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The Bag

Thursday, December 31st, 2020

The Beloved Disciple recorded in John chapter 13:

18 “I don’t refer to all of you when I tell you these things, for I know the ones I’ve chosen—to fulfill the Scripture that says, ‘The one who shared supper with Me treacherously betrays me.’ 19 I am telling you this now, before it happens, so that when the prophecy comes to pass you will be convinced that I AM. 20 “Listen to this timeless truth: whoever receives the messenger I send receives Me, and the one who receives Me receives the Father who sent Me.”

21 Then Jesus was moved deeply in his spirit. Looking at his disciples, He announced, “I tell you the truth—one of you is about to betray Me.”

22 Eyeing each other, His disciples puzzled over which one of them could do such a thing. 23 The disciple that Jesus dearly loved was at the right of Him at the table and was leaning his head on Jesus. 24 Peter gestured to this disciple to ask Jesus who it was He was referring to. 25 Then the dearly loved disciple leaned into Jesus’ chest and whispered, “Master, who is it?”

26 “The one I give this piece of bread to after I’ve dipped it in the bowl,” Jesus replied. Then Hhe dipped the piece of bread into the bowl and handed it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. 27 And when Judas ate the piece of bread, Satan entered him. Then Jesus looked at Judas and said, “What you are planning to do, go do it now.” 28 None of those around the table realized what was happening. 29 Some thought that Judas For some of them thought, (because Judas had the bag) their trusted treasurer, was being told to go buy what was needed for the Passover celebration, or perhaps to go give something to the poor. 30 So Judas left quickly and went out into the dark night to betray Jesus.

31 After Judas left the room, Jesus said, “The time has come for the glory of God to surround the Son of Man, and God will be greatly glorified through what happens to me. 32 And very soon God will unveil the glory of the Son of Man.

Notice that the disciples drew two conclusions when Judas left the building: buy something needed for the Passover celebration or, go give to the poor.  It is clear from their assumptions that giving to the poor was frequent and customary for Jesus to instruct Judas concerning distributing from “the bag”.

The Beloved Disciple also wrote in Chapter 12:

3 Mary picked up an alabaster jar filled with nearly a liter of extremely rare and costly perfume—the purest extract of nard, and she anointed Jesus’ feet. Then she wiped them dry with her long hair. And the fragrance of the costly oil filled the house. 4 But Judas the locksmith, Simon’s son, the betrayer, spoke up and said, 5 “What a waste! We could have sold this perfume for a fortune and given the money to the poor!”

6 (In fact, Judas had no heart for the poor. He only said this because he was a thief and in charge of the money case. He would steal money whenever he wanted from the funds given to support Jesus’ ministry.)

Judas’ heart was revealed in verse 6 of this passage, this is what allowed the devil to use money as a means of entering into Judas in the next chapter.  Someone charged with being a treasurer for the Kingdom must ascend to the level of maturity where a pure heart guides their every action.  Otherwise, the adversary will use greed as an entrance.  This is a very sober and critical warning to those who think FATHER wants them to handle HIS funds and I would take this warning seriously.  I have observed the fallout many times over the years concerning misuse of funds meant for FATHER’S Work.  Exposure and judgment often arrive swiftly.

There have been those who have aligned themselves with the calling to be treasurer for the purpose of hoping to reap the benefits without paying the price associated with the calling.  They were simply acting out of selfish reasons rather than be truly called to be a part.  They too fell by the wayside.

Every calling requires purity in spirit and commitment to full maturity in Christ.  Will FATHER call you HIS Friend even though you are HIS Son or Daughter?  Don’t let “the bag” or any other flesh hook draw you away from full maturity IN HIM. 

Jesus exposed Judas to HIS Beloved Disciple John prior to the act of betrayal.  John bore witness as He recorded the above passages for our benefit.  The stakes will be great in 2021 so let us be prepared to be tested in our own callings.  Don’t let “the bag” have any effect as we come to full maturity for the treasures in Heaven are much greater than any treasure on earth.  The exposure of corruption is expected to continue and increase this coming year.  In Mathew chapter 6, Jesus spoke:

19 “Don’t keep hoarding for yourselves earthly treasures that can be stolen by thieves. Material wealth eventually rusts, decays, and loses its value. 20 Instead, stockpile Heavenly treasures for yourselves that cannot be stolen and will never rust, decay, or lose their value. 21 For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure.”

Intimate Friends

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Jesus spoke in John chapter 15:

12 “So this is My command: Love each other deeply, as much as I have Loved you. 13 For the greatest Love of all is a Love that sacrifices all. And this great Love is demonstrated when a person sacrifices his life for his friends.

14 “You show that you are My intimate friends when you obey all that I command you. 15 I have never called you ‘servants,’ because a master doesn’t confide in his servants, and servants don’t always understand what the master is doing. But I call you My most intimate friends, for I reveal to you everything that I’ve heard from My Father. 16 You didn’t choose Me, but I’ve chosen and commissioned you to go into the world to bear fruit. And your fruit will last, because whatever you ask of My Father, for My sake, HE will give it to you! 17 So this is My parting command: Love one another deeply!”

What does for my sake refer to?  The word sake and cause are synonymous and cause is defined as a substance exerting its power into act, to make a thing begin to be.  It is something out of nothing or ex nihilo by FATHER’S Goodness. 

