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My Prayer For You

Monday, May 31st, 2021

I kneel humbly in awe before the Father of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah, The Perfect Father of every father and child in Heaven and on the earth. And I pray that HE would unveil within you the unlimited riches of HIS glory and favor until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with HIS Divine might and explosive power.

Then, by constantly using your faith, the Life of Christ will be released deep inside you, and the resting place of His Love will become the very source and root of your life.

Then you will be empowered to discover what every Holy one experiences—the great magnitude of the astonishing Love of Christ in all Its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far-reaching is His Love! How enduring and inclusive It is! Endless Love beyond measurement that transcends our understanding—this extravagant Love pours into you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God!

In Jesus’ Name,


Provoked To Jealousy

Monday, May 31st, 2021

The Sons of GOD are meant to be distribution centers for the rest of the world and we are should become advertisements because of being blessed with favor by FATHER.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 10:

12 So then faith eliminates the distinction between Jew and non-Jew, for HE is the same Lord for all people. And HE has enough treasures to lavish generously upon all who call on HIM. 13 And it’s true:

“Everyone who calls on the Lord’s Name

    will experience new life.”

14 But how can people call on HIM for help if they’ve not yet believed? And how can they believe in one they’ve not yet heard of? And how can they hear the message of life if there is no one there to proclaim it? 15 And how can the message be proclaimed if messengers have yet to be sent? That’s why the Scriptures say:

How welcome is the arrival

    of those proclaiming the joyful news of peace

    and of good things to come!

16 But not everyone welcomes the Good News, as Isaiah said:

Lord, is there anyone who hears

    and believes our message?

17 Faith, then, is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One.

18 Can it be that Israel hasn’t heard the message? No, they have heard it, for:

The Voice has been heard throughout the world,

    and Its message has gone to the ends of the earth!

19 So again I ask, didn’t Israel already understand that God’s message was for others as well as for themselves? Yes, they certainly did understand, for Moses was the first to state it:

“I will make you jealous of a people who are ‘nobodies.’

    And I will use people with no understanding

    to provoke you to anger.”

20 And Isaiah the fearless prophet dared to declare:

“Those who found ME weren’t even seeking ME.

    I manifested MYSELF before those

    who weren’t even asking to know ME!”

21 Yet regarding Israel Isaiah says:

With Love I have held out MY Hands day after day,

    offering MYSELF to this unbelieving

    and stubborn people!”

When FATHER lavishes HIS Love on us, shouldn’t the rest of the world see the manifestation thus drawing them to ask about our relationship with HIM?  Every person has an empty place in his or her heart that can only be filled by The Holy Spirit.   Men try sex, drugs, power, money, and other temporary pleasures attempting to fill that void.  However, none of those alternatives work.

As we come into full intimacy with FATHER, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit, we should expect to see and experience fruitfulness which in turn will cause men to inquire.  I wish I could tell you the timing of such intimacy but depends on the individual and circumstances.  My goal is to point you in the right direction and bypass the distractions which would take you off the right path.

Of any major group of people, the Jews should be provoked to jealousy.  Currently, I don’t see a notable state of jealousy among the Jewish people toward the called out ones.  When we see this change, we can be sure that our level of intimacy has reached full maturity and the rest of the earth will see it.

Aligning With FATHER

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

The Sons of GOD are meant to be distribution centers for the rest of the world.

Angels enforce a blessing whereas demons enforce a curse.  We only have to look at our own fruit to determine where the enemy has a stronghold due to our lack of revelation.

Jesus spoke in John 16:

13 But when the Truth-giving Spirit comes, He will unveil the reality of every Truth (reality) within you. He won’t speak on His own, but only what He hears from the Father, and He will reveal prophetically to you what is to come.

The adversary and his minions want believers to resist being led by The Holy Spirit.  Why?  As believers are led by The Holy Spirit, the kingdom of darkness will diminish to the point of being totally gone from this earth.

Why did I post my friend Steve’s lengthy writing?  It was so that you would be able to see the means and methods used by the adversary to promote the kingdom of darkness.  We are meant to know and recognize his devices and not allow ourselves to be unknowingly used of the devil.  If you vote for someone who promotes abortion, you have succumbed to the adversary’s agenda.  FATHER is pro-life.

FATHER is revealing the detailed need to be aligned with HIM during this final Move.  We must walk in Agape Love and this is why FATHER has had me write to you with such frequency over the last 15 years.  I needed this revelation more than you all. 

I had the revelation of faith born out of the 1970’s and worked it as I was taught by the faith teachers.  However, the revelation of Agape Love was what most of them lacked as they were exploiting the poor to some degree.  Some of them were exposed for their lavish lifestyles which only served to empower the enemy of Christ.  There was definitely a thread of selfishness during that time and in some cases it still exists.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1st Corinthians chapter 6:

17 But the one who joins himself to the Lord is mingled into One Spirit with Him.

And in 1st Corinthians 2:

10 But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit. Yes, He has revealed to us HIS inmost Heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, Who constantly explores all things. 11 After all, who can really see into a person’s heart and know his hidden impulses except for that person’s spirit? So it is with God. His thoughts and secrets are only fully understood by His Spirit, the Spirit of God.

Paul reveals the necessity for the called out ones to be fully submitted to The Holy Spirit.  FATHER will reveal HIS deep thoughts and mysteries to those of us who are walking in Agape Love and being led by The Holy Spirit.  A trustworthy Son or Daughter is fully submitted to Agape Love which is at the center of FATHER’S Heart.

Those walking in this manner create zero resistance to their callings as written in their books in Heaven.  This allows the angels to be fully activated on their behalf.  When you are outside of FATHER’S Will, the angels cannot proceed forward.  As

Psalm 103 states:

20 So bless the Lord, all HIS Angels (HIS messengers of power),

    for you are his mighty heroes who listen intently

    to the voice of HIS Word to do it.

The Holy Spirit recorded in Psalm 18:

1 I Love YOU, Yahweh, and I’m bonded to YOU,

    my strength!

2 Yahweh, YOU’RE the Bedrock beneath my feet,

    my faith-fortress, My wonderful Deliverer,

    My God, My Rock of rescue where none can reach me.

    YOU’RE the shield around me,

    the mighty power that saves me,

    and my high place.

3 All I need to do is to call on YOU,

    Yahweh, the praiseworthy God.

    When I do, I’m safe and sound in YOU—

    delivered from my foes!

FATHER is worthy of trust and as we become bonded with HIM, we too become worthy of trust and HE becomes our Protector in all circumstances.  HE provides us with the necessary resources required for our individual callings.  In fact, we move into abundance beyond our expectations as The Holy Spirit revealed through Paul in Ephesians 3:

20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Why would any of us pursue another path?

Be On The Right Side

Saturday, May 29th, 2021

The Sons of GOD are meant to be distribution centers for the rest of the world.

It is time to let GOD dictate everything and HIS ways are not your lower ways.  The earth and its fullness are HIS and no one else can lay claim to the resources.  HE has first right to all resources thus everyone who has resources is simply a temporary steward until HE has need of those resources.

