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Unstained Innocence

Monday, September 20th, 2021

The point of us becoming mature Sons and Daughters is that we become effective in all areas of ministry as was (and is) Our Elder Brother Jesus Christ.

We do not have to talk Our Heavenly Father into doing anything for HE Loves us and has provided all we need in advance.  This is what a Loving Father does.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Philemon chapter 1:

4 I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, 5 hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints, 6 that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

The goal of The Holy Spirit is to reveal what has been deposited in us already.  By reading The Word and not assuming what past teachings have promoted, we should move quickly to the point of acknowledging what is already in us awaiting our access.

I will continue to press forward on this point as we all move to a higher level of revelation and appropriation of what has been deposited in us.

Paul received this revelation and wrote by The Holy Spirit in Ephesians chapter 1:

3 Every Spiritual blessing in the Heavenly realm has already been lavished upon us as a Love gift from our wonderful Heavenly Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus—all because He sees us wrapped into Christ. This is why we celebrate Him with all our hearts!

4 And in Love He chose us before He laid the foundation of the universe! Because of His great Love, He ordained us, so that we would be seen as Holy in His Eyes with an unstained innocence.

The above passages must not only be acknowledged but they must be fully embraced by each Son and Daughter in order to reach full maturity.  I know it can be a challenge to remove past religious teachings where we were told to plead our case in order to get FATHER to act on our behalf.  It simply isn’t necessary.

These teachings were based on conditional Love rather than Agape Love.  Those teachers had yet to receive the revelation of Agape Love thus when they studied The Word, they only taught from the perspective of conditional Love. 

Paul, on the other hand, knew firsthand what Agape Love was all about.  This is why he was able to write the Love chapter in 1st Corinthians chapter 13.  He knew what it meant to walk in unstained innocence after he had spent several years as an adversary to Jesus Christ.  His encounter with Jesus changed everything.  Let us embrace his writings so that we can truly walk in the power and authority deposited in each of us.  Agape Love is the key!

Faith Versus Unbelief: Part 4

Sunday, September 19th, 2021

 Our unbelief falls into three categories.

The first category is simply ignorance.  This person does not know The Word concerning unbelief.  Some churches promote ignorance by only recommending the teachings of the clergy.  If their teachings don’t deal with unbelief then the congregation will remain ignorant of revelation in that area.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 10:

17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

Each of us is responsible to hear, read, study, and dwell on The Word of GOD.  If you don’t know the Truth, you will naturally fear since we live in a fallen world which promotes fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  Faith, then, is birthed in a heart that responds to God’s anointed utterance of the Anointed One.

Jesus spoke in John chapter 8:

31 Jesus said to those Jews who believed in Him, “When you continue to embrace all that I teach, you prove that you are My true followers. 32 For if you embrace the Truth, It will release true freedom into your lives.”

When we hear and embrace the Truth, we are set free from fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  This is true freedom no matter what is happening around us.

The second type of unbelief is where you have been taught the wrong thing.  I see this frequently where people have had wrong teaching concerning Our Heavenly Father’s unconditional Love for us.  Their entire relationship with HIM is based on conditional acts as though they can earn HIS Love and attention.  They often started out life by being rejected by a parent in some form.  In turn, they tried to earn love from the parent, often to no avail.

Teachers who do not have the revelation of Agape Love will create a narrative which excludes this revelation so the student is being instructed in error.  We have to erase any and all erroneous teaching.  This is part of renewing the mind where we must correct the error we received in the past.  Our foundation must be based on Truth from Heaven, not man’s interpretation of Truth based on their own experience and history.  This is simply another reason we need to seek The Holy Spirit to guide us into all Truth.

Many of us were led to believe that if we have done something wrong, GOD won’t answer our prayers.  This teaching attempted to negate the importance of Jesus’ Blood. 

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 8:

1 So now the case is closed. There remains no accusing voice of condemnation against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One. 2 For the “law” of the Spirit of life flowing through the anointing of Jesus has liberated us from the “law” of sin and death. 3 For God achieved what the law was unable to accomplish, because the law was limited by the weakness of human nature.

Don’t try to reopen a case that has been totally removed from us.  Jesus won’t look for it since it no longer exists.  The case has been expunged (struck out; wiped out or destroyed; annihilated).

