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We survived the end of the world!

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Now that the Mayan Calendar has reset for another 26,000 years, we can get back to the business at hand.  This astronomical event captured the interest of many but failed to bring the catastrophic zenith that Hollywood had predicted.  The illusion is once again exposed.

Gold and silver were attacked this week just as the Fed created the next installment of Quantitative Easing… as expected.

The facade of economic growth continues and it will be interesting to see how the Christmas season will be reported.  With 8 to 10% inflation and a possible stated improvement of 3%, the true growth rate will be –7% based on raw statistics.  We’ll see how the numbers are reported by the spin doctors.  The busiest store at the mall was the Lego Store.  We will not deny our little ones!  After all, they are the future.  The rest of the stores were not too busy and allow for crowd-free shopping.  Heavy discounting reduced our overall cash requirements for this season.  The billfold was happy.

Our long awaited EDS beta machine might be delivered today… finally.  This month marks ten years since Dr. Speckhart decided to retire from active practice.  I hope that 2013 will see a dramatic improvement in the development of this technology.  Mankind could use a break from all the challenges that prevent a healthy life.

Our Bible study has maintained 100 to 150 views for each broadcast.  We are thankful for those who share our desire to mature in Love.  I have now completed seven years of focusing on this aspect of Our Heavenly Father and will continue until the fullness comes.  Our Heavenly Father is definitely patient with me.

Now that we survived the end of the world, I hope many of you will focus on producing good fruit by serving others who are less fortunate.  Acts of kindness and words of gratitude are “presents” to those who are struggling.  You don’t have to be wealthy to be a give, just willing.

Join us tomorrow as we continue the discussion of the Judgment of Love.  I am going to share the prophetic aspect of my trip to Canada last year that subtly dealt with the swallowing up of death, the ultimate judgment of Love.

Next Major Move of Gold (and Silver)

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

For the last year and a half, gold has been in a trading range of consolidation.  I expect a violent move up and it will not be expected by the market.  Paper gold in the futures market is risky since there is not enough gold to satisfy delivery.  The paper market has been manipulated by the agents of the Fed.  Just like clockwork when the Fed announces a new program of Quantitative Easing, the price of gold and silver get smacked.  These are times when those who believe in gold and silver as insurance against epic money printing can add to their positions.

These price manipulations play into the hands of the Chinese.  They continue to acquire more gold reserves at these prices.  It reminds me of Great Britain’s sale of gold at the bottom of the current price cycle- “Between 1999 and 2002, Gordon Brown, Chancellor, ordered the sale of almost 400 tons of the gold reserves when the price was at a 20-year low.”  This single decision cost British taxpayers Seven Billion Pounds at today’s prices.

Acquisition of gold and silver and their related stocks is not for the faint of heart.  Price swings have been substantial and will prove to be wild in the future.  Macroeconomic factors support hard asset investments over the long term but it will not be without some heart stopping moves.

On a six month basis, gold looks like it may of peaked out:

However on a ten year basis, the trend is intact:

Note the similar consolidation phase in 2008.  At $875, many were calling the top in gold then.  They now hope that everyone has forgotten their market calls.

Production in the mining sector is in serious decline.  India is being strong armed into selling gold reserves but it is not working.  Governments can put up barriers but the people will continue to protect their families.  The “gold cartel” is now desperate and China will be happy to buy up all the cheap gold they can.

Silver has even greater volatility which requires even greater courage to stay the course:

During the last days of the year, the cartel can manipulate the price with greater ease since many traders are on holiday.  They attempt to “paint” the charts to dissuade technical traders from buying.

The need for manipulation speaks volumes.


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The Fiscal Cliff Reality

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The “fiscal cliff” is another attempt to shift the attention of the public from huge problems to small ones.  The automatic spending cuts and tax increases were intended to reduce the deficit but instead it will be only by an insignificant amount over next ten years.

The problem is that you cannot legislate austerity to a faltering and recessionary economy.  This provides the setting to turn the Great Recession into the Great Depression of the Century.  The fiscal cliff is small compared to the Derivatives tsunami, Bond market bubble, or Dollar market bubble. (See previous blogs)

The fiscal cliff requires that the federal government cut spending by $1.3 trillion over ten years.  This means the federal deficit has to be reduced about $109 billion per year or 3 percent of the current budget.  The Derivatives tsunami and the other bubbles are of a different magnitude.  According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s fourth quarter report for 2011, about 95% of the $230 trillion in US derivative exposure was held by four US financial institutions: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs.  The commercial banks became casinos, like the investment bank, Goldman Sachs, betting not only their own money but also depositors money on uncovered bets on interest rates, currency exchange rates, mortgages, and prices of commodities and equities.

