Why Are We Here: Part 4

The goal of sanctification is to make us more like Christ.

Peter wrote by The Holy Spirit in 1st Peter chapter 1:

8  You Love Him passionately although you have not seen Him, but through believing in Him you are saturated with an ecstatic joy, indescribably sublime and immersed in glory.

9 For you are reaping the harvest of your faith—the full salvation promised you—your souls’ victory!

Experiential sanctification (being open and cleansed) leads to partaking of Christ’s Life (actually living His Life—that beam of light); partaking of Christ’s Life leads to overcoming; and, overcoming leads to inheriting and co-reigning with Christ.

Paul expressed this Truth by The Holy Spirit in Ephesians 5:

25  And to the husbands, you are to demonstrate Love for your wives with the same tender devotion that Christ demonstrated to us, His bride. For He died for us, sacrificing Himself

26   to make us Holy and pure, cleansing us through the showering of the pure water of the Word of God.

27 All that he does in us is designed to make us a mature church for His pleasure, until we become a source of praise to Him—glorious and radiant, beautiful and Holy, without fault or flaw.

The relationship between Christ and us is intended to make us Holy, blameless, and glorious.  It is up to each of us to agree to such a relationship.

FATHER’S whole purpose in saving us (and the reason He has called us) is to place us back in the position for which we were originally created––to be “joint-heirs” with Christ ruling and reigning with Him over the earth. Since this was not fulfilled at the beginning of time because of Adam and Eve’s sin, God has determined to accomplish this purpose in the Millennium where man will finally occupy a regal position over a restored earth.

Luke recorded by The Holy Spirit in Acts chapter 3:

20 And He will send you Jesus, the Messiah, the Appointed One.

21 For He must remain in Heaven until the restoration of all things has taken place, fulfilling everything that God said long ago through His Holy prophets.

22 For has not Moses told us: ‘The Lord your God will raise up a prophet from among you Who is like Me. Listen to Him and follow everything He tells you. 23 Every person who disobeys that prophet will be cut off and completely destroyed.’

24 “In fact, every prophet from the time of Samuel onward has prophesied of these very days!

25 And you are heirs of their prophecies and of the covenants God made with your fathers when he promised Abraham, ‘Your Descendant will bring blessing to all the people on the earth.’

God seeks our fellowship, our communion, and our Love. He actually wants to dwell among us. We were created for His pleasure.

The Beloved Disciple recorded in the Book of Revelation what was spoken in the Throne Room, chapter 4:

10   the twenty-four elders (representing the true church) fell facedown before the one seated on the throne and they worshiped the One who lives forever and ever. And they surrendered their crowns before the throne, singing:

11  “You are worthy, Our Lord and God, to receive glory, honor, and power, for You created all things, and for Your pleasure they were created and exist.”

The purpose of our salvation, therefore, is not only an earthly mission (to be conformed into the “image of Christ” for a witness to others), but also to regain the blessings of a future glorious Kingdom. Now is just the testing ground!

Faithful, obedient, and sanctified believers (the overcomers) who depend upon the Holy Spirit for everything will be qualified to inherit that Kingdom as Paul wrote by The Holy Spirit in Hebrews chapter 10:

23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Unfaithful, disobedient, and carnal believers (the overtaken) will enter that Kingdom, but forfeit the privilege of having levels of responsibility there.

Each of us must decide whether to be an overcomer or the overtaken!

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