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Moving To Perfection

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

I asked the question yesterday, “Do you want to reach full maturity and perfection?”  In addition to being a giver, you must Love your enemies.

Jesus spoke concerning perfection in Matthew chapter 5:

43 “Your ancestors have also been taught ‘Love your neighbors and hate the one who hates you.’ 44 However, I say to you, Love your enemy, bless the one who curses you, do something wonderful for the one who hates you, and respond to the very ones who persecute you by praying for them. 45 For that will reveal your identity as children of your Heavenly Father. HE is kind to all by bringing the sunrise to warm and rainfall to refresh whether a person does what is good or evil.

46 What reward do you deserve if you only Love the loveable? Don’t even the tax collectors do that? 47 How are you any different from others if you limit your kindness only to your friends? Don’t even the ungodly do that? 48 Since you are children of a perfect Father in Heaven, become perfect like HIM.”

The Holy Spirit awakened me this morning and immediately spoke, “Life is about winning souls.”

Everything we say or do should move us toward that mandate, whether it be our time of preparation, our plans, or our actions.  Do you think FATHER simply wants us to go through life “doing our own thing” and not HIS?

We are meant to go beyond our time of preparation and allow The Holy Spirit show us the plan given specifically you and me before we were formed in the womb.  As a reminder, The Holy Spirit revealed in Psalm l39:

16 You saw Who you created me to be before I became me!

    Before I’d ever seen the light of day,

    the number of days You planned for me

    were already recorded in Your book.

If needed, I suggest you reread this verse every day until it becomes burned into your consciousness.  Do not allow yourself to become a “wandering generality” but rather be a “meaningful specific”.

Some people are seeking out the spectacular and desire a visitation by Jesus or an angel.  If you have no interest in being a part of the mandate to win souls, why would either come for a visitation?  The purpose of a Heavenly visitation is to promote FATHER’S plan whether it be by encouragement, correction, or other aspects of preparation.  As we align with our individual missions written in our book, we can expect needed visitations.  As we get the revelation, we move toward visitation and ultimately habitation.

Moses recorded by THE SPIRIT in Exodus chapter 34:

10 And HE said: “Behold, I make a covenant. Before all your people I will do marvels such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation; and all the people among whom you are shall see the work of the LORD.

And concluding with a mention of the tithe:

26 “The first of the firstfruits of your land you shall bring to the house of the LORD your God. You shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.”

27 Then the LORD said to Moses, “Write these words, for according to the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.” 28 So he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he neither ate bread nor drank water. And He wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments.

29 Now it was so, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai (and the two tablets of the Testimony were in Moses’ hand when he came down from the mountain), that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone while he talked with Him. 30 So when Aaron and all the children of Israel saw Moses, behold, the skin of his face shone, and they were afraid to come near him. 31 Then Moses called to them, and Aaron and all the rulers of the congregation returned to him; and Moses talked with them. 32 Afterward all the children of Israel came near, and he gave them as commandments all that the LORD had spoken with him on Mount Sinai.

33 And when Moses had finished speaking with them, he put a veil on his face. 34 But whenever Moses went in before the LORD to speak with Him, he would take the veil off until he came out; and he would come out and speak to the children of Israel whatever he had been commanded. 35 And whenever the children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses’ face shone, then Moses would put the veil on his face again, until he went in to speak with Him.

When in the presence of FATHER, your body begins to return to the “pre-fallen” state similar to Adam and Ever before they ate the fruit.  The Glory was being expressed in Moses’ face and was a testimony to the people that Moses was conveying the Absolute Truth to them thus they responded.

As we become fully mature as Sons and Daughters, we should expect the same to occur… even more so since we have a better Covenant than Moses.

Let me encourage you to continue “up the mountain” and move onto perfection.  IT IS ATTAINABLE to those who walk in Agape Love and unwavering great faith.  Enoch experienced it and wrote about the Shining Ones in the prophecies given to him about the future. 

All of my writings ultimately point to this consummation of full maturity for those who are embracing the content of their “books” written before they were formed in the womb.  Now is the time!

Do You Want To Be Perfect?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Do you want to reach full maturity and perfection?