The exposure of the 4 US banks accounts for almost of all of the exposure and is many multiples of their assets or of their risk capital.  Today these four US banks have derivative exposure equal to 3.3 times world Gross Domestic Product.

The entire economic policy of the United States is focused on saving four banks that are too large to fail.  The purpose of QE1,2,3… are to keep the prices of debt, which supports the banks’ bets, high. The Federal Reserve claims that the purpose of its massive monetization of debt is to help the economy with low interest rates and increased home sales.  But the Fed’s policy is hurting the economy by depriving savers, especially the retired, of interest income, forcing them to draw down their savings.  Real interest rates paid on CDs, money market funds, and bonds are lower than the rate of inflation.

Moreover, the money that the Fed is creating in order to bail out the four banks is making holders of dollars, both at home and abroad, nervous.  If investors desert the dollar and its exchange value falls, the price of the financial instruments that the Fed’s purchases are supporting will also fall, and interest rates will rise. The only way the Fed could support the dollar would be to raise interest rates. In that event, bond holders would be wiped out, and the interest charges on the government’s debt would explode.

With such a catastrophe following the previous stock and real estate collapses, the remains of people’s wealth would be wiped out. Investors have been deserting equities for “safe” US Treasuries.  This is why the Fed can keep bond prices so high that the real interest rate is negative.  If the “bond vigilantes” finally surface, it will be all over but the shouting.

In the meantime, under the disguise of the threat of the fiscal cliff, lawmakers will try to destroy the social security safety net.  There is no substantial job creation, real family incomes have been declining for decades, and wealth and income have been concentrated to a few.  Historically, this environment produces major changes in a society.  Change IS coming!

The Need of Miracles

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Occasionally it is good to get back to the basics of the focus of our primary example: Jesus Christ. His ministry contained the miracles listed below.  Healing the blind men at Jericho is believed to be three different occasions even though it is listed here as one.  It is important to consider the emphasis of miracles by category.  Jesus ministered healing as first priority followed by taking command over nature.


Nature Miracles Matt Mark Luke John
1. Stilling the Storm 8:23 4:35 8:22
2. Feeding the 5000 14:13 6:30 9:10 6:01
3. Walking on the Water 14:25 6:48 6:19
4. Feeding the 4000 15:32 8:01
5. Temple Tax in the Fish’s Mouth 17:24
6. Withering the Fig Tree 21:18 11:12
7. Draught of Fish 5:01
8. Turning Water into Wine 2:01
9. Second Draught of Fish 21:01


Healing Miracles

Matt Mark Luke John
General Healings
1. Cleansing of a Leper 8:02 1:40 5:12
2. Healing a Centurion’s Servant 8:05 7:01
3. Healing Peter’s Mother-in-law 8:14 1:30 4:38
4. Healing the Sick at evening 8:16 1:32 4:40
5. Healing a paralytic 9:02 2:03 5:18
6. Healing the Hemorrhaging woman 9:20 5:25 8:43
7. Healing Two Blind Men 9:27
8. Healing a Man’s Withered Hand 12:09 3:01 6:06
9. Healing the Gentile Woman’s Daughter 15:21 7:24
10. Healing the Epileptic Boy 17:14 9:17 9:38
11. Healing the Blind Men at Jericho 20:30 10:46 18:35
12. Healing a Deaf Mute 7:31
13. Healing a Blind Man at Bethsaida 8:22
14. Healing the Infirm, Bent Woman 13:11
15. Healing the Man with Dropsy 14:01
16. Cleansing the Ten Lepers 17:11
17. Restoring a Servant’s Ear 22:51
18. Healing the Nobleman’s Son (of fever) 4:46
19. Healing an Infirm Man at Bethesda 5:01
20. Healing the Man born blind 9:01



1. Raising the Ruler’s Daughter 9:18,23 5:22,35 8:40,49
2. Raising of a Widow’s Son at Nain 7:11
3. Raising of Lazarus 11:43


Casting out Demons

1. Demons entering a herd of swine 8:28 5:01 8:26
2. Curing a Demon-possessed Mute 9:32
3. Casting Out an Unclean Spirit 1:23 4:33
4. Curing a Demon-possessed, 12:22 11:14
    Blind and Mute man

Jesus spoke of the need of miracles as evidence:

John 14:11 "Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves."

