We are grateful to the Contributors

We are grateful to those who have contributed to Servias Ministries.  Your contributions help us to move forward on the various projects Our Heavenly Father has us pursuing.  Those who purchased books and sent additional funds help spread the Revelation of Love, both in the U.S. and abroad.  May you be blessed abundantly!

The latest word on our EDS project is that the manufacturer has removed the “noise” from the beta machine.  We already knew that some of the other EDS devices in the market place do have noise in their signals.  We saw this phenomenon on an oscilloscope monitoring the output signal.  One would conclude that even with noise there is a positive therapeutic effect.  They expect to test the beta machine live next week.  If all goes well, the machine will be turned over to us for testing.  After a robust testing phase of the hardware, we will pursue the software development in earnest.  Until we had a beta machine, there was no incentive to do too much development on the software side.  The technology (to run the software) now available was not on the market when we started this project.  Our Heavenly Father has certainly taught us patience on this project.

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