Fear-based illusions

Our ego controls us by fear and the current system exploits those who live in this state.  Many liberties have been taken away from Americans in exchange for promises of safety and protection from terrorists.  We are now herded through security checkpoints as cattle and searched as though we are all suspected terrorists.  The current system uses fear to promote its agenda.  People claim they believe in Heaven and want to go there, just not today.  The fear of death initiates behavior that would suggest there is no Heaven.  The fear of failure, fear of financial loss, and the fear of rejection all assume that Love will not be there to restore the person when the various situations arise.  Did Jesus fear anything?  He was assured of His relationship with Our Heavenly Father and that everything would work out according to Love.

Fear promotes the building of walls or protective bubbles.  These illusions of walls are to convince you that you will be protected from the hurts you suffered in the past.  Instead they isolate you from your calling.  Your calling is impeded by the walls you erect.  Your ability to hear Our Heavenly Father can also be impacted.  HE would have you take actions that would confront those walls hence a battle rages: Your ego versus the Word of Our Heavenly Father.

Matthew 10:39   "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.

“His life” is made up of all those illusions created by the ego to bring you into submission.  As long as your ego is in control, your calling suffers.  Once you “lose” that life for Christ’s sake, you will find the true life you were created to fulfill.  Some of us were created to be businessmen and fund the Gospel.  Others were created to spread the Gospel.  Some were called to care for the elderly.  Some were called to nurture the hurting, others to affirm.   Callings can be tangible or intangible but all callings are important to Our Heavenly Father or HE would not have brought forth those callings in the first place.  The ego would attempt to prioritize callings and assign a relative value to them.  The disciples attempted to restrain the children from approaching Jesus but HE set the record straight and commanded them to let the children through.  Taking up the Cross is in essence embracing your calling and submitting yourself to the will of Our Heavenly Father.  You operate according to HIS pleasure, not yours.  You embrace life even with its apparent hardships knowing that Our Heavenly Father has a purpose for those hardships.  Just as Joseph later realized that his trials and tribulations were meant for good, we must not despise our times of adversity.  We must not build another wall around our heart thinking that it will protect us from future hurts.

Are we willing to give up control in order that we may operate fully in our own calling?  If you are successful in your calling and you are given additional assets, do you believe that you have now achieved a new calling of asset manager?  Do you think the anointing of your calling will transfer to a new calling?  The Body of Christ is made up of many members, each with its own specialty.  Our ego would have us believe in the illusion that we can be self sufficient without the other members.  Fear of loss of control has encouraged that belief.  We have been led to believe that the other person will not have our best interest at heart.  As Love prevails, the best interest of the Kingdom and all its inhabitants will determine the decisions and actions of those who have lost their life for Christ’s sake.  As the revelation of Love comes forth, unity will come forth and callings will be honored.  Fear will no longer dictate the actions of those who have been given stewardship over resources in preparation of building the Temple.  Each person will bring forth assets held in “trust” and will disperse those assets for the benefit of the Kingdom.  Those fear-based illusions will dissipate and Love will no longer be restricted from the fullness of purpose.

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