John 10:37,38 "Do not believe me unless I do what my Father does. But if I do it, even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father."

John 20:30,31 "Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name."

These were His actions behind the words He spoke.  Should we become like Him?  Is this the fruit of His ministry?  Should our fruit be similar as we are transformed?

John 14:12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.


Latest Weather Forecast?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012


Love from Above

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

‎"Jesus didn’t lay down His life so that an angry God could change His mind about you. No, the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ was a revelation of God’s love so that you could change your mind about Him.

The only wrath that was appeased at the cross was man’s, not God’s. Man’s "justice" is violent and retributive. God’s justice is non-violent and restorative (look at the life of Jesus).

Man unleashed violence at the cross. Jesus absorbed it.


I did not write the above but it was sent from a friend.  Well said!

Interpreting the Fed’s Actions

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

“On December 12, 2012, the Federal Reserve expanded QE3 (Quantitative Easing) to begin monetizing U.S. Treasuries, once again.  This renewed monetization of Treasury debt likely will become perpetually expansive, providing unlimited liquidity to a system that already is dependent on, and addicted to the Fed’s stimulants.  With no economic recovery in place or pending, and with the financial system and markets unable to survive withdrawal symptoms, ever-expanding QE3 likely will continue until such time as the U.S. dollar collapses in a hyperinflation.”  -John Williams 12/13/12

Rather than accepting the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank  experiment could not work forever, the U.S. is destined to suffer the consequences of the collapse of this experiment.  In an attempt to break the natural economic cycle of expansion and contraction, the Fed has only served to expose us to a much greater risk of severe contraction.  The populace has been “drug induced” with the addiction of TV entertainment mixed with 24/7 news.  Instead, we all need to be on our faces before Our Heavenly Father.

By committing to keep the rates low for another three years, the Fed has telegraphed the seriousness of the problem.  The U.S. has structural unemployment and, students have been misled into getting degrees in subjects that don’t matter to the future of the country while racking up astronomical student loans.  The Federal Government then gives them a break on their interest rate agreements so as to send the message that justifies their original decision.  There are so many guilty parties to all the shenanigans that we do not have enough room in the system to put them all in jail.  What a mess!

There is a chance of the U.S. to pursue to “two currency” system- one for domestic use and the other for international trade payments.  This would be devastating to our seniors who live on Social Security.  Their payments would quickly move lower in purchasing power thus evoking “attrition” to their ranks.  Think about it.  The true inflation rate is running much higher than the stated rate.  We are reminded of that when we go to the market or restaurant.  The economic impact to the overall family structure will be devastating.  Just how many people can one wage earner support?

The Fed waited until after the election to announce additional stimulus.  They attempted to “paint” a better picture just before the election so as not to put the current economic conditions in a more negative light.  Three more years of zero percent interest rates will push investors to riskier alternatives thus exposing them to loss of their retirement principal.  So much for the guaranteed 5% passbook savings rate that we all became accustomed to over a couple of decades.

The Fiscal Cliff issue is not solvable with a tax hike:


All of the drama surrounding the tax hike is designed to take our focus off of the real problem…. as though it will go away.  The risk to the current system is epic.  Japan will be the next player to enter into the money printing game.  Will they be the tipping point to global economic chaos?  If we didn’t have a severe problem, the Federal Reserve would not be taking these drastic steps.  Think about it.

100 Days of Preparation?

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

We are now six days from December 21st,2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar.  Those who have been reading this site for some time know that I have made some declarations.  On September 1st, 2011 I announced “Now is the Time” and wrote a 10 part series on that declaration.  The series ended on September 27th.  The first full day of Passover in 2013 happens to be exactly 18 months from the end of the series.

Eighteen months was the length of time the children of Israel were to be in the wilderness before entering the Promised Land.  Because of unbelief they ended up staying in the wilderness another 38 1/2 years before they finally crossed over.  The eighteen month period was ordained to be a time of preparation before entering into the fullness.