When Jesus spoke the above Words, He established and declared to us that we could be His intimate friends IF and WHEN we obey His Commands in Agape Love.  At the highest level, this is why FATHER has me write to you.  HIS Divine Intent is for us to fully embrace the Words of Jesus and become true doers of The Word and not hearers only. 

If you are just a hearer of The Word, you may be more interested in being entertained rather than being changed.  As for me, I want to walk in the most intimate manner with FATHER, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit because I know “you become like the company you keep.” 

I want to be invited to walk on that sapphire Altar which is before Our Heavenly Father.  I want to see every person HE formed in the womb precisely as HE sees them.  Isn’t this intimacy at the highest level?  Isn’t this what you hunger for as well when you read these words of encouragement?

When I stand before Jesus and He reviews and makes an assessment of my life, I want there to be an abundance of fruit from my activities on earth.  I trust you do too.  Intimate friends naturally do things together, which includes producing good fruit for the Kingdom.

Jesus declared “You didn’t choose Me, but I’ve chosen and commissioned you to go into the world to bear fruit. And your fruit will last, because whatever you ask of my Father, for My sake, HE will give it to you!”

Do you truly accept these Words to be full of power and authority?  I do.  FATHER expects us to ask for resources to establish HIS Kingdom and there are no exceptions when asking according to HIS Will.  HE does not intend for us to barely get by as we are fully committed to HIM.  An intimate friend is more than willing to give his best to the other.  Don’t you know FATHER wants HIS best for you?

We are supporting the impoverished kids because that is a priority of Our Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ.  What did He say to the rich young ruler in Matthew chapter 19?

21 Jesus said to him, “If you really want to be perfect (or mature), go immediately and sell everything you own. Give all your money to the poor and your treasure will be transferred into Heaven. Then come back and follow Me for the rest of your life.”

The rich young ruler did not pass the money test and Jesus revealed the young man’s love of money.  This young man had the opportunity to become an intimate friend of Jesus but was blind and deceived even though he knew the Law.  Notice that Jesus did not tell young man to give to His ministry.  It was the poor Jesus was concerned about, as we are.

Intimate friends don’t lead each other astray but instead are protective of them and look out for their best interest.  They disclose certain Truths that will make enrich the other person’s life.  In this case, FATHER wants to reveal Truths to us once HE can trust us fully and completely.  We are meant to walk in pure integrity.

Integrity is the entire, unimpaired state of any thing, particularly of the mind; moral soundness or purity; incorruptness; uprightness; honesty; integrity comprehends the whole moral character, but has a special reference to uprightness in mutual dealings, transfers of property, and agencies for others.  Can you pass the integrity test

Each of us must make a periodic assessment of where we stand in the areas of trust and integrity.  Both are enveloped inside the Commandment of Loving your neighbor as yourself.  There is no manipulation to be found among intimate friends who truly walk in Agape Love.

There is a progression from acquaintance, to friend, to intimate friend.  As we continue pursuing full maturity in Christ, we will know the difference in these three.  Intimacy is reserved for the fully mature and it is worth the pursuit.

The Plumb Line

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

Isaiah wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter Isaiah 28:

16 Here’s what the Lord God says:

    “Behold, I set in place in Zion a Foundation Stone,

    fully tested and proven to be faithful and secure.

    And written upon this precious cornerstone is this:

    ‘Those who trust in him will not act in haste.’

17 I will set justice as the true measurement

    and integrity its plumb line.

    MY hailstorm will sweep away your refuge of lies,

    and MY floodwaters will overwhelm your hiding place.”

For those who have eyes to see, the plumb line has been set in 2020, preparing for 2021.  Justice and integrity will expose those who have operated in the shadows as vipers in a woodpile.  Expect the light to shine throughout the earth as the Absolute Truth comes forth from the Throne Room of Heaven.  Our Lord Jesus Christ Who is the precious Cornerstone will be revealed as the Sons are securely placed with Him.

Embrace Holy Fire

Monday, December 28th, 2020

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 2 Corinthians chapter 10:

3–4 For although we live in the natural realm, we don’t wage a military campaign employing human weapons, using manipulation to achieve our aims. Instead, our spiritual weapons are energized with divine power to effectively dismantle the defenses behind which people hide. 5 We can demolish every deceptive fantasy that opposes God and break through every arrogant attitude that is raised up in defiance of the true knowledge of God. We capture, like prisoners of war, every thought and insist that it bow in obedience to the Anointed One. 6 Since we are armed with such dynamic weaponry, we stand ready to punish any trace of rebellion, as soon as you choose complete obedience.

When we walk in complete obedience, we will be empowered to not only expose every deceptive fantasy that opposes GOD, we will dismantle those defenses people hide behind.  To do this, we must embrace total purification and this is done by fully embracing Holy Fire.

Paul also wrote by The Holy Spirit in Hebrews chapter 1:

7 And about HIS angels HE says,

“I make my angels swift winds,

    and MY ministers fiery flames.”

And in Psalms 104:

4 You make your messengers into winds of the Spirit

and all your ministers become flames of fire.

