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Central Banks don’t trust each other

Friday, May 30th, 2014

August 21st, 2011:   Venezuela’s central bank has requested its 99 tons of gold holdings from the Bank of England, according to a bank statement sent by e-mail, citing the institution’s president Nelson Merentes.  “We’ve contacted the Bank of England and the corresponding protocols have been initiated to complete this operation as soon as possible,” Merentes said, according to the statement. “Once that’s done, the shipments will begin by sea.”  Chavez ordered the central bank Aug. 17 to repatriate $11 billion of gold reserves held in developed nations’ institutions. Venezuela holds 211 tons of its 365 tons of gold reserves in U.S., European, Canadian and Swiss Banks.

Then Germany: specifically, the Bundesbank will be bringing to Frankfurt all of its 374 metric tons stored at the Banque de France (11% of its total reserves), and 300 metric tons held in the vault of the New York Fed, reducing its share in the U.S. from 45% to 37%.  At market prices, that’s about €27-billion ($36 billion) worth of physical gold bars.

In October of 2012 the Netherlands asked for their gold back.

Over the past few years, Libya and Iran have also repatriated their gold holdings.

Now Austria wants to audit its gold at the Bank of England.

There is a breakdown in trust among those who have gold held in New York and London.  It may be gone.

It has been alleged that there is no gold left in the U.S. Official Reserves.  Requests for audits have been denied.  If there was no issue, you would not deny the requests.  If it is found that the reserves are gone, you will see gold skyrocket.  Gold bars held by a custodian have serial numbers and have a chain of custody.  It would be interesting to find out where all those bars are at.  Gold Bars get shipped to Switzerland to be melted down and recast for new buyers.  That may eliminate the ability to track the origin of some gold.  Food for thought.

The Recession is getting uglier

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

From John Williams at

> – It’s the Consumer, Not the Weather!
> – Weakening Economy Should Hit U.S. Dollar Hard, Boost Gold
> – First-Quarter Gross Domestic Product Fell by 1.0%;Gross National Product Tumbled by 2.1%; Gross Domestic Income Dropped by 2.3%
> – Before Inflation Adjustment, Nominal First-Quarter GDP Gained Just 0.3%
> – Pending Trade Data and Revisions Should Help to Set Negative Tone for Second-Quarter GDP and the GDP Benchmark Revision

The government publishes revised numbers long after the initial hoopla has past.  Most investors pay little attention to the revisions… which happen to be more accurate than the initial estimates.  John is our watchman.  To subscribe to his newsletter, go to:

The Truth in Callings

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

2 Kings 19:20  Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent to Hezekiah, saying, “Thus says the LORD God of Israel: ‘Because you have prayed to Me against Sennacherib king of Assyria, I have heard.’

Every now and then we must revisit the basics to refresh ourselves in our pursuit of the deeper Spiritual truths.  A prophet is one who “forth tells”, not “foretells”.  His job is to speak “The Word of the LORD”, he is a mouthpiece.  False prophets foretell and often are found to be wrong.  Anyone can predict a winner of a basketball game and get it right roughly 50% of the time.  However in Spiritual circles, predicting events is foretelling unless you have been given the The Word of THE LORD.  Hence a prophet’s job is to hear, then speak.  It is up to each of us to observe the fruit of the various ministries we follow.  If a man or woman is called to the office of a prophet, the fruitfulness should result and be observable once the anointing arrives.

I was told by Our Heavenly Father to proclaim my calling as “treasurer”.  What does a treasurer do?  He oversees the wealth for future distribution.  Riches come in and riches go out.  All is properly accounted for.  Has the fullness of the anointing for me to operate in the office arrived?  Not to my knowledge.  I have gone through years of preparation to oversee some type of wealth but I have not received the fullness of the anointing yet.

Luke 24:49  Behold, I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.”

This is what I am waiting for- to be endued with power from on high.  I see myself in an extended training program that actually began in 1987 with the vision I was given.  There have been many blessings throughout the training program but I will know when the fullness of the power arrives.  I received a taste of the power in March of 1993 when I went to Romania on a missionary trip.  Three weeks of sustained anointing provided me with a perspective of the “power”.  On my return to the U.S., the anointing ceased.

From my perspective, there has been a “dearth” in the land.  The major ministries operating in the “gifts” of the Holy Spirit have subsided.  Those men who were mightily anointed have come and gone.  In the meantime, a remnant continues to prepare for the next major move of Our Heavenly Father.  I believe it is those who embrace all three feasts from a perspective of Love that will be given the appropriate mantle to operate from.  These are the ones who will be endued with power from on high.

