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Perilous Times ahead

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come:

The 21 sins that Paul identifies in 2 Timothy 3:

1. lovers of their own selves

2. covetous

3. boasters

4. proud

5. blasphemers

6. disobedient to parents

7. unthankful

8. unholy

9. without natural affection

10. trucebreakers

11. false accusers

12. incontinent

13. fierce

14. despisers of those that are good

15. traitors

16. heady

17. high-minded

18. lovers of pleasures

19. more than lovers of God

20. having a form of godliness, but

21. denying the power thereof

If you were to look at the news today, you could effectively cross off every one of the above sins, many times over.  Now is the time for the remnant to become operational.

March 16th, The Day that changed the world

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

On 16 March, everything changed. The European Central Bank (ECB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the German government led by Angela Merkel forced the Cyprus leadership to cross a line that can never be forgotten: Unauthorized withdrawals from bank deposits. This amounts to confiscation, initially set at 6.75%  if your account was less than 100,000 Euros ($128,000 USD) or 9.90% if over the threshold.

Who should have taken a “haircut”?  Answer: Shareholders, Creditors, and Bondholders, not the holders of deposit accounts in debt-ridden banks. They thought it would be much easier to rob the depositors in Cyprus ( including Russian mobsters using the banks as a tax haven) than it is to extract money from the Germans and other Northern Members of the EU.

Angela Merkel, the IMF and the ECB  can never put the genie back in the bottle.  The 17 member states of the Eurogroup took the unforgivable action and they will do it again: all Europeans must realize they are the target of a financial policy determined to rob them of the fruits of their labors on the pretext of balancing the books.

Do you think they made this decision independent of the Federal Reserve Bank?  I doubt it.  Do you think this was a test case for future action?  Absolutely.  There is not enough “printed” money in the world to reconcile the books of all the technically insolvent banks around the globe.  Only additional money printing and confiscation could relieve the liability pressure of the current system.  Excessive money printing could destroy the confidence in the current system.  With the continued missteps by the powers that be, it seems that is exactly where we are heading.  This is not surprising to Our Heavenly Father.  HE will raise a remnant at the appropriate time to bring forth righteousness and expose the lawlessness with the Light of HIS Word.  It will be first death of the system, then resurrection of the saints and glorification of the remnant.  Yes my friends, the tomb IS empty!

Pam and I wish you a Happy Resurrection Day!

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


The Collision with Time

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

As the intent of men to enslave the masses sweeps across the earth, Our Heavenly Father prepares the ephod of our calling to be placed on us to fulfill the deliverance of man from death and destruction.  We have been in a time of preparation similar to that of many called out ones in Scripture: Abraham, Joseph, David, Esther, Paul…   Each person had a specific calling on his or her life.  The uniqueness of the calling satisfied the demands at the time the calling became operational.  The time of preparation was well underway when we were formed in the womb.  Our Heavenly Father’s plan allowed for the years of preparation required to bring us to full stature.

The expectations of our calling are unique to each of us.  Just as each body part is needed to complete the person, each calling has its unique characteristics to provide the necessary tools to complete our portion of the overall plan of Our Heavenly Father.  Some are called to be on the front line whereas others are called to intercede in the quiet of their prayer closets.  Each calling is important to the outcome.

The complexities brought on my man’s attempt to exalt himself above Our Heavenly Father and sit on the Throne will be brought down and removed just as all the idols in the past were cut down, thrown down, crushed, or simply removed.  Those that did evil in the sight of THE LORD will be judged and corrected as is necessary to remove any and all hindrances from their restoration.

Those who have attempted to usurp the callings of others will have their robe of the ephod removed.  Their apparent power and authority was only for a season until the person with the true calling was fully prepared to operate in the fullness of the calling.  As death and destruction seem inevitable, grace and mercy will prevail and Love will swallow up death and make it of none effect.

We must walk in gratitude no matter what our surroundings suggest.  Some of us are going through trials with no apparent end in sight.  Be of good courage, others of us are answering the call of deliverance that will surely assist in delivering you from your circumstances.  We are the Amen people to Our Heavenly Father’s declarations.  We have responded as instructed and declared HIS Name above all others.  We have stood in the gap in intercession as we have been charged by Our Heavenly Father.  Yes, we are HIS witnesses on earth to testify of HIS ownership, rights, and authority over all the earth and its contents.  Our declarations have been made before the Divine Court and Throne of Grace.  Our testimonies have been accurate and sure.  Our Love has express its many attributes and issued a verdict of grace and forgiveness, not giving the adversary a foothold among us.

We present ourselves covered with the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ whose sacrifice enabled us to access the Throne of Grace.  His Blood was deemed acceptable.  His sufferings provided the path to the Throne for those of the Order of Melchisedec.

We are approaching the fullness of time.  We are ordained by Our Heavenly Father to be here at this time and to fulfill our calling given to us before we were placed in the womb.  The time and place of your birth is no accident.  Reading this blog is not by accident either.  Your exposure to these words of encouragement were ordained by Our Heavenly Father.  Embrace this time in history.  It will be exciting for us all for we have been selected to do our part in the restoration of mankind.  Selah.