In April of 1995 my business quit generating revenue to sustain the normal business operations.  Our Heavenly Father had put me on what turned out to be a ten year morning prayer routine from 1990 to 2000.  I separated myself from 6AM to 7AM each morning.  My agreement was that if HE woke me up at 5AM, I would pray.  Yep, HE obliged that request EVERY DAY!  So here I am in the midst of this 10 year mandate and our revenue begins to dry up.  What’s up FATHER?  HE said “You are in the financial wilderness.”  My  response, “Get me out of it!”  HE said, “No, it is ordained that you spend eighteen months in the wilderness.”  That did not excite me.  During that time, there were days when I would wake up with fear gripping my heart.  Those days I would not leave my prayer time until the fear was replaced with peace.  After all, I was not going to generate any business anyway so I might as well stay in the sanctuary.  We were in a financial nosedive but Our Heavenly Father delivered us “just in time”.  Bankruptcy was definitely in sight.  The lean period ended in September of 1996.  This turned out to be the first month I participated in a Tabernacles meeting.  During that period Our Heavenly Father had me study the three major feasts.  It was a time of great revelation on a personal basis.

I share these personal stories not to draw attention to me but to share that fact that each of us is tried and tested.  You are not alone in your trials.  Each of us has a story just as important as mine.  I hope this sharing is a comfort to you when you are in your trials.

Of course I thought once I made it through the eighteen month period, I would be fully operational in my calling… Not!  My next training mission was to be immersed in the study of Biblical Law.  This would go on until 2005.  Was I now ready?  Nope!  Now it was time for me to focus on the most primary characteristic of Our Heavenly Father- Love.  This month marks the completion of seven years of study.

Since 2005, Our Heavenly Father has had me establish Servias Ministries and Unity153, write two books on Love, and write hundreds of blogs.  The intent of all of this is to serve mankind.  I trust that it is.

Are we in an eighteen month period of final preparation to enter in to the fullness of our callings?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows for sure.  Does the end of the Mayan Calendar mark the end of a cosmic age and the beginning of a new dispensation prophesied in Scripture?  On August 20th, immediately after our 40th Wedding Anniversary, Our Heavenly Father put us on a diet.  HE later told me that I would be on this diet until late March and that it was a time of preparation.  It has not been difficult at all, an indication of Divine intervention.  To date, two decades of weight is gone.

Easter Sunday is 100 days after the end of the Mayan Calendar.  It also happens to be my birthday.  Will it mark the final days of preparation for the perfecting of the saints and the beginning of the global transformation?  Our Heavenly Father tends to give us only minimal information so we don’t muck up HIS plan by interjecting our “help”.  Our mandate to to mature as saints so that we may serve mankind in our unique and specific callings.  If this 100 day period is marked by tangible results and fruit, we will all be thrilled.  If it isn’t, I will continue my personal preparation so that I too will be know as a man after GOD’S own heart!

QE3 continues on, and on, and on…

Friday, December 14th, 2012

On 12/12/12, Ben Bernanke announced a continuation of Quantitative Easing (aka money printing).  John Williams at made the comment:

“The problem remains banking-system solvency; 2008 still is playing out.  The Fed’s purported effort at attacking the weak economy (specifically unemployment), with debt monetization is nothing more than political cover for helping the banks.”

John further stated:

“With no economic recovery in place or pending, and with the financial system and markets unable to survive withdrawal symptoms, ever-expanding QE3 likely will continue until such time as the U.S. dollar collapses in a hyperinflation.  Effectively, this was a decision that was made at the time of the panic in 2008, in an effort to avert an immediate systemic collapse, to buy some time.”

I recommend a subscription to for all of you economists that want to keep abreast of the uncooked government statistics.

Your Reasonable Service

Friday, December 14th, 2012

In Romans 12, Paul sets the standard for us to live by:

1   I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

2   And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We are to present our bodies a living sacrifice.  As you study the Laws of sacrifice in the Old Testament you find that the lamb should be without blemish.  The Blood of Christ insured that we are seen without blemish.  A living sacrifice denotes that our presentation of ourselves should be on going.  “Holy” is a pure and cherished walk and “acceptable” is well pleasing.  This walk is attainable because it is described as being reasonable.  If it weren’t reasonable then we would not be expected to achieve its goal.  So… set the expectation!

