The Fear of THE LORD: Part 18

A Word sent to me:

I call you to blaze with Holy Fire.

Beloved, do not resist My Fire. Though it burns and consumes, yield to its power, for I am a zealous God. Many who have resisted My Fire will fall away in the coming days. Have I not said that My priests are a blazing fire? Even so, you must first invite the flames of purification and embrace the fires of Holiness. Then I will send you out as a flame to consume the hearts of men.

Do not quench the Spirit’s fire or resist the power and gifts that I give you. As you walk with Me and partner with Me, My Spirit Fire will conquer cities and bring them to the feet of My Son. The lame will walk, and the blind will see. This unreserved unity with Me, despite the cost, will radically alter your life, and, in turn, the lives of all with whom you come into contact. Expect Me to change your heart, and then you will witness changes, even in your family. You have not yet seen what I will do with a generation that burns wholly for me.

Luke 11:35–36

Open your heart and consider My Words. Watch out that you do not mistake your opinions for revelation-light! If your spirit burns with light, fully illuminated with no trace of darkness, you will be a shining lamp, reflecting rays of Truth by the way you live.”

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