The Need for Correction

While reading Kemper’s new book, I begin reflecting on the successes and failures throughout my life. I find that the success was enduring when I paid attention to the wisdom from Above. The one thing I encounter when reading a work like this is that it requires me to slow down and contemplate each statement.… Continue reading The Need for Correction

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Taking a Break

We will be on holiday over the next 8 days.  Depending on the Internet connection, I will attempt to post some blogs. The Census continues and my assistant will continue to post the updates to the Census records as we receive the ransom coins. Also, I appreciate those who support Servias Ministries.  I read every… Continue reading Taking a Break

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Epic Smackdown

Both gold and silver have been slammed this week in an all out attempt to discourage investors.  The modus operandi remains the same- unload a large position during thinly traded market hours when there are no buyers to keep the price in equilibrium.  After that, the momentum traders (and their computer algorithms) kick in to… Continue reading Epic Smackdown

A 1,000 Words

John WIlliams at provides us with a comparative graph to show the reality of the U.S. Economy: This picture confirms what I see in my daily life.  Restaurants are not as crowded, Walmart and Target are not as busy, and there are plenty of commercial properties that have been closed and now are up… Continue reading A 1,000 Words

Doing Nothing Except…

Quieting the mind, will, and emotions is now the focus.  Each of us must come to the fullness of only doing what we are instructed to do by Our Heavenly Father.  We must set aside those opportunities that scream “action” and wait upon THE LORD.  We must focus on doing nothing on our own but… Continue reading Doing Nothing Except…

Only Believe!

Discard Doubt! Sunday’s broadcast of our weekly Bible Study brought out some very critical points that every overcomer must understand and act on.  Just as professional players must return to the basics after years of “losing their edge” we too must return to the simple Truths that we thought we fully understood.  Our “ego” will… Continue reading Only Believe!

It May Get Ugly!

Gold and silver are in the middle of another smackdown.  This may be the one to test notable lows.  Hopefully you are not leveraged up in this market.  This does not look too good.  The gold price was orchestrated downward by the central planners to remove most of us who  believe that gold and silver… Continue reading It May Get Ugly!

Out of Control

Early yesterday it was clear the markets were out of control.  China had issued a statement about the excess leverage in its banking system.  The world markets responded with substantial losses.  The Fed and Chinese stepped in and eased the concerns and the Dow Jones Average recouped earlier losses of the session. The Chinese economy… Continue reading Out of Control

Today’s Broadcast: Chapter 3 "Who is The Lord Jesus Christ?"

Today at 3 PM Central Daylight Time, we will have our next Bible Study live on the Internet.  Servias Ministries offers this to allow our brothers and sisters around the world to pursue the most important characteristic of Our Heavenly Father with us.  HIS Love is the primary motivation in which all of creation is… Continue reading Today’s Broadcast: Chapter 3 "Who is The Lord Jesus Christ?"