Luke 16:.10 He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.11 Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? 12 And if you have not been faithful in what is another man’s, who will give you what is your own?

Are you being a faithful steward?  In the above parable, Jesus talks about being a good steward over money and others’ possessions.  If you are found to be a good steward, you will be given the “true riches” to steward.  What are the true riches?  They are the mysteries reserved for the initiated.  I am more than willing to steward over Kingdom riches rather than the unrighteous mammon where so many have placed their focus.  The true riches are not corrupted.  The Truth will outlast any temporary wealth men seek after.   I am more interested in the everlasting than the temporary.  How about you?

Love of Money and Your Intent

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Over the years, Our Heavenly Father has provided me with substantial training in money.  HE literally started me out in banking.  HE specifically directed me to a job at the largest bank in Oklahoma while I was still in college.  Banking was not even in my sights at the time.  This path gave me a first hand view of how people react with money.  Generally, wealthy people try to define themselves by their wealth.  Many project their wealth by external means- houses, cars, watches, clothes, and attitude.  Very few handle wealth properly.  John Kirkpatrick was a wealthy oilman and a director of our bank and perhaps the largest stockholder.  I knew him but he didn’t know me.  I once was on a flight from Dallas to Oklahoma City and by chance sat next to him… in coach class.  He appeared to all as a normal “grandfatherly” type and unassuming.  We carried on a casual conversation and I never let on that I knew of him.  He did not wear his wealth for all to see.  His fruit continues on to this day.  Wealth did not define him.  By all accounts, he used money properly.

I have also been around the greedy who can best be described by the term “avarice”.  They would use people and relationships to achieve their goal of more money.  They always had an ulterior motive in every action they took.  I worked for a man like that.  He would go through employees like water through a sieve.  He was looking for employees that he could exploit and get the most out of them to achieve his goal of more money.  Job security was non-existent.  The moment you failed to work excessive hours, you had a bulls eye painted on your back.  Shortly, you would be gone.  How much money did he need?  More than he had.  After money came the quest for power.  The quest was insatiable.  The man had no peace.

The love of money is also an issue for those without.  Their focus is always on methods of extracting money from others.  They envy those with money.  They believe that they deserve money and will attempt to align themselves with those who have money, thinking that somehow the other person will simply give them some of their wealth… or the power to get wealth will rub off on them.

Yet others look for the “get rich quick” schemes hoping to receive a windfall of money.  They are sucked in to the subtleness of greed.  Their focus is switched from their calling to the scheme.  The scheme typically keeps the person on the edge of their seat.  The payday is always “soon” or “imminent”.  Just before the payday, there will be an unexpected but plausible delay.  The greed resident in the depths of the person’s ego will justify and rationalize out the delay in order to keep the belief alive.  The end result is a delay in the person fulfilling his or her calling.  If you can take the focus off of the calling, no fruit for the Kingdom will be produced.  That is the goal of the adversary.  Scam artists exploit this subtle form of greed to extract money from the unsuspecting people.

The Law established right and wrong behavior.  It is a standard by which judgment can be properly administered.  The Law in itself did not address “intent” but addressed behavior.  In Jesus’ ministry, intent was clearly dealt with.  Each of us knows our intent behind our actions.  This is where the battle rages.  As we seek to hear Our Heavenly Father’s Voice, we will align our intent with HIS Will, Plan, and Purpose.  We will no longer be moved by the love of money.  The church fathers such as Polycarp wrote often about the issue of the “love of money” and avarice in the church.  The problem was notable in 130 AD just as it is today.  The best way to deal with the love of money is to die to self.  I suspect that the love of money will be one of the last things to actually go before that death is complete.  Why?  Because it is so subtle.

PS: Once you overcome the love of money and place your priority on your individual calling, Our Heavenly Father will insure you have sufficient resources to carry out your calling.