We must no longer limit HIM in our life… including our health and finances.  The rich young ruler could not get the revelation and went away saddened.  In these last days, each one of us will be tested to verify the state of our heart.  FATHER wants to be a part of our finances as well as our health.

If the world can prosper by stealing, killing, and destroying, then even more so, the Sons should be able to prosper by doing the Will of GOD.  Our mindset must change!  We must expect FATHER to intervene on our behalf in the days ahead for those with pure hearts thus pure motives.

It is written by The Holy Spirit in Psalm chapter 17:

1  Listen to me, Lord.

    Hear the passionate prayer of this honest man.

    My cause is just and my need is real.

    I’ve done what’s right and my lips speak truth.

2 Examine and exonerate me.

    Vindicate me and show the world I’m innocent.

3 For in a visitation of the night

    you inspected my heart and refined my soul in fire

    until nothing vile was found in me.

    I will not sin with my words.

If your fruit is examined today, what will be the assessment by FATHER?  Will HE see a reluctance on your part to walk fully according to HIS SPIRIT?

Many believers are alright with GOD prospering the Israelites in the Old Testament but seem to have a problem with FATHER prospering us in the New Testament even though we have a better Covenant.  As for me and my family, we expect FATHER to supply all our need and prosper us no matter what the economy is doing.  HE and I have a multi-decade track record of this revelation as a result of my willingness to believe HIM in this area. 

Am I supposed to be the exception?  No, I am simply another example of HIS willingness to minister life and blessing to HIS Children.  My desire is have a pure heart that can be examined where nothing vile is found within me.  I reject all thoughts that conflict with The Word and the leading of The Holy Spirit thus I will not allow the adversary any place in my life.  I must be tenacious and will confront the adversary as necessary to show my commitment to FATHER in all areas.  There can be no “sacred cows” to exploit.

Wisdom recorded in Proverbs chapter 1:

2 Within these sayings will be found the revelation of Wisdom

    and the impartation of Spiritual understanding.

    Use them as keys to unlock the treasures of true knowledge.

If I am called to be a treasurer on behalf of the Kingdom, which treasure do I focus on- Heavenly or earthly?  The answer is “both”, but primarily the Spiritual.  Every thought and action must be based on Agape Love else greed and hoarding will enter in.

In Psalm 25, it is written by The Holy Spirit:

11 For the honor of Your Name, Yahweh,

    never count my many sins, and forgive them all—

    lift their burden off of my life!

12 Who are they that live in the Holy fear of Yahweh?

    You will show them the right path to take.

13 Then prosperity and favor will be their portion,

    and their descendants will inherit the earth.

Those who are fully committed to walk Holy before FATHER will be blessed with prosperity and favor.  That Truth has not changed or been revoked and it still applies to us today.  Why are most not walking in it?  Their mindset is the issue, not FATHER or HIS commitment to HIS Word.

Proverbs 23:

15 My Beloved child, when your heart is full of Wisdom,

    My Heart is full of gladness.

16 And when you speak anointed words,

    We are speaking Mouth to mouth!

17 Don’t allow the actions of evil men

    to cause you to burn with anger.

    Instead, burn with unrelenting passion

    as you worship God in Holy Awe.

18 Your future is bright and filled with a living hope

    that will never fade away.

19 As you listen to Me, My Beloved child,

    you will grow in Wisdom and your heart

    will be drawn into understanding,

    which will empower you to make right decisions.

The Holy Spirit is called Wisdom in Proverbs and the Psalms.  When I am full of The Holy Spirit, my mouth is joined to FATHER’S Mouth and HE is pleased and full of gladness.  What a blessing!

The Holy Spirit recorded in Psalm 23:

6 So why would I fear the future?

    Only goodness and tender Love pursue me all the days of my life.

    Then afterward, when my life is through,

    I’ll return to Your Glorious Presence to be forever with You!

The world wants us to fear the future by orchestrating a pandemic.  Consider the means by which the past 18 months have changed people’s perspectives.  Fear, uncertainty, and doubt have defined most people’s mindsets.  This is the way the world manipulates the population to promote their agenda.  It is a direct attempt to thwart the Move of Our Heavenly Father which is now in progress.

The Holy Spirit recorded through Jeremiah, chapter 29:

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Who are you going to listen to and respond to in your daily life?

The Holy Spirit also recorded in Psalm 139:

5 You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,

    and in kindness You follow behind me

    to spare me from the harm of my past.

    You have laid Your Hand on me! (impart a blessing)

Impart means to give, grant or communicate; to bestow on another a share or portion of something.  We should expect an impartation from FATHER and not allow fear, uncertainty, or doubt to enter in and steal the impartation meant for us individually.  It is time for each of us to stand firm in the midst of the battle.

There is plenty of money to fund the Gospel for this end-time Move.  It has simply been in the wrong hands.  Egypt found this out when the Exodus occurred.  There will be those who join me in the expectation of a righteous transfer of wealth to fund the Gospel and distribute to those in need as FATHER directs.  Others will simply be observers.  Be assured, there will be a division among the “virgins”, sheep and goats, and the wheat versus the tares.  You don’t want to be on the wrong side of Jesus when this occurs.

The Adversary’s Strategies: Final

Friday, May 28th, 2021

My friend Steve completes the paper with the following:

Seeing – The Ripening Fruit and Harvest

“My congregated people, attendants, and troops are dumb, silent, and cut off. They cease and are destroyed for their knowledge is worn out, failing and coming to nothing. When you spurn or abhor knowledge until it disappears, and spurn or abhor being My priests, and for want of attention put in a place to be forgotten the precepts, statutes, and laws of the Elohim, I will put in a place to be forgotten and not give attention to your sons who are the builders of your family name.” (Hosea 4:6)

None of us knew what was happening to us in the 1960s. We were literally like sheep being led to the slaughter. We could sense that something life-changing was taking place, but we couldn’t comprehend what it was. It was like standing in front of a redwood seedling that had just been planted. Even though your eyes never leave it, you still never see it grow. You just wake up one morning and there it is – towering over you.

That’s what the spiritual strategies, events, and defenses were setting in place in the 1960s. They were methodically shaping the never-before-seen world that we were about to enter. And though they were invisible to us then, they would soon engulf us to mark and dominate our time. But none of this caught Jesus off-guard. Instead, it was the world that we were chosen to be born into and appointed to rule WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

And so, the die was cast. As a friend so aptly pointed out, “the days of Father Knows Best was being left behind in favor of Archie Bunker.” This misfit of a father would take center stage during the ’70s, with Homer Simpson following in the ’80s. Then in the ’90s, the fruit of the seeds that were planted in the ‘60s began presenting itself for harvest.

In 1998, the animated series Family Guy with its warped Griffin family captured the attention of America’s television viewing audience. This award-winning show that is now in its third decade, took its place among the other indoctrinating programs. Like the others, it has dutifully fed America’s children and youth with a steady diet of what Astarte’s new norms look like.

But Family Guy is unique from the others in that it encapsulates in a single show the totality of Astarte’s vision. It leaves nothing to the imagination.