What better cleansing agent than fire!  Fire burns up the dross in our lives in order to make the purification process complete.  In order for me to operate in the maximum effectiveness on the behalf of the Kingdom, I must have a pure heart.

Jesus stated in Matthew chapter 5:

8 “What bliss you experience when your heart is pure!  For then your eyes will open to see more and more of God.”

If you don’t believe and receive a revelation from FATHER, it doesn’t change the revelation.  It simply causes you not to participate in it.

Isaiah wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter 6:

1 It was in the year King Uzziah died that I saw the Lord. HE was sitting on a lofty throne, and the train of HIS robe filled the Temple. 2 Attending HIM were mighty seraphim, each having six wings. With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they flew. 3 They were calling out to each other,

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of Heaven’s Armies!

The whole earth is filled with HIS glory!”

4 Their voices shook the Temple to its foundations, and the entire building was filled with smoke.

5 Then I said, “It’s all over! I am doomed, for I am a sinful man. I have filthy lips, and I live among a people with filthy lips. Yet I have seen the King, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.”

6 Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal he had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs. 7 He touched my lips with it and said, “See, this coal has touched your lips. Now your guilt is removed, and your sins are forgiven.”

Isaiah’s purification came from the Altar of Fire which resides before FATHER.  Each of us needs to experience Holy Fire so that there is nothing but purity coming from our lips.  This fire changed Isaiah from having filthy lips to being totally pure and his guilt was totally removed from him.  This level of purity is what I want in my life and I trust you do too.  Jesus is the One and Only Door to the Throne Room so let us not disregard Him in any way.

John The Baptist prophesied in Matthew chapter 3:

10 The axe is now ready to cut down the trees at their very roots. Every fruitless, rotten tree will be chopped down and thrown into the fire. 11 Those who repent I baptize with water, but there is coming a Man after me who is more powerful than I am. In fact, I’m not even worthy enough to pick up His sandals. He will submerge you into union with the Spirit of Holiness and with a raging fire! 12 He comes with a winnowing fork in His hands and comes to His threshing floor to sift what is worthless from what is pure. And He is ready to sweep out His threshing floor and gather His wheat into His granary, but the straw He will burn up with a fire that can’t be extinguished!”

John prepared the way for the full ministry of Jesus.  Salvation, the indwelling of The Holy Spirit, and full purification by fire were all included.  Everything else would be removed from those whom He baptized with fire.  Let that Holy Fire have Its perfect work in our lives!

Experiencing Change

Sunday, December 27th, 2020

Without experiential knowledge, the Word in one’s life is incomplete.  Receiving revelation and experiencing the reality of the Word in your life changes you.  If you go to a church service and no change in your life results, the church service becomes just another religion or another form of entertainment.

Let’s look at the definition of entertainment.  Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure and delight specifically for the purpose of keeping an audience’s attention.

Without manifestation or fruit, the Word is simply another reference in the eyes of the reader.  The Pharisees illustrated this point.  When you experience GOD, it changes you.  When you experience The Holy Spirit, it changes you even more.  Jesus ministered the Word and only those who walked in unbelief were not changed.  The Word came alive and healed all who were oppressed by the devil and their lives were changed.

Many services have simply become another form of entertainment where people have a temporary “high” in their emotions but the emotion soon fades away.  It is like a cloud without rain.  FATHER wants us to move forward toward full maturity and in order to do so, we must change.

Many reminisce about the way it used to be yet nothing is happening today.  It is like there is a famine in the land.  What happened to all the healing ministries?  What happened to the fervent calls for repentance?

Wisdom recorded in Proverbs chapter 25:

14 Clouds that carry no water

and a wind that brings no refreshing rain—

that’s what you’re like when you boast

of a gift that you don’t have.

The year 2020 has definitely revealed the state of the church in relation to its mission to spread the Kingdom.  Much has been exposed concerning the political arena and the swamp is deeper than everyone thought.  Those nefarious individuals did not just arrive overnight; they have been hidden in the darkness for years.  The year of 2020 has definitely been an “eye-opener”. 

It is recorded by The Holy Spirit in Acts chapter 28:

1 After we had safely reached land, we discovered that the island we were on was Malta. 2 The people who lived there showed us extraordinary kindness, for they welcomed us around the fire they had built because it was cold and rainy.

3 When Paul had gathered an armful of brushwood and was setting it on the fire, a venomous snake was driven out by the heat and latched onto Paul’s hand with its fangs. 4 When the islanders saw the snake dangling from Paul’s hand, they said to one another, “No doubt about it, this guy is a murderer. Even though he escaped death at sea, Justice has now caught up with him!”

5 But Paul shook the snake off, flung it into the fire, and suffered no harm at all. 6 Everyone watched him, expecting him to swell up or suddenly drop dead. After observing him for a long time and seeing that nothing unusual happened, they changed their minds and said, “He must be a god!”

The snake was there all along but was only exposed when Paul gathered up the wood.  In an attempt to kill its prey, it was cast into the fire.  Shouldn’t we expect the same today?

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Hebrews chapter 6:

1 Now is the time for us to progress beyond the basic message of Christ and advance into perfection. The foundation has already been laid for us to build upon: turning away from our dead works to embrace faith in God, 2 teaching about different baptisms, impartation by the laying on of hands, resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. 3 So with God’s enablement we will move on to deeper truths.

