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Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

In Scripture, the number 144,000 represents the resurrected saints in Revelation.  The number 144 is the numerical value of Lazarus, the friend of Jesus from Bethany who was raised from the dead (“Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick.”).  Both numbers speak of a resurrected state where death has no sting.  Resurrection from the dead can happen on multiple levels: physical death, spiritual death, and death of the ego.  There are other aspects of resurrection that are beyond our understanding but the important fact is that death is not final nor eternal.  Lazarus’ body was already in the midst of decay when Jesus arrived to resurrect his body.  Love has command over death even when it appears to have advanced.

In September of 1995, the principality of death tried to attach itself to me at a funeral.  I felt the life being sucked out of me.  My wife looked at me and saw it happening.  I was turning grey.  I pleaded with the LORD and proclaimed I would not die in the middle of this funeral service.  We prayed for about 20 minutes and the principality of death departed.  In the next month I traveled to Minneapolis on business.  There I met the prophet Martin.  He was known for his prophetic ministry.  Our Heavenly Father had given him three visions about me and he wanted to share them at dinner.  After he shared the visions, I started to relay the story of the incident at the funeral.  Before I could however, he too had gone to a funeral in September.  The exact same thing had happened to him as well.  The Angel of The LORD spoke to him at that funeral and said “Martin, you shall live and not die.”  Then, the Angel of The LORD arrived at the restaurant immediately after he shared his story and said “Bob shall live and not die.”  Clearly I was thrilled at that Word.  However in November I attended another funeral in the early afternoon, an event I was not thrilled about based on the previous experience.  Once again the principality of death tried to attach itself to me.  This time I proclaimed the Word of The LORD to me and immediately the principality departed.  That was extremely good news!  Over the years I attended other funerals without incident… thankfully.

Fast forward to this year.  On May 9th, I was once again subject to imminent death.  While riding my bike, I was hit and should have been taken out by a full-size van based upon the laws of physics.  Instead, my angel pulled me away from the path of the van.  The third attempt by the principality of death to take my life failed.  I had not considered the brevity of the event until last week.  It was then that Our Heavenly Father told me that the three events were connected.  Am I special?  No more than the next guy.  What IS special is the revelation of Love coming forth.  This revelation is what the principality of death is desperate to prevent from coming forth.  Think about it.  Love sent Jesus to the cross and death could not reign over Him.

We are short-term thinking by nature.  I did not consider the connection of the events 16 years apart.  I was not aware that Our Heavenly Father would have me pursue this revelation of Love back then but it apparently was known in the Heavenlies.  Only when HE told me to connect the three events did I consider the brevity of my pursuit of the revelation of Love.  Our Heavenly Father told me to determine the elapsed time between the last two attempts on my life.  It turns out that there were 6,006 days between the two events.  Moreover there were 144,144 hours.  This sign in undeniable.  I am grateful to be alive to do my part in bringing forth what I believe to be the greatest revelation yet:  the revelation of Love.

Is WW III ahead?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Syria continues to be on the forefront of network news.  You can step back and look at global power views and see what they want us focused on.  Do the globalists want us in another war?  Zero percent interest rates prevail since there is not enough consumption to bring the economy out of its true recession.  Both Iran and Syria are apparently destabilizing the Middle East and the U.S. will protect its energy interests.  The following chart shows that we are in unprecedented, uncharted area now:



The short-term American economy has been “fixed” by wars in the past only to see its economic health suffer in the long term.  Instability in other areas of the world cause a flight of capital to U.S. Dollars.  This bodes well for the current state where the U.S. Dollar is losing its reserve status.  The macroeconomic picture does not reflect recovery but instead it reflects substantial uncertainty that has no solution.  This would indicate that precious metals will be the insurance of choice.  There is so much sovereign debt out there that no central bank can afford to allow interest rates to rise.  Ultra low rates cause baby boomers and seniors to quit spending since they cannot see an improvement in cash flow on their investments/retirement income.  Both situations feed on each other.  Consumption based on a major war machine is one alternative.  Let us pray that this alternative is not sought to fix an ill-fated economy.

How to make $40 Million per day

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Surely there is some justice to be administered for all the unsuspecting retirees who lost some of their life savings over this.

For better viewing of the above:

The Roaring 20’s turned into the dusty, dry 30’s

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Did the lawlessness of the 1920’s correlate to the dust bowl and great depression of the 1930’s?  The anything goes attitude of a once righteous nation seemed to evoke a punishment in the 1930’s.  The abundance of sin and excess was well documented during that era.  It would appear that the current track of lawlessness far exceeds the 1920’s.  The moral fiber of the country has all but disintegrated.  The lust of the flesh, addictions to just about anything, and the arrogance of pride seem to be at epic proportions.  The following chart is compelling:

Reconciling American External Debt

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Historically until President Nixon closed the gold window, the external debt of the United States was collateralized by gold owned by the U.S.  Nations knew that they could trade their dollars for gold upon request.  This created a stable and verified currency market.  Confidence in the U.S. Dollar was at 100% because other countries had that convertibility option.  Economic cycles of mild expansion and contraction were manageable.  The Vietnam war began to take its toll on the system.  Debts were piling up as the U.S. continued its attempt to assert its dominance in Asia.  France decided to exercise its right to exchange excess dollars and convert to gold.  Loss of confidence in America’s ability to manage its external debt led to this move.  Nixon responded by closing the gold window and letting the price of gold float rather than keeping at a fixed convertibility rate.  This was the beginning of the end of the dominance of the U.S. Dollar.