Last Ditch Effort

Friday, March 29th, 2013

The Cyprus Banking Crisis has opened the door to the willingness of central banks taking our money out of the our account and effectively putting it in the capital accounts of the banks, a pure confiscation of assets.  Think about it.  Where is your money safe if it isn’t protected in your bank account?

Consider this.  What if you are a chief financial officer (CFO) of a corporation with $1 Billon in the bank?  where do you put it to protect it from confiscation?  Large depositors could lose 30-40% of their cash if they pick the wrong bank to put their working capital in.  The “central planners” know the impact of the threat of confiscation on the CFO’s thinking.  Do you put excess funds in the stock market in blue chip, dividend-earning stocks?  Do you go out and buy some real estate and rely on rent payments to fund ongoing operations?

The big issue is velocity of money- how fast money moves through the economy.  The velocity impacts the gross domestic product (GDP) if it slows down.  People are just not buying anything, they are keeping the money in the bank, sitting on the sidelines.  Yes, the stock market is hitting all time highs but that is due to the Fed goosing the economy, not the natural state of a recovery.  The Fed is getting desperate.  They are taking a huge gamble.

Below is a graph of money velocity.  It is at 50 year lows.  An economic recovery is tough with the velocity at such low levels.  People are concerned.

File:Velocity of MZM Money Stock in the US.png

What if real estate prices go down?  The CFO will lose working capital value.  What if the stock market goes down?  The result is the same.  Where can the CFO put his money until the risks subside?  This is a gamble by central banks of epic proportions.  We may have witnessed the beginning of the end of the current financial system.

We have $10.8 Trillion of deposits in the U.S. and the FDIC has $33 Billion in their fund. It equivalent to insuring $10,800 in risks with 33 bucks. Would you be comfortable with that ratio?  Can you see their dilemma?

Money of some type is currently necessary to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.  The size and complexity of today’s environment requires monetary exchange.  Stability of the money is critical to insure confidence in the system.  Gold and silver have been the stabilizing force for thousands of years.  Each time society has attempted to depart from the stabilizing characteristics of gold and silver, a system without counterparty risks, the attempt has ultimately crashed and burned causing severe pain to the population.  It appears we are on the cusp once again.  Many will be caught unaware at they have blindly followed the current system assuming those in power were somehow smarter than the rest of us.  Instead, deception and illusion played its role in moving us toward death and destruction.  It sounds a lot like the ego, the old man, the flesh, has been ruling the current economic system.  His death must precede the resurrection of the new man and… I suspect a new system.

What are you fulfilling?

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Romans 8:5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit

Are you fulfilling the flesh or the Spirit?  Are you fulfilling the Law?  Do you take pleasure in being lawful?  Jesus said that all the Law was fulfilled by the Two Commandments of Love.  Do you follow Love or self-preservation?  Are you focused on serving mankind or sustaining yourself no matter what the costs to others?  Are you walking in true peace or do you have to muster up some sort of peaceful state everyday?

Your flesh is a formidable foe to your spirit man.  It knows you like no other, except for Our Heavenly Father of course.  Your flesh is constant scheming and rationalizing why you shouldn’t walk according to the Spirit.  Paul was well aware of the two “I’s”.

It is HIS mercy and not your works that qualify you as an overcomer.  However you are called to be in agreement with HIM.  Your focus should be to plant good seeds of Love everywhere you go.  Practice being kind, thoughtful, and trustworthy.  Smile.  Be grateful to be alive at this time.  After all, it was HIS decision to put you on earth at this hour.  Exalt HIM for that very fact even though you don’t know the fullness of that decision.

Assess your actions in the last 24 hours.  What did you fulfill: your flesh or your Spirit?  Were you a vessel of honor or dishonor?  You do know that vessels of dishonor will ultimately become vessels of honor don’t you?  I suggest taking your pain early for it will be a more enjoyable ride.

Are you exalting yourself in your daily activities or making yourself of no reputation?  Taking on the role of a servant allows Our Heavenly Father to exalt you in a sustaining manner.  When your ego exalts you, it is but for a moment only and then a vacuum forms and disappointment sets in.

These blogs are not to beat you down but to simply differentiate the truth from a lie and to encourage you to correct your walk according to HIS Word.  I too have to read and abide by the words of correction, possibly more than many of the brethren.  Paul wrote much from personal experience as ordained by Our Heavenly Father.

This week symbolizes the sufferings of Christ prior to HIS sacrifice at the Cross.  HIS sacrifice was necessary for our reconciliation to Our Heavenly Father.  I am truly grateful for this and I do not hesitate to express gratitude for HIS act.  One of the greatest expressions of gratitude is to pursue the commands given by Jesus.  Love!  When you do this, you are fulfilling the Spirit!