Deeper Truths bring forth revelation and fresh experience appropriate for the needs of today.  No longer do we need to focus on the past but instead walk in the greater revelation meant for us today.  Let us not convert the current revelation coming forth to simply become the religion of tomorrow.  We need to expect change in our lives to go forth and minister light and life to the world.  Inactivity is no longer acceptable for it simply promotes lukewarmness. 

2021 will certainly be a year of change for the entire world, both good and bad will be fully exposed.  We will not return to what many called “normal” of the previous years.  FATHER has definitely “stirred the pot” and the hidden things of the past are being revealed.  The impure will be exposed and repentance will be required.

Serving Is The Key

Saturday, December 26th, 2020

Do you want to enter into the supernatural power and authority?

The first thing we must address is our mindset.  It is written in 2 Kings chapter 2 by The Holy Spirit:

1 And it came about when the LORD was about to take up Elijah by a whirlwind to heaven, that Elijah went with Elisha from Gilgal. 2 Elijah said to Elisha, “Stay here please, for the LORD has sent me as far as Bethel.” But Elisha said, “As the LORD lives and as you yourself live, I will not leave you.” So they went down to Bethel. 3 Then the sons of the prophets who were at Bethel came out to Elisha and said to him, “Do you know that the LORD will take away your master from over you today?” And he said, “Yes, I know; be still.”

Gilgal represents a turning point in your life.  Everything you thought you knew about GOD is challenged.  Our old doctrines which were heavily influenced by man’s carnal nature have to be left behind.  This will challenge your faith in trusting FATHER beyond the familiar

Our mindset has to be shifted away from “self” in order to line up with The Word of GOD.  Elisha was determined to not stay in Gilgal but to proceed with Elijah.  This was the turning point for Elisha.  It takes an act of faith to continue.

The next stage of maturity is associated with Bethel.  As you proceed to Bethel, negativity will be introduced by others.  This will challenge your commitment to proceed on.  Elisha responded to the sons of the prophets by telling them “be still” or be quiet.  Elisha knew that Elijah would be taken away and that a greater anointing would be coming forth IF he continued on with him.

Bethel is the House of GOD, the place of revelation, the House of Bread, the place of breaking of bread which represents provision.  This is where we find out who HE is in our individual lives.  This is where we realize that we have a Covenant specific to each of us and this Covenant is active and available for us to walk in every day.  This is where we are rooted and grounded in our relationship with FATHER.  We must be persistent in our commitment to full maturity.

4 Elijah said to him, “Elisha, please stay here, for the LORD has sent me to Jericho.” But he said, “As the LORD lives, and as you yourself live, I will not leave you.” So they came to Jericho. 5 The sons of the prophets who were at Jericho approached Elisha and said to him, “Do you know that the LORD will take away your master from over you today?” And he answered, “Yes, I know; be still.” 6 Then Elijah said to him, “Please stay here, for the LORD has sent me to the Jordan.” And he said, “As the LORD lives, and as you yourself live, I will not leave you.” So the two of them went on.

Jericho is the place of warfare.  This is where we become well aware of the adversary and his devices.  This is where we have to get strategies to overcome what we must fight.  The devil and demons are exposed and the spirit of deception can no longer hide out of sight.  Once again, the sons of prophets attempted to dissuade Elisha from proceeding on.  Again, Elisha had to disregard them and quiet them.

The fourth stage is represented by the Jordan River.  This is where the Glory is to be found and the Glory is pure.  In order to receive the Glory you must also be pure.  At the Jordan, cleansing and purity is obtained.

7 Now fifty men of the sons of the prophets went and stood opposite them at a distance, while the two of them stood by the Jordan. 8 Elijah took his mantle and folded it together and struck the waters, and they were divided here and there, so that the two of them crossed over on dry ground.

9 When they had crossed over, Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask what I shall do for you before I am taken from you.” And Elisha said, “Please, let a double portion of your spirit be upon me.” 10 He said, “You have asked a hard thing. Nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you; but if not, it shall not be so.” 11 As they were going along and talking, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire which separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven. 12 Elisha saw it and cried out, “My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and its horsemen!” And he saw Elijah no more. Then he took hold of his own clothes and tore them in two pieces. 13 He also took up the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and returned and stood by the bank of the Jordan. 14 He took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and struck the waters and said, “Where is the LORD, the God of Elijah?” And when he also had struck the waters, they were divided here and there; and Elisha crossed over.

FATHER has to cleanse us before HE can give us HIS Glory.  If we embrace this stage, we will qualify for HIS Glory.  However, it is our choice to proceed on.  This is where our mindsets are fully on the Spiritual and we no longer rely on man’s opinions, views, traditions, biases, or other trappings.  This is where our hearts must be circumcised.

Serving is the essential key to unlocking the anointing in your life.  Elisha understood this as he served Elijah.  Our hearts must be circumcised by Love so that we have no conditions attached to our service toward others.  Impartation comes through service to others.

In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus spoke:

3 But when you demonstrate generosity, do it with pure motives and without drawing attention to yourself. 4 Give secretly and your Father, who sees all you do, will reward you openly.”

Our reward of the anointing will benefit others and minister life to them.  Once again, serving is how you unlock the Glory of GOD in your life.

