German Gold gone?

It is believed that the gold of Germany held in the U.S. is gone due to leasing of their gold into the market.  Movements of gold out of NY vaults were recorded until recently and those who monitored this movement are certain of this reality.  At the time, lending gold seemed to be a way… Continue reading German Gold gone?

Defender of Mankind

The name Sandy means “defender of mankind”. To boot, Hurricane Sandy has taken on an unusual “S” pattern for its path into the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.  That screams “prophetic”.  Just days before the election, this perfect storm seems to be making a statement which will require some discerning.  As I have traveled to other countries… Continue reading Defender of Mankind

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Revealing the Mystery

Are we willing to believe and act on a prayer by Paul The Apostle?  The current system would fight us to the end on this prayer to bring forth the Kingdom.  Why do we continue to focus on all else?  The adversary and the current system wants us to focus on “B” and “C” priorities,… Continue reading Revealing the Mystery

Counterfeit One World Government continues to form

The European Union based in Brussels is the forerunner of the One World Government promoted by those who think they are in power.  The counterfeit always shows up before the genuine.  The Kingdom of GOD is truly the only one world government that can thrive and survive.  By creating a debt-based society and then strong-arming… Continue reading Counterfeit One World Government continues to form

House to House

Acts 5:42   And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. As the saying goes:  There are three types of people-  Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that wonder what happened! The disciples had been empowered in the Holy Spirit… Continue reading House to House

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The front end of a parabolic rise

    If this is a parabolic rise, where is the above graph found on the following graph: I wonder where the price of gold is heading?  Silver?  No wonder there is such a battle raging in the gold futures market.

Bible Study on Love- Sunday 3PM Central Time

As a reminder, we will live stream our Bible study at 3PM Central Time tomorrow.  You can watch it live at It is called the “Unity153 show”.  There is no charge for this week’s telecast.  However, we will may have to utilize ustream’s pay-per-view in the future.  It would be priced at 99 cents… Continue reading Bible Study on Love- Sunday 3PM Central Time

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The Fiscal Cliff Ahead

Don’t shoot the messenger.  Those are classic words for those who bring forth a revelation.  In Scripture, the prophets were killed for telling of events to come.  The following provides us with the dilemma the U.S. is facing.  Both political parties had a hand in getting us to this place.  Only Our Heavenly Father can… Continue reading The Fiscal Cliff Ahead