What would you do if Jesus specifically asked you to give away your accumulated wealth, either a portion or all of it, and give it to the poor?  What about 10% of income received?  What about offerings above the tithe?  These are tests of where we stand in our Spiritual walk as we move toward perfection IN HIM.  If my response is fear, uncertainty, or doubt, then I have more work to do concerning my spiritual maturity in the area of faith in His Word.

The ultimate question to be asked is where, what, or in whom are you placing your trust?

By giving 100% of the contributions received at Servias to the poor, we are embracing Jesus’ command given to the wealthy young man in order for him to be “perfect”.  We provide this structure of receiving so that those giving are assured that their contributions are not misused or misallocated.  My wife and I have given funds in the past to those who started with noble intents but later enriched themselves in a subtle fashion.  Ultimately they are judged for such deceptions.

Jesus spoke concerning the young man in Matthew chapter 19:

16 Then a young man approached Jesus and bowed before Him, saying, “Wonderful teacher—is there a good work I have to do to obtain eternal life?”

17 Jesus answered, “Why would you call me wonderful? God alone is wonderful. And why would you ask what good work you need to do? Keep the commandments and you’ll enter into the life of God.”

18 “Which ones?” he asked.

Jesus said, “Don’t murder, don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, don’t lie, 19 honor your father and mother, and love those around you as you love yourself.”

20 “But I’ve always obeyed every one of them without fail,” the young man replied. “What else do I lack?”

21 Jesus said to him, “If you really want to be perfect, go now and sell everything you own. Give your money to the poor and your treasure will be transferred into heaven. Then come back and follow Me for the rest of your life.”

22 When the young man heard these words, he walked away sad, for he had great wealth.

The word perfect means: perfect, mature, lacking nothing, complete.  This same word is used in Matthew chapter 5 when Jesus spoke about Agape Love:

43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, 45 that you may be Sons of your Father in Heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47 And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? 48 Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”

Agape Love and giving to the poor are both aspects of becoming perfect and mature.  This is why The Holy Spirit has me write on giving.  We must overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt when it comes to scarcity and place our trust in Our Heavenly Father to provide in all areas… including finances.  The rich young man did not pass the test when he was offered the opportunity to follow Jesus in His earthly ministry.

Impoverished Kids Testimonies

Monday, March 29th, 2021

We continue to distribute monthly to the local school where half of the students are in need. The following are testimonies of the fruitfulness of your giving:

The cards will help this family in every way.  They have no income at this time and they were involved in a car accident that they are now having to pay for repairs.

A family that is trying to assimilate into the community.  They have spent years trying to come to Oklahoma and any help is greatly appreciated.

We gave to a family that has just had some family difficulties and are very appreciative of any help that we can provide.

We have a young lady that is a senior that just had a baby, we were able to give her cards for Crest Food Market and Walmart – she got emotional, the need that was met was so apparent.  Wonderful.

Gave to a family that dad is unemployed and they have financial troubles.

Gave to 2 families that are single-income/single-parent families with special needs children.

We were able to give to a family with 7 children and a family with 8 children to help with food purchases.

We gave to a family that one parent is suffering with disabilities and they just need some support on occasion.

We were able to give to a family that has multi-generations in the family and needs support.

Gave to a family that has had financial troubles and live in a multi-generational family.

I was able to share a Walmart card with one of our senior boys that has had some real struggles with family during this pandemic.  He was extremely grateful and told me that he would be able to purchase sandwich items to help him mom out with groceries and lunches.

We were able to give another Crest card and Walmart card to the young lady we have that just had a baby a few months ago.  She was so appreciative and got tears in her eyes (again).  She was so thankful and said she will use the cards for groceries and diapers.

We were also able to give 2 cards to a new student from Guatemala we received this year.  Her family was stuck in Customs for 2 years before being able to get here.  Her father passed away in the process.  Her family has gone through many hardships, they were so appreciative for the cards. 

I was able to give a Walmart card to a student in need.  This student was so excited and said this would allow him to get a guitar case that he’s been looking at.  I remembered that the other day, he had asked me for a garbage bag….come to find out, the bag was to get his guitar home from HS Band practice without getting wet in a rainstorm.  Perfect.  He was so happy.  