The Lightnings And Fire

Friday, December 25th, 2020

 John G. Lake made a statement about the lightnings of God in the 1920’s. Here are his words:

I can see as my spirit discerns the future and reaches out to touch the heart of mankind and the desire of God, that there is coming from heaven a new manifestation of the Holy Spirit in power, and that new manifestation will be in sweetness, in love, in tenderness, and in the power of the Spirit, beyond anything your heart or mind ever saw. The very lightning of God will flash through men’s souls. The sons of God will meet the sons of darkness and prevail.

Another writing by Mr. Lake:

It is so simple: The life of God comes back into the part that is afflicted; immediately the blood flows; the closed, congested cells respond; the work is done! That is God’s divine science. Oh, beloved, when you pray, something is happening in you! It is not a myth; it is the action of God.

Having formal acknowledgement as a student of science, it was my privilege to attend clinics, which I frequently did.

At one time I submitted myself to a series of experiments. It was not sufficient to know God healed; I had to know how God healed.

I visited one of the great experimental institutions and submitted myself to a series of experiments.

First, an instrument was attached to my head. This instrument had an indicator that would register the vibrations of the brain.

I began to repeat things like the 23rd Psalm to soothe the mind and reduce its vibrations to the lowest point. Then I repeated the 31st Psalm, the 35th chapter of Isaiah, the 91st Psalm, and Paul’s address before Agrippa.

After this, I went into secular literature and recited Tennyson’s “Charge of the Light Brigade” and finally Poe’s “The Raven” as I prayed in my heart that at the psychological moment, God would anoint my soul in the Holy Spirit.

My difficulty was that while reciting, I could not keep the Spirit from coming upon me. When I finished with “The Raven,” those in charge of the experiment said, “You are a phenomenon. You have a wider mental range than any human being we have ever seen.”

In reality, this was not so. It was because the Spirit of God kept coming upon me to such a degree that I could feel the moving of the Spirit within me.

I prayed in my heart, “Lord God, if You will only let the Spirit of God come like the lightnings of God upon my soul for two seconds, I know something is going to happen that these men have never seen before.”

As I recited the last lines of the poem, suddenly the Spirit of God struck me with a burst of praise and tongues. The indicator on the instrument bounded to its limit – and I haven’t the least idea how much further it would have gone if it had been possible.

The professors said, “We have never seen anything like it!”

I replied, “Gentlemen, it is the Holy Ghost.”

In the second experiment, a powerful X-ray machine with microscopic attachments was connected to my head. The purpose was to see, if possible, what the action of the brain cells were.

I proceeded just as in the former experiment. First, I repeated Scriptures that were soothing – those calculated to reduce the action of the cortex cells to their lowest possible register. Then I went to Scriptures which conveyed better and richer things until I reached the first chapter of John. As I began to recite this, the fires of God began to burn in my heart.

Suddenly, the Spirit of God came upon me as before, and the man who was behind me touched me. It was a signal to keep that poise of soul until one after another could look through the instrument.

Finally, when I let go, the Spirit subsided. The professors said, “Why, man, we cannot understand this, but the cortex cells expanded amazingly.”

I said to them, “Gentlemen, I want you to see one more thing. Go down in your hospital and bring back a man who has inflammation in the bone. Take your instrument and attach it to his leg. Leave enough space to get my hand on his leg. You can attach it to both sides.”

When the instrument was ready, I put my hand on the man’s shin and prayed no strange prayer, but the cry of my heart to God.

I said, “God, kill this devilish disease by Your power. Let the Spirit move in him; let it live in him.”

Then I asked, “Gentlemen, what is taking place?”

They replied, “Every cell is responding.”

It is so simple: The life of God comes back into the part that is afflicted; immediately the blood flows; the closed, congested cells respond; the work is done!

That is God’s divine science.

Oh, beloved, when you pray, something is happening in you! It is not a myth; it is the action of God.

The Almighty God, by the Spirit, comes into your soul, takes possession of your brain and manifests Himself in the cortex cells of your brain. The fire of God – the power of God, that life of God, that nature of God – is transmitted from the cortex cells of your brain, your blood, your flesh, and your bone – into every square inch of your skin, until you are alive with God!

Additionally, he wrote:

Degrees of Baptism

There are as many degrees in God in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as there are preachers who preach it. Some people are born away down weeping at the foot of the cross. They are still on the earth plane with Christ. They are still weeping over their sins, still trying to overcome sin and be pure of heart.

But there are other people who are born away up in the blessed dominion of God, like our Mother Etter. They have resurrection power. All power is given, and it is in our soul.

And beloved, one day there are going to be Christians baptized in the Holy Ghost who are away up in the throne of God, away up in the consciousness that is breathed out of His holy heart. Somebody is going to be born a son of God, and be baptized in the Holy Ghost where Jesus is today, in the throne-consciousness of Christ—-where they can say, like Jesus said, where they can feel like Jesus feels: “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death” [Revelation 1:18]. Absolute overcoming consciousness!

