U.S. Dollar Summary

Underlying Relative Impact on
Fundamentals Condition USD
Trade Balance Severe Deficit Negative
Interest Rates Extreme Low Negative
Economic Growth No Recovery / Low Negative *
Inflation High Negative *
Political Stability Low Negative **
Fiscal Condition Worst of Developed World Negative
* Not fully recognized in the markets
** Euro area concerns temporarily taking global attention.


Source:  http://www.shadowstats.com/article/no-441-april-durable-goods-orders-new-and-existing-home-sales-us-dollar

John Williams’ shadowstats.com (paid subscription) tracks the raw economic data published by the U.S. Government.  He then calculates indices based on historical formulas used by the U.S. Government.  Over time, the government statisticians were required to change the formula to paint a better picture of the economy.

I agree with John’s assessment.  We are heading for a cliff.

Central banks bought 500 Tons of Gold last year.  400 Tons are expected to be purchased this year.  I wonder why?

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