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Multiple Central Banks Intervention expected

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Within the next few months, I expect a coordinated action by multiple central banks including the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, and others.  If this happens, trillions would be added to the global money supply.  Europeans are entitled to their month long vacations in August so I don’t expect much to happen until after they return from their “holiday”.

Additional injections into the global economy do not address the underlying problem- too much debt.  Who will be left holding the bag:  Banks, governments, or the population?  Each group will attempt to place the monkey on someone else’s back. has been activated

Friday, June 29th, 2012

For those who expressed interest in Our Heavenly Father’s Call by submitting their email, they have been notified of the activation of the website.  We expect more to sign up as Our Heavenly Father leads for the Kingdom is all about unity!

Revised First-Quarter GNP Growth Plunged to 0.5% (Previously 1.3%)

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 has proven to be a good watchdog for the U.S. Government statistics.  This revised growth number is anemic. 

John Williams continues:

… what had been reported the month before, where the headline November 2011 unemployment rate purportedly plunged by 0.4%, from 9.0% in October, to 8.6% in November.  The revised data in December showed a more-consistent comparison of 0.2% drop in unemployment from 8.9% in October, to 8.7% in November.

It is a shame that the revised stats are not reported with the same intensity as the preliminary stats which are nearly always optimistic.

Gold-Backed Bonds are on the horizon

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Europe may end up having to pledge their gold reserves to back bonds in order to get pension funds to renew their investment in European country bonds.  This would eliminate the concern of various European countries defaulting on their debt.  The gold would act as collateral by insuring the principal.  This would also act as a hedge against money-printing inflation.  Wait!  This makes way too much sense.  Forget it!

EDS Project Update

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

A few of you may have wondered about the progress of the EDS project.  Have you ever watched paint dry?  The delays have gone beyond the natural and have entered the Spiritual.  It is my belief that Our Heavenly Father has delayed the completion of the project for a yet to be revealed reason.  Those who know me can appreciate that I would normally not tolerate such a delay.  My calling is one of action, not inaction.  However, in this case I have been compelled to be patient and longsuffering with the manufacturer by those close to the project, especially Our Heavenly Father.

The manufacturer has built the beta machine and is testing all the circuitry.  “Noise” in the circuits is the upmost concern to them at this point.  The cleaner the signal, the better the result.  After all, we are identifying subtle signals given off by the body.  I suspect previous equipment including the current device we have as a reference, are giving off signals with noise.  Our evidence shows that the previous devices were able to accomplish their intended results even with the noise.  How much better will our new device be if it is relatively noise-free!  They have possession of my PC containing reference software to test the new device with.

The manufacturer has not been paid one red cent to this point nor have we been asked for any draws.  This confirms to me that his motivation is not the money but other larger projects of preexisting customers have taken priority over ours.  I guess I would rather have someone in high demand building the device than someone with nothing else to do!  Our donated funds continue to be reserved for the project.

The delays do benefit our project.  Other technology that would have a positive impact on our project continue to mature.  We expect to develop the software on the IPad or equivalent.   This allows the user to easily transport the system in a hard shell carrying case.  I could have used the device on a few trips to promote healing after being exposed to various and sundry viruses on airplanes.  The current, older technology is not conducive to travel.

Someday we will look into the rearview mirror and understand the delay.  There will be a need for more funds to take this project to its optimum conclusion.  We will need less than 1/1000 of what the American Cancer Society has collected to complete our project.  John R. Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society, received $2,222,272 salary/compensation from the charity. See:  I don’t expect us to pay anyone that kind of money.  I would rather see the widows, orphans, the sick, and the hungry receive additional assistance.

We are grateful to those who have given and have patiently waited for the materialization of this project.  I am also in this group.

Thank You!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

To all those who are contributing to Servias Ministries, Thank You!  Even though we do not send out an acknowledgement each time you give, we sincerely appreciate your donation.  We try to keep the administrative costs at a minimum so that your contribution is deployed for the greatest impact.  You will receive an IRS acceptable donation letter at the end of the year with the total of your contributions.

Who directs you?

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Romans 8:14  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.  NKJV

There are many challenges as we navigate through life.  Those challenges are relative to our particular environment.  On the plains of Africa, you don’t even consider a cool night in an air-conditioned home as an alternative so you don’t worry about an A/C unit breaking down and causing you discomfort.  You are grateful for a cool breeze making its way through the opening of your humble abode.  You are more concerned about where your food will come from tomorrow than the cost of a new bathing suit.

Each of us was placed at a particular location on earth by Our Heavenly Father.  Our placement was HIS decision.  Whether placed in a simple environment or a complex environment, our mandate is the same- to be led by the Spirit of GOD.  We are to overcome our emotions that would take us on a roller coaster ride to the extreme.  We are to overcome the trappings of the world, designed to move us into the outer darkness.  The greatest challenge to overcome is our flesh, aka the ego.

The ego has a never ending goal to exalt anyone but Our Heavenly Father.  It is usually focused on you but will exalt someone you can by associated with as well.  That association exalts you in a subtle manner.  When a wealthy man walks into a room, most people immediately try to gain recognition by associating with him.  His money is like a magnet to the ego.  The ego would say, “If I can gain favor with him, he will part with some of his money”.  For the most part, wealthy men would never give away their money, that is how they became wealthy in the first place.  Greed constantly plays games with those who focus on money.