The destination of her schemes along with the effects of her AI strategy are on full display. Every storyline screams out her message and ridicule. Even the names and roles of its characters paint a vivid picture of not only what Astarte thinks about God’s Man but also what her intentions are toward him.

It is appropriate, then, that we take some time to unpack this further as Jesus continues to lure Astarte and her cohorts into His theater of Light.

Family Guy is a grotesque parody of the family that bludgeons the American culture in the name of comedy. Its main characters include:

Peter The father

Lois The mother

Meg The oldest child and daughter

Chris The oldest son

Stewie The youngest child and son

Brian The family’s pet dog

Griffin The family’s last name

Peter is the father. His name means “stone or rock.” He is portrayed as an obese, unintelligent, lazy, immature, and eccentric alcoholic who can’t keep a job. Thus, the chief protector of the family is as dumb as a rock. Beyond this natural characterization, there is also a spiritual connotation. Through this character’s name and the way he is portrayed, Astarte is openly mocking Jesus and His ekklésia (“ones called out from and to Him”) that He said He was going to build on the rock of His Father’s revelation:

“But now, to build on this idea, I also say to you, laying the argument to rest, that you are Peter and upon this huge mass of connected rock I will build the house of the assembly and congregation of My called out ones, and the gates of the fortress of the invisible realm where the dead reside will not overpower it.” (Matthew 16:18)

Lois is the mother. Her name means, “more desirable and better.” She is a housewife and piano teacher who is from a wealthy family. She’s portrayed as being intellectually, emotionally, and financially superior to her husband. She’s also highly flirtatious and promiscuous having slept with several characters in the show, including seducing her daughter’s boyfriend. Lois is how Astarte sees herself – better and more desirable than her husband  (Baal/Satan) – and yet unfettered by the obligations of fidelity so she can pursue her conquests of other men. Although Astarte fancies herself as being more sophisticated and refined, she still cannot hide from the fact that she is The Harlot.

Meg is the daughter and oldest child. Her name means, “pearl.” She is desperate to fit in and longs to be accepted. However, she is unattractive, insecure, and bullied. At home, she is ignored by her brothers while being emotionally and verbally abused by her parents, especially her father.

Everything about this character is a contemptuous mockery of the “pearl” of the Kingdom and the Man (merchant) who sold all that he had to buy it.

“Again, the Kingdom of the Heavens is similar to a man, a merchant who seeks and investigates by inquiry to reach a binding resolution to trade beautiful pearls that are good, and that inspire others to embrace what is lovely.

“And finding one precious and very costly pearl, he sells each and every part of the totality of what he has and goes off to the marketplace to buy it.” (Matthew 13: 45, 46)

Chris is the oldest son. His name means, “he who bears or carries Christ.” He’s a younger version of his useless, fat, and unintelligent father. And like his father, he portrays Astarte’s attitude and a sneering contempt for the son who would dare to bear, carry or claim the Name of Christ.

The breakout character of the show is Stewie. He’s the diabolical, violent, and murderous one-year-old son who, again, sees himself as being superior to his father. He is the ruler of the house. The writers purposely portray him as sexually ambiguous while also being highly promiscuous. He’s obsessed with world domination and killing his mother. Everything about Stewie is perverse. His name is a cool version of the name Stewart, which means, “household guardian.” This parallels the meaning of the name, America (“ruler of the home; guardian of the estate”). So, Stewie portrays Astarte’s vision for America – diabolical, violent, and murderous. Just like her.

Brian is the family’s dog. His name means, “high, noble.” He is portrayed with human faculties – he speaks articulately, is being educated at Brown University, walks upright, drinks martinis, smokes cigarettes and marijuana, and is considered the most intelligent and grounded member of the family. He is constantly correcting Peter’s crazy ideas. And even though he and Stewie are constantly fighting, they consider each other their best friend.

Finally, there’s the family’s name – Griffin. This name is of Assyrian origin. It is associated with the mythical creature, the gryphon (Griffin). In England, Griffin was a nickname for a “fierce and dangerous person.” In Germany, the name was based on the word Grifan, which meant to “snatch or seize.” This name was given to a child whom the parents thought would be a fierce warrior.

In Wales, the name came from Gruffudd, a combination of Gruff, which meant, “dragon” and udd, which meant, “lord” – “Dragon Lord.”

So, no matter how you approach the name Griffin, for centuries it has been associated with fierce, violent, and dangerous people; and mystical, spiritual warfare with the Dragon Lord.

If this isn’t fascinating enough, the 3 elements of the show creator’s name – Seth McFarland – carry powerful spiritual connotations and pedigree, as well. Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. He was the son who took the place and carried the legacy of the righteous son, Abel, who was slain by his older brother, Cain. Seth means, “Placed, Appointed.”

Mc means, “Son.”  Farland comes from an old Gaelic name, “Parthalan.” This was an early form of the Hebrew name “Bartholomew” who was one of Jesus’ original 12 apostles. Bartholomew means, “Son of Talmai.” And, Talmai means, “plowman, abounding in furrows.”

And so, through the story of his name, Seth McFarland is a son of apostolic heritage who has been appointed as a plowman to plow an abundance of furrows. For now, he is being exploited by Astarte. She is using him and his authority to “plow an abundance of furrows” into which she can sow the seeds of her perverse ideas and strategies through Family Guy.

But Seth is also one of the 7.65 Billion people on the planet today who are members of the Elohim Class. He, like each of them, can turn on Astarte in a millisecond and then do to her what Jezebel’s servants did to her and what Jesus did to the Gerasene demoniac. (2 Kings 9:30 – 37; Mark 5:1 – 13)

And then there’s Fox. The smart and cunning creature – like the serpent – that is the namesake of the station that airs The Simpsons and Family Guy.

You can’t make this stuff up.

So, the family is the target. There in plain sight, blatantly displayed and articulated in precise detail is Astarte’s idea of what life looks like in a world ruled by her. A world where the unprotected and least capable in life is vested with the greatest authority, and where even the family pet is considered superior to and nobler than God’s Man.

However, as perverse and ruthless as this world is, it cannot exist on its own. Astarte must have Man’s permission and agreement to use his authority before she can implement her strategies and inverted authority structure:

The Child – Stewie: Guardian of the house


The Mother – Lois: The better, more desirable one


The Father – Peter: Dumber than a rock

“For, indeed, what is there that can be hidden and kept inwardly secret except to make it visible and clear? Or what secret hidden thing can come into being or happen except that it first comes into the light to become visible and manifested?

“For as much as a certain one – anyone – has and possesses ears to listen and hear, then listen, attend to and comprehend what is heard.” (Mark 4:22, 23)

The game.

Seeing – The End

As there was a beginning to the antics of the 1960s, so there will be an end. That’s the nature of all things material. The same thing will happen with Astarte and her rule over Satan’s realm. That’s the nature of his kingdom.

