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Unity153 is at hand

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

On March 17th in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the Sunny Day Meeting, Our Heavenly Father had me proclaim the initiation of the project.  At that time, I projected the website to be operational on June 1st.  It will officially be operational on that day.  It will continue to evolve and be enhanced but I will be able to demonstrate its use in the Dallas Conference.  June 1st happens to be on the 153rd day of the year this year since it is leap year.

There has been much resistance to this project on some levels but I was assured that the project would be completed.  The project was internally funded thus we asked for no financial assistance.  Angelic intervention was required to assure completion of the project of which I am grateful.

I believe this represents a notable turning point in establishing the Kingdom of GOD on earth.  Mystery Babylon controls the current economic system by way of banks and corporations around the world.  They channel their profits to promote their agenda of control and manipulation.  I expect the goods and services they provide will be replaced by Kingdom enterprises as the Heavenly Kingdom spreads across the globe.  As people realize the benefits of doing business with Kingdom enterprises, they will embrace the change from greed to Love.  In order for this to happen an infrastructure must be built.  Unity153 is the beginning.  May Our Heavenly Father be pleased!

What will decide November Election?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

A financial meltdown of the Euro could spread to the U.S. and cause Obama to lose the November election.  So what do you think any politician would do in this case?  Prop up the Euro at all costs.  How do you do that?  You direct the Federal Reserve Bank to “lend” money to the European Central Bank (ECB) in some form that will hopefully escape the public scrutiny.  Effectively, the FED will turn on the printing presses and further depreciated the value of the dollar.  The loan may go through the IMF on its way to Europe.  The goal is to win the election before the wheels fall off of the Euro wagon.

Where is that statesman when we really need him?  All stops will be pulled out to retain the status quo prior to November.  The biggest unemployment issue is a politician’s own loss of a job, whether it be a president or a prime minister.  The problem is that the world leaders do not see a real choice but to kick the can down the road.  They know the pain of the masses will be too severe and could cause chaos in the streets.  There is no worldly solution without excessive pain.  Each politician hopes that the black swan event that would evoke a tipping point to a meltdown would not happen on his or her watch.

The only solution that I see is a Kingdom-based solution.  Our Heavenly Father’s wisdom is sufficient to resolve this mess mankind has created.  Heaven has no such problems and there is sufficiency for all.  There is complete unity in Heaven.  For a system to work and replace the current system on earth there must also be complete unity.  Jesus said, “Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are.”  Those who are called into unity will be “kept” through the times ahead.

By the way, during our trip to Australia we saw a family of black swans:



End of the Road Documentary

Monday, May 28th, 2012

This documentary costs $5 to watch.  The current system is heading for failure and this film provides a view shared by many.  It is important to hear what many experts who are called to this arena are saying:


The question is: What will replace the current system?

I believe the Kingdom of GOD is to come forth.

Required Disclaimer:

The views and statements expressed in the film do not necessarily reflect the views of Servias Ministries, Inc.and does not warrant the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of those views or statements and does not accept any legal liability whatsoever arising from any reliance on the views, statements and subject matter of the film.  The film and the views and statements expressed in the film are not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advise.  You should seek your own professional financial Advise before investing.

Speaker at Dallas Conference

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I have been asked to speak next weekend at the Dallas Conference:

The Pentecost Conference in Dallas is scheduled for June 1-3.

May Our Heavenly Father be glorified in all that I say!

U.S. Dollar Summary

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Underlying Relative Impact on
Fundamentals Condition USD
Trade Balance Severe Deficit Negative
Interest Rates Extreme Low Negative
Economic Growth No Recovery / Low Negative *
Inflation High Negative *
Political Stability Low Negative **
Fiscal Condition Worst of Developed World Negative
* Not fully recognized in the markets
** Euro area concerns temporarily taking global attention.



John Williams’ (paid subscription) tracks the raw economic data published by the U.S. Government.  He then calculates indices based on historical formulas used by the U.S. Government.  Over time, the government statisticians were required to change the formula to paint a better picture of the economy.

I agree with John’s assessment.  We are heading for a cliff.

Central banks bought 500 Tons of Gold last year.  400 Tons are expected to be purchased this year.  I wonder why?

Unrighteousness abounding

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Acts of unrighteousness are becoming so blatant in the global markets, there is hardly anywhere for the average investor to place his assets for the future.

Facebook went public last week.  Their Initial Public Offering (IPO) was greatly anticipated and analysts projected earnings based on them being a public entity.  Potential investors were given these estimates and in turn planned their purchase of stock based on these estimates.  In the middle of the process, earnings estimates were reduced and only some hedge funds were told of this material change.  This is the ultimate unrighteous act in issuing an IPO.  Watch the video:

The Federal Reserve continues to suppress the interest rates thus punishing savers who follow the prudent rules of personal finance.  The savings rate is lower than the actual rate of inflation thus stealing asset value from the average person.  The government’s huge debt level is the beneficiary.  Low rates mean low interest payments.

Stock manipulation by those in power are at unprecedented levels.  Technical analysis of stocks is designed to follow trends.  This no longer works when the market is being manipulated.