1.  The gift cards have helped us get groceries for our family and also be able to buy diapers and baby necessities. (from student that dad is now on disability, mom is a part-time worker, and student just had a baby)

2.  We are able to buy groceries now and use our limited income to pay for rent. (from a family that has not been able to work at this time and has back pay on their rent).

Avoid Separation

Sunday, March 28th, 2021

The strategies of demons are to move us to disobedience toward FATHER’S Word and The Holy Spirit.  When we are disobedient, we become separated from FATHER and are unable to clearly hear HIS Voice.  As this occurs, the flow of life begins to wane and abundance turns to scarcity.  This is how the adversary steals from us.

We have a choice and the devil knows it.  He cannot compel us to be disobedient but he will attempt to convince us that we can walk without FATHER’S direct guidance.  He does this by appealing to man’s ego and reasoning.

Luke wrote by The Holy Spirit in chapter 4:

1 Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, 2 being tempted for forty days by the devil. And in those days He ate nothing, and afterward, when they had ended, He was hungry.

FATHER immediately picked a fight with the devil by having Jesus confront him at the weakest point of his humanity.  What a great example for us to live by.  No matter how adverse the circumstance we face, we are to be fully led by The Holy Spirit.  As we fully trust in FATHER, HIS Word, and The Holy Spirit, we will be able to stand up against all devices of the devil.

The devil tempted Jesus in three ways hoping to find a weakness to exploit.  He found none.  This complete resistance to the adversary was one aspect of preparation to change the world.  Jesus was and is the first Overcomer among FATHER’S Sons and Daughters thus He is our Perfect Example of obedience to FATHER’S directives.

Many Christians tend to look away from demonic activity yet Jesus was not reluctant to confront demons and set the captives free.  We must not allow ourselves to be ignorant of their devices and deceptions.

The strategy of the devil is to keep you out of the Love of GOD.  Once you have the revelation of Agape Love, you will no longer allow yourself to be separated from Our Heavenly Father.  Instead, you will move toward being fully immersed in HIS Love.  Your eyes will see people as HE sees them.  Your criticisms will depart for you will see their deaf and blindness.  At that point, you will start looking for opportunities to be a light in the darkness in order to draw them into FATHER’S Love and Divine Intent for their lives.

It is written by The Holy Spirit in Jude:

20 But you, my delightfully loved friends, constantly and progressively build yourselves up on the foundation of your most Holy faith by praying every moment in the Holy Spirit. 21 Fasten your hearts to the Love of God and receive the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gives us eternal life.

Praying in Tongues keeps our hearts fastened to the Love of GOD.  This is why the adversary works so hard to keep believers from pursuing this relationship with FATHER.

The goal of praying in Tongues is to make you perfect in Love.  When your spirit is fully aligned with The Holy Spirit, you take on the qualities of Our Heavenly Father for HE IS LOVE!  The goal of our maturity is to be perfected in Love so we must make praying in THE SPIRIT the major priority in our daily walk.  Then every word and action has a foundation of Agape Love as it is with FATHER.

Consistently praying in The Holy Spirit moves us toward maturity and obedience to FATHER’S every directive.  In the Spiritual realm, our lights can be seen by the demons and they realize that their attempts to sway us and deceive us will be wasted.  In turn, they will look for weak vessels to deceive and misdirect.

Life In Its Fullness

Saturday, March 27th, 2021

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1st Corinthians chapter 2:

15 Those who live in the Spirit are able to carefully evaluate all things, and they are subject to the scrutiny of no one but God. 16 For

Who has ever intimately known the mind of the Lord Yahweh well enough to become his counselor?

Christ has, and we possess Christ’s perceptions.

This is why we have the ability to evaluate whether a situation is instigated specifically by a demon.  Furthermore, our actions and responses are not subject to the world’s judgments or opinions.  They mean nothing to those who walk according to The Holy Spirit.  They simply become noise.