If you were to graph the relationship of the external debt to the “stated” gold reserves of the U.S., the following would result:

The external debt of the U.S. could be satisfied if the gold reserves were valued at $19,500 per ounce, a ten fold increase of the current price.  Which would a country rather hold, a piece of paper or an ounce of gold?  Which medium of exchange promotes confidence in future value?  Based on historical ratios, silver would demand $1,220 per ounce.  You can see why Our Heavenly Father encouraged a precious metal as a medium of exchange.  Man can’t manipulate it.

Living another day is better than dying tonight

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

The following 21 minute video provides the reality of the Libor scandal.  We have blogged about the underlying issues for years now.  The scandal is causing the ugliness to surface and Former U.S. Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts explains the harsh reality- fraud will not be prosecuted at the highest levels.  From a Biblical perspective, lawlessness will prevail until judgment comes.  As the trust in the U.S. Dollar erodes further, people will seek out other investments to protect their wealth.  Only Our Heavenly Father knows when this will accelerate and create a hyper-inflationary environment for the Dollar.  New laws and Executive Orders have been put in place to combat the flight of wealth from America.  You can now understand why.  The risk of flight grows everyday and could create chaos once the average person really understands the brevity of the problem.


Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people. NKJV


Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Matthew 17:5  While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.   KJV

We all should ask ourselves the question: Would Our Heavenly Father refer to me as His beloved Son?  We all want to be “sons of GOD” but do we want to be known as a beloved son?  If so, we must learn to walk in Love, not according to our flesh.  How can we walk in Love if we never focus on the subject?  My wife will tell you that over the last seven years I have moved toward the fullness of Love in my walk.  Why?  Because that is my focus.  Love changes you as you dwell and meditate on it.  By writing the books, I focus on the most important virtue that will outlast all other aspects of life- Love. 

If you want to become Love, you must spend time pursuing the revelation of Love.  You must read and study, you must dwell on HIS Words about Love, and you must practice responding and initiating in Love.  Will my book “Ascending to Love” complete your quest?  I don’t think so but it should point you in the right direction and encourage you to pursue the path of Love.  I receive a tremendous blessing when I write those chapters.  I probably need to read those words as much as anyone else.  Maybe that is why HE had me write the books.  I also want to be known as HIS beloved son.

The Central Banks have the answer:

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

The German phrase translates “quickly and easily”


“explains the rescue screen”

I think they got the answer from Spanky and Our Gang.  Spanky lived in Oklahoma City in his later life.

Core Values of Lawlessness and unrighteousness

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Gold represents 1% of the world’s financial assets and of institutional money, it is 1/2%.  Nobody owns gold.  In spite of this, gold has risen 6 fold even while governments and banks are attempting to manipulate and suppress the price of gold.  It is now becoming classified as a tier 1 asset along with cash in calculating bank reserves. What does this tell you?

The gold paper market is 100 times bigger than the physical market thus allowing for manipulation of the price.  Governments hate gold because it reveals their deceitful actions.

People are beginning to distrust the banking system.  They will then no longer trust the government.  The Liborgate scandal where global interest rates have been manipulated may not produce any prosecutions.  Why?  Because governments have also been colluding to keep rates low.  The average saver does not seem to comprehend that this scandal is the basis for his or her savings account not producing monthly income consistent with the true market rate.  The saver lost money every month as a result of this scandal.  Do you think that this is an isolated incident in the current financial system?  What about Madoff, MF Global, and now PFGBest?  When will the next shoe drop and what size will it be?

Lawless and unrighteous investment bankers operate by greed and fear.  They view the public as dopes.  Every deal they attempt is based upon greed- how much money can I make?  If there is no risk of reprisal for their greediness, they become brazen.  Only fear of punishment will keep them at bay.  Since in recent times there have been no felony convictions of top investment bankers, the fear has been removed and greed is now at a zenith.  It matters not to these people whether cities, counties, states, or countries go bankrupt as a result of their greedy actions.  It matters not that people lose their jobs as a result of a flawed financial deal.  The goal is to enrich their own pocketbook.  Only by the real and present danger of jail would these banksters move their value pendulum to the other end- fear.  However, the current economic environment needs to facilitate investment activity to sustain or reinvigorate economic growth numbers.  Without growth, the current system would implode and those in power would lose their jobs.  Greed seeks power thus they don’t want to lose the power they currently wield.  Do they have a true solution to their problem?  No, and loss of trust by the population will be the outcome.  When that happens, what financial asset do you think that the average person will flee to?

The central governments are convinced that people will flee to gold and silver. I conclude this by their actions to manipulate the price downward.  The price of gold is the classic canary in the coal mine.  Once the average person sees the core values of those in power, he or she will take action to protect what little wealth is left.  What asset would you convert to?

If my conclusion is correct, both gold and silver will skyrocket.  We do not give investment advice nor endorse any particular investment.  These blogs are meant to provide a macroeconomic picture of the current system and provide spiritual insight to the state of mankind.  You should seek the advise of an investment advisor before making any investment.

Loss of Faith in the system

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Who has been prosecuted for the 2008 financial meltdown debacle?

Who has been prosecuted for the MF Global missing money?

Do we need more regulation?  No.

De we need more regulators?  No.

Do we need enforcement of the existing regulations?  Yes.

Does anybody care?  Only those who lost money but by and large they have no power, authority, or ability to evoke judgment against the well-connected.

The core issue is the greed-based system that has declined to a system where the lawless are encouraged to break the law because they are deemed above of the law.  If you have a trading account, how can you be sure that your money will be there tomorrow?  You can’t.  So, what is your net worth?  You can’t be sure since you are basing it on pieces of paper that may not reflect the reality.

What in this current system can we count on?

What is the one economic system we CAN count on?  A Theocracy based on Love!

In the following video, Max Keiser makes several points about the current monetary system.  I cannot refute any of his points: