Announcing 2nd Book on Love

I am in the midst of completing the 2nd book on Our Heavenly Father’s unconditional Love.  I expect it to be published soon and we will now take orders by mail.  It will be priced at $16 as was the first book.  The following is an excerpt from the Introduction:


“Suppose that I was chosen to receive a revelation from the Throne Room of Heaven. What if from the beginning of time this revelation had been designated for this very hour. Of all the inhabitants of the earth, why would Our Heavenly Father choose me to bring forth a revelation? What if the revelation could change the world but needed someone who would be tenacious in pursuing its fullness. Suppose HE picked the wrong person who would simply sit on the revelation and hide it under a bushel. What if he picked a person who had no access to resources or people who would spread the Word? Why would I write a second book on Love? Wasn’t one enough? This book is an expression of Love for mankind and I am compelled by Our Heavenly Father to focus on the self-evident truth that Love is the answer to mankind’s problems. Many books are written by storytellers who want to entertain their readers. This is not one of those books. The purpose of this book is to encourage the reader to press in to the revelation of unconditional Love. As we immerse ourselves in Love and its unfathomable attributes we will take on those traits. When this happens we will begin affecting those in our circle of influence. Before long, Love will spread across boundaries and mankind will experience a transformation.”

If you would like to order a copy (or copies), please send your request to:

Servias Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 1471

Bethany,  OK 73008

Include # of copies

If you are unable to pay for the book or extra copies, please send your request anyway.  We will send copies as gifts to all that request them.  Once the book is published, we will ship all pre-orders first.  Your requests will also help us to determine the size of the publishing run.  We distributed over 2,000 copies of our first book and have received much encouragement by the readers.  Join Servias in spreading the truly Good News of Our Heavenly Father’s Love.

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