The only solution is for Love to abound and consume all the unrighteousness.  Each of us has a part in this so don’t think that you should just sit on the couch and surf the channels for another escape from reality.  If nothing else, get on your knees and pray the Lord’s Prayer for we should expect “Thy Kingdom come, They Will be done”.  As we come together in unity, this globe will change.  The unrighteous cannot come into unity.  Their fear and greed prevent any true unity from materializing.  They don’t trust anybody and they are always looking over the shoulder and waiting for the other shoe to fall.

TL Osborn on Branham

Monday, May 21st, 2012

I found this Youtube clip and thought it had some interesting nuggets of Truth in it.  Bill Branham was a foreshadow of the Tabernacles movement.  Though man’s ego got in the way of the movement, we must look for the good that came forth:

TL Osborn was called to evangelize by Jesus in a vision.  Daisy did not see Jesus.

His first missionary trip to India was a failure.

Daisy Osborn went against the leadership of the Pentecostal church and attended a Bill Branham meeting.  TL would not go because of the leadership.

Daisy was hungry to hear Our Heavenly Father.  She was not going to be denied and she heard that Branham’s meeting included miracles of healing.

Upon her arrival to the meeting, there was a different feeling there, better than at any time since she had been saved.

Daisy came home and preached the entirety of Branham’s sermon on healing.

TL’s second vision was that he saw Jesus in Bill Branham.

First, you see the revelation of Jesus Christ, then you see Jesus in people.

TL and Daisy were going to read the Gospels as they had never read them before.  They  discovered the promises of Jesus.  The third vision was they saw Jesus in HIS Word.

“Everything Jesus tells us to do, let’s do it.”

“Everything Jesus said He would do, expect Him to do it.”

The forth vision was that “Jesus is in us.”

Osborn’s ministry healed countless people and raised many from the dead.  Should we expect anything less?

European Union moving closer to inflection point

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Will the EU keep all its members through the summer?  That is the question the markets are asking?  Greece, Italy, and Spain all have systemic problems that won’t be solved by taking the path of austerity.  The people won’t allow it.  Even though the  mainstream media in the U.S. does not provide much coverage of the situation, thankfully the Internet allows the flow of information to reach our shores.  In Spain, the workers 25 years old and under have an unemployment rate of over 50%.  In Greece, some families are putting children up for adoption because they have no means to support them.  Depositors have begun taking their money out of the banks in these countries at an increasing rate.  Moody’s Rating Service has responded by downgrading several Spanish banks on Thursday evening.  See

The smart money started moving a major portion of deposits out of the banks months’ ago.  Now, the  average depositor perceives the risk as well.  This is an indication that a change is near.  None of the countries are willing to suffer through a self-imposed austerity program to deal with decades of deficits.

Let’s consider the reality.  Man does not know how to manage an economy and eliminate contractions.  Moving to a fiat money system forty-one years ago was a test.  For one generation it looked like a good idea.  The future generations will look back and wonder what were those in power thinking?   Just as in the Book of Judges where the children of Israel would get delivered from their enemies and do right in their own eyes afterward, the current society is doing the same thing in parallel.  Each time the children of Israel would return to lawlessness a short time after their deliverance.  Today is no different except that we have Jesus Christ as the Door into Kingdom Economics.  Once we have been restored to Our Heavenly Father through Christ, we have access to successful principles of Economics that will work for all mankind.  Why?  It is designed with the intent of Love rather than greed.  When Love abounds, new inventions are embraced and help all mankind.  When greed is the primary motivator, the current mess is the result.  Eyes will soon be opened to the difference.  Mankind will be presented with the Kingdom-based Economic system.  I believe they will respond.

Calling versus Noble Aspirations

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Judges 6:11  And there came an angel of the LORD, and sat under an oak which [was] in Ophrah, that [pertained] unto Joash the Abiezrite: and his son Gideon threshed wheat by the winepress, to hide [it] from the Midianites. KJV

The story of Gideon starts out with Gideon minding his own business and living a quiet life.  The Midianites (meaning strife and confusion) were in control of the current economic system and he had no interest in confronting them.  Suddenly that changed when the angel appeared to him.  The timing of this story would indicate that Pentecost had past for he was threshing wheat and Tabernacles had not yet been fulfilled since he was using the winepress as the location for the threshing.

Gideon had gifts and a calling but the calling had not yet been fully activated.  He was the youngest son of Joash and the fifth Judge of Israel, the number five being an indication of the Grace of Our Heavenly Father.  As with many of us, Gideon needed confirmation even though he was a mighty man of valor.  He had the skills as a warrior and was well-trained and seasoned.  His issue concerned the fact that Our Heavenly Father had forsaken or abandoned Israel.  The judgment of Israel had been concluded.  Now the LORD Himself said “Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?”

Gideon is explicitly told of his calling for the LORD said HE SENT him.  We have all questioned Our Heavenly Father concerning our calling.  When I first received the vision in 1987, I thought it would manifest immediately.  Wrong!  Here we are 25 years later.  In 1987 the Pentecostal Age had not been completed but I needed to begin preparation and gain maturity.  After awhile, I became comfortable in my current state knowing that when the time came, Our Heavenly Father would begin deployment of those called to bring forth the Kingdom.