The third type of unbelief deals with what our senses are telling us when we have exercised faith in a situation.  If we don’t immediately see or hear the expected response, then we can allow unbelief to enter in.  This is what the disciples were experiencing in Matthew chapter 17 when the boy did not immediately respond to their words to cast out the demon.  Instead the demon challenged their level of maturity in the area of “belief”.  They failed that test and Jesus had to have a corrective interview with them concerning their unbelief.  Prayer and fasting was the answer, and still is.

Your senses will challenge your level of maturity in the area of unbelief.  Will you pass the test?  The fruit will be your guide.  Don’t let failure prevent you from pressing in and overcoming unbelief in all areas of your life.  These teachings are meant to encourage you to full maturity in all areas.  Have I been totally successful?  Absolutely not!  However I am tenacious enough to continue to press in so that I WILL PASS THE TEST.  I encourage you to do the same.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Hebrews chapter 5:

14 But solid food is for the mature, whose spiritual senses perceive Heavenly matters. And they have been adequately trained by what they’ve experienced to emerge with understanding of the difference between what is truly excellent and what is evil and harmful.

If we are lacking in our training, we don’t give up, we train some more with the expectation of becoming fully mature Sons and Daughters.

Faith Versus Unbelief: Part 3

Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Our faith in operation pleases GOD.  Our unbelief hinders our faith and results in our “wavering”.

James recorded by The Holy Spirit in chapter 1:

5 And if anyone longs to be wise, ask God for Wisdom and HE will give it! HE won’t see your lack of Wisdom as an opportunity to scold you over your failures but HE will overwhelm your failures with his generous grace.

6 Just make sure you ask empowered by confident faith without doubting (unbelief) that you will receive. For the ambivalent person believes one minute and doubts the next. Being undecided makes you become like the rough seas driven and tossed by the wind. You’re up one minute and tossed down the next. 7–8 When you are half-hearted and wavering it leaves you unstable. Can you really expect to receive anything from the Lord when you’re in that condition?

Mature Sons and Daughters will experience full stability to walk in their callings.  We are to ask for Wisdom when we sense we are lacking and Our Loving Heavenly Father will be quick to impart that request to us.  However, there are conditions to the impartation.  We must have no unbelief in our hearts. 

We have already been given The Measure of Faith and we should have appropriated that faith into operation.  However, we must also be transformed by the renewing of our mind.  We cannot expect Wisdom to be fully operational if unbelief is constantly challenging the Wisdom from above.  FATHER knows this and that is why we are told to deal with the unbelief.  HE does not promote “wavering” or double-mindedness and instability.  We need to walk with certainty, and be of good cheer, we can. 

We must become single-minded and we cannot be moved by what we see!

Most people do not deal with unbelief.  They will try to get people to pray for them while they are spending hundreds of dollars per month to pipe in cable and other media promoting unbelief and the world’s alternative to health, healing, and life.  Just consider all the commercials promoting pharmaceuticals as solutions for sickness, disease, and demonic activity. 

Why let people speak into your life with words contrary to The Word of GOD?  Their solution is meant to produce a perpetual revenue flow from you?  As for me, I would rather take that same money and minister life to kids in need and others whom FATHER directs us to give.  In thus U.S. alone, what would the cost of healthcare be if everyone were cured and no longer relying on pharmaceuticals to perpetuate their lives?

There were no Walgreen’s or CVS drug stores in The Desert.

Most people seek alternative means to resolving the issue at hand if they don’t see immediate results to prayer.  Shouldn’t we ask FATHER why the issue has not been resolved?  Do you think HE is reluctant to reveal the problem to us, HIS Loving Children?  HIS Wisdom and understanding will provide the solution to the lack of success. 

HE may instruct us to go to the doctor to be physically sustained until we fully address the spiritual hindrance.  The symptoms can be addressed which will allow us to focus on being transformed by the renewing of our minds.  As we are fully transformed and are no longer subject to the soul or body, our spirit will impart the solution to the problem.  Concerning healing, we will be cured and our symptoms will be gone thus no longer requiring the doctor’s intervention.  He will confirm our healing and hopefully rejoice with us.

