us to do.

As the resources come forth, we expect to deploy those resources in a productive manner.  Each of us has been prepared for such a time as this.  We have been trained and directed by Our Heavenly Father in the various vocations, gifts, and callings to supply the needs of the Body of Christ.  Deep down in our spirit we know that there is more to do than what we have been doing in the past.  Some of us have local callings, some in the national arena, and some internationally.  Some have tangible callings, some intangible.  Each calling is important.

When the 153 fish were summoned to be eaten, they were brought forth in a net.  Likewise, we will utilize a “net” of a global nature.

A little history: Last November I was minding my own business and in a simplification process.  I wanted to consolidate servers for the business.  I could upgrade an existing server and eliminate an older server thus reducing hardware maintenance cost.  The upgraded server would be more than adequate for what I was doing.  Simplification and reduction of costs made pure business sense.  Our Heavenly Father intervened and told me to buy a new server rather than upgrade the old one.  The new server was 20 times the cost and 400 times the speed.  I knew then that HE had other plans.  It became clear that there would be an activation of some type to come forth soon.  As it turns out, the development of a Kingdom Resource database is at hand.

There are many around the world who are called to bring forth the Kingdom.  It is now time to “connect the dots”.  Just as Gideon made the call to overcome strife and confusion, we will be making the call.  We expect to have the website operational in less than 90 days.  You will be able to sign up as an interested individual to become a part of this calling to bring forth the Kingdom.  Do we know all the details?  No, Our Heavenly Father will provide those details as we move forward.  I would expect Kingdom Enterprises to come forth with the resources at hand.  I would expect “Kingdom healthcare”’ to materialize.  I would expect a ministry infrastructure to come forth that preaches the fullness of the message of Truth in Love.  I would expect us to be known by our ministry to others rather than building another aspect man’s attempt of “Christiandom”.

We have reserved the URL name of  We are in the midst of building the database for capturing the information.  We will walk this out as we are given revelation.  I expect to have the secure site up by as early as June 1st.  We use world class servers in a world class secure server site.  Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done!

The Resurrection by Love

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

For God so loved the world HE raised HIS Son up from the dead.  HIS Love had the power and authority over death and this was to precede the arrival of the Holy Spirit who would be the Comforter or advocate for us as we transitioned from death to life.  Just as Jesus was the physical manifestation of Love, the Most Holy Spirit provides us the advocacy of Love by which we witness in our spirits as we are moved upon.

Mankind deep down inside knows that the resurrection occurred.  Attempts have been made to dilute the truth but when miracles continue to point to the resurrected Christ, the truth is reaffirmed.  The Most Holy Spirit constantly testifies of the reality and the peace of GOD provides its own confirmation.  We are all spiritually connected and there is no “nothingness” out there.  Naïve researchers in the past would tout their belief of nothingness because of insufficient means of testing.  However as mankind’s ability to measure smaller and smaller aspects of the universe, they have finally figured out that Our Heavenly Father intelligently designed the interconnectedness of the universe.  Men have studied the interconnectedness of living things and have found that there is a bond of men to plants and animals that has no problem with space or time.  Once they figured this out, they could understand the communication of Heaven with men and women around the world.

As Love is embraced by more, there will be a further release of revelation of how the universe really works.  Higher laws will be revealed that take precedence over the lower laws most of us experience.  We will begin to understand how the resurrection could occur and those of us who have fully embraced the resurrecting Love of Our Heavenly Father will be used to raise the dead, heal the sick, and minister life to the broken-hearted.  Instead of a Pentecostal anointing which has manifested a “down payment” of the fullness of times, I expect to see those greater miracles that Jesus spoke of.   The fullness of Our Heavenly Father is fast approaching.

A Fullness of Love is coming

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Although I don’t define my day by signs, I was led to view this Youtube.  It happened to be at 2:12 PM… Below is a screenshot of the download:


Notice that I am the 116,000th person to download.  It looks like the fullness of Love is upon us.

Honest Money

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Gold and silver represent honest money.  It puts value in the hands of the person who generates the value the money represents.  In the current electronic system, money is stored by a system that can manipulate its value.  This lends itself to dishonesty.  If you work hard and save your money, you want your savings to represent the productivity of your labor.  In the current electronic system, the value of your savings is diluted by the excess printing of money.  Inflation eats away at your savings and the productivity it represents is transferred out of your control into the hands of the central bankers.  In turn, they enrich selected banks, government programs, and others who have found favor with them, all at your expense.  This system becomes dishonest as they encourage the transfer of wealth.  We are to love thy neighbor as ourselves.  Can anyone honestly say that this transfer of wealth is an act of Love?

By eliminating gold and silver as money, the central bankers have taken control of the monetary system.  Can they really know what is best for me?  Do they really care about my future, my retirement, or the inheritance I want to leave my loved ones?  They coin the term “greater good” to justify their actions.  Often it means for their own “greater good”.

Gold and silver place value in the hands of the people and decentralizes control of value.  This is a good thing.  It allows individuals to make decisions in their own best interest without any interference from those who know nothing about their situation.  What happens if the central bank makes a mistake in the handling of the monetary system?  If individuals have their value in their own pockets, they are protected from human error.

Honest money eliminates exchange rate issue with other countries.  In a recent trip to Australia, I was in sticker shock of the cost of a meal.  In terms of U.S. Dollars, an Aussie lunch was roughly 30% higher than its American equivalent.  With honest money, sticker shock would be a thing of the past.  Once ounce of silver has the same value around the world.

Banks would become depositories of gold and silver and could act as settlement facilities or clearinghouses for trade.  A transaction fee could be developed to cover the cost of acting as a depository for excess gold and silver beyond the working capital needed for day to day exchange.

Honest money will reemerge once the current system has collapsed.  Obviously I would prefer an orderly conversion from the current system to a bimetallic system.  I just don’t think the current debt-ridden system can sustain itself much longer.  Its days are numbered.  Only Our Heavenly Father knows when the inflection point will occur.  Until then, stay liquid, stay out of debt, and stay in prayer for guidance.