Statute #72 Do not tattoo

Leviticus 19:28  You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD. (KJV)

I have now spent over ten years working with the Electro-dermal Screening (EDS) technology.  This technology measures interferences found along the electrical pathways associated with each subsystem of the body.  Researchers marvel at the sophistication of the body’s communication system.  The body’s “bio-field” is in constant communication with all parts.  Any potential invader has an immediate response by the required defense system.  The body communicates via its electrical communication system when there is an interference focused in a particular area.  I call these interferences toxins.  Tattoos are toxins to the body.

Our Heavenly Father is not an angry taskmaster that simply wants to control your life and actions.  Before any of the current technology existed, HE established 613 Commandments and Statutes out of HIS Love for us, for our safety, protection, and long life.  For a tattoo to keep its picturesque shape and form, the ink must be mixed with some type of metal.  Otherwise, the ink would dissipate and look like a smudge until the body removed the ink through sweat or other means.  This metal may not seem harmful, but the body is a finally tuned system and any toxin will affect it over time.  It may not be today, this year, or this decade, but the effects will surface at some time in the future.  When toxic overload occurs, you may develop cancer or some other life threatening illness.  Our Heavenly Father knew this when HE established this Statute.  Before this technology came along, we could not fully understand the motivation of Love behind this Statute.  If you can comprehend that Our Heavenly Father Loves us and that every Word out of HIS mouth is for our benefit, then you will joyfully obey HIS Commandments and alter your views and actions accordingly.  Think about it!

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