The Blood of Jesus is sufficient to bring forth full healing of sickness and disease.  IT is sufficient to cast our all demons, no matter how powerful they are.  The issue lies with any unbelief resident and operational in our hearts.  We need to root out any and all unbelief and this is done by prayer and fasting.  Turn off the TV.  Use you cell phone for calls and messages… its original intent.  Quit playing games which are meant to “burn up time”.  Use that same time to cleanse your mind of the world’s influence. 

This is not the time to walk on eggshells.  If I have offended you then maybe it’s time.  Most pastors won’t take a stand since they are fearful their revenue stream might be adversely affected.  They have moved from revelation to religion and now protect their status, structure, and supporting revenue.  How many Pharisees did Jesus offend?  All of them, except for Nicodemus.  The Pharisees are the ones who attempted to remove Jesus so that they could protect their religion… and they failed!

Faith Versus Unbelief: Part 2

Friday, September 17th, 2021

Our faith does not make GOD do anything.  Our unbelief hinders our faith and therein lies the problem.

Mark recorded by The Holy Spirit in chapter 9:

14 Now when they came down the mountain to the other nine disciples, they noticed a large crowd of people gathered around them, with the religious scholars arguing with them. 15 The crowd was astonished to see Jesus himself walking toward them, so they immediately ran to welcome him.

16 “What are you arguing about with the religious scholars?” He asked them.

17 A man spoke up out of the crowd. “Teacher,” he said, “I have a son possessed by a demon that makes him mute. I brought him here to you, Jesus. 18 Whenever the demon takes control of him, it knocks him down, and he foams at the mouth and gnashes his teeth, and his body becomes stiff as a board. I brought him to Your disciples, hoping they could deliver him, but they were not able to do it.”

19 Jesus said to the crowd, “Why are you such a faithless people?  How much longer must I remain with you and put up with your unbelief? Now, bring the boy to me.”

20 So they brought him to Jesus. As soon as the demon saw him, it threw the boy into convulsions. He fell to the ground, rolling around and foaming at the mouth.

The demon saw Jesus then tried to stir up unbelief by using sight and sound to move Jesus into some level of unbelief.  No, it did not work! Jesus was well aware of the demon’s tactics.

21 Jesus turned to the father and asked, “How long has your son been tormented like this?”

“Since childhood,” he replied. 22 “It tries over and over to kill him by throwing him into fire or into the water. But please, if You’re able to do something, anything—have compassion on us and help us!”

23 Jesus said to him, “What do you mean ‘if’? If you are able to believe,all things are possible to the believer.”

24 When he heard this, the boy’s father cried out with tears, saying, “I do believe, Lord; help my little faith!”

Now the man is grasping the difference between faith and unbelief.

25 Now when Jesus saw that the crowd was quickly growing larger, he commanded the demon, saying, “Deaf and mute spirit, I command you to come out of him and never enter him again!”

26 The demon shrieked and threw the boy into terrible seizures and finally came out of him! As the boy lay there, looking like a corpse, everyone thought he was dead. 27 But Jesus stooped down, gently took his hand, and raised him up to his feet, and he stood there completely set free!

The demon made one last attempt to promote unbelief but failed.  The result is that the demon departed, never to return.  His assignment was cancelled.

28 Afterwards, when Jesus arrived at the house, his disciples asked Him in private, “Why couldn’t we cast out the demon?”

29 He answered them, “This type of powerful spirit can only be cast out by fasting and prayer.”

The disciples learned a valuable lesson that day.  There are different levels of power among demons and they needed to be prepared for this reality.  We do too.  If we spend all our time feeding our physical senses through the media, we will not be prepared to confront this level of demonic activity.  Hasn’t this been the case with the church and its inability to deal with the pandemic crisis?

We are called to be fruit inspectors and we cannot let this lack of fruit in the church become acceptable.  We failed the test once again.  The Good News is that we get to take the test until we pass it!  We must renew our minds and be transformed in our souls so that we are not hesitant to act when confronted with major challenges that threaten our walks.

Jesus made it clear that faith differs from unbelief.  How do you remove unbelief?  It is done by prayer and fasting.

As I wrote yesterday, I am responsible for removing unbelief, not FATHER.  I must ask HIM to show me where my issues, weaknesses, and/or hindrances are at then deal with them.  This is renewing my mind and taking the necessary remedial actions resulting in transformation.

We cannot be moved by what we see, hear, touch, smell, or taste.  If we are unwilling to block the world’s media, we will not progress to full maturity as Sons and Daughters.