Corruption Abounds

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

The reason that the financial markets are rigged is because regulators have their personal self-interest as their number one priority.  They either do not want to be fired by their superiors who have an exit plan to move to the private industry where their future is assured by the very financial institutions they are suppose to regulate, or… they have their own personal exit plan in place.  At any rate, it is about self-preservation.  They are not truly public servants.  The following list provides us perspective of how serious the current financial environment ailments are:

Gold Manipulation

Silver Manipulation

LIBOR Manipulation

Inflation Rate Manipulation

Equity Market Manipulation (via Federal Reserve)

Gold Equities Stock Manipulation

Silver Equities Stock Manipulation

Interest Rate Manipulation

Bond Price Manipulation

Social Security Cost of Living Increases manipulated

Currency Market Manipulation

The impact of all of these acts is to destroy the middle class in America.  This is the group who provides the majority of the growth in the U.S. and notably impacts the rest of the world.  Those in power have in essence provided the wealthy with a means to further concentrate their wealth and furthering the disequilibrium of wealth in society.  This will not end well.

The love of money is the root of all evil and will not sustain the current path toward destruction.  Today’s complex society/infrastructure has prevented the sudden collapse seen in the 1930’s.  However, the fundamentals remain the same.  Death of the current method of manipulation is sure to occur.  You cannot keep the natural order out of balance indefinitely.  The longer the system is out of balance, the more severe the correction.  Only Our Heavenly Father knows the timing and magnitude of the correction/replacement of the current system.  This is clearly not business as usual.

Today’s Online Bible Study Broadcast: The Mysteries

Sunday, May 25th, 2014
We will have our Sunday afternoon Bible Study at 3PM CDT in Bethany.  Since Kemper is unavailable today, Bob will be directing the discussion today.

To participate live or watch this Bible study as a recording afterwards, go to  The chat room will be open again today for your comments.  We look forward to your participation during our live broadcast.

Energy Independence has once again faded away

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Shale extraction by fracking as the solution to peak oil has been a pipe dream.  At the same time China and Russia continue to tie up resources.  The petrodollar is on the decline and the petro-ruble is coming on line.


Polycarp, A Disciple of St. John

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

John, the Beloved Disciple, lived to be 101 years old.  He did not live out his days in isolation but continued the ministry of establishing the Way.  Polycarp studied under John and much has been written concerning Polycarp.  Being taught of John who gave first hand accounts of the ministry of Jesus Christ, Polycarp continued faithfully to spread the Gospel of Love.  The following is his letter to the Philippians.  Polycarp’s witness provides us with a consistent witness of the ministries of both John and Paul.  Mankind continues dealing with the same issues today as they did in 100 A.D. and after.  Polycarp taught Love and unity among the brethren:

"Stand fast, therefore, in this conduct and follow the example of the Lord, ‘firm and unchangeable in faith, lovers of the brotherhood, loving each other, united in truth,’ helping each other with the mildness of the Lord, despising no man."

As you read this, note that the love of money was an issue then just as it continues to be a primary issue today.


POLYCARP, and the presbyters[2] with him, to the church of God sojourning at Philippi: Mercy to you, and peace from God Almighty, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour, be multiplied.

Chap. i.—Praise of the Philippians.

I have greatly rejoiced with you in our Lord Jesus Christ, because ye have followed the example[3] of true love [as displayed by God], and have accompanied, as became you, those who were bound in chains, the fitting ornaments of saints, and which are indeed the diadems of the true elect of God and our Lord; and because the strong root of your faith, spoken of in days[4] long gone by, endureth even until now, and bringeth forth fruit to our Lord Jesus Christ, who for our sins suffered even unto death, [but] "whom God raised from the dead, having loosed the bands of the grave."[5] "In whom, though now ye see Him not, ye believe, and believing, rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory;"[6] into which joy many desire to enter, knowing that "by grace ye are saved, not of works,"[7] but by the will of God through Jesus Christ.

Chap. ii.—An exhortation to virtue.

"Wherefore, girding up your loins,"[8] "serve the Lord in fear"[9] and truth, as those who have forsaken the vain, empty talk and error of the multitude, and "believed in Him who raised up our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, and gave Him glory,"[10] and a throne at His right hand. To Him all things[11] in heaven and on earth are subject. Him every spirit serves. He comes as the Judge of the living and the dead.[12] His blood will God require of those who do not believe in Him.[13] But He who raised Him up from the dead will raise[14] up us also, if we do His will, and walk in His commandments, and love what He loved, keeping ourselves from all unrighteousness, covetousness, love of money, evil-speaking, false-witness; "not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing,"[15] or blow for blow, or cursing for cursing, but being mindful of what the Lord said in His teaching: "Judge not, that ye be not judged;[16] forgive, and it shall be forgiven unto you;[17] be merciful, that ye may obtain mercy;[18] with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again;"[19] and once more, "Blessed are the poor, and those that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of God."[20]

Chap. iii.—Expressions of personal unworthiness.