You dear folks listen who are trying to pump up a Pentecost that has worn out years ago. God let it die. God had only one way under heaven to get you to move up into God, and that way is to let you become dissatisfied with the thing you have. And if you have not the consciousness you once had, God Almighty understands the situation. He is trying to get you hungry, so that you will commit your body and your soul and your spirit to God forever, and by the grace of God you will be baptized in the Holy Ghost over again, at the throne of God-consciousness, in the power of Jesus Christ, as Jesus is today. `As he is, so are we in this world” [1 John 4:171.

Beloved, God is calling men and women to a holier consecration, to a higher place in God, and I am one of God’s candidates for that holy place in God. I want to get to the throne of God. Oh, Yes, God baptized me in the Holy Ghost with a wondrous baptism, according the understanding I possessed ten or fifteen years ago. But I am a candidate today for a new baptism in the Holy Ghost that comes out of the heart of the GLORIFIED Christ, in the lightnings of God; everlasting overcoming on the throne with Jesus.

And that is the experience that is going to make the sons of God in the world. That is the reason they will take the world for Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom will be established, and they will put the crown on the Son of God, and declare Him “King of kings and Lord of lords” [Revelation 19:16] forever. Amen

Therefore, fear not, for God is able to perform in you even that which He performed in Jesus, and raise you likewise in union with Christ Jesus, and make you reign in dominion over sin, instead of being dominated by the powers of evil and darkness.–Tongues and Interpretation Battle Creek, Michigan September 1913

Serving In The Great Awakening

Thursday, December 24th, 2020

In the past, men have wanted personal attention for the move of GOD.  They wanted to be validated by suggesting it was their gifts or callings that caused such a move.  They became “full of themselves” as it has been described by some of those who knew them.

This Great Awakening will not allow anyone to claim anything concerning this move.  Yesterday’s anointing will not have any impact on what is transpiring now.  There are many ministries that continue to exist hoping that past anointings will somehow reignite and produce something new.  Let the past stay in the past.

What I seek is the fresh anointing associated with what FATHER is doing now.  I trust you are seeking the very same thing.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians chapter 3:

1 Brothers and sisters, when I was with you I found it impossible to speak to you as those who are spiritually mature people, for you are still dominated by the mind-set of the flesh. And because you are immature infants in Christ, 2 I had to nurse you and feed you with “milk,” not with the solid food of more advanced teachings, because you weren’t ready for it. In fact, you are still not ready to be fed solid food, 3 for you are living your lives dominated by the mind-set of the flesh. Ask yourselves: Is there jealousy among you? Do you compare yourselves with others? Do you quarrel like children and end up taking sides? If so, this proves that you are living your lives centered on yourselves, dominated by the mind-set of the flesh, and behaving like unbelievers. 4 For when you divide yourselves up in groups—a “Paul group” and an “Apollos group”—you’re acting like people without the Spirit’s influence.

5 Who is Apollos, really? Or who is Paul? Aren’t we both just servants through whom you believed our message? Aren’t each of us doing the ministry the Lord has assigned to us? 6 I was the one who planted the church and Apollos came and cared for it, but it was God who caused it to grow. 7 This means the one who plants is not anybody special, nor the one who waters, for GOD is the ONE WHO brings the supernatural growth.

Paul made it quite clear that it was not Apollos or him who was to be followed.  The immature believers thought these men were critical to their spiritual growth.  He wrote to them to correct their error due to their spiritual immaturity.

This ministry is not about me or anyone else except Jesus Christ.  It is about teaching and revealing deeper Truths that are being revealed to us on a daily basis.  My opinion doesn’t matter thus I am to the point of having no opinion.  I only want to walk in Absolute Truth for it emanates from the Throne Room where FATHER resides.

I have seen my share of past “moves” and for the most part, embraced them and often immersed myself in them.  However, they were meant to be for a season.  Once FATHER departed, the glory left and they became “yesterday’s anointing”. 

Many are still there where FATHER once was and have allowed their relationship to grow stale.  The people in wilderness did the very same thing and died there.  They were unable to discern the importance of moving forward with FATHER by faith when HIS Glory moved to the next place of preparation. 

We must not allow fear, uncertainty, or doubt, keep us from progressing IN HIM.  We must not allow our current understanding to prevent us from receiving a higher revelation from The Holy Spirit.  A higher Law always supersedes a lower Law so which “Law” do you prefer to walk under.  The Commandments of Love sum up the lower laws and makes life simpler.

Shouldn’t we focus on what’s coming versus what was?  We are to be carriers of purpose for we are HIS people.  Our purpose is tied to our destiny and FATHER wants us to focus on our purpose thus HE has angels awaiting activation on our behalf.

You change your future by tapping into The Kingdom.  Walking in the power and authority granted by our Covenant with FATHER will cause you to be a “history maker”.  Let not idle words or simply idleness be found among us. 

Some people use the excuse of “waiting on THE LORD” to justify doing nothing for the Kingdom.  FATHER is not asleep or too busy to move on their behalf.  The problem lies with their unwillingness to step out in faith.  They would rather sleep through those precious times when The Holy Spirit wants to impart revelation.  We are to seize the moment when The Holy Spirit wants to reveal a deeper Truth for our benefit and destiny.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 2 Timothy chapter 1:

6 I’m writing to encourage you to fan into a flame and rekindle the fire of the spiritual gift God imparted to you when I laid my hands upon you. 7 For God will never give you the spirit of fear, but the Holy Spirit who gives you mighty power, Love, and self-control.