Last night, my wife and I want to a casual restaurant and sat next to a young couple with a toddler.  The parents spent the entire meal focused on their cell phones and barely spoke to each other.  They kept the toddler preoccupied with food.  Do you think they are able to hear The Spirit through their cell phones?

Faith Versus Unbelief

Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Our faith does not make GOD do anything.  Our unbelief hinders our faith and therein lies the problem.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Philemon chapter 1:

6 And I pray that the participation in and sharing of your faith may produce and promote full recognition and appreciation and understanding and precise knowledge of every good thing that is already ours in our identification with Christ Jesus and unto His glory.

When we were born again, FATHER deposited everything we need to fulfill our individual callings as written in our individual books as noted in Psalm 139:16.  The Trinity did not need our input to what would be included in those books.  They intended for us to fulfill our part in the Body of Christ so they made all resources available before they formed us in the womb.  This includes The Measure of Faith residing on the inside of each of us.

We must acknowledge and appropriate the measure of faith residing on the inside of each of us.  There is a difference between faith in its potential versus faith in full appropriation and action.  When I describe someone who has little or no faith, it is due to their lack of operating in faith, not that they are void of its potential.

Matthew recorded by The Holy Spirit in Matthew chapter 17:

14 They came to where a large crowd had gathered to wait for Jesus. A man came and knelt before Him 15 and said, “Lord, please show your tender mercy toward my son. He has a demon who afflicts him. He has epilepsy, and he suffers horribly from seizures. He often falls into the cooking fire or into the river. 16 I brought him to your followers, but they weren’t able to heal him.”

17 Jesus replied, “Where is your faith? Can’t you see how wayward and wrong this generation is? How much longer do I stay with you and put up with your doubts (unbelief)? Bring your son to me.”

18 Then Jesus rebuked the demon and it came out of him and the boy was instantly healed!

19 Later the disciples came to him privately and asked, “Why couldn’t we cast out the demon?”

The issue was not the disciples’ faith for they (by faith) had been healing the sick up to this point.  In Matthew chapter 10, Jesus instructed the disciples:

1   Jesus called his twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness.

8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!

This is why the asked Jesus the question.  Jesus responded:

20 He told them, “It was because of your unbelief. I promise you, if you have faith inside of you no bigger than the size of a small mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move away from here and go over there,’ and you will see it move! There is nothing you couldn’t do!

21 But this kind of unbelief is removed (cast out) only through prayer and fasting.”

Faith differs from unbelief.  Jesus explained that faith need not be any bigger than the smallest seed for it will be sufficient to cast out the demon.  However, their issue was unbelief.  How do you remove unbelief?  It is done by prayer and fasting.  I am responsible for removing unbelief, not FATHER.  I must ask HIM to show me where my issues, weaknesses, and/or hindrances are at then deal with them.

When I fast, I am not convincing FATHER to move or act on my behalf.  I am removing those hindrances to my faith.  The disciples were moved by what they saw the demon do to the man’s son and they were moved to unbelief.  Do you think that demons are not aware of this trick to convince us our faith was not enough?  Jesus was not moved by the demon’s shenanigans and he cast the demon out.

We cannot be moved by what we see, hear, touch, smell, or taste.  The world wants us to develop these senses and make them the predominant thoughts in our life.  This is why most people walk by the flesh and not by The Spirit.  In order to subdue our flesh, we must fast and cut off the focus on the five senses.  When we do this, our unbelief moves toward zero and then there is nothing we couldn’t do in Jesus’ own Words.

Press In

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

We are to live a surrendered life and focus only what is important to FATHER, not what the world wants us to think..

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 12:

1 Beloved friends, what should be our proper response to God’s marvelous mercies? To surrender yourselves to God to be His Sacred, living sacrifices. And live in Holiness, experiencing all that delights His Heart. For this becomes your genuine expression of worship.

Who or what else would you even consider submitting your life to?  A man or woman who may not even be around tomorrow?  A philosophy which is ever-changing in its views based on the latest fads?  Facts which may be debunked tomorrow based on new research and observation?  FATHER will not change and Truth is only found where HE resides.

2 Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.