These things, brethren, I write to you concerning righteousness, not because I take anything upon myself, but because ye have invited me to do so. For neither I, nor any other such one, can come up to the wisdom[21] of the blessed and glorified Paul. He, when among you, accurately and stedfastly taught the word of truth in the presence of those who were then alive. And when absent from you, he wrote you a letter,[22] which, if you carefully study, you will find to be the means of building you up in that faith which has been given you, and which, being followed by hope, and preceded by love towards God, and Christ, and our neighbour, "is the mother of us all."[23] For if any one be inwardly possessed of these graces, he hath fulfilled the command of righteousness, since he that hath love is far from all sin.

Chap. iv.—Various exhortations.

"But the love of money is the root of all evils."[24] Knowing, therefore, that "as we brought nothing into the world, so we can carry nothing out,"[25] let us arm ourselves with the armour of righteousness;[26] and let us teach, first of all, ourselves to walk in the commandments of the Lord. Next, [teach] your wives [to walk] in the faith given to them, and in love and purity tenderly loving their own husbands in all truth, and loving all [others] equally in all chastity; and to train up their children in the knowledge and fear of God. Teach the widows to be discreet as respects the faith of the Lord, praying continually[27] for all, being far from all slandering, evil-speaking, false-witnessing, love of money, and every kind of evil; knowing that they are the altar[28] of God, that He clearly perceives all things, and that nothing is hid from Him, neither reasonings, nor reflections, nor any one of the secret things of the heart.

Chap. v.—The duties of deacons, youths, and virgins.

Knowing, then, that "God is not mocked,"[29] we ought to walk worthy of His commandment and glory. In like manner should the deacons be blameless before the face of His righteousness, as being the servants of God and Christ,[30] and not of men. They must not be slanderers, double-tongued,[31] or lovers of money, but temperate in all things, compassionate, industrious, walking according to the truth of the Lord, who was the servant[32] of all. If we please Him in this present world, we shall receive also the future world, according as He has promised to us that He will raise us again from the dead, and that if we live[33]worthily of Him, "we shall also reign together with Him,"[34] provided only we believe. In like manner, let the young men also be blameless in all things, being especially careful to preserve purity, and keeping themselves in, as with a bridle, from every kind of evil. For it is well that they should be cut off from[35] the lusts that are in the world, since "every lust warreth against the spirit;"[36] and "neither fornicators, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, shall inherit the kingdom of God,"[37] nor those who do things inconsistent and unbecoming. Wherefore, it is needful to abstain from all these things, being subject to the presbyters and deacons, as unto God and Christ. The virgins also must walk in a blameless and pure conscience.

Chap. vi.—The duties of presbyters and others.

And let the presbyters be compassionate and merciful to all, bringing back those that wander, visiting all the sick, and not neglecting the widow, the orphan, or the poor, but always "providing for that which is becoming in the sight of God and men;"[38] abstaining from all wrath, respect of persons, and unjust judgment; keeping far off from all covetousness, not quickly crediting [an evil report] against any one, not severe in judgment, as knowing that we are all under a debt of sin. If then we entreat the Lord to forgive us, we ought also ourselves to forgive;[39] for we are before the eyes of our Lord and God, and "we must all appear at the judgment-seat of Christ, and must every one give an account of himself."[40] Let us then serve Him in fear, and with all reverence, even as He Himself has commanded us, and as the apostles who preached the gospel unto us, and the prophets who proclaimed beforehand the coming of the Lord [have alike taught us]. Let us be zealous in the pursuit of that which is good, keeping ourselves from causes of offence, from false brethren, and from those who in hypocrisy bear the name of the Lord, and draw away vain men into error.

Chap. vii.—Avoid the Docetæ, and persevere in fasting and prayer.

"For whosoever does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, is antichrist;"[41] and whosoever does not confess the testimony of the cross,[42] is of the devil; and whosoever perverts the oracles of the Lord to his own lusts, and says that there is neither a resurrection nor a judgment, he is the first-born of Satan. Wherefore, forsaking the vanity of many, and their false doctrines, let us return to the word which has been handed down to us from[43] the beginning; "watching unto prayer,"[44] and persevering in fasting; beseeching in our supplications the all-seeing God "not to lead us into temptation,"[45] as the Lord has said: "The spirit truly is willing, but the flesh is weak."[46]

Chap. viii.—Persevere in hope and patience

Let us then continually persevere in our hope, and the earnest of our righteousness, which is Jesus Christ, "who bore our sins in His own body on the tree,"[47] "who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth,"[48] but endured all things for us, that we might live in Him.[49] Let us then be imitators of His patience; and if we suffer[50] for His name’s sake, let us glorify Him.[51] For He has set us this example[52] in Himself, and we have believed that such is the case.