Does your fire need rekindled?  Let The Holy Spirit activate His mighty power, Love, and self-control in you.  When we walk in self-control, we will no longer remain in idleness and laziness but instead we will take more territory on behalf of The Kingdom.

Service is the key to unlocking the anointing of The Holy Spirit.  Why should we expect the anointing of The Holy Spirit to flow through us if we do nothing with it?  The Holy Spirit is looking for humility and integrity when distributing gifts.

Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 23:

11 “The greatest among you will be the one who always serves others from the heart. 12 Remember this: If you have a lofty opinion of yourself and seek to be honored, you will be humbled. But if you have a modest opinion of yourself and choose to humble yourself, you will be honored.”

How can I serve?  I can serve by being a conduit to help impoverished kids.  I can serve you by writing these blogs sharing what The Holy Spirit is leading me to write.  I am willing to serve in whatever capacity The Holy Spirit directs on a daily basis.  I serve to give only HIM the glory, not me. 

When I wake up in the morning, I often have “nothing” to write.  Only after I spend time praying does The Holy Spirit tell me what topic to write and gives me Scripture as the basis.  This orientation matures me to listen to The Holy Spirit rather than rely on my mental faculties.  I view most of the blogs being applicable to me as much as anyone else.  My deepest desire is that when people see me, they see Christ.

Without Exception

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

We need to know FATHER as we have never known HIM before and it begins with acknowledging, accepting, understanding and embracing the Fear of GOD.

By The Holy Spirit, Moses recorded in Exodus chapter 23:

20 “See, I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you. 21 Pay close attention to him, and obey his instructions. Do not rebel against him, for he is my representative, and he will not forgive your rebellion. 22 But if you are careful to obey him, following all my instructions, then I will be an enemy to your enemies, and I will oppose those who oppose you.

FATHER gives us specific instructions when HE sends HIS angels on our behalf:

Pay close attention to him, he comes from the Throne Room to execute specific instructions given by FATHER.

Carefully obey his instructions… specifically, only, and fully.  He is not interested in your or my opinion, view, or bias.

The angel will not forgive your rebellion or open resistance to his instructions given to him by FATHER.

If we do as instructed, FATHER will be an enemy to our enemies.  HE will overtake and remove those who rise up against us.  I have seen this multiple times over the years and it is surely a solemn occasion when FATHER executes judgment on those who have attempted to rise up against the anointing HE has place on a Son or a Daughter of HIS.

23 For my angel will go before you and bring you into the land of the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites, and Jebusites, so you may live there. And I will destroy them completely. 24 You must not worship the gods of these nations or serve them in any way or imitate their evil practices. Instead, you must utterly destroy them and smash their sacred pillars.

We must not allow any idols or their paraphernalia to reside in our homes.  If we bring in anything “sacred” to them, we in essence give them legal right to enter in.  If we ask FATHER to show us any issues found in our homes, The Holy Spirit will point them out for removal.

25 “You must serve only the LORD your God. If you do, I will bless you with food and water, and I will protect you from illness. 26 There will be no miscarriages or infertility in your land, and I will give you long, full lives.

27 “I will send my terror ahead of you and create panic among all the people whose lands you invade. I will make all your enemies turn and run. 28 I will send terror ahead of you to drive out the Hivites, Canaanites, and Hittites.

There are times we are to advance (drive out) and there are times to establish.  We are to finish (take possession) what we begin when we are directed to take territory on behalf of The Kingdom:

29 But I will not drive them out in a single year, because the land would become desolate and the wild animals would multiply and threaten you. 30 I will drive them out a little at a time until your population has increased enough to take possession of the land. 31 And I will fix your boundaries from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and from the eastern wilderness to the Euphrates River. I will hand over to you the people now living in the land, and you will drive them out ahead of you.

32 “Make no treaties with them or their gods. 33 They must not live in your land, or they will cause you to sin against me. If you serve their gods, you will be caught in the trap of idolatry.”

If!  There is a condition attached to walking and maturing into the fullness of Christ.  We must not allow our hearts to become hardened thus allowing sin and rebellion to enter in.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Hebrews chapter 3:

5 Moses was certainly faithful in God’s house as a servant. His work was an illustration of the Truths God would reveal later. 6 But Christ, as the Son, is in charge of God’s entire House. And we are God’s House, if we keep our courage and remain confident in our hope in Christ.

7 That is why the Holy Spirit says,

“Today when you hear his voice,

8 don’t harden your hearts

as Israel did when they rebelled,

when they tested Me in the wilderness.

9 There your ancestors tested and tried my patience,

even though they saw my miracles for forty years.

10 So I was angry with them, and I said,

Their hearts always turn away from Me.

They refuse to do what I tell them.’

11 So in My anger I took an oath:

‘They will never enter My place of rest.’”

12 Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters. Make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God. 13 You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God. 14 For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ.

Angels are an extension of GOD’S Will.  Some are called HIS Faithfulness.  Your words are your protection and power against the enemy.  Arrogance promotes “self” but speaking the WORD of THE LORD promotes protection.  We must watch over our words so that our angels will not be hindered in their mission on our behalf.  They stand ready to execute directives based on your specific destiny which was decided before you were formed in the womb (Psalm 139:16).

