Unrighteousness abounding

Acts of unrighteousness are becoming so blatant in the global markets, there is hardly anywhere for the average investor to place his assets for the future.

Facebook went public last week.  Their Initial Public Offering (IPO) was greatly anticipated and analysts projected earnings based on them being a public entity.  Potential investors were given these estimates and in turn planned their purchase of stock based on these estimates.  In the middle of the process, earnings estimates were reduced and only some hedge funds were told of this material change.  This is the ultimate unrighteous act in issuing an IPO.  Watch the video:  http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/facebook-bankers-secretly-cut-facebook-revenue-estimates-middle-133648905.html

The Federal Reserve continues to suppress the interest rates thus punishing savers who follow the prudent rules of personal finance.  The savings rate is lower than the actual rate of inflation thus stealing asset value from the average person.  The government’s huge debt level is the beneficiary.  Low rates mean low interest payments.

Stock manipulation by those in power are at unprecedented levels.  Technical analysis of stocks is designed to follow trends.  This no longer works when the market is being manipulated.

The only solution is for Love to abound and consume all the unrighteousness.  Each of us has a part in this so don’t think that you should just sit on the couch and surf the channels for another escape from reality.  If nothing else, get on your knees and pray the Lord’s Prayer for we should expect “Thy Kingdom come, They Will be done”.  As we come together in unity, this globe will change.  The unrighteous cannot come into unity.  Their fear and greed prevent any true unity from materializing.  They don’t trust anybody and they are always looking over the shoulder and waiting for the other shoe to fall.

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