Chap. ix.—Patience inculcated.

I exhort you all, therefore, to yield obedience to the word of righteousness, and to exercise all patience, such as ye have seen [set] before your eyes, not only in the case of the blessed Ignatius, and Zosimus, and Rufus, but also in others among yourselves, and in Paul himself, and the rest of the apostles. [This do] in the assurance that all these have not run[53] in vain, but in faith and righteousness, and that they are [now] in their due place in the presence of the Lord, with whom also they suffered. For they loved not this present world, but Him who died for us, and for our sakes was raised again by God from the dead.

Chap. x.—Exhortation to the practice of virtue.[54]

Stand fast, therefore, in these things, and follow the example of the Lord, being firm and unchangeable in the faith, loving the brotherhood,[55] and being attached to one another, joined together in the truth, exhibiting the meekness of the Lord in your intercourse with one another, and despising no one. When you can do good, defer it not, because "alms delivers from death."[56] Be all of you subject one to another,[57] "having your conduct blameless among the Gentiles,"[58] that ye may both receive praise for your good works, and the Lord may not be blasphemed through you. But woe to him by whom the name of the Lord is blasphemed![59] Teach, therefore, sobriety to all, and manifest it also in your own conduct.

Chap. xi.—Expression of grief on account of Valens.

I am greatly grieved for Valens, who was once a presbyter among you, because he so little understands the place that was given him [in the church]. I exhort you, therefore, that ye abstain from covetousness,[60] and that ye be chaste and truthful. "Abstain from every form of evil."[61] For if a man cannot govern himself in such matters, how shall he enjoin them on others? If a man does not keep himself from covetousness,[60] he shall be defiled by idolatry, and shall be judged as one of the heathen. But who of us are ignorant of the judgment of the Lord? "Do we not know that the saints shall judge the world?"[62]as Paul teaches. But I have neither seen nor heard of any such thing among you, in the midst of whom the blessed Paul laboured, and who are commended[63] in the beginning of his epistle. For he boasts of you in all those churches which alone then knew the Lord; but we [of Smyrna] had not yet known Him. I am deeply grieved, therefore, brethren, for him (Valens) and his wife; to whom may the Lord grant true repentance! And be ye then moderate in regard to this matter, and "do not count such as enemies,"[64] but call them back as suffering and straying members, that ye may save your whole body. For by so acting ye shall edify yourselves.[65]

Chap. xii.—Exhortation to various graces.

For I trust that ye are well versed in the sacred Scriptures, and that nothing is hid from you; but to me this privilege is not yet granted.[66] It is declared then in these Scriptures, "Be ye angry, and sin not,"[67]and, "Let not the sun go down upon your wrath."[68] Happy is he who remembers[69] this, which I believe to be the case with you. But may the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ Himself, who is the Son of God, and our everlasting High Priest, build you up in faith and truth, and in all meekness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, forbearance, and purity; and may He bestow on you a lot and portion among His saints, and on us with you, and on all that are under heaven, who shall believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, and in His Father, who "raised Him from the dead."[70] Pray for all the saints. Pray also for kings,[71] and potentates, and princes, and for those that persecute and hate you,[72] and for the enemies of the cross, that your fruit may be manifest to all, and that ye may be perfect in Him.

Chap. xiii.—Concerning the transmission of epistles.

Both you and Ignatius[73] wrote to me, that if any one went [from this] into Syria, he should carry your letter[74] with him; which request I will attend to if I find a fitting opportunity, either personally, or through some other acting for me, that your desire may be fulfilled. The epistles of Ignatius written by him[75] to us, and all the rest [of his epistles] which we have by us, we have sent to you, as you requested. They are subjoined to this epistle, and by them ye may be greatly profited; for they treat of faith and patience, and all things that tend to edification in our Lord. Any[76] more certain information you may have obtained respecting both Ignatius himself, and those that were[77] with him, have the goodness to make known[78] to us.

Chap. xiv.—Conclusion.