Don’t expect things to return to the previous normal but instead expect a new normal with the Spiritual leading the way.  The way FATHER lives is the way HE wants HIS people to live.  This new normal is based solely on Truth and righteousness.

When FATHER speaks to any one of us, it initiates a movement here on earth and the angels are activated by HIS Spoken Word.  This Word is meant to project outward and apply to many.  HE is waiting on us to take territory on behalf of HIS Kingdom and has angels prepared to act.  HE has authorized power and authority to carry out HIS Word if we will only obey HIS Commands without exception.

Are You All In?

Monday, December 21st, 2020

All of your limitations are based on what the religious system taught you and people who adhere to the religious system will oppose the revelations The Holy Spirit given to you.  Those who oppose you resist change themselves for they want to keep the status quo and keep “self” protected from submission.  This represents a loss of power and control in their lives if “self” is forced to submit.

Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 16 in response to Peter’s answer about Who HE is:

16 Simon Peter spoke up and said, “You are the Anointed One, the Son of the living God!”

17 Jesus replied, “You are favored and privileged Simeon, son of Jonah!  For you didn’t discover this on your own, but My Father in Heaven has supernaturally revealed it to you. 18 I give you the name Peter, a stone. And this Truth of Who I am will be the bedrock foundation on which I will build My church—My legislative assembly, and the power of death will not be able to overpower it! 19 I will give you the keys of Heaven’s Kingdom realm to forbid on earth that which is forbidden in Heaven, and to release on earth that which is released in Heaven.” 20 He then gave his disciples strict orders not to tell anyone that he was God’s Anointed One.

In the above passage, Peter submitted to The Holy Spirit yet later when Jesus was preparing to go to the cross, Peter reverted back to selfish, religious views in an attempt to keep the status quo.  Jesus responded in Matthew chapter 16:

23 But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.”

And in Matthew chapter 18, Jesus spoke:

18 “Receive this truth: Whatever you forbid on earth will be considered to be forbidden in Heaven, and whatever you release on earth will be considered to be released in Heaven. 19 Again, I give you an eternal Truth: If two of you agree to ask God for something in a symphony of prayer, My Heavenly Father will do it for you. 20 For wherever two or three come together in honor of My Name, I am right there with them!”

When we are led by The Holy Spirit, we are given power and authority on earth to both forbid and release.  The church has not walked in this authority for most do not truly believe that we have the ability to walk accordingly.  Their minds continue to restrict them from entering in.  Could they be afraid of failure thus exposing their current state of maturity?  Why would they oppose change for the better unless their minds were darkened as Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in

Ephesians chapter 4:

Their corrupted logic has been clouded because their hearts are so far from God—their blinded understanding and deep-seated moral darkness keeps them from the true knowledge of God.

Corrupt logic will oppose you and me as we begin to walk in power and authority so we need to be prepared for such opposition.  Those who oppose FATHER’S power and authority must not cause us to compromise our walk in any way, shape, or form.  Some may even be loved ones who threaten alienation.  That threat should not deter us from walking in The Holy Spirit.  Jesus made it quite clear who His family was in Matthew chapter 12:

48 But He answered and said to the one who told Him, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” 49 And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers! 50 For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.”

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Hebrews chapter 12:

3 So consider carefully how Jesus faced such intense opposition from sinners who opposed their own souls, so that you won’t become worn down and cave in under life’s pressures. 4 After all, you have not yet reached the point of sweating blood in your opposition to sin. 5 And have you forgotten his encouraging words spoken to you as his children? He said,

“My child, don’t underestimate the value

    of the discipline and training of the Lord God,

    or get depressed when HE has to correct you.

6 For the Lord’s training of your life

    is the evidence of HIS faithful Love.

    And when HE draws you to himself,

    it proves you are HIS delightful child.”

7 Fully embrace God’s correction as part of your training, for HE is doing what any Loving Father does for HIS children. For who has ever heard of a child who never had to be corrected? 8 We all should welcome God’s discipline as the validation of authentic Sonship. For if we have never once endured HIS correction it only proves we are strangers and not Sons.

Are you here on earth just surviving or are you thriving?  FATHER is waiting on us to bring forth the Kingdom.  Religion has told you that we are waiting on HIM.  Why would we be given the authority to bind or loose if we are simply waiting on HIM?  All of the past end-time prophecies were promoted as “certainties” when they were actually conditional.  However, certain ministries led us to believe the timing was set in stone.  Wrong!

When was the last time you experienced the “habitation” or the Glory of GOD in a church service?  When was the last time true worship brought forth a move by The Holy Spirit in a service where no one could minister?  When was the last time you perceived that everyone was in unity and walking in Agape Love?

Many ministries have promoted “exclusivity” as though only certain believers would be allowed to participate in some Glorious event and you must be aligned with their ministry.  They projected some “special” anointing that caused them to have revelation no one else had.  Isn’t that effectively what the Pharisees did?

As FATHER’S Great Awakening continues to manifest, we must not allow that great deceiver to have any impact on our focus or our path on the Highway of Holiness.  We can expect opposition as we walk this path but we must not allow the opposition to deter us.  Are you “all in”?  I am!