Gideon needed a confirmation, a sign.  I suspect he thought many times that he was being activated for his calling only to suffer defeat and failure.  He prepared a sacrifice and the Angel consumed the sacrifice with fire.  Gideon exclaimed, “Alas, O Lord GOD! for because I have seen an angel of the LORD face to face.”  I would suggest that this was the angel Peniel which means “Face of GOD”, the angel associated with Tabernacles.

However Gideon needed a second and third witness by using a fleece.  After all, he was putting his life on the line and wanted to make sure that he wasn’t under judgment.  Gideon’s activation was at hand.

At the same time, other men had been prepared for the fullness of their calling.  Each man was hand picked by Our Heavenly Father to accompany Gideon in overtaking the Midianites even though Gideon was not yet aware of which men would accompany him.  The Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon and he issued the call to muster an army.  Thirty-two thousand men responded to the call but the LORD said that was too many.  Gideon told those who were fearful needed to go home.  Twenty-two thousand men went back to their homes.  Ten thousand men remained and they all had noble aspirations of doing the LORD’S bidding.  They were not afraid of the Midianites.  There were still too many men for this particular call.

Gideon needed to reduce the number and separate the men with noble aspirations from the men who were actually called to this deployment.  There is no question that all ten thousand possessed gifts and the willingness to fight the Midianites but Gideon needed to identify those who were ready.  The LORD had him send the men down to the water and drink.  Three hundred men drank the water by dipping their hand in the water and lapping the water.  This was an indication of their maturity of staying vigilant even though they needed a drink.  The rest had bowed down and exposed themselves to risk.  Gideon now had those who were called to join him in ending the strife and confusion.

The call is coming soon.  Those who are called will respond.  Not only with noble aspirations, those who respond know their calling and know their place.  They have been prepared for such a time as this.

Fear-based illusions

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Our ego controls us by fear and the current system exploits those who live in this state.  Many liberties have been taken away from Americans in exchange for promises of safety and protection from terrorists.  We are now herded through security checkpoints as cattle and searched as though we are all suspected terrorists.  The current system uses fear to promote its agenda.  People claim they believe in Heaven and want to go there, just not today.  The fear of death initiates behavior that would suggest there is no Heaven.  The fear of failure, fear of financial loss, and the fear of rejection all assume that Love will not be there to restore the person when the various situations arise.  Did Jesus fear anything?  He was assured of His relationship with Our Heavenly Father and that everything would work out according to Love.

Fear promotes the building of walls or protective bubbles.  These illusions of walls are to convince you that you will be protected from the hurts you suffered in the past.  Instead they isolate you from your calling.  Your calling is impeded by the walls you erect.  Your ability to hear Our Heavenly Father can also be impacted.  HE would have you take actions that would confront those walls hence a battle rages: Your ego versus the Word of Our Heavenly Father.

Matthew 10:39   "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.

“His life” is made up of all those illusions created by the ego to bring you into submission.  As long as your ego is in control, your calling suffers.  Once you “lose” that life for Christ’s sake, you will find the true life you were created to fulfill.  Some of us were created to be businessmen and fund the Gospel.  Others were created to spread the Gospel.  Some were called to care for the elderly.  Some were called to nurture the hurting, others to affirm.   Callings can be tangible or intangible but all callings are important to Our Heavenly Father or HE would not have brought forth those callings in the first place.  The ego would attempt to prioritize callings and assign a relative value to them.  The disciples attempted to restrain the children from approaching Jesus but HE set the record straight and commanded them to let the children through.  Taking up the Cross is in essence embracing your calling and submitting yourself to the will of Our Heavenly Father.  You operate according to HIS pleasure, not yours.  You embrace life even with its apparent hardships knowing that Our Heavenly Father has a purpose for those hardships.  Just as Joseph later realized that his trials and tribulations were meant for good, we must not despise our times of adversity.  We must not build another wall around our heart thinking that it will protect us from future hurts.

Are we willing to give up control in order that we may operate fully in our own calling?  If you are successful in your calling and you are given additional assets, do you believe that you have now achieved a new calling of asset manager?  Do you think the anointing of your calling will transfer to a new calling?  The Body of Christ is made up of many members, each with its own specialty.  Our ego would have us believe in the illusion that we can be self sufficient without the other members.  Fear of loss of control has encouraged that belief.  We have been led to believe that the other person will not have our best interest at heart.  As Love prevails, the best interest of the Kingdom and all its inhabitants will determine the decisions and actions of those who have lost their life for Christ’s sake.  As the revelation of Love comes forth, unity will come forth and callings will be honored.  Fear will no longer dictate the actions of those who have been given stewardship over resources in preparation of building the Temple.  Each person will bring forth assets held in “trust” and will disperse those assets for the benefit of the Kingdom.  Those fear-based illusions will dissipate and Love will no longer be restricted from the fullness of purpose.