These things I have written to you by Crescens, whom up to the present[79] time I have recommended unto you, and do now recommend. For he has acted blamelessly among us, and I believe also among you. Moreover, ye will hold his sister in esteem when she comes to you. Be ye safe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with you all.[80] Amen.

False Prophets

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Matthew 24:24  “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. NKJV

One of my greatest concerns is that we not be deceived by false prophets.  What is the difference between a prophet and a false prophet?  A prophet “forth tells” a Word from Our Heavenly Father whereas a false prophet “foretells” the future.  Foretelling means to describe something before it happens.  We must be cautious about attempting to foretell the future and instead seek Our Heavenly Father for instruction to prepare for whatever HE shows us individually or corporately.

I remember the book “88 Reasons for Christ’s Return in 1988”.  He was wrong.  I remember the various prophetic ministries expounding on Christian television that the Apocalypse was to happen immediately.  This was in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  They were wrong.  Ultimately, we must label them false prophets.  The older I get, the less I know.

Each of us needs to hear Our Heavenly Father individually.  Those young in THE LORD rely on the “fathers” to steer them in the right direction.  I have written much on the economic issues surrounding us.  History suggests that we are on a collision course with a severe economic event.  Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill provide me with that conclusion.  I must believe that Our Heavenly Father has provided the venue to expound the warnings.  I do not view the warning as being “prophetic” just as I don’t view the conclusion that if I head north on Interstate 35 I will arrive in Minneapolis as being prophetic.  It is simply a conclusion based on knowledge and experience.  However, the conclusion does not account for unexpected events such as a snowstorm closing down the Interstate.

A prophet’s word starts out with “Thus says THE LORD” in some manner.  The prophet indicates that he is simply speaking what he is hearing from Our Heavenly Father.  This is different from a mature writer warning us of a potential disaster or event that MAY come.  It is up to each of us to watch over our actions in  response to what we hear and want to believe.  Those that keep us always focused on the future may be detrimental to the here and now.  If you are always waiting for some event to happen and you are no longer being a blessing in the here and now, you may be being deceived.  Love operates in the “now” and people need to be ministered to now, not later when some future event has been predicted.

Jesus warned us of the subtlety of false prophets and their cunningness to tickle our ears with certain promises we all want to hear.  It is my understanding that the Apostle John lived 101 years and his last words were to Love one another.  They weren’t to warn us of any impending destruction.  Love should be our focus.

Abusing the Spiritual Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

In the past, many of us witnessed certain lawless aspects of the ministry.  Preachers would spend the better part of a meeting beating us up for money.  Only after everyone gave until it hurt would they begin to minister in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  Tent meetings became a venue for extracting money.  Greed starts out ever so subtle.  Later, it is fully uncovered for what it is.  Benny Hin was scrutinized by a major news magazine and was asked why he needed multiple houses in gated communities and European luxury cars.  He publicly repented but later was back to a similar lifestyle.  I witnessed the uncovering, the repentance, and the return to luxury.  He originally wanted the same anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman and was believed to carry on her mantle of a healing ministry.

As we move toward the “perfecting” of our faith and walking in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, we must be vigilant not to let greed enter in.  This is why the Baptism of Love is so important to establish our intent.  Paul was well aware of the issue as revealed below:

1 Thessalonians 2:5

  • NET© 2:5 For we never appeared 1 with flattering speech, as you know, nor with a pretext for greed – God is our witness –
  • NIV© 2:5 You know we never used flattery, nor did we put on a mask to cover up greed—God is our witness.
  • NASB© 2:5 For we never came with flattering speech, as you know, nor with a pretext for greed–God is witness–
  • ESV© 2:5 For we never came with words of flattery, as you know, nor with a pretext for greed—God is witness.
  • NLT© 2:5 Never once did we try to win you with flattery, as you well know. And God is our witness that we were not pretending to be your friends just to get your money!
  • MSG© 2:5 We never used words to butter you up. No one knows that better than you. And God knows we never used words as a smoke screen to take advantage of you.
  • BBE© 2:5 For it is common knowledge among you that we never made use of smooth-sounding false words, and God is witness that at no time were we secretly desiring profit for ourselves,
  • NKJV© 2:5 For neither at any time did we use flattering words, as you know, nor a cloak for covetousness––God is witness.
  • NRSV© 2:5 As you know and as God is our witness, we never came with words of flattery or with a pretext for greed;
  • KJV© 2:5 For neither at any time used we flattering words , as ye know , nor a cloke of covetousness; God [is] witness: