TL Osborn on Branham

I found this Youtube clip and thought it had some interesting nuggets of Truth in it.  Bill Branham was a foreshadow of the Tabernacles movement.  Though man’s ego got in the way of the movement, we must look for the good that came forth:

TL Osborn was called to evangelize by Jesus in a vision.  Daisy did not see Jesus.

His first missionary trip to India was a failure.

Daisy Osborn went against the leadership of the Pentecostal church and attended a Bill Branham meeting.  TL would not go because of the leadership.

Daisy was hungry to hear Our Heavenly Father.  She was not going to be denied and she heard that Branham’s meeting included miracles of healing.

Upon her arrival to the meeting, there was a different feeling there, better than at any time since she had been saved.

Daisy came home and preached the entirety of Branham’s sermon on healing.

TL’s second vision was that he saw Jesus in Bill Branham.

First, you see the revelation of Jesus Christ, then you see Jesus in people.

TL and Daisy were going to read the Gospels as they had never read them before.  They  discovered the promises of Jesus.  The third vision was they saw Jesus in HIS Word.

“Everything Jesus tells us to do, let’s do it.”

“Everything Jesus said He would do, expect Him to do it.”

The forth vision was that “Jesus is in us.”

Osborn’s ministry healed countless people and raised many from the dead.  Should we expect anything less?

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