The Only Solution: Crisis

Let’s look at a couple of statistics: In 1980 the U.S. federal debt was $1 trillion, and today it’s $17 trillion.  Total world debt was probably around $10 trillion to $15 trillion in 1980, and today it’s $250 trillion.  The overall derivative exposure has been reported as being $1.4 quadrillion, nearly 6 times the overall… Continue reading The Only Solution: Crisis

Time of Visitation

Our Second Census is based on Numbers 26.  The accounting of those who were to receive inheritance is expressed by the word paqad.  This same word is used in Ezekiel 38 verses 8 and 9: " (8) After many days you will be summoned [paqad, "to visit with friendly or hostile intent; summoned for judgment"];… Continue reading Time of Visitation

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Lack of Truth

Once you open the door to persistent deception, it is tough to close that door back to its original state.  In the 1990’s, President Clinton tinkered with the economic formulas that affect the public’s view of national output and unemployment.  Recalling his famous quote “It’s the economy, Stupid!”, President Clinton understood the importance of public… Continue reading Lack of Truth

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The Lost Coin

Luke 15:8  “Or what woman, having ten silver coins,  if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? 9 And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I… Continue reading The Lost Coin

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Census with the Son of Nun

As you may recall, our Census reflects the 2nd Census of Numbers.  Twenty years ago, Stephen Jones was called to do a Census for the purposes of spiritual warfare.  This Census focuses on “Inheritance of the Promised Land”.  This Census was taken just prior to entering into the Promised Land and to be used by… Continue reading Census with the Son of Nun

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Thank You!

Servias Ministries wants to thank those who have made donations to our organization.  In order to minimize administrative costs, we do not send out thank you letters when a donation is received.  However, we send an annual contribution letter for tax purposes, where applicable. Since its inception in 2006, we have managed to have no… Continue reading Thank You!

Hackers are at it again!

I strongly urge you to stay vigilant concerning unusual emails and websites.  Antivirus software is usually in response mode to new hacking methods.  This means that some people will get hacked and report it, then the antivirus software providers fix the newly found weakness.  I received an email this morning from an associate: To some… Continue reading Hackers are at it again!

Gold, Silver, & Oil

These three physical assets are set to rise in price.  Just when you thought the U.S. couldn’t handle another war, here we go again.  Oil is now pushing $110 per barrel, gold is poised to break through $1,600, and silver is ready to catapult to the $40-$50 range, and beyond. I have maintained that oil… Continue reading Gold, Silver, & Oil

Technically Broke

Based on Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP), The United States is broke.  One can argue that if you can print money, then you are not broke.  That is only true to a certain point.  When your money is no longer accepted as payment for goods and services, then printing money no longer satisfies the payment… Continue reading Technically Broke