The adversary and his demons do not want us to know the benefits of being Sons and Daughters of GOD thus they attempt to either keep us ignorant or misinformed of FATHER’S Love for us.  FATHER does not do terrible things to you or me nor is HE mad at us.  On the contrary, HE wants the best for us in all areas of our lives.

The Beloved Disciple wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1st John chapter 5:

1 Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Messiah is God’s Spiritual Child and has been fathered by God Himself. And everyone who Loves Father God Loves His children as well. 2 This is how we can be sure that we Love the children of God: by having a passionate Love for God and by obedience to His Commands. 3 True Love for God means obeying His Commands, and His Commands don’t weigh us down as heavy burdens. 4 You see, every child of God overcomes the world, for our faith is the victorious power that triumphs over the world. 5 So who are the world conquerors, defeating its power? Those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

The adversary would have us believe that the Commandments of Our Heavenly Father are burdensome.  False prophets support that view and attempt to keep us in fear at all times.  The opposite is the Absolute Truth.  Walking in peace that surpasses our understanding is priceless and that is FATHER’S Divine Intent for us as we navigate this broken world.  We are meant to triumph over the world in every area of our life.  Jesus came to provide an abundant life for each of us and we are meant to have every need met as well as surplus to help others in need.

Do you have a passionate Love for GOD?  If not, you are still lacking revelation in the area of Agape Love and the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  As I continue to mature in The Word and pray in The Holy Spirit, this revelation continues to increase and the reality is completely aligning my mindset to where I have the Mind of Christ.

The blessings of Deuteronomy chapter 28 are not superior to the blessings perfected by Jesus Christ in the New Testament.  Do you really think FATHER would reduce the benefits provided by HIS Son?  The demons want us to live in scarcity, sickness, disease, and poverty.

The Beloved Disciple wrote by The Holy Spirit in John chapter 10:

9 I am the Gateway. To enter through me is to experience life, freedom, and satisfaction. 10 A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!

Do you believe and trust in the Words of Jesus?  Did He recite what FATHER told Him to say?

When you become fully immersed in FATHER’S Love, you will realize you are fully accepted IN HIM and you will no longer be influenced by the devil in your mind, will, or emotions.  You will no longer speak in conflict with The Word and your soul will align with your spirit.  Your body will soon follow and you will begin to manifest the life Jesus refers to in the above passage.  Your light will shine and the adversary can do nothing but go look for a weak vessel to focus on.  There will be no entry points for a demon to exploit.

You will then expect the blessings which line up with FATHER’S perfect plan, will, and purpose to manifest in your life.  You will begin to expect success in everything you set your hand to do in accordance with what The Holy Spirit instructs.  The god of this world is no longer an issue in your life.

Realizing Our Power And Authority

Friday, March 26th, 2021

As I wrote yesterday and according to Jesus’ Words, FATHER has not removed the devil or his demons and it is up to the believer to deal with the devices and intent of the devil.  Failure to do so will make your way difficult and frustrating.  Overcomers have to overcome something!  If you think your walk will be without challenges after you achieve a certain level of maturity, think again. 

Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 12:

43 “When a demon is cast out of a person, it roams around a dry region, looking for a place to rest, but never finds it. 44 Then it says, ‘I’ll return to the house I moved out of,’ and so it goes back, only to find that the house is vacant, warm, and ready for it to move back in. 45 So it goes looking for seven other demons more evil than itself, and they all enter together to live there. Then the person’s condition becomes much worse than it was in the beginning. This describes what will also happen to the people of this evil generation.”

Jesus expressed the reality of demons’ existence.  A believer must move beyond salvation and proceed forward to have The Word planted in his or her heart and take up residence else more demons will come forth.  Deliverance allows the person to attain a teachable heart and begin maturing in Christ.

My wife and I were recently on a plane where a spiritual attack occurred.  In my particular seat, the plane’s current technology (a personal video screen) would not work.  Since I was required to wear a mask, I simply began praying in Tongues during the flight.   Across the aisle, a young 18 year old male began having a “panic attack” and his father alerted the flight attendants.  For the entirety of the flight, he became the focus of nearby passengers with a doctor, nurse, and flight attendants focused on him.  They found no physical issues whatsoever.  Since the demon(s) could not provoke or irritate me, they looked for a weaker vessel close by and he submitted to them.  All the demons managed to accomplish was to promote me praying in Tongues on the plane.  Their plan backfired as usual.

