Unity153 is at hand

On March 17th in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the Sunny Day Meeting, Our Heavenly Father had me proclaim the initiation of the unity153.net project.  At that time, I projected the website to be operational on June 1st.  It will officially be operational on that day.  It will continue to evolve and be enhanced but I will be able to demonstrate its use in the Dallas Conference.  June 1st happens to be on the 153rd day of the year this year since it is leap year.

There has been much resistance to this project on some levels but I was assured that the project would be completed.  The project was internally funded thus we asked for no financial assistance.  Angelic intervention was required to assure completion of the project of which I am grateful.

I believe this represents a notable turning point in establishing the Kingdom of GOD on earth.  Mystery Babylon controls the current economic system by way of banks and corporations around the world.  They channel their profits to promote their agenda of control and manipulation.  I expect the goods and services they provide will be replaced by Kingdom enterprises as the Heavenly Kingdom spreads across the globe.  As people realize the benefits of doing business with Kingdom enterprises, they will embrace the change from greed to Love.  In order for this to happen an infrastructure must be built.  Unity153 is the beginning.  May Our Heavenly Father be pleased!

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