When you are led by the Spirit, you take greed out of the equation for Our Heavenly Father is not moved by men’s money.  After all, HE established value in the first place.  Our Heavenly Father once told me that HE views money as a commodity and I should too.  As you respond to the leading of Our Heavenly Father, you will be prompted to give.  Giving is just one way that you keep your ego in check.  Tithing is a definite challenge to the ego.  Being directed to give a portion of your tithe to an individual that causes you grief may be one of the greatest challenges to the ego.  Your ego wants to judge that person unworthy to receive tithe money.  How on earth do you think that they will ever change if they receive no expression of Love?  Your job is to sow the seeds.  Our Heavenly Father’s responsibility is to provide the increase.

At the end of each day we should ask ourselves a few simple questions.  Was I led by the Spirit of GOD today or by my ego?  Did I impart Love into someone today or did I move someone further away from Love?  Did I do anything to further the Kingdom of Our Heavenly Father on earth today?

Fortunately, tomorrow is a new day!

Megabank Risks

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

The following article provides a simple scenario where J.P. Morgan could be at risk which in turn would put other parties at risk:

It now becoming more mainstream in preparation for an event to happen.

Few are chosen

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Many Christians know this phrase from the parable of the wedding banquet in Matthew 22.  These were words spoken by Jesus.  The Son of GOD was expressing a truth to us with many applications and facets.  An event was at hand, the king was giving a wedding feast for his son.  The Bride of Christ was to be joined together and Our Heavenly Father made the call to come forth a be a part.  A wedding represents a celebration of Love and its consummation.  The engagement process is complete and now it is time for the culmination to occur.

When the call was made it was met with indifference.  The people were lukewarm.  “But they were indifferent and went away, one to his farm, another to his business.”  This portion of the parable could point to the Jews of today, the clergy, the five-fold Pentecostal ministry, and others who have been “called” to minister and be set apart.  Nonetheless those who should have heard the call failed to attend the event.  Some even attacked the messengers of the truly Good News.

Others were summoned to attend and they responded.  They were the outsiders, those rejected by the previous generation of “called out ones”.  What separated them from the prior group?  First of all, they could hear Our Heavenly Father’s Voice.  Secondly, they would add something to the wedding feast: Love.  Do you think Our Heavenly Father would want someone to show up who put a damper on the occasion?  One such person did:

22:11 But when the king came in to see the wedding guests, he saw a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. 22:12 And he said to him,‘Friend, how did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ But he had nothing to say.

Oops!  There are of course many prophetic ramifications to attending without wedding clothes but the point here is that the man was not prepared.  He failed to consider others.  He was self-absorbed with himself to the point where he was totally unprepared for the consummation of Love.  What happened to the man?

22:13 Then the king said to his attendants, ‘Tie him up hand and foot and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!’

Do you think that Our Heavenly Father would invite someone to this wedding feast who did not have a revelation of Love to some degree?  If “GOD is Love” and the whole law is based on Love, then the invitation to the wedding must incorporate a revelation of Love.  I would submit to you that the best education will not get you in the door nor the best head knowledge of Scripture.  I would suggest that the best preparation for attending a feast of this nature is to pursue the revelation of Love at all costs.  Will there be failures along the way?  Absolutely, I can attest to that reality on a personal basis.  However, Our Heavenly Father knows my heart and encourages me to continue on the path to the full revelation of Love.  At the fullness is Him for HE is Love.  If you travel in the other direction away from Love, you find the outer darkness, away from Him.  It’s all about direction.  For many are called, but few are chosen.

I could not have said it better…

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

Ministry of [Un]Truth

By Eric Sprott & David Baker

Speaking at a Brussels conference back in April 2011, Eurogroup President Jean Claude Juncker notably stated during a panel discussion that "when it becomes serious, you have to lie." He was referring to situations where the act of "pre-indicating" decisions on eurozone policy could fuel speculation that could harm the markets and undermine their policies’ effectiveness. Everyone understands that the authorities sometimes lie in order to promote calm in the markets, but it was unexpected to hear such a high-level official actually admit to doing so. They’re not supposed to admit that they lie. It is also somewhat disconcerting given the fact that virtually every economic event we have lived through since that time can very easily be described as "serious". Bank runs in Spain and Greece are indeed "serious", as is the weak economic data now emanating from Europe, the US and China. Should we assume that the authorities have been lying more frequently than usual over the past year?

Read the rest of the article:

A lie is an attempt to deceive often using facts to support it.  By nature it is manipulative.  A lie attempts to exalt the liar and infers that the recipient is gullible and possibly stupid.  When an official lies to the citizenry the risk is usually high for someone, usually the citizenry.  When the Federal Reserve resorts to lying what are we to conclude?  When things are going well, there is no need to lie.  The uglier the economy get, the more lies we are told.  It seems we need to develop an itsgettinguglyonusmeter.

This is why I believe we need to focus on hearing Our Heavenly Father.  He Loves us and will always draw us to the Truth.

22 means light and revelation, sons of light.

51 means Divine revelation.

Could the end of Wall Street signal the coming of Divine revelation of the financial system?