In Mark chapter 5, Jesus dealt directly with demons and revealed their future to us:

1 They arrived at the other side of the lake, at the region of the Gerasenes. 2 As Jesus stepped ashore, a demon-possessed madman came out of the graveyard and confronted him. 3 The man had been living there among the tombs, and no one was able to restrain him, not even with chains. 4 For every time they attempted to chain his hands and feet with shackles, he would snap the chains and break the shackles in pieces. He was so strong that no one had the power to subdue him. 5 Day and night he could be found lurking in the cemetery or in the vicinity, shrieking and cutting himself with stones!

6 When He saw Jesus from a distance, he ran to Him and threw himself down before Him, 7 shouting at the top of his lungs, “Leave me alone, Jesus, Son of the Most High God! Swear in God’s name that you won’t torture me!” 8 (For Jesus had already said to him, “Come out of that man, you demon spirit!”)

9 Jesus said to him, “What is your name?”

“Mob,” he answered. “They call me Mob because there are thousands of us in his body!” 10 He begged Jesus repeatedly not to expel them out of the region.

11 Nearby there was a large herd of pigs feeding on the hillside. 12 The demons begged Him, “Send us into the pigs. Let us enter them!”

13 So Jesus gave them permission, and the demon horde immediately came out of the man and went into the pigs! This caused the herd to rush madly down the steep slope and fall into the lake, drowning about two thousand pigs!  Depending on weight, the cost of two thousand live pigs today could be as much as $250,000. The economic cost to the community over the loss of this herd was significant.

The demons recognized Jesus as The Son of God and fully understood the Power and Authority Jesus walked in.  We are to walk in the same Power and Authority freely given to us from Heaven.  Demons do not want us to realize that they must submit to us when we walk by THE SPIRIT thus they focus on our mindset and ego hoping to keep our attention diverted from The Word and The Spirit.

This passage clearly shows us that demons are expecting to be punished at some time in the future.  They have absolutely no power whatsoever to withstand the Power and Authority given to us from Heaven.  Further, they don’t want to leave the geographic area they have been assigned.  When they are told to leave, they don’t leave right away but ultimately submit and depart after they unsuccessfully try to negotiate. 

The demons’ goal is to deceive and keep people in agreement with them.  They want your mindset to remain weak and misdirected to the world.  Once you get the revelation of Power and Authority from Heaven and begin to walk in it, demons know their time is over with you and look for weaker vessels.

Don’t forget, Jesus and the disciples were met by a storm which tried to sink them before they arrived at the region of the Gerasenes specifically to cast out these demons.  Afterward, they immediately departed back to Capernaum. (Matthew 9)

We are given these passages so that we can deal with the challenges of this broken world and not be ignorant of the adversary’s devices.

Confronting Challenges

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

FATHER knows our thoughts and intents thus the angels will only respond to our requests when the intent is righteous.  Demons can only observe and hear our words to discover what is in our mindset.  They can present situations and watch our response.  They are fruit observers.  Will we respond according to The Word or will we succumb to temptation or challenge and walk outside FATHER’S Divine Intent? 

FATHER has not removed the devil or his demons and it is up to the believer to deal with the wiles of the devil.  Failure to do so will make your way difficult and frustrating.  Overcomers have to overcome something!  If you think your walk will be without challenges after you achieve a certain level of maturity, think again. 

Think about what Jesus said to the disciples who returned from ministry in Luke chapter 10:

17 When the seventy missionaries returned to Jesus, they were ecstatic with joy, telling Him, “Lord, even the demons obeyed us when we commanded them in your name!”

18 Jesus replied, “While you were ministering, I watched Satan topple until he fell suddenly from heaven like lightning to the ground. 19 Now you understand that I have imparted to you My Authority to trample over his kingdom. You will trample upon every demon before you and overcome every power Satan possesses. Absolutely nothing will harm you as you walk in this authority. 20 However, your real source of joy isn’t merely that these spirits submit to your authority, but that your names are written in the journals of Heaven and that you belong to God’s Kingdom. This is the True Source of your authority.”