Her rule will end just as it did for the 11 other Archés before her. Like them, she is filled with corruption. All she is, all she does and all she will ever conceive, or devise can only decay. So, whatever she does will disintegrate leaving her and Satan’s realm with nothing but dust – the very substance of the earth that Satan sought to rule. And, as it has been for each of his 12, so it will be for Satan himself. As YHVH described to Ezekiel with tears flowing, His majestic Covering Cherub will “become nothing; a non-entity as far as and even unto futurity, the vanishing point of time.” (Ezekiel 28:19)

This is the fate that awaits Astarte and her schemes. And the instrument of her destruction, and that of her master’s kingdom, will come at the hands of the very ones who have served her:

“And when Jezebel heard that Jehu (YHVH is He) had come to Jezreel (God will Sow), she put paint on her eyes and shook her head to be pleasing as she leaned out to look from behind the window.

“And as (YHVH is He) came through the gate, she said, ‘Shalom, Zimri, peace be with you. Have you come to kill your sovereign lord?’

“And he lifted his face toward the window and said, ‘Who is WITH me?’ And two or three eunuchs leaned out to look towards him.

“And he said to them, ‘Throw her down!’ So, they flung her down. And her blood spurted and sprinkled in atonement toward the wall and toward the leaping horses that abusively trampled her.

“And when he had come in to eat and drink, he said, ‘Go now, I pray, and attend to this cursed one and bury her for she was a king’s daughter.’

“So, they went to bury her but could not find her, except lo! for her skull and feet and the palms of her hands.

“They, therefore, turned back and returned, and boldly announced to him, saying, ‘This is the word of YHVH that He spoke by the hand of His servant, Elisha (YHVH is God) the Tishbite (recourse/remedy), saying, “In the territory of Jezreel (where God will Sow), the dogs shall eat the flesh of Jezebel.”’

“’ “And the corpse of Jezebel will be as dung and manure upon, above and over the field and land of the territory (where God will Sow), so that they will not say of her, ‘This is Jezebel.’”’” (2 Kings 9:30 – 37: WITH capitalized for emphasis. Parentheses added to reflect the meaning of the names)

The 1960s.

The Adversary’s Strategies: Part 12

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

My friend Steve continued with the following:

Seeing – The Intolerable Risk

Intolerable thoughts lead to intolerable decisions, which lead to intolerable actions, which lead to intolerable risk.  From the vantage point of the kingdom of darkness:

• The intolerable thought is that God speaks to His Man who listens to Him.

• The intolerable decision is that God’s Man chooses to start “living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)

• The intolerable action is that God’s Man does what Jesus says to do WITH Him. (John 15: 4, 5)

• The intolerable risk is that we discover who we are and what we have been designed to do from the beginning. We are members of the ruling Elohim Class. We have been created to rule God’s creation WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

The intolerable risk to Satan and his kingdom is that we start ruling WITH Jesus in every aspect of life and business.

“As in heaven so also in the earth.” (Matthew 6:10)

When the truth and reality of the Elohim Class are hidden, the role and purpose of the Elohim are hidden. When the role and purpose of the Elohim are hidden, the role and purpose of God’s Man are hidden.

So, there is a strategic imperative within Satan’s kingdom to keep hidden from Man the truth of the Elohim Class and his membership in it. This is why Satan’s realm has relegated Man to the Animal Class. It wants to keep us buried in the illusion of depravity and irrelevance.

This is also why it has worked so hard to distort Man’s idea of God and who we are IN and WITH Him. And though these distortions are patently false, they are still awarded standing and openly promoted by Christian orthodoxy and the various Bible translations that support it. This all works together to advance the delusion that Man’s innate depravity renders him useless to God.  He is an irrelevant animal that by his nature is hostile to God and thus worthy of His wrath.

But once Jesus pulls back the veil to show us who we are IN Him – that we are members of the Elohim Class who have been created and designed to live and rule WITH Him – the game changes. And Satan knows it. The game changes because Satan and his realm know better than we do that:

• Theirs is an Angelic Class realm.

• They only possess ministering authority.

• They must minister to the needs and interests of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm, including ours.

That’s why Satan had to receive permission to attack Job or to tempt Jesus in the wilderness or to sift Peter. Even Satan’s henchman, Pilot, had to first receive authority from Heaven before he could sentence Jesus to the Cross.

So, Satan is a Ministering Class Being. He cannot escape the reality that everything he and his realm does must minister to the end purposes and objectives of God’s Plan – even for those who are currently his slaves who have been relegated to sub-angelic status. (Hebrews 2:7)

Jesus’ genius is an amazing thing to watch. He has played a masterful game of multidimensional chess with Satan by using this depraved Man to put him in check. On the one hand, Satan needs Man’s Elohim authority to not only rule but to compete with Jesus’ all authority. On the other hand, to release Man’s Elohim authority in the measure needed to compete with Jesus, Satan must first disclose it to Man, who can then turn it against him without notice or warning. Either way, he puts himself in jeopardy and risks losing it all.

Your move, Satan.

The intolerable risk.

Seeing – The Two Kingdoms

“Are you not aware or do you not perceive, or do you not see with your physical eyes into the spiritual realm that the voice you submit to in obedience is the one to whom you present yourself as a slave? You are slaves to the voice you listen to and obey when acting under the authority of the one speaking. . .” (Romans 6:16a)

The Kingdom of God begins and ends with God speaking. Where and when Jesus speaks, His Kingdom is present along with every resource needed to engage successful warfare. Where He doesn’t speak, His Kingdom is absent, and so are His resources.

When Jesus took on the devil in the wilderness temptation, He set the framework for how the engagement between them was going to be played out right from the beginning:

“It has been committed to writing and inscribed that it is not fitting that the man shall live solely upon bread alone but upon each and every part of the totality of every spoken word that comes out from the mouth of God, and the effect and influence it has on the man.” (Matthew 4:4)

As it was with Jesus in the wilderness with the devil, so it is WITH Him now with Astarte and her forces. Jesus speaks, we listen and then do WITH Him. This is what unlocks the Kingdom of God in the earth along with its resources to successfully engage the conflict.

The same thing happens with Satan’s kingdom. When he speaks, his kingdom is present and functioning. The difference is that he cannot enter into the physical earth without the allegiance of a physical being. That’s why he needed the serpent in the Garden and why Astarte needs us today.

What activates Satan’s kingdom in the earth is when God’s Man speaks, decides, and acts independently from Jesus. The moment that happens, the kingdom of darkness is released into the earth through and under the ruling authority of Man.

The difference between God and Satan, however, is that God can initiate, accomplish and stop while Satan can only start and resist. This is a simple but profound distinction. So, Satan can devise and start a scheme, and he can resist what God has initiated, but he cannot finish what he has started or resist what Jesus has initiated without first securing control of Man’s authority to rule.

But Jesus isn’t bound by these limitations; He possesses all authority. So, when He asks us to do something WITH Him, it will happen.