BRICS Nations Plan New Bank to Bypass World Bank, IMF

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

This move clears the way for the East to take over the West by 2020.  The West may try to use a world war to prevent this from happening.  Greed is blinded by the bloodthirstiness for power and will do about anything to retain control.


The Gap

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Many of the brethren will be meeting in Gap, Pa. this weekend.  Sixteen (Love) years ago, our daughter got a job “standing in the Gap”, a prophetic sign.  She was a greeter in the Gap clothing store.  In the same year, the Promise Keepers went to Washington, D.C. for a rally titled “Standing in the Gap”.  In a recent interview, Economist Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff indicated that the fiscal “gap” of the U.S. is now a $222 Trillion deficit.  This is the culmination of a 30 year denial that the U.S. has a spending addiction problem.  This number is not Kotlikoff’s number, but a basic economic calculation accepted by all economists.  There is no way to get out of this hole.  The U.S. is technically insolvent.  19 out of 20 segments that make up the $222 Trillion are kept “off the books” by using language that conceals and misleads the American public.  All future spending must be covered by all future taxes.  The difference is the fiscal gap.  Social Security is 31% underfinanced by itself as indicated in the Social Security Trustee’s Report of 2012.

The Bond market will crash when the bondholders finally wake up to this economic reality.  Interest rates will rise.  Money printing will increase thus hyperinflation is the only alternative.  The system is extremely fragile.  The Fed’s actions confirm this fact.  12% of the U.S. Government’s spending is being printed by the Fed.  That will fuel inflation in a dramatic fashion.

We are moving quickly to a breaking point.  2015-2017 appears to be the current timeframe for a fiscal crisis to come to fruition in the U.S.  It could be earlier.  The price of gold and silver continue to be manipulated to cover up the brevity of the problem.  How wide can the gap grow before the crisis spreads?  Only Our Heavenly Father knows.  Gold will ultimately rise in terms of the U.S. Dollar.  $3,500, $4,800, to $6,000 and above.  We should think about Mandarin Chinese language skills by 2020 if Our Heavenly Father does not install the Theocracy by then.


Cyprus (Love) Update

Big depositors face cut of 40%, minister says.  See:

Banks to stay closed until Thursday.  See:

The one thing men cannot do is predict a change in the psychology of a population.  The Cyprus situation cannot bode well for the psyche of other countries in Southern Europe.  The “Rule of Law” was placed in jeopardy during the crisis and the average depositor knows that this revealing attitude of those in power cannot be forgotten.  Once the crisis is over, assuming it ends with minimum fallout in other countries, the average person should look at protecting his or her economic well-being from the unexpected.

Cyprus will suffer tremendously from this event.  Small businesses will close, unemployment will rise, and there will be a decade or more of economic pain as a result.

Cyprus, the canary in the mine

Monday, March 25th, 2013

BRUSSELS, March 25 (Reuters) – Cyprus clinched a last-ditch deal with international lenders on Monday for a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout that will shut down its second largest bank and inflict heavy losses on uninsured depositors, including wealthy Russians.

“Let us all save the banks by imposing the cost of their mistake on the public.”

“Let us sell off public assets to raise money to save the banks.”

The people of Cyprus are being told of the dire consequences if they do not agree to those statements.  I seem to recall Iceland being in the same predicament.  They threw the bankers out of their country and they are doing fine… thank you very much!

Timothy F. Geithner, U.S. Treasury secretary, told Congress back in 2008 that if they didn’t authorize a $750 Billion bailout for the banks, there would be Marshal Law.  Since then the spigots have been wide open helping the banks and robbing the public with low interest rates of nearly zero while inflation continues its upward march.

Cyprus is the “line in the sand”.  Will the public give in to the strong-arm fear tactics or will they succumb to fear and enslave themselves to the whims of the financial industry?  The people of other EU countries are watching this closely.  Here in America there is very little news media attention given this situation, by design.  Instead, the media is commenting on Jessica Simpson’s latest pregnant photo… how cute!

Destruction of democracy is at hand.  The governments are aligned with the 1% wealthy and this very fact is being exposed in Cyprus.  Love is exposing the hearts of men.  Financial sovereignty of Cyprus and other countries is on the line.  Once financial sovereignty is removed, the rest of the sovereignty of the nation will fall and they will become a nation-state of the EU.  Ultimately, the wealthy want all nations as part of their “one-world government”.  Greed at its worst.

Will Brussels (EU) successfully increase the concentration of power and move it away from the people of Cyprus?  Or will the people of Cyprus stand firm against this attempt by Brussels to have them pay for the banks’ greed and reckless investing that incidentally increased the bonuses to the wealthy?  How blatant!

The EU wants to use this crisis to gain power over its members.  The borrower is subject to the lender.  This Biblical truth is in action.

This may be the week that sets the course for the Western World.

UK Commentary on Cyprus

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

I have heard many interviews with Nigel Farage.  He clearly calls it like he sees it.  He has generally been accurate in his assessments.