Jesus made it clear that the devil and his demons were not totally removed from the picture.  However, when we walk in the authority given to us by Our Heavenly Father, we will trample upon every demon and demote the demon to a lesser authority.  As we understand our authority from Heaven, we will walk in great faith and produce good fruit.

Look what Paul dealt with as The Holy Spirit guided him into writing 2/3rds of the New Testament.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 2nd Corinthians chapter 11:

23 Are they servants of the Anointed One? I’m beside myself when I speak this way, but I am much more of a servant than they. I have worked much harder for God, taken more beatings, and been dragged to more prisons than they. I’ve been flogged excessively, multiple times, even to the point of death.

24 Five times I’ve received thirty-nine lashes from the Jewish leaders. 25 Three times I experienced being beaten with rods. Once they stoned me. Three times I’ve been shipwrecked; for an entire night and a day I was adrift in the open sea. 26 In my difficult travels I’ve faced many dangerous situations: perilous rivers, robbers, foreigners, and even my own people. I’ve survived deadly peril in the city, in the wilderness, with storms at sea, and with spies posing as believers. 27 I’ve toiled to the point of exhaustion and gone through many sleepless nights. I’ve frequently been deprived of food and water, left hungry and shivering out in the cold, lacking proper clothing.

28 And besides these painful circumstances, I have the daily pressure of my responsibility for all the churches, with a deep concern weighing heavily on my heart for their welfare. 29 I am not aloof, for who is desperate and weak and I do not feel their weakness? Who is led astray into sin and I do not burn with zeal to restore him?

30 If boasting is necessary, I will boast about examples of my weakness. 31 The God and Father of the Lord Jesus, who is eternally praised, knows that I am speaking the Truth. 32 Once, when I was in Damascus, the governor under King Aretas had his troops searching for me to have me arrested, 33 but I was stuffed in a basket and lowered down through a window and managed to escape.

I have close friends who are dealing with cancer or have dealt with cancer of various types.  The world’s answers are simply temporary in nature.  Our answer comes from Heaven and He sits at the Right Hand of Father.  The Blood of Jesus is sufficient to heal us and deliver us from its effects.  As we further mature in Christ we will experience this deliverance.  Why?  We will embrace the Kingdom Authority over every attempt of the wicked one to take us out before we have completed our destiny.  I speak from experience. 

It is not FATHER’S Intent for us to die from a disease.  Cancer does not have the final say over our lives.  It is simply challenging our body’s immune system and can be corrected and removed.  It can be done with the assistance of the medical field or done without their assistance.  The Holy Spirit will guide each of us concerning our particular path toward overcoming the wicked one.  This is why it is critical to be led by The Holy Spirit.

Whatever challenge you are dealing with, the resolution comes from Above.  If you are shipwrecked, do not be move by the temporary circumstance.  Expect deliverance from Above and It will surely come as your faith pulls It into the physical realm.  I have had many challenges in my life and THE LORD has delivered my out of them all.  HE is more than willing to do the same for you.  Be of good courage!

How We Think

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

The purpose of angels is to expedite the Kingdom of God advancing on the earth.  They will only do the Will of GOD and cannot be coerced into following man’s agenda.  Given this reality, we must seek out and know the Will of GOD in order to fully activate our angels to go forth and expedite their mission on our behalf as written in our books (Psalm 139:16).

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 12:

1 Beloved friends, what should be our proper response to God’s marvelous mercies? To surrender yourselves to God to be HIS Sacred, living sacrifices. And live in Holiness, experiencing all that delights HIS Heart. For this becomes your genuine expression of worship.

2 Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s Will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in HIS Eyes.

The above passage is so important to our growth for it reveals the true issue at hand- how we think.  Until I reach perfection, I must continually change and eliminate the “worldly” in my thought processes.  The ego will resist such change for it wants to be in charge and will attempt to defend itself against change.  If we don’t acknowledge this issue, we will not reach perfection in Christ.

