The Land of Make Believe

I attended a technology conference in Orlando last week.  In my business you must keep up with the latest developments or get left behind.  There will be over 600 million touch devices shipped in 2012.  Layers and layers of complexity are being built around the globe.  I can’t help but believe that a collapse will occur at some point.  Developers are generating lines and lines of source code on a daily basis to embrace the “touch” technology.  Everyone has their heads bowed down but they are texting not praying.  Ten years’ ago the Internet was just moving to a reliable platform for business.  Now we can’t do without it.  I wonder what would happen if an epic solar flare took out all of our technology?  Would we remember how to communicate face to face again?

At the Universal Studios resort we stayed at you would think there were no economic issues.  Downtown Disney served up a view that all is well around the world.  The properties were impeccable and there were no signs of deterioration anywhere.  The crowds were notable.  In the meantime world events continued their march to a day of reckoning.

China has decided to pay for Iranian oil with gold.  The SWIFT system of international wire settlements will be bypassed.  The U.S. attempt to force sovereign countries to submit to an agenda inconsistent with the needs of their countries may have just reinstituted the gold standard system by default.  Central governments have become major buyers of physical gold.  Once the U.S. crossed the line on international settlement, other countries have begun moving into a defensive posture from a monetary point of view by necessity.  They can’t allow a foreign power to control their medium of exchange any longer.  Executive Orders have been passed to control the Internet, banking system, etc. which causes the average person to get concerned about what is coming soon.  Americans have always valued their freedoms and rights to pursue constitutional assured activities.

Our Heavenly Father is the only true reality.  We must repent and turn back toward Our Heavenly Father.  We can only live in the land of make believe for so long.  Any escape from reality last only until the money runs out and Orlando will make sure that happens sooner than later.

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