Electrodermal Screening for Psychological Types-Nux Vomica


Recently, news reports focused on a state governor who was forced to resign because of his alleged involvement with prostitution. Press reports characterized him as being aggressive, arrogant, vindictive, single minded, not listening to his advisers, threatening and sexually self indulgent over a span of several years.

In 1995 Phillip M. Bailey M,D., a homeopathic physician, wrote an excellent book called Homeopathic Psychology in which he characterized various psychological types of individuals. One of the purposes of his publication was to provide homeopaths with a profile of symptoms and characteristics for use in prescribing homeopathic remedies. For those unfamiliar with homeopathy, prescribing is based on the totality of symptoms. One of the chapters dealt with the Constitutional Remedy-Vux Vomica. I have outlined the chapter for your easy review. If a homeopath would recognize any of the characteristics listed below he would consider prescribing homeopathic Nux Vomica with the anticipated outcome of decreasing destructive behavior and for  gaining more self control.

A Constitutional Remedy refers to a homeopathic remedy that describes the whole personality of the individual – moods, fears, temperament, likes and dislikes, life style and reactions to stress.

Constitutionals represent a global picture of the individual much like the hypothalamus directs many functions of the body such as  heat loss, heat conservation, thirst, satiety, water balance, hunger, milk ejection and uterine contraction, circadian rhythms, endocrine activity, emotions, sleep cycles, recent memory, emotions including rage, and autonomic nerve function with both sympathomimetic and parasympathomimetic activity.

Electrodermally, Constitutional codes are derived from homeopathic Constitutional remedies. In my experience most constitutional codes can be detected at the Hypothalamic site-TW 20.

From a practical standpoint, in a case like this, if you  stimulate the Hypothalamic site, TW 20 and detect from the Triple Warmer Main Detection TW 1b, you would probably get abnormal skin resistance that would be corrected with Nux Vomica.

This method of characterizing  psychological types is rapid and precise.


The Nux personality is a composite of all, but one predominates

Warrior Conquest, power ruthlessness

Knight Honor, protection

Emperor Leadership, control

King Rules with power efficiently

Expert Love of excellence, sharp intellect

PlayBoy Self-indulgent, sensualist


Love of power

Ability to acquire power

Exercise power with confidence

Cannot be happy without power


Skilled in art of warfare, careful

Fearless, agile in mind and body

Restless in peacetime


      Being told what to do by inferiors

      Being questioned about merits of his action

      Being interrupted, contemptuous


Leads from the front

Ignores rules and regulations: a maverick

“I’m the greatest”

One pointed in defeating an opponent

Respects an equal opponent; befriends him after victory

Anger with indignation

Life: Conquest and enjoyment

Indiscreet, he likes to burst another’s bubble.

Leads a hectic life, exhausts those around him


Most noble Nux

Defends the weak; enjoys standing up to oppressors.

Nux is a knight to his children

Defends his family

Caveman, hunter

Courteous toward women, chauvinistic in love

Charismatic, chiseled good looks

Like a diamond, polished and tough.

Reformer on a case by case basis, no large vision or mission

May be spiritual

One pointed

Will not remain a follower; as a disciple, he will become a master


Was born to be a leader… in control

Dictatorial must have his own way

Has something on all he tries to influence

Blackmail at home and business

Always an ulterior motive

Smooth, charming, exterior

Delegates small portion of responsibility usually relatives

Mafia Doms


Multinational executives

Media tycoons; mutually dependent with politicians


A more benign Nux

Efficient use of power, fair and kind

Emotionally healthier Nux

Politicians, remembers friends, does not forgive enemies

Promotes others for merit; hates welfare

Speaks bluntly, call a spade a spade

Recognizes talent

Self congratulation

Nervous tension


Humming to self, mischievous to staff

Magnanimous when not threatened

Undermines newcomers, slander (Kent)

Jealousy (Kent)

Walk confidently, lopes, relaxed, hips and shoulders swing effortlessly

Only the best is good enough for him

May be in debt, but confident


Expert in their line of work

Is determined to be the best

May not always be right

Ideas abundant, clearness of mind (Kent), in the evening

Shares knowledge

Pompous as a lecturer

Laid-back as a story-teller

Practical, application oriented

Bare essentials-goes straight to the heart of the matter quickly

Most surgeons are Nux – power, fast results, and precise use of the scalpel

Focuses on health only as it applies to surgery

Arrogance since he relies only on his perspective, not his colleagues or clients

Playboy (Lycopodium; Tububerculinum; Lachachesis)

Self indulgent Playboy/sensualist

Arrogance is his biggest weakness along with sensual indulgence

Innocent about appetite

First love: practical achievement, influence

High metabolism–eats large amounts of food

Addicted to stimulation

Enjoys the buzz- food, victory, danger, liquor, sex, fast cars, fast money, noise

Loves speed: Play toy is racing cars

Enjoys driving

Loves computers–quick, versatile

Desires companions to have fun, especially females

Impulsive to satisfy desires

Alert even in drug orgies

Burn out:

      Sexual exhaustion

      Prostration of mind, averse to reading

      Tolerates only, bland food

      Sensitive to noise

      Over sensitive to stimuli, such as light; needs dark glasses



Mind racing over trivia

Awakes exhausted-turns to coffee, alcohol, tobacco


      Insensitive, selfish

      “Truth session”

      Partner points out selfish behavior, reacts innocently, short response

      More balanced Nux’s have wives as a secretary who are rewarded

      Indulgent with family

      Self-indulgent with partner – looks to her for comfort/support

      May exaggerate discomfort to get mothering

      Behaves as a child

      Show wounds to his women

      Wives, usually can’t keep one, they become chattel

      Don’t treat competition for sexual love lightly

Nux Women (Natrum muriaticum, Ignatia)

Careerist, masculine, looks to strong men

Less reactive, confident, angry with criticism

Calm, determined, Nux girl


Penetrating stare, pointed angular



Homeopathic Psychology

Phillip M. Bailey M.D


North Atlantic Books

Berkeley, California

Homeopathic Educational Services

2124 Kittredge St.

Berkeley, California 94704

ISBN 1-55643-099-x

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