“The heavens, and the physical earth that operates in time and space, will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” (Mark 13:31)

Since Jesus only speaks what His Father has first spoken to Him, His words never pass away. They are truth. There is nothing in them that will cause them to decay or disintegrate. He initiates, accomplishes, and stops but cannot be stopped. It is for this same reason that James tells us:

“Therefore, by extension, subdue and subject all things under the arrangement of God. Then, take your stand and establish your position against the slanderous one, the devil and false accuser who seeks to condemn and sever relationship, and he will flee taking flight seeking safety to escape from you.” (James 4:7)

The Adversary’s Strategies: Part 11

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

This particular part reveals why we are highly focused on the children…

My friend Steve continued with the following:

Seeing – Why the Separation of God from Children

The extermination and exploitation of children have always been a prime component of everything Satan has done on the earth beginning with Cain.  He continued it by persuading parents in succeeding generations to sacrifice their children to grotesque false deities that lusted after the blood of innocent children. Even Israel got caught up in this hideous practice, which YHVH sternly warned them not to do:

“And you shall not give any of your offspring or posterity to transition or cross over to Molek, the chief deity of the Ammonites. And you shall not pierce, wound, or profane My Name, Honor, Authority or Character; for I am YHVH of the Elohim.” (Leviticus 18:21)

So, it’s not a new thing for parents to somehow be convinced that it’s a good idea to give their children over to the spiritual forces of darkness. In past ages, parents threw their children into the fire of heathen gods. Today, they are giving their children over to Astarte, and they don’t even know they are doing it.

When Astarte devised her scheme in the 1960s to separate God from children, it was to exploit the younger, more naïve generations to do her work. But, since God released the Seventh Angel to Sound in June of 1982, there has been a change of priorities in the kingdom of darkness.

Children have now become an essential resource to supply it with what it sorely lacks – sustainability. As adult humans provide Satan’s realm with the authority to rule, the children of humans provide him with time. Here’s why this has now

become such an important commodity to his kingdom:

When Satan made his move on the earthly dimension to establish his claim of co-sovereignty, he still had access to the spiritual dimension of eternal time. This eased the crippling effect that corruption would otherwise have on his schemes. When a scheme would eventually disintegrate and collapse, he would simply devise another to replace it.

When God released the Seventh Angel to Sound, it closed the previous Phase while ushering in the current Phase of God’s Plan – The Transfer. A tactical component of this Phase was the commissioning of Michael, the Archangel, to cleanse the heavens of the stain inflicted upon it by Satan. This restored the heavens to their original state paving the way for the same to be done on the earth.

Michael cast Satan and his cohorts out of the heavens and to the earth. This radically altered Satan’s position and capabilities by locking him out of eternal time and binding him in material time (“little time”). It also stripped him of spiritual resources. He and his realm were now limited to only using corruption-laden material resources to do their work. Though he sought to control the earth, the earth was now controlling him. He and his realm were now subjected to the same constraints that material time and decaying resources had imposed on Man.

His schemes that could be sustained for centuries before the Sounding were now collapsing under the weight of their own corruption in a generation.  To combat this, Satan looked to the only remaining resource that he had at his disposal – children. So, he set his sights on securing control of the children and youth of each succeeding generation to supply him with the capability he needed to sustain his schemes.

But, to get to the children, Satan had to first separate them from their parents. And to get the parents to agree to separate from their children – to offer them in the fire of Astarte’s schemes – he had to first separate them from God. This was a daunting challenge, but Satan had done it before with the antediluvian cultures of the past. And this time he had the advantage of Astarte’s Authority Inversion

Strategy (AI) already being in place, which gave him everything he needed

to obtain his permission.

To get to us in any capacity, the spirits of darkness must do the same thing every time – they must separate us from God. They do this by getting us to shift our attention away from the simplicity of what we’ve heard Him say to reason about what we think He means – without asking Him.

The objective of the shift is to get us to start listening to the voice that is speaking in the present (theirs) while debating about what the voice in the past meant (God’s). This does three subtle but strategically important things:

1. It puts God’s Voice in the past where we no longer live.

2. It puts the intruder’s voice in the present where we only live.

3. It gets us to rationalize what God has said (in the past) through a reasoning process that has now been reshaped by the voice we are listening to in the present.

As our rationale forms, the influencing spirit incrementally reshapes what we have heard and know about God into its own image. Soon, we begin to see God and what He has said (in the past) through the lens of the intruding spirit’s nature and character (image). The intruder’s voice then begins to replace God’s Voice, so that when it speaks, we think it is God. Its lies then become our truth. The reshaping is done. We begin to look like and act like the intruding spirit while believing we are worshipping and serving God. The kingdom of darkness has become our master and we have become its slaves – and we don’t even know it has happened.

This is how the spirits of darkness separate us from God and convince us to give our children to Astarte.

Of course, none of us would consciously listen to or follow a perverse spirit if we knew who it was. So, they disguise themselves by operating through someone or something we will accept.

In Eve’s case, she heard YHVH’s command to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. She was also aware of the serpent’s reputation of being the shrewdest and most sensible of all the creatures of the field that YHVH had made to serve her. So, when the serpent approached her, she was open to what he had to say. In fact, there is no indication that Eve was even remotely surprised by the serpent speaking to her. Quite the contrary, she gave every indication that it was normal for him to be speaking. But then the serpent asked, “Has God said?”

Once the question was asked, the game was afoot. It shifted her attention away from the clarity of what she had heard to reasoning about what YHVH had meant. This shifted her focus away from YVHV’s Voice to what the new voice was saying. Once the spirit knew that the shift had occurred, it used its voice to contradict what YHVH had said. It then started reshaping YVHV’s Nature and Character into its own image – a self-serving liar.

From an on-looker’s perspective, one might conclude that once the serpent contradicted what YHVH said that that would be the end of it. But for Eve, she was already sucked into what for her was a harmless conversation with a creature she trusted.

It never entered her mind that the serpent wasn’t there to serve her. But the sad reality was that it was only there to serve its own interests by baiting her into reasoning on her own apart from YHVH. If she would take the bait, it would put His Voice in the past where she no longer lived while leaving her alone with the only voice she was now listening to – the deceiver. So, what she thought was harmless wasn’t harmless at all. It was the first step to getting her to separate herself from YHVH’s present Voice. It wasn’t long before she started acting under the authority of the one who was now speaking to her in the present. She ate and, at that moment, she became Satan’s slave and agent.

As Satan did to Eve through someone she trusted – the sensible and wise serpent – so he does to us today through something we believe in – rights. When we take a step back to observe the broader landscape of how this whole process is played out, some irony begins to emerge. Satan and his cohorts think they are pulling a fast one on God and His Man when in reality YHVH is the One who set the entire thing up.

Think about it:

• Who created and built the Garden?

• Who created the Covering Cherub (Satan) with his attributes,

characteristics, and tendencies?

• Who created Man with his attributes, characteristics, and tendencies?

• Who created the serpent with his attributes, characteristics, and


• Who put the forbidden Tree in the middle of the Garden?

• Who set the conditions for eating the forbidden fruit?

• Who said, “In the day you eat – not if you eat – you will surely die?”

• Who allowed Satan into the Garden, to begin with?

• Who allowed the transaction between Satan and the serpent to not

only happen but to stand?

• Who allowed the serpent to approach Eve when she was alone? (“It is

not good for man to be alone.”)

• Who allowed Eve to then be used as Satan’s new agent to approach


You get the idea.