Transformation of your soul is an ongoing process so don’t think it will be finished any time soon.  I am continually amazed at the new facets and Truths FATHER reveals as I am able to handle them.  HE will answer questions which have been at the back of our minds as we are ready to receive them.  Our focus should simply be the consistent transformation efforts brought on by The Word.

3 God has given me grace to speak a warning about pride. I would ask each of you to be emptied of self-promotion and not create a false image of your importance. Instead, honestly assess your worth by using your God-given faith as the standard of measurement, and then you will see your true value with an appropriate self-esteem.

The world encourages us to be self-promoting in all our communications.  No matter what or who you see in the media, they will self-promote even in a subtle fashion in order to convince you of their message.  We should simply preach Christ!  It matters not who I am or who you are… only Christ in us the Hope of Glory.

It is time for the church to quit feeding the congregations soul food.  The recent health crisis made it abundantly clear that the church was not prepared to step up and minister life to those in dire straits.  We all need to be fully transformed and embrace who we are in Christ and come to the revelation that we have within us the power and authority to deal with any crisis which arises. 

We need to appropriate what is in us.  We don’t need another prayer chain.  We don’t need to beg FATHER to intervene when HE has already intervened on our behalf by giving us HIS Son for our empowerment.  FATHER and Jesus are waiting on us to embrace the revelation found in Paul’s writings of Colossians chapters one and two.  It is time to press in!

Our Words

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Watching over our words is critical to our maturity as Sons and Daughters.

James wrote by The Holy Spirit in his epistle chapter 3:

2 We all fail in many areas, but especially with our words. Yet if we’re able to bridle the words we say we are powerful enough to control ourselves in every way, and that means our character is mature and fully developed. 3 Horses have bits and bridles in their mouths so that we can control and guide their large body. 4 And the same with mighty ships, though they are massive and driven by fierce winds, yet they are steered by a tiny rudder at the direction of the person at the helm.

5 And so the tongue is a small part of the body yet it carries great power! Just think of how a small flame can set a huge forest ablaze. 6 And the tongue is a fire! It can be compared to the sum total of wickedness and is the most dangerous part of our human body. It corrupts the entire body and is a hellish flame! It releases a fire that can burn throughout the course of human existence.

9 We use our tongue to praise God our Father and then turn around and curse a person who was made in his very image! 10 Out of the same mouth we pour out words of praise one minute and curses the next. My brothers and sisters, this should never be!

James shares the importance of watching over our words and the power contained therein.  The adversary also pays close attention to our words.  We either agree with Our Heavenly FATHER and Truth, or we agree with the adversary and his deceptions.  As always, it is our choice.

As we align ourselves with The Word, our maturity level increases.  Jesus spoke in John chapter 14:

10 Don’t you believe that the Father is living in me and that I am living in the Father? Even My Words are not My own but come from my Father, for He lives in me and performs His miracles of power through Me. 11 Believe that I live as One with My Father and that My Father lives as one with Me—or at least, believe because of the mighty miracles I have done.

If Jesus relied totally on The Word from FATHER, we should too!  A mature Son or Daughter is fully convinced of the power and authority of FATHER’S Word and has total trust in It as well thus the expectation will have zero doubt that The Word will come to pass.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Romans chapter 8:

26 And in a similar way, the Holy Spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness. For example, at times we don’t even know how to pray, or know the best things to ask for. But the Holy Spirit rises up within us to super-intercede on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional sighs too deep for words.

27 God, the Searcher of the heart, knows fully our longings, yet HE also understands the desires of the Spirit, because the Holy Spirit passionately pleads before God for us, His Holy ones, in perfect harmony with God’s plan and our destiny.

FATHER left nothing to chance when HE sent The Comforter to us to intercede through our Holy language which is non-discernable by the enemy.  What a perfect plan!

Restored Innocence

Saturday, September 11th, 2021

The words “try” or “maybe” are not found in Heaven.  Each of us is intended to become fruit-bearing branches and yielded to HIS Life and knowing GOD in HIS fullness.  We are HIS Believing Ones.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Colossians chapter 1:

9 Since we first heard about you, we’ve kept you always in our prayers that you would receive the perfect knowledge of God’s pleasure over your lives, making you reservoirs of every kind of Wisdom and Spiritual understanding.