Presenting yourself is an action and this is the most basic way to serve Our Heavenly Father.  Are you focused on “you” or others?  Are your actions holy by all accounts?  Do you attempt to control of manipulate others for your own gain?  Sometimes its tough but we must look into the mirror and do a personal assessment.  Only then will we change.  Review your words from the last few days.  Were those words of life or death?  Were they uplifting or destructive?  We have a reasonable service to promote and pursue life in ourselves and others.  This must be an ongoing pursuit, not just on Sunday.  When we are in the trenches of life and being tested, that is the time to see what our character really reflects.

Be not conformed to this world.  Peer pressure attempts to manipulate us into accepting the current state of affairs, submitting to the current system.  If you look around, the current system isn’t doing well so why should you conform to this world.  Heaven, on the other hand, is doing quite well and is without scarcity, wars, sickness, etc.  Our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom is one of life and fruitfulness, not death and destruction.  The current system is designed to stroke your ego and create problems to be fixed.  It dangles a carrot in front of you to lead you to a life of subjection and slavery.  To be conformed is to take on another’s pattern, fashion or way of life.  When you do this you move away from your calling.  Your calling has a unique anointing that empowers it from On High.  When you move away from your unique calling, you lose that power.  At the same time you subject yourself to the risks and challenges associated with the calling that is not yours.  Without the anointing or empowerment, you will not be properly equipped to deal with those challenges.  Thus you will fail.

The three levels of Our Heavenly Father’s will is progressive, just like the three feast of the year- Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.  HIS “good” will is of of good constitution or nature.  When Our Heavenly Father spoke for creation, HE said it is good.  Life begets life thus seedtime and harvest perpetuate life.  This is akin to a thirty-fold return.  Next we have the “acceptable” will of Our Heavenly Father.  It is well pleasing and denotes progress.  The alternative is unacceptable or no fruit.  The judgment seat of Christ will objectively differentiate between the two:

2 Corinthians 5:10   For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things [done] in [his] body, according to that he hath done, whether [it be] good or bad.

Don’t you think we ought to deal with what is acceptable now rather than later?  It is better to take your pain early.

“Be transformed” indicates that we are not destined to live in the muck and mire of our current situation.  It is a command to change.  If we weren’t able to change, the Most Holy Spirit would not have placed those words there.  The disciples changed from a rag-tag group of guys to an empowered staff that spread the Gospel with signs and wonders.  We should expect change as we renew our minds.

The biggest enemy to the renewing of your mind is the acceptance of your current understanding being the final and complete belief system you need.  If you assume that your current actions and beliefs require no further study or assessment then you will not renew your mind.  How does your fruit stack up to Romans 12?  Are you serving your brother, your community, your country, the globe?  Instead, are you serving yourself?  Do you wake up everyday with a renewed strength and anticipation to what life will bring you or to another day of drudgery?  If there is anything certain, things are constantly changing.  If you have had no new revelation in the last week, month, year, or decade, then you are your own worst enemy.  One of the primary reasons we have our Bible study is to pursue the unfolding revelation of Our Heavenly Father for this specific time in history.  I look back over the last four decades and see many revelations appropriate for the time.  I have read or listened to many who prophesied the imminent return of Christ.  1986, 1988, 1996, 1999, 2000, etc.  Our Heavenly Father will transition us in HIS time, not ours.  Our daily focus should be to move to HIS perfect will.  Acceptable or pleasing denotes the sixty-fold increase whereas walking in HIS perfect will denotes a hundred-fold increase.

How can I walk in HIS perfect will?  By walking in the fullness of HIS Love, the bond of perfection.  As we pursue the fullness of Love, our mind is transformed.  It becomes good ground for a greater revelation of Love.  As we Love more, we produce more fruit.  Our calling is empowered from On High.  We become reliable to be used for Kingdom business rather than consume Kingdom resources for selfish purposes.

Our Bible study is all about the pursuit of walking in HIS perfect will, not just HIS good and acceptable will.  I urge you to join us on this path to a greater understanding which leads to greater fruitfulness.  I also urge you to ask others to join in on the broadcasts whether live or recorded for later viewing.  Your contacts list reflects your sphere of influence.  Why not promote the Kingdom instead of just sending emails complaining about the current system.  Take a position of growth rather than stagnation.

Our Bible study broadcasts are at:   We welcome your participation.