The ego will try to add or subtract from the revelation contained in The Word for its own benefit.  I have seen this so many times over the past yet people will continue to resist change even when shown the problem.  Only when confronted with a serious judgment will they consider the fact that what they were thinking was seriously flawed.  I speak from experience.

Once we have chosen to walk the crucified life with Christ and walk the narrow way, we will move on to perfection and maturity.  The goal is to walk in the power of THE SPIRIT and to train others to do the same.  That is my desire for you and me.  This is what will dramatically expand the Kingdom.

Our words and actions should ultimately point to Christ and not ourselves.  This is one aspect of gratitude.  Angels never exalt themselves for they are servants to The Word of GOD and nothing else.

Each of us has the choice to fulfill our individual destinies.  FATHER will not override my will because Agape Love gives us a choice.  Otherwise, we would simply be like robots and it is clear that people do not fall into that category.  Jesus would not have said in the Garden of Gethsemane “Not My will but Yours” if He had no choice.  We are fully accountable and responsible for our own decisions and outcomes.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1 Timothy chapter 6:

17 To all the rich of this world, I command you not to be wrapped in thoughts of pride over your prosperity, or rely on your wealth, for your riches are unreliable and nothing compared to the living God. Trust instead in the ONE WHO lavishes upon us all good things, fulfilling our every need.

18 Remind the wealthy to be rich in remarkable works of extravagant generosity, willing to share with others. 19 These Spiritual investments will provide a beautiful foundation for their lives and secure for them a great future, as they lay their hands upon the meaning of true life.

Was Jesus “extravagant” in His generosity toward others?  When He fed the 5,000 families, did anyone go away hungry?  When the young man contributed the five loaves and two fishes, how well did he do?  If we truly trust Our Heavenly Father, we will have no reluctance to be extravagant in our giving as well.  This Truth does not compute with the world for they base their thinking on scarcity and results based on greediness and/or fear.  Their blindness keeps them from being a blessing to others.

Our angels will gather resources on our behalf when we seek to fulfill FATHER’S Will on earth.  Supernatural events will become commonplace in our lives even though they may not be spectacular for others to see.  Let us not hinder our angels’ missions for there is much to do on behalf of FATHER’S Kingdom here on earth.

River Of Life

Monday, March 22nd, 2021

It is written by The Holy Spirit in Psalm chapter 36:

8 All may drink of the anointing from the abundance of Your House.

    All may drink their fill from the rivers of Eden.

The anointing is associated with the Rivers of Living Water.

The Beloved Disciple wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1st John chapter 2:

27 But the wonderful anointing you have received from God is so much greater than their deception and now lives in you. There’s no need for anyone to keep teaching you. His anointing teaches you all that you need to know, for it will lead you into Truth, not a counterfeit. So just as the anointing has taught you, remain in Him.

The Beloved Disciple also recorded by The Holy Spirit in John chapter 7:

37 Then on the most important day of the feast (of Tabernacles), the last day, Jesus stood and shouted out to the crowds—“All you thirsty ones, come to Me! Come to Me and drink! 38 Believe in Me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just like the Scripture says!”

39 Jesus was prophesying about the Holy Spirit that believers were being prepared to receive. But the Holy Spirit had not yet been poured out upon them, because Jesus had not yet been unveiled in His full splendor.

We are meant to be vessels of The Living Water known as The Holy Spirit where there is a discernable flow from us outward.  One aspect of this is to pray in The Holy Spirit continuously.  The question must be asked, “Is there a flow occurring in you?”

In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, John wrote by THE SPIRIT in chapter 22:

1 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, flowing with water clear as crystal, continuously pouring out from the throne of God and of the Lamb. 2 The river was flowing in the middle of the street of the city, and on either side of the river was the Tree of Life, with its twelve kinds of ripe fruit according to each month of the year. The leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations.

3 And every curse will be broken and no longer exist, for the throne of God and of the Lamb will be there in the city.

His Loving servants will serve Him; 4 they will always see His Face, and His Name will be on their foreheads.