Where can you get the revelation of that perfect knowledge?  It is found in your book written before you were formed (Psalm 139:16).  Are you a reservoir of every kind of Wisdom and Spiritual understanding yet?  I cannot claim to be … yet.  This is why I have chosen to fully immerse myself in The Word and disregard what the world is trying to sell us on concerning the current chaos.

10 We pray that you would walk in the ways of true righteousness, pleasing God in every good thing you do. Then you’ll become fruit-bearing branches, yielding to HIS life, and maturing in the rich experience of knowing God in HIS fullness! 11 And we pray that you would be energized with all his explosive power from the realm of HIS magnificent glory, filling you with great hope

If you are not currently having that rich experience, then you don’t yet know GOD in HIS fullness.  The good news is that the issue can be resolved.  You can do things on your own or you can yield to HIM.  As always, FATHER has given you the choice.

When we become fruit-bearing branches, we are fully functioning Believing Ones.  We then become problem solvers and history makers.  This is what Jesus did and we are called to produce the same fruit in our realm of influence.  He wants us to be in full unity with Him and produce only the good fruit with its source from Heaven.

As you and I press in to full and complete unity with Jesus, Father, and The Holy Spirit, we will begin solving the problems currently plaguing the world.  There is no virus that concerns Jesus and it should not concern us either.  Our faith IN HIM needs to grow to the point that we “know that we know” and are not hesitant in our faith.

This applies to other physical issues as well.  We are made in HIS likeness and HE is not subject to sickness or disease.  We need to embrace this Truth in our own walk.

Do not consider past failures as some form of disqualification from embracing these Truths.  Jesus’ Blood is sufficient for dealing with every failure- past, present, and future.

As Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Colossians chapter 1:

18 He is the Head of his body, which is the church. And since He is the beginning and the firstborn Heir in resurrection, He is the most exalted One, holding first place in everything. 19 For God is satisfied to have all His fullness dwelling in Christ. 20 And by the blood of His cross, everything in Heaven and earth is brought back to Himself—back to its original intent, restored to innocence again!

The Blood of Jesus has restored you and me back to innocence again!  You are seen as innocent.  I am innocent as well!  Let us be grateful for His Blood in accomplishing what no man could do… restore our innocence!!!

Facilitating Access

Friday, September 10th, 2021

As I wrote yesterday, every church should be known for these five qualities: (1) working for the Kingdom, (2) persevering, (3) not being tolerant of sin, (4) examining the claims of ministries, and (5) enduring trials bravely. Yet doing all this without a passionate Love for Jesus Christ weakens our power and witness in the world.

Most churches have focused on entertainment which is interesting and enjoyable to experience.  Colored light shows with strobe lights and heart-pounding music can be experienced every Sunday.  The singers and musicians perform on the stage and prepare the people for an informative message of milk to consume.  People’s emotions are tweaked and they feel good upon their departure.  What is left by Friday?  What spiritual changes occurred throughout the week which caused good fruit to be produced?

The devil always tries to keep people in a deficit to where they are, always in need and then he uses the powers that be to manipulate and conveniently be there with a worldly fix, but not the solution.  You may be waiting for something to end but you may be the one who is meant to end it.  If there is a virus among those you know, you may be the one whom FATHER intends to heal them.  This requires experiential knowledge.

Experiential knowledge is a part of you that can and will act when confronted with an event that requires immediate action.  It does not allow time for you to think of alternatives, you simply act from what is already resident in you.  Jesus was never hesitant.

Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Colossians chapter 2:

7 Your spiritual roots go deeply into His Life as you are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way. For you are established in the faith you have absorbed and enriched by your devotion to Him!

Immersion in The Word causes you to be infused with strength and encouraged in every way.  You absorb The Word into your soul which translates to experiential knowledge to act which becomes your first nature, not second nature.  The adversary is well aware of this Truth and will attempt to thwart your commitment to immersing yourself to the point of experiential knowledge.  He will use whatever and/or whomever he can to divert your attention:

8 Beware that no one distracts you or intimidates you in their attempt to lead you away from Christ’s fullness by pretending to be full of wisdom when they’re filled with endless arguments of human logic. For they operate with humanistic and clouded judgments based on the mindset of this world system, and not the anointed Truths of the Anointed One.

I have ignorantly allowed distractions in the past to cause me to fail certain tests.  The good news is that I did not fail the course.  I am able to retake those tests until I pass them.  I am determined to pass all the tests I failed in the past!  How about you?