YHVH was way ahead of the curve. He set the whole thing up as part of His creative process to create IN His Man His Likeness – Nature and Character – through the struggles and conflicts His Man would face in life WITH Him. So, when the time and conditions were right, YHVH lured the intruder into His Theater of Light (the Garden) to duke it out with His Man. As the two engaged in conflict, YHVH was there WITH His Man creating IN him His Father’s Nature and Character. And, as this was being formed IN His Man, His Man was learning how to rule WITH Him.

“But the spiritual one is not the beginning or first in time, place, order and importance, but the natural one of the soul and mind; only then the spiritual one.” (I Corinthians 15: 46)

Time and again, the powers of darkness fall into this same trap. They think they are successfully opposing God when in reality Jesus is using them to advance His Plan. And the centerpiece of His Plan is to create IN us His Likeness, so we can rule WITH Him in the fullness of His Nature and Character.

Jesus uses the spirits of darkness – who are angels – in His creative process because that is what they were created to do. They are Ministering Class Beings. So, it doesn’t matter if they perform their ministry in cooperation WITH Him or opposition to Him. Jesus, who is the highest-ranking member of the Order of Man and Lord Most High of the Elohim, uses the spirits of darkness according to the purpose for which they were created.

So, too, it is with Astarte and her declaration that God is to be separated from the instruction of children.

In Astarte’s mind, she devised her plan to set these children apart for her purposes. Thus, they were to be trained to do her bidding in her image and likeness. And this certainly appears to be happening among many young people today.

But Jesus is way ahead of her.

What Astarte cannot comprehend and refuses to acknowledge (because she has no wisdom) is that everything she plans and everything she does works in the service of God’s Plan. That’s what she was designed to do, so that is what she will accomplish. Her intent does not matter. The only thing that matters is the role and service she was created to perform and the results she was destined to contribute.

As it relates to children, a tactical component of God’s Plan has always been to set apart certain ones from every generation to perform His Work in their time. So, when Astarte devised her plan to separate children from God, she thought she was robbing Jesus of His posterity. But the reality was that she was contributing to God’s Plan by separating several generations of young people from the religious apparatus of the world called the church. The Christian Church has been telling us this for decades as it has lamented for over 50 years that it is losing “the younger generation.” But it is not losing them, they are being separated from them. The strategic reason is so they won’t be encumbered with the pollution that the church teaches about God, His Kingdom, and His Plan. Instead, when the time and conditions are right,

Jesus will call, and they will answer in massive numbers to the Voice of the One Who is calling them. At that moment, they will act under the authority of Jesus’ present Voice as He Transfers them from the kingdom that once enslaved them to the Kingdom that will liberate them. They will then take their place WITH Jesus to rule in the fullness of His Nature and Character. (Revelation 11:15)

“Indeed, we speak wisdom clearly and with skill within the realm of the mature who have gone through the necessary stages to reach the end goal. But wisdom and clarity not of this age or of the preeminent ruler of this age who commands authority over the people and who is being abolished and rendered inoperable.

“We speak God’s clear and skillful wisdom in a mystery to hide and conceal that which God predetermined and foreordained before the ages for praise, honor, and glory.

“A wisdom that not one of the preeminent rulers of this age has come to know, recognize or perceive by personal experience. For, if they had known, recognized or perceived it by personal experience, they would never have crucified the Lord of praise, honor, and glory.” (1 Corinthians 2: 6 – 8)

The children.

The Adversary’s Strategies: Part 10

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

My friend Steve continued with the following:

Seeing – Why Authority Inversion (AI)

Inverting God’s Authority Structure maximizes Astarte’s ability to rule through the Ruling Class Elohim female. By making the female superior it neutralizes the superseding authority of the Ruling Class Elohim male.

Jezebel’s name means, “chaste, devoted.”

This describes the role and ministering authority that YHVH deposited into Astarte’s name when He created it. Like Satan, this spirit belongs to the Angelic Class. In its original state, Astarte’s role was to minister to the needs of the Elohim Class in the spiritual realm by inspiring and promoting chastity and devotion to the Father, His Son (YHVH, Lord Most High of the Elohim), and His Kingdom.

Roles and authority, like gifts and callings, are irrevocable. They are integral to the design of the creature. The Animal must serve. The Angel must minister. The Man must rule. Every Living Being must fulfill the design and purpose for which it was created.

So, too, with Astarte.

This spirit’s role and authority remain intact – to inspire and promote chastity and devotion to the Father, His Son, and to His Kingdom. This is the role and ministering authority that it was given, so this is the role and ministering authority it must fulfill. The only difference now is that it fulfills its purpose through its service to Satan. Everything it does and everything it uses works to accomplish its reason for being created, including its use of the female Elohim.

Astarte can only inspire and promote, and it can only produce devotion.  It has no authority to rule, nor does it possess the power to enforce. To enforce it must attach itself to beings that possess the authority to rule and the power to enforce – the Elohim Class.

In the spiritual picture we see Astarte, the Queen of Heaven, attaching itself to Baal, the king of the gods, who knows how to secure the ruling authority of Man. In the natural picture, we see Jezebel, the Sidonese princess, attaching herself to Ahab, the King of Israel. In the 1960s, we see Astarte attaching itself to the Ruling Class Elohim Female and the ruling institutions of Man – government, law, business, education, entertainment, family, and the courts. Each of these ruling entities played a vital role in implementing and establishing Astarte’s strategies and defenses. They also ensured their continued enforcement.  While identifying with and primarily using the female best aligned with Astarte’s attributes, it also created a dilemma.

Under God’s Authority Structure the Elohim Female is under the authority of the Elohim Male. So, to move through the Ruling Class Authority of the Elohim Female to exercise and enforce its rule, Astarte would have to first obtain permission from the Elohim Male. This was an untenable obstacle that would make her rule cumbersome at best and hamstrung at worst.

Astarte’s solution was to take what she had done through Ahab’s Jezebel to the next level.

With Jezebel, Astarte usurped Ahab’s authority to rule Israel. With its new approach, Astarte wouldn’t merely usurp authority; it would convince Man to agree to invert or flip God’s Authority Structure. This would remove any encumbrance to its rule while making the female authority superior to the male. To understand the significance of this maneuver, we have to first understand how authority works in God’s Kingdom.

Under YHVH’s system, authority exists to bless and protect. It utilizes Divine power to mobilize Divine resources to achieve the Divine purpose for granting authority – to bless and protect.

The Spirit of Truth discloses the judicially approved means of administering God’s Authority to the one authorized to bless and protect. This is what enables YHVH’s hierarchical structure to produce unity and freedom instead of dominance and servitude. It functions in the simplicity and purity of the Father’s Nature and Character, so it fully expresses His Truth and Likeness.

With God’s authority comes His power and resources to effectively administer that authority. It is delegated in proper measure to the various Classes, Orders, and Ranks within His Kingdom based on the requirements of the Role.

The higher the Class, Order, and Rank, the greater the responsibility is to bless and protect in the fullness of the Father’s Nature and Character.

