Unity153 is at hand

On March 17th in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the Sunny Day Meeting, Our Heavenly Father had me proclaim the initiation of the unity153.net project.  At that time, I projected the website to be operational on June 1st.  It will officially be operational on that day.  It will continue to evolve and be enhanced but I… Continue reading Unity153 is at hand

Speaker at Dallas Conference

I have been asked to speak next weekend at the Dallas Conference: The Pentecost Conference in Dallas is scheduled for June 1-3. http://www.firstcovenantchurchtexas.org May Our Heavenly Father be glorified in all that I say!

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U.S. Dollar Summary

Underlying Relative Impact on Fundamentals Condition USD Trade Balance Severe Deficit Negative Interest Rates Extreme Low Negative Economic Growth No Recovery / Low Negative * Inflation High Negative * Political Stability Low Negative ** Fiscal Condition Worst of Developed World Negative * Not fully recognized in the markets ** Euro area concerns temporarily taking global… Continue reading U.S. Dollar Summary

Unrighteousness abounding

Acts of unrighteousness are becoming so blatant in the global markets, there is hardly anywhere for the average investor to place his assets for the future. Facebook went public last week.  Their Initial Public Offering (IPO) was greatly anticipated and analysts projected earnings based on them being a public entity.  Potential investors were given these… Continue reading Unrighteousness abounding

TL Osborn on Branham

I found this Youtube clip and thought it had some interesting nuggets of Truth in it.  Bill Branham was a foreshadow of the Tabernacles movement.  Though man’s ego got in the way of the movement, we must look for the good that came forth: TL Osborn was called to evangelize by Jesus in a vision. … Continue reading TL Osborn on Branham

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European Union moving closer to inflection point

Will the EU keep all its members through the summer?  That is the question the markets are asking?  Greece, Italy, and Spain all have systemic problems that won’t be solved by taking the path of austerity.  The people won’t allow it.  Even though the  mainstream media in the U.S. does not provide much coverage of… Continue reading European Union moving closer to inflection point

Fear-based illusions

Our ego controls us by fear and the current system exploits those who live in this state.  Many liberties have been taken away from Americans in exchange for promises of safety and protection from terrorists.  We are now herded through security checkpoints as cattle and searched as though we are all suspected terrorists.  The current… Continue reading Fear-based illusions