9 For He is the complete fullness of Deity living in human form. 10 And our own completeness is now found in Him. We are completely filled with God as Christ’s fullness overflows within us. He is the Head of every kingdom and authority in the universe!

When you choose to immerse yourself in The Word, then your faith will grow strong in the Truth and you will act in the Reality of Truth when confronted with any situation.  This is what Agape Love does!

We are meant to walk in power and authority in all areas and not simply be observers.  We are called to be history makers.  Do not defer to others.  Some of you may consider yourself inadequate… don’t!  You are equipped to become a mature Son or Daughter, but it is your choice to rise above the deception of being inadequate. 

The adversary may have been using parents and/or others to convince you of such inadequacy.  Your spiritual assets were given before you were formed in the womb and the devil has tried to suppress their revelation and use ever since.  Don’t be deceived.  You can have access to your book in Heaven so pursue its contents for it is meant for you to know what has been imparted in your spirit.  Immersion in The Word will facilitate its access.

The Key: Passionate Love

Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Every church should be known for these five qualities: (1) working for the Kingdom, (2) persevering, (3) not being tolerant of sin, (4) examining the claims of ministries, and (5) enduring trials bravely. Yet doing all this without a passionate Love for Jesus Christ weakens our power and witness in the world.

Jesus spoke to the Beloved Disciple John to write in Revelation chapter 2:

1 Write the following to the messenger of the congregation in Ephesus. For these are the Words of the One who holds the seven stars firmly in His Right Hand, Who walks among the seven golden lampstands:

2 I know all that you’ve done for Me—you have worked hard and persevered. I know that you don’t tolerate evil. You have tested those who claimed to be apostles and proved they are not, for they were imposters. 3 I also know how you have bravely endured trials and persecutions because of My Name, yet you have not become discouraged. 4 But I have this against you: you have abandoned the passionate Love you had for me at the beginning. 5 Think about how far you have fallen! Repent and do the works of Love you did at first. I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place of influence if you do not repent. 6 Although, to your credit, you despise the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also despise. 7 The one whose heart is open let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is saying now to all the churches. To the one who overcomes I will give access to feast on the fruit of the Tree of Life that is found in the paradise of God.

Our first Love is the Love God has for us! We Love God because HE first Loved us. Being Loved deeply and eternally is the definition of our “first Love.” It is a Love that will be expressed by our passionate devotion to Jesus Christ, and seen in our relationships with others.

These are Words spoken by Jesus are among those which will not pass away as I wrote about yesterday.  You can have plenty of works for The Kingdom but if you do not have the right motivation of Agape Love, your fruit will be lacking.  This is why The Holy Spirit keeps having me emphasize the vital importance of Agape Love in our lives.  Agape Love should be our motivating force causing us to speak, act, and give.

GOD is Love, Jesus is Love, and The Holy Spirit is Love.  All Three reside spiritually in The Sons and Daughters as we have revealed those mysteries in past writings.  If we are being led by The Holy Spirit, then we are led by Agape Love and given access to feast on the fruit of the Tree of Life.

The paradise of God is now found within the hearts of Jesus’ Loving followers. See Song. 4:11–15. The Tree of Life is Christ within us, the hope of glory. The fruit of that tree is reserved for those who overcome.

If you are not walking in this Agape Love, repent now!  It is never too late.  If you are being attacked by the adversary, be encouraged for FATHER always has the last move on your behalf against the adversary.  I was recently attacked and overcame it.  My response to the devil, “Is that all you got?”  I was restored and encouraged by FATHER to persevere through these tests of faith.  You can do the same.

The Greek word for “repent” is metanoia and means more than simply changing one’s mind. It means “to take another mind.” Every believer needs to turn from his or her error and take “another mind,” the Mind of Christ.

How do you take The Mind of Christ?  Immerse yourself in HIS Word which reflects HIS Mind.  Accept the Word at face value and let The Holy Spirit reveal the deep mysteries found within.  The best translation of passages is where power and authority emanate from those passages.  This is why I look at multiple translations when The Holy Spirit gives me a Scripture to dwell on.  He shows me which translation reveals His Intent.

“So the one whose heart is open let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is presently saying to all the churches.”  The Key is a passionate Love for Christ.