Jesus, who has been given the Highest Name, also possesses the greatest measure of authority (all). He uses this authority to fully bless and protect both in heaven and the earth. A simple illustration of God’s Authority Structure through which He

delegates His authority might look something like this:

The Father Greater Than All (The God)


Elohim Class Ruling Class


Jesus YHVH, Lord Most High Elohim

Man Male & Female = Heaven + Earth

Elders Heavenly Rule

Watchers Heaven’s Administration of Earth


Angelic Class Ministering Class


Cherub } Angelic Seraphim } Orders Arché } Etc. }


Animal Class Serving Class

God’s Authority Structure related to the Order of Man might look something

like this:

The Father Greater Than All (The God)


Jesus YHVH, Lord Most High Elohim


Man Elohim Male


Woman Elohim Female


Children Elohim Heirs


First-Born Male Carry-on Family Elohim Rule

Under God’s Authority Structure, the Father has given all authority to Jesus.

Jesus then delegates a measure of that authority to the Elohim Male who is

responsible for blessing and protecting his wife and family. Jesus also delegates a measure of authority to the Elohim Woman (Wife and Mother) to bless her husband and bless and protect their Elohim Children. The First- Born Male Child is then in line to carry on the Elohim Authority for and on behalf of the family.

Satan’s Angelic Class spiritual authority structure is very different. It would look something like this:

Cherub Satan (“god of this world”)


Arché Spirit: Ruling Order


Exousia Spirit: Authority Distribution


Kosmokratór Earth: Government Compliance


Pneumatikos Earth: Human Implementation

Ponéria (Spirits of Wickedness)


Akathartos Earth: Human Torment

Pneuma (Impure Spirits)

In Satan’s Angelic Class structure, the top 3 levels operate entirely in the spiritual realm. The bottom 3 levels work to directly influence human governments, institutions, and people in and through the world system.

When the natural order (earthly) beings are included, Satan’s structure looks

something like this:

Cherub Satan (“god of this world”)


Arché Spirit: Ruling Order


Exousia Spirit: Authority Distribution


Kosmokratór Earth: Government Compliance


Pneumatikos Earth: Human Implementation

Ponéria (Spirits of Wickedness)


Akathartos Earth: Human Torment

Pneuma (Impure Spirits)


Animal Class Serving Class


Man Slaves (“lower than the angels”)

Under the period of Astarte’s rule, Satan’s authority structure would look something like this:

Satan “god of this world”


Astarte Ruling Arché (“Jezebel”)


Angelic Orders Kingdom of Darkness


Animal Class Serving Class


Man Slaves (“lower than the angels”)

Specific to God’s Man, Astarte’s inverted authority structure would look

something like this:

Satan “god of this world”


Astarte Ruling Arché (“Jezebel”)


Children Highest Ranking Slave


Woman Highest Utilized Slave


Father Lowest Ranking Slave

Under Astarte’s inverted authority structure (AI), the one vested in God’s

structure with the least authority (the child) is delegated the greatest authority. The one vested in God’s structure with the greatest authority (the father) is delegated the least authority.

This structure minimizes or entirely neutralizes the blessing and protecting authority that God has vested in His male Elohim Man (husband/father). The Wife is positioned outside the Husband’s authority. The Child is positioned outside the authority of both the father and mother. Since the child has little or no ability or experience to exercise authority independent of its parents, the Elohim Woman becomes the highest utilized authority in the structure.

This inversion maximizes Astarte’s access to the Elohim Female’s Ruling Class Authority while minimizing any obstructive interference that may arise from the Elohim Male. This, by the way, is why Satan had his serpent approach Eve first while she was outside of Adam’s authoritative covering instead of approaching him directly.

While very clever, what’s so mind-boggling about this maneuver is that God’s Man – both male and female – must first agree to it before it can work. And we do. And once we do, Astarte has the unencumbered freedom to inspire and promote allegiance and devotion to its philosophies and agenda among the now unprotected – women and children.

19 Caves

Monday, May 24th, 2021

FYI: While meeting with a Chinese Protégé in Toronto during the mid-1990’s, I was made aware of the 19 caves in China where all their tangible wealth was stored. The overseers were called “the old men” reporting to “the old woman” . The locations of the caves are highly protected and one can only travel to and enter a cave by invitation.

By FATHER’S Divine Intent, I appeared in a dream of one of the old men who told his protégé of the dream and described the “white man” with a gift of value who would give him the gift. While in a 4 hour lunch, FATHER instructed me to give him a 1 oz. gold coin which I had carried in my wallet for two years, awaiting further instructions from FATHER.

Once I had given the coin to the protégé, I was confirmed as the man in the dream and had “legal right” to access the wealth in the future. This has yet to occur but FATHER does not forget such a transaction, neither do HIS angels.

We must never assume what appears to be a long delay will be forgotten in Heaven. The angels have access to our books and mandates (Psalm 139:16) and are ready to bring forth the resources to fund the Gospel. Let those angels be dispatched without hindrance!

1 Corinthians 10:26 for the earth and all its abundance belongs to the Lord.

It’s all about Love!

The Adversary’s Strategies: Part 9

Monday, May 24th, 2021

My friend Steve continued with the following:

Seeing – The Kingdom of Darkness

Everything in Satan’s kingdom is a mirror of the Kingdom of God, minus the Father’s Voice and Truth. What Satan has, then, is a shell – an organization, a replica, a mirage – of a kingdom without the substance of a kingdom. It has power, energy, and intelligence, but no life, vitality, or wisdom. So, it cannot produce Good – what is of and from the Father. It can only produce Evil – what is NOT of and from the Father.

The Apostle John describes this kingdom in Revelation 13, using symbolic

language that is vividly descriptive:

• The dragon (Satan) is standing on the seashore (the earth) as he watches his kingdom emerge.

• His kingdom is coming out of the sea (the mass of humanity).

• His kingdom has the nature of a wild beast.

• This beast is strangely organized and configured (10 horns of power with 10 royal crowns, but only 7 heads).

• This beast is extremely resilient (kill one of its heads and it can come back to life).

• The one who possesses wisdom can see this beast and the kingdom it represents through an arithmetic calculation based on the number of Man (6).

“So here, in this very place, is the wisdom for the one that has and holds the mind and intellect to reason and understand the meaning: Count, calculate and compute the total number of the wild and venomous beast, for indeed, it is the total number of Man, both male and female. So then, the total number of the same is six hundred and sixty-six.” (Revelation 13:18)

What Jesus is revealing to John (and to us) is that when the tally is taken, the sum (total productive output) of this kingdom is directly connected to the sum (total productive output) of Man, both male and female. What Man is willing to produce on behalf of this kingdom through his authority to rule (6), labor (6), and material resources (6) is the extent to which the beast can function and rule in the earth (666). Take Man out of the arithmetic equation and the beast has nothing (666-666=0). It cannot emerge “out of the sea” thus leaving the dragon standing alone on the “seashore.”

