www.unity153.net is now under peer review

I was asked to speak at the Dallas Pentecost  Conference that happened to begin on the 153rd day of the year.  It was appropriate to announce that the Kingdom Enterprise website was now operational since that day happened to be my target for completing the initial development of the website.  Our Heavenly Father chose that day back on March 17th at the Sunny Day meeting in Eau Claire, WI.  We are all called to be obedient to HIS Word.  I am doing my part and I trust you are doing your part as well.  If not, Our Heavenly Father will raise others to complete the tasks at hand.

This website will begin the process of connecting people with callings and resources reserved for establishing the Kingdom of GOD on earth.  The site is designed for global access and is funded through Servias Ministries, Inc. and/or its directors.  We expect the site to grow and expand in function as Our Heavenly Father directs.  We expect “Kingdom Enterprises” to arise from the connections made here.  Their focus will be to serve mankind rather than mammon.  What a refreshing thought!  Love will be the basis for Kingdom Enterprises rather than greed and lust.  Any information you enter in is voluntary.  Clearly the more complete will enable us to “connect the dots” as the needs of the Kingdom arise.

The website will be reviewed and updated before people will be allowed to enter their detailed information for inclusion on the Kingdom initiative.  In the meantime, let me explain how you can sign up.

Go to www.unity153.net

To request a User ID and password, click on KG_Learn

You will be sent to another page.  On this page you will have the opportunity to complete the following:

Fill out the information: CropperCapture[95]

Click on Submit Request and you will be emailed a User ID and Password to enter the website once the site has been reviewed for general use.

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