EDS Project Update

A few of you may have wondered about the progress of the EDS project.  Have you ever watched paint dry?  The delays have gone beyond the natural and have entered the Spiritual.  It is my belief that Our Heavenly Father has delayed the completion of the project for a yet to be revealed reason.  Those who know me can appreciate that I would normally not tolerate such a delay.  My calling is one of action, not inaction.  However, in this case I have been compelled to be patient and longsuffering with the manufacturer by those close to the project, especially Our Heavenly Father.

The manufacturer has built the beta machine and is testing all the circuitry.  “Noise” in the circuits is the upmost concern to them at this point.  The cleaner the signal, the better the result.  After all, we are identifying subtle signals given off by the body.  I suspect previous equipment including the current device we have as a reference, are giving off signals with noise.  Our evidence shows that the previous devices were able to accomplish their intended results even with the noise.  How much better will our new device be if it is relatively noise-free!  They have possession of my PC containing reference software to test the new device with.

The manufacturer has not been paid one red cent to this point nor have we been asked for any draws.  This confirms to me that his motivation is not the money but other larger projects of preexisting customers have taken priority over ours.  I guess I would rather have someone in high demand building the device than someone with nothing else to do!  Our donated funds continue to be reserved for the project.

The delays do benefit our project.  Other technology that would have a positive impact on our project continue to mature.  We expect to develop the software on the IPad or equivalent.   This allows the user to easily transport the system in a hard shell carrying case.  I could have used the device on a few trips to promote healing after being exposed to various and sundry viruses on airplanes.  The current, older technology is not conducive to travel.

Someday we will look into the rearview mirror and understand the delay.  There will be a need for more funds to take this project to its optimum conclusion.  We will need less than 1/1000 of what the American Cancer Society has collected to complete our project.  John R. Seffrin, CEO of the American Cancer Society, received $2,222,272 salary/compensation from the charity. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Cancer_Society  I don’t expect us to pay anyone that kind of money.  I would rather see the widows, orphans, the sick, and the hungry receive additional assistance.

We are grateful to those who have given and have patiently waited for the materialization of this project.  I am also in this group.

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