“And I stared upon and saw with inward spiritual perception a wild and venomous beast ascending out from the sea and to the earth. . .and on its heads were the Name, Authority, and Cause of the slanderer, the blasphemer that vilifies by switching right for wrong and wrong for right.” (Revelation 13:1)

This is what John saw and said could be understood by those who possess wisdom – the way God thinks. What he didn’t say, but that is also clearly understood by those who think the way God thinks, is if the beast of the kingdom of darkness can be counted, calculated, and computed through an arithmetic equation, so can the Kingdom of God. This occurs when Jesus (1) finds a Man (6) who will partner WITH Him to accomplish our Father’s Vision. Jesus’ authority to rule becomes Man’s authority to rule (1+6=7).

Jesus’ labor becomes Man’s labor (1+6=7). Jesus’ resources become Man’s resources (1+6=7). What then “ascends out from the sea and to the earth” is our Father’s Vision, Will, and Kingdom (777). The Lord’s Prayer. (Matt. 6:10)

Satan is keenly aware of the constant threat and risk of exposure that his dependence on Man exerts on his kingdom. That is why John saw him standing on the seashore alone. Even though he has the uncommon authority as an Angelic being to roam the earth, that doesn’t mean he has the authority to do what he wants on the earth. He must first gain permission either from YHVH or Man. (Job 1:6-12; Ezekiel 28:13, 14)

So, Satan must wait to see if there are any among the mass of humanity (the sea) who will allow his kingdom to ascend out from them, so his beast and angelic forces can operate in the earth through them.

To combat this, Satan incentivized his realm to overcome this vulnerability by offering the most valuable prize he had to offer – to sit at his right hand as his co-ruler. This seat is reserved for the one who delivers to him total control of the world and along with it, God’s Man, both male and female.

And Satan doesn’t care who delivers it to him. Thus, his final offer to Jesus in the wilderness temptation was to give Him all the kingdoms of the world to rule if He would bow down and worship him as a superior. While worshipping him was mandatory, giving Jesus total rule was conditioned, of course, on Him achieving the mission. (Matthew 4:8, 9)

Even though he is dependent on Man to rule, Satan is still an Angelic Class being who possesses an Angelic Class kingdom. He is a member of the highest Order in the Angelic Class – Cherubs. He is also the highest-ranking member of Cherubs. So, Satan is the highest-ranking Angel in the creation and the only Cherub in his realm. His ruling class is made up of angels from the Arché Order. This is the highest Angelic rank in his realm next to him.

Man, though higher in rank and authority in the Kingdom of God, is “lower than the angels” in Satan’s kingdom. They are the slaves of the realm, who have been relegated to the Animal Class.

There are 12 Archés in his kingdom. They mimic the role of the 24 Elders in God’s Kingdom. Satan has given each of his Archés a period of time to rule his kingdom. Their mission is to deliver to him total control of the world. If the Arché then in power does not achieve the mission within the allotted time, it must pass the throne to the Arché next in line. The new Arché then takes its place at the head of Satan’s kingdom using its power – the attributes and ministering authority that YHVH gave to it when He created it in the beginning – to govern the realm and to achieve the satanic mission.

This is what was happening in the spiritual realm at the beginning of the 1960s. A transfer of power was taking place in Satan’s kingdom. The Spirit of War’s rule was ending, and Jezebel’s rule was beginning. It’s important to note that Jezebel is the last of the 12 Archés to rule Satan’s kingdom. There are no more Archés after this spirit, so the survival of the realm is riding on the success of Jezebel’s plan and rule.

The strategies and defenses behind the events of the 1960s were, therefore, the brainchild of the angelic spirit known as Jezebel. Each strategy is critical to this spirit achieving the satanic mission while putting on full display what Jezebel’s rule looks like in real-time.

Seeing – Astarte: The Originating Chief Ruler

In the spiritual realm, the angelic spirit that we refer to as Jezebel is known as Astarte, the Queen of Heaven. This is the Chief Arché and architect of the events of the 1960s.

Astarte is recognized as the most ruthless and feared Arché in Satan’s kingdom, which is why Satan appointed it as the last to rule. Where it was once known for its chastity and devotion, it is now known as The Harlot.

This makes Astarte incapable of serving anyone or anything other than its own faithless self. This character trait makes Astarte impossible to trust even by its most ardent supporters, including Satan.

Astarte has long been a seeker of worship and was one of the key deities worshipped by the ancient Phoenicians. It was represented by sacred trees or

poles called Asherah. These were erected next to and around the altars of Baal. Thus, the Queen of Heaven has always seen itself as the one seated next to the King of Heaven – Baal (Satan).

Seeing – Why Women

Angelic Class beings don’t possess genders as humans do, so they don’t favor one human gender over the other. As it relates to the spirits of darkness, they despise both genders equally while considering each their slaves. To them, their human slaves have only one purpose: To supply what they need to accomplish the satanic mission.

When spirits of darkness select a human target to do their work, they do so based on an alignment of attributes and a calculation of the target’s likelihood of success. This is heavily weighted by the target’s devotion to the promised outcomes. In Astarte’s case, it has chosen to work primarily through women as the attributes of the female more closely align with its attributes than do men. By contrast, men fit and align more closely with the attributes of spirits such as the Spirit of War, Spirit of Religion, or Apollo.

The targeting and selection of human allies is an extremely complex process that is fraught with risk and volatility. While spirits of darkness consider humans to be their slaves, they also know that God’s Man, both male and female, is higher in Class, Order, Rank, and Authority than they are. This can make the relationship with their targets extremely fragile as the human can reverse his or her agreement at any point in time without warning or notice. By exercising their inherent authority to rule, the human, whether male or female, can void the circumventing contract that has made them a slave by returning to their partnership relationship WITH Jesus. This instantly restores them to their rightful place as a Ruling Class Elohim. It also reinstates YHVH’s rules of engagement between the two dimensions.

The Apostle Paul demonstrated this dynamic with the devastating effect it had on the spirit of divination (Apollo) in Macedonia. (Acts 16) What this means, then, for the kingdom of darkness is that the selection of a human target is serious business. It must be done with extreme care and strict attention to detail, lest its target turns on them, like Paul did, and destroys what they had so painstakingly built.

We can see Satan employing this care and attention to detail in the calculation and selection of his targets in the Garden:

• The meticulous selection of the Serving Class serpent to approach the superior Elohim Female, Eve.

• The meticulous selection of the junior member of the Elohim Man, Eve, to approach the senior member of the Elohim Man, Adam.

In each instance Satan selected a target that was best aligned with his attributes at the time, so he could achieve his objective. And, with each selection, the target insulated him from direct exposure to the superior authority of the Elohim Man, whether it was the serpent shielding him from Eve, or Eve shielding him from Adam.

As he calculated, selected, and shielded then, so he and his realm calculate, select and shield now.

We’ll go into more detail later about why Satan targeted Eve first instead of going directly to Adam. But for now, the point is that Astarte didn’t target women because it likes women. It chose to take on the female identity and to work through the female gender for strategic reasons. Their attributes are better suited to achieve its scheme than men.

Astarte implemented a version of this same strategy when it personified itself through the scriptural character Jezebel (its human namesake). Through this account, YHVH exposed many of this spirit’s core attributes, including its masculine temperament, confrontational disposition, violent ruling style, and disdain for YHVH’s reign and order. (1 Kings 16 – 2 Kings 9)