Calling versus Noble Aspirations

Judges 6:11  And there came an angel of the LORD, and sat under an oak which [was] in Ophrah, that [pertained] unto Joash the Abiezrite: and his son Gideon threshed wheat by the winepress, to hide [it] from the Midianites. KJV

The story of Gideon starts out with Gideon minding his own business and living a quiet life.  The Midianites (meaning strife and confusion) were in control of the current economic system and he had no interest in confronting them.  Suddenly that changed when the angel appeared to him.  The timing of this story would indicate that Pentecost had past for he was threshing wheat and Tabernacles had not yet been fulfilled since he was using the winepress as the location for the threshing.

Gideon had gifts and a calling but the calling had not yet been fully activated.  He was the youngest son of Joash and the fifth Judge of Israel, the number five being an indication of the Grace of Our Heavenly Father.  As with many of us, Gideon needed confirmation even though he was a mighty man of valor.  He had the skills as a warrior and was well-trained and seasoned.  His issue concerned the fact that Our Heavenly Father had forsaken or abandoned Israel.  The judgment of Israel had been concluded.  Now the LORD Himself said “Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?”

Gideon is explicitly told of his calling for the LORD said HE SENT him.  We have all questioned Our Heavenly Father concerning our calling.  When I first received the vision in 1987, I thought it would manifest immediately.  Wrong!  Here we are 25 years later.  In 1987 the Pentecostal Age had not been completed but I needed to begin preparation and gain maturity.  After awhile, I became comfortable in my current state knowing that when the time came, Our Heavenly Father would begin deployment of those called to bring forth the Kingdom.

Gideon needed a confirmation, a sign.  I suspect he thought many times that he was being activated for his calling only to suffer defeat and failure.  He prepared a sacrifice and the Angel consumed the sacrifice with fire.  Gideon exclaimed, “Alas, O Lord GOD! for because I have seen an angel of the LORD face to face.”  I would suggest that this was the angel Peniel which means “Face of GOD”, the angel associated with Tabernacles.

However Gideon needed a second and third witness by using a fleece.  After all, he was putting his life on the line and wanted to make sure that he wasn’t under judgment.  Gideon’s activation was at hand.

At the same time, other men had been prepared for the fullness of their calling.  Each man was hand picked by Our Heavenly Father to accompany Gideon in overtaking the Midianites even though Gideon was not yet aware of which men would accompany him.  The Spirit of the LORD came upon Gideon and he issued the call to muster an army.  Thirty-two thousand men responded to the call but the LORD said that was too many.  Gideon told those who were fearful needed to go home.  Twenty-two thousand men went back to their homes.  Ten thousand men remained and they all had noble aspirations of doing the LORD’S bidding.  They were not afraid of the Midianites.  There were still too many men for this particular call.

Gideon needed to reduce the number and separate the men with noble aspirations from the men who were actually called to this deployment.  There is no question that all ten thousand possessed gifts and the willingness to fight the Midianites but Gideon needed to identify those who were ready.  The LORD had him send the men down to the water and drink.  Three hundred men drank the water by dipping their hand in the water and lapping the water.  This was an indication of their maturity of staying vigilant even though they needed a drink.  The rest had bowed down and exposed themselves to risk.  Gideon now had those who were called to join him in ending the strife and confusion.

The call is coming soon.  Those who are called will respond.  Not only with noble aspirations, those who respond know their calling and know their place.  They have been prepared for such a time as this.

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