The Land of Make Believe

I attended a technology conference in Orlando last week.  In my business you must keep up with the latest developments or get left behind.  There will be over 600 million touch devices shipped in 2012.  Layers and layers of complexity are being built around the globe.  I can’t help but believe that a collapse will… Continue reading The Land of Make Believe

Deterioration around the globe

50% unemployment in the youth sector in some countries has missed the mainstream media’s (MSM) radar.  Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal all have systemic problems that can’t be solved by further quantitative easing.  Gold is moving out of Italian banks into Swiss banks, a sign that wealthy Italians don’t trust their own banks anymore.  Europeans… Continue reading Deterioration around the globe


When we are called to be stewards, we are given three things: 1. Responsibility and accountability.  Jesus expanded on this principle in the following passages: Matthew 25:14   “For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country Luke 19:12   Therefore He said: “A certain nobleman went into a far country to… Continue reading Stewardship

New Exchange System replacing the Euro

We should pay close attention to what the average town is doing in Greece.  They have been decimated by the previous “borrow and spend” economy.  They have returned to a system that worked in the old days: bartering.  It now uses a computer system to track it. Hmmm!  Selah!

Announcing 2nd Book on Love

I am in the midst of completing the 2nd book on Our Heavenly Father’s unconditional Love.  I expect it to be published soon and we will now take orders by mail.  It will be priced at $16 as was the first book.  The following is an excerpt from the Introduction: Introduction “Suppose that I was… Continue reading Announcing 2nd Book on Love

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A Call to Unity

We believe that now is the time to come together in unity.  We are in the midst of building a website that will allow interested brethren to join us in moving toward unity.  You will be able to identify yourself and provide a list of gifts and your calling as well as other personal information… Continue reading A Call to Unity

The Resurrection by Love

For God so loved the world HE raised HIS Son up from the dead.  HIS Love had the power and authority over death and this was to precede the arrival of the Holy Spirit who would be the Comforter or advocate for us as we transitioned from death to life.  Just as Jesus was the… Continue reading The Resurrection by Love

A Fullness of Love is coming

Although I don’t define my day by signs, I was led to view this Youtube.  It happened to be at 2:12 PM… Below is a screenshot of the download: Notice that I am the 116,000th person to download.  It looks like the fullness of Love is upon us.

Honest Money

Gold and silver represent honest money.  It puts value in the hands of the person who generates the value the money represents.  In the current electronic system, money is stored by a system that can manipulate its value.  This lends itself to dishonesty.  If you work hard and save your money, you want your savings… Continue reading Honest Money