We are meant to be those vessels who carry the River of Life for every curse to be broken.  It is not us but The Holy Spirit Who flows through us.  Paul we empowered to minister through his notable commitment to pray in The Holy Spirit.  He was equipped to confront not only the challenges from the adversary but to minister healing and life to those with whom he came in contact.  Let us take his example to heart and pray with great intensity so that the River of Life flows through us in an unhindered fashion!

Focus In Our Daily Walk

Saturday, March 20th, 2021

Jesus spoke in John chapter 15:

1 “I am a true sprouting vine, and the farmer who tends the vine is My Father. 2 He cares for the branches connected to Me by lifting and propping up the fruitless branches and pruning every fruitful branch to yield a greater harvest. 3 The Words I have spoken over you have already cleansed you. 4 So you must remain in life-union with Me, for I remain in life-union with you. For as a branch severed from the vine will not bear fruit, so your life will be fruitless unless you live your life intimately joined to Mine.”

We can do nothing without Jesus being joined to us.  Without Him, we are fruitless and will be pruned away and removed.  Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned.

We are called to be active and fruitful in our everyday walk.  The adversary will use rejection hoping to thwart our fruitfulness but we must not be moved by his devices.  Let us exalt Jesus in our daily walk and give Him credit for all the good fruit we produce.  As we do, we should expect greater fruit in all areas.

Jesus explained this as He continued:

5 “I am the sprouting vine and you’re My branches. As you live in union with Me as your Source, fruitfulness will stream from within you—but when you live separated from Me you are powerless. 6 If a person is separated from Me, he is discarded; such branches are gathered up and thrown into the fire to be burned. 7 But if you live in life-union with Me and if My Words live powerfully within you—then you can ask whatever you desire and it will be done. 8 When your lives bear abundant fruit, you demonstrate that you are My mature disciples who glorify My Father!

Jesus defines maturity IN HIM- abundant fruit from being in union with Him.  His desires are expressed in us as we renew our minds and align with Him.  When we do this, we can and should ask whatever we desire and it will be done.  Our words are energized with faith from our union with Him.

Jesus also explained what happens to those who are fruitless, they are discarded since they attempt to be takes of the life flow meant for the fruitful ones.  They are lukewarm and Jesus will not tolerate lukewarmness thus they are removed from the Life-giving vine.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Galatians chapter 3:

26 You have all become true children of God by faith in Jesus Christ! 27 Faith immersed you into Christ, and now you are covered and clothed with His life. 28 And we no longer see each other in our former state—Jew or non-Jew, rich or poor, male or female—because we’re all one through our union with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is our Source and we must keep this focus in our daily walk.  There is a temptation to focus on writings, videos, and audio recordings apart from this focus.  Be careful for the renewing of your mind can proceed in the wrong direction and then you wake up one morning realizing that you have become fruitless in your walk.  Do not let this subtle device of the devil occur in your studies.  Do not finish in the flesh what you started in The Spirit.  I ask The Holy Spirit to show me what to study each morning thus I don’t allow those subtle devices any place in my focus.

Jesus expects us to ask Him to join us in our daily walk.  Luke recorded by The Holy Spirit in chapter 24:

13 Later that same day, two of Jesus’ disciples were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, a journey of about seventeen miles. 14–15 They were in the midst of a discussion about all the events of the last few days when Jesus walked up and accompanied them in their journey. 16 They were unaware that it was actually Jesus walking alongside them, for God prevented them from recognizing Him…

28 As they approached the village, Jesus walked on ahead, telling them He was going on to a distant place. 29 They urged Him to remain there with them and pleaded, “Stay with us. It will be dark soon.” So Jesus went with them into the village.

30 Joining them at the table for supper, He took bread and blessed it and broke it, then gave it to them. 31 All at once their eyes were opened and they realized He was Jesus! Then suddenly, in a flash, Jesus vanished from before their eyes!

32 Stunned, they looked at each other and said, “Why didn’t we recognize Him? Didn’t our hearts burn with the flames of Holy passion while we walked beside Him? He unveiled for us such profound revelation from the Scriptures!”

How many times did we miss the opportunity to compel Jesus to walk with us in our situations?  In the above passage, He was going to depart from them at the fork in the road but they compelled Him to stay with them.  The result was that their